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Crüe Ball is a digital pinball game endorsed by the Heavy Metal band Mtley Cre for the Sega Genesis. Developed by NuFX and published by Electronic Arts in 1992, it was originally designed by veteran Pinball artist Mark Sprenger with music by pinball composer Brian Schmidt.

The game is nominally based on the exploits of Crüe mascot Alister Fiend, whose attempts to play loud music all night is abruptly disrupted by Craig, the "Keeper of the Wall." Alister must play through nine scrolling pinball playfields filled with bumpers, gates, ramps, maggots, monsters, skeletons, and other obstacles. Alister's goal in each stage is to smash down the Wall that separates him from the Volume Knob, then "Crank it Up" to advance to the next level. Conquer all nine levels, defeat Craig, then discover the truth behind his anti-Metal crusade.

Crüe Ball demonstrates the following tropes: