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Some people just can't learn to make up their minds.

  • All the time Naveen shamelessly boasts about his looks, his potential wealth, his charm... while he's a frog. It's like he's totally forgotten he's green and six inches tall.
  • Tiana, Naveen, and Ray vs. the three frog hunters.
    • One of the frog-hunters has a vague, faint glimmering of savviness:
      "Pa, did you hear that suspicious thud?"
    • The way the three frog-hunters hit each other looks like something out of the Three Stooges.
    • They comment how Naveen and Tiana seem a lot smarter than the average frog, Tiana then tops it off with, "And we talk too," causing them to paddle off screaming into the night.
  • Louis' flashback to when he first tried to play in a jazz band. Cue Louis escaping More Dakka than ever seen in a Disney film.
  • This scene, which is impossible to convey properly in text, and follows a heartfelt moment of friendship between Charlotte and Tiana:
    Charlotte: [hitches up her bustline] Well, back into the fray!
    • And right before that last one while she's putting on mascara:
      Charlotte: [has a slight Mad Eye/Twitchy Eye] You know, I was startin' to think that wishin' on stars was for...babies...and...CRAAAZY people.
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    • And, a few minutes before that when turning down the advances of a man attending the ball:
      Charlotte: Travis. When a woman says "later", she really means "Not ever". Now run along. There are plenty of young fillies dying for you to waltz them into a stupor.
    • The way Charlotte reapplies her makeup super-fast upon seeing "Naveen", throws a handful of glitter into the air, and hurries down the stairs is pretty funny as well.
  • To viewers from Louisiana, the scene where Naveen says he is from a land far away (which Ray interprets as meaning Shreveport) is beyond hilarious.
  • Even after seeing it over and over in the ads, it's still hilarious:
    Naveen: I am Prince Naveen... [He is squished by a book] ...of Maldonia.
    • He introduces himself the same way to Charlotte near the end of the movie, with almost the exact same results.
      Naveen: I am the real Prince Naveen... [He is squished by a book] ...of Maldonia.
      Charlotte: Did you say "prince"?
  • When Dr. Facilier's talisman is broken, his "Friends" soon show up to claim their due. He tries to charm his way out one more time, greeting them with a cheerful "FRIEEEEEEENDS!" and a big wide "scared out of his mind" grin.
    • And they respond by grinning evilly and shouting "ARE YOU READY?", making it clear that they're most certainly not his friends anymore (as if they ever were).
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    • Including this line, after the "Friends" sing, "Are you ready?"
      "No! I'm not ready at all! In fact, I've got lots more plans!"
    • As horrible as Facilier's end was, a pause as he gets pulled into the portal shows his hat flew off and then fell back down.
    • Just the fact that the Friends on the Other Side feel the need to make their own ominous BGM or back up someone else's when they or an agent are dealing with souls. Not So Above It All at its best.
  • Tiana and Naveen's argument as they're drifting on the balloons on a rainy night in the bayou.
    Tiana: VOODOO? You mean to tell me all this happened 'cause you were messing with the Shadow Man?
    Naveen: He was very charismatic!
    Tiana: (groans) Serves me right for wishing on stars. The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work.
    Naveen: Hard work? Why...why would a princess need to work hard?
    Tiana: Huh? Oh, I'm not a princess. I'm a waitress.
    Naveen: A waitress?! Well, no wonder the kiss did not work! YOU LIED TO ME!
    Tiana: No, no, I never said I was a princess!
    Naveen: You never said you were a waitress! You... You were wearing a crown!
    Tiana: It was a costume party, you spoiled little rich boy!
    Naveen: Oh, yeah? Well, you know what? The egg is on your face! Because I do not have any riches!
    Tiana: What?!
    Naveen: I am completely broke! Haha! (balloon pops) Uh-oh.
    (Tree branches pop all the balloons and the frogs plummet into the swamp below)
    • As the frogs plummet, spider web strands break Tiana's fall and she stops an inch above the water. She smiles in relief... until Naveen falls on top of her and they splash in.
    • As the frogs continue to argue as they encounter every danger of the Bayou.
    Tiana: You said you were fabulously wealthy!
    Naveen: No, my parents are fabulously wealthy, but they cut me off for being a— (sees a leech attached to his elbow) LEECH! LEECH!
    Tiana: (pulls the leech off Naveen's arm) You're broke?! And you had the gall to call me a liar?!
    (she tosses the leech and a leaping catfish devours it; the frogs run to shore)
    Naveen: It was not a lie! I fully inte—AAAH! (Looks up to see a heron looming above them; the frogs sprint as the heron repeatedly stabs its beak at them) I fully intend to be rich again! Once I marry Ms. Charlotte LaBouff! If she will have me!
    Tiana: You're a prince?!
    Naveen: Obviously!
    Tiana: She'll have you!
    Both: AAAAH! (The frogs slide down a hillside, hit a slope and flip through the air. They land on hard ground.)
    Tiana: Alright then. Once you two are married, you are gonna keep your promise and get my restaurant, right?
    Naveen: Whoa, whoa, whoa, not so fast! I made that promise to a beautiful princess, not a cranky wait— why are those logs moving?
    (in the water, alligator eyes creep towards the frogs)
    Tiana: Those aren't logs!
    • Then as Tiana and Naveen narrowly escape the thrashing gators, and climb into a hollow tree.
    Naveen: Well, waitress, it looks like we are going to be here for a while. We might as well get... comfortable.
    Tiana: [slap] Keep your slimy self away from me!
    Naveen: I told you, it is not slime! It is MUCUS!
  • "I FOUND A STICK!!!!"
  • "You see, your head, it is in the tuba."
  • Naveen and Tiana (as frogs) landing on the drum set at the party, causing the drummer to accidentally perform a kick ass solo—which the party guest mistake as a cue and dance in Macarena style.
  • During the "When We're Human" song, Louis repeatedly bangs the poor turtle to his head as if he was a hat.
  • Naveen's attempt at a kiss:
    Naveen: [seductively, as a frog] Come, we pucker! [his throat suddenly inflates and he lets out a loud croak]... [still seductive] That's new.
  • Tiana's little hissy-fit as she works up the nerve to kiss Frog!Naveen.
  • The rare scenes in which Reluctant Monster Louis overcomes his timidity and acts upon his predatory "alligator" instinct; the first time clearing a crowd by scaring everyone during Mardi Gras and second time to persuade the Fenner brothers to sell Tiana the old building.
  • Naveen's moth bow-tie. No cuter frog has ever existed.
    Beau: I thought it was a nice touch.
  • When we first meet Mama Odie, after seeing her "eccentricity".
    [Mama Odie falls asleep and Louis stares at her]
    Louis: Are you sure this is the right blind Voodoo lady who lives in a boat in a tree in the bayou?
    Ray: Pretty sure.
    Louis: [concerned Aside Glance]
    • The way Louis asked Ray implies that there are other blind old voodoo ladies that happen to live in a boat in trees in the bayou.
  • The end of "Dig A Little Deeper".
    Mama Odie: Do ya un'astand what ya need no', child?
    Tiana: Yes, I do, Mama Odie! I need to dig a little deeper and work even harder to get my restaurant.
    [everyone groans and Face Palms]
    Ray: Okay, everybody now. One more time! [singing] Don't matter what ya look like, don't matter what — ain't nobody gonna sing wit' Raaay, okay.
  • Anytime Louis gets a thorn from the pricker bushes.
    Ray: Will you hold still, you big baby?!
    Ray: I ain't touched it yet.
  • Before (disguised) Lawrence and Charlotte's wedding, an aggravated Facilier throwing one of his cards at Lawrence.
  • The whole scene in the diner. The highlights are:
    • Big Daddy's reaction to having a beignet he was about to eat snatched out of his hand by Charlotte.
    "What just happened."
    • A few seconds after this, when Charlotte gives Tiana enough money for the beignets to pay for the building, the look on Chef Buford's face is absolutely priceless and the egg he was frying falls off his spatula.
    • Big Daddy stuffing another beignet into Charlotte's mouth so that he could finally put in a single word into her endless stream of chatter. This is made even better by the fact that right before this, it looks like Charlotte is going to let him talk... Then she interrupts him again, which is what causes Big Daddy to shove the beignet in her mouth.
  • Naveen's awkward proposal. Even though that should count as heartwarming, it's just too hilarious to see him overdo it and just fall short of screwing up. Take a look.
  • Charlotte sweetly telling the fake Naveen to hurry up and finish getting ready for their wedding. . .then in a split second turning to her father and screeching at him to "START THE CAR!"
  • Charlotte yelling "Cheese and crackers!" when the disguised Lawrence runs away with Naveen the frog after Naveen stops the wedding kiss from happening.
  • "Prince Naveen! Your shy and retiring bride-to-be is getting antsy!" (kicks in the door to the church)
  • The old firefly granny with the walker and a Clapper function on her bulb.
  • "What a coincidence Lawrence, I have been avoiding you everywhere!"
  • "No more Mr Push-over. Now who wants a puppy?"
  • When Louis performs a variation of mouth to mouth on Ray, using a reed. It works, but Ray comments "Your breath done near killed me to death."
  • Louis, on realizing the other musicians on the paddleboat mistook him for a guy in a costume, has a fanboy spazz-attack at the chance to finally "play with the big boys."
  • "Gumbo, gumbo, in the pot, we need a princess. Whatcha got?" "Hush up and look at the gumbo."
  • The way Naveen puckers up for Charlotte's kiss, compared to the beginning.
  • Meta example. Jim Cummings is a voice actor who voices Ray and is well known for his Cajun impression. However, more and more Voice Acting is going to "Named" actors. During the audition process, he joked that it would come down to him and Harry Connick Jr. When he got final callbacks, his agent told him it was between him and one other person. Harry Connick Jr.
  • When Tiana shows her mother the inside of the sugar mill, which is quite dilapidated.
    Tiana: (cheerfully) Doesn't it make you want to cry?
    Eudora: (not so cheerful) Yeeesss...
  • "Friends on the Other Side" is mostly Nightmare Fuel, but it also has this part:
    Facilier: [singing] I'll look deep into your heart and soul... [aside, speaking] You do have a soul, don't you, Lawrence?
  • "No Larry! I'm the one who's doomed!"
  • "Don't you disrespect me, little man!"
    • He calls him little man again when saying he doesn't want to waste much time.
  • When Ray starts singing in French and Naveen translates, " I adore you." and "I love you" while facing directly at Tiana who gives him a weird look. Naveen's response? "Just translating.".
  • After sending the Shadow Man's goons running Mama Odie turns to our heroes...
    Mama Odie: Now which one of you naughty children has been messing with the Shadow Man?
    (Everyone points at Naveen, who smiles nervously.)
  • Another brief moment in "Friends on the Other Side".
    Facilier: [singing, about Lawrence] On you little man I don't want to waste much time! [looks disgusted and throws his hand as if saying forget about you] You've been pushed around all your life. You've been pushed round by your mother and your sister and your brother. [Lawrence looks progressively more annoyed] And if you was married... [Lawrence looks very happy about that idea] ...You'd be pushed round by your wife! [Lawrence glares at him while Naveen laughs]
    • During the part where Facilier points out that Lawrence has been pushed around by his family, Facilier presents it in an animated flipbook with tarot cards.
  • While Facilier is convincing Lawrence to continue impersonating Naveen, we get this line.
    Facilier: And you and I can split the LaBouff fortune straight down the middle. 60-40, like I said.
    • Also while he says the last line, he's looking away from Lawrence while rubbing a hand over his mouth like he's trying to lessen the chance Lawrence notices what he's saying.
    • Later, Lawrence's Naveen disguise starts to wear off while he's with Charlotte. Cue him slowly switching back from a svelte, young, Ambiguously Brown nobleman to a fat, old, white butler while trying to hide from Charlotte.
  • Mama Odie's epic Troll moment when she offers Tiana and Naveen candy and they turn down the offer.
    Mama Odie: Now, that's too bad. This is a special candy. Woulda turned y'all human. (pops the candy into her mouth as the two frogs frantically beg) I'm just messin' with y'all!
  • When Charlotte's kiss fails to turn Naveen and Tiana back into humans, she frantically keeps kissing Naveen. While the plot point itself is serious, the shot of Naveen with a Covered in Kisses dead-serious face shrugging as if to say 'Sorry, still ain't working', is hilarious.
  • Tiana and Naveen tricking the frog hunters into beating up each other is both this and an Awesome Moment.
    Reggie: These two ain't like no frogs I ever seen. They smart.
    Tiana: And we talk too.
    (The three of them scream in terror, and quickly paddle away)
  • In the German dub of "When I'm Human", Louis wants to be "in a shirt and jeans".


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