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Pinball / Back to the Future

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The Other Marty, and it's not Eric Stoltz this time.
"Roads? Where we're going we don't need...roads."

Back To The Future is an arcade pinball game designed by Ed Cebula and Joe Kaminkow. it was released in 1990 by Data East Pinball, and is based on the Back to the Future film trilogy.

The Back To The Future playfield is divided chronologically, with Hill Valley of 1885 on the left and the Hill Valley of 2015 on the right. While the player tries to raise his score by going between the past, the future, Biff's casino, and the clock tower, caught in the middle are the DeLorean, Doc Brown, and Marty (notably not played by Michael J. Fox).

Not to be confused with the Digital Pinball Table by Zen Studios (as part of Zen Pinball), which has its own page.

The Data East physical version demonstrates the following tropes:

  • Creator Cameo: Paul Faris and Brian Schmidt, who did the game's art and music, appear on the right side of the playfield.
  • Match Sequence: It starts with a weatherman reporting a severe thunderstorm headed for Hill Valley, then shows lightning flying across the alphanumeric display, finally striking a match number.
  • Not Quite Starring:
    • Along with lines taken from the films, Fred Young provides new voice clips for Doc Brown.
    • Since Michael J. Fox did not allow his likeness to be used for the game, artist Paul Faris' son plays Marty on the playfield and the backglass, while his voice is provided by an unknown impersonator.
  • Skill Shot: Shoot the left ramp after launch for one of several random bonuses.
  • Spelling Bonus: The predominant scoring mechanism in the game — M-C-F-L-Y increases the casino spinner value, D-O-C increases the bonus multiplier, D-M-C lights the multiball lock, and D-E-L-O-R-E-A-N starts the Million round.
  • Timed Mission: The DeLorean Million round, which lasts 12 seconds and gives the player 1 million points for each ramp shot.
  • Title: The Adaptation: The game is officially known as Back to the Future: The Pinball.
  • Vanity License Plate: Oddly enough, the DeLorean has FUSION plates instead of the movie's signature OUTATIME.

"Your future is whatever you make it! So make it a good one!"

Alternative Title(s): Back To The Future The Pin