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Licensed Pinball Tables

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Not pictured: the digital Star Wars pins.note 
"At least it's not another movie-themed pin!"

Licensing properties from other media has a long tradition in Pinball games. After all, every pinball machine needs a theme, and established works are a convenient source.

Nowadays, with the rise of home video game consoles and the decline of arcades, almost all new tables are licensed games, as they provide significant name recognition for curious new players. Even hobbyists recognize the draw of a good license; many home-made games have been based on popular pop-culture icons like Star Fox and The Matrix.

Pinball Spin-Off is a related trope for pinball games based on Video Game properties. Licensed Game is the video game equivalent trope.

Also see Physical Pinball Tables and Digital Pinball Tables.

Licensed pinball games (physical and digital) with their own pages:

Other notable licensed pinball tables include:

Alternative Title(s): Licensed Pinball Table