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    IDW Comic Book 
  • Continuum Conundrum
    • Jennifer Parker gets her largest role yet in a BTTF story, due to her and Marty being the only residents of 1986 Hill Valley to have travelled through time. She even gets to drive the DeLorean a few times, first to run Needles off the road, and again to pick up Marty from 2035. The latter moment has her plow through a crowd of force field-equipped futuristic civilians in order to hit 88.
      Marty: Jennifer...
      Jennifer: What?
      Marty: Punch it.
      Jennifer: But—
      Marty: Trust me.
      Jennifer: You don't mind me punching it?
      Jennifer: You're on.
    • The same arc also has this line:
    • This exchange between Marty and Officer Griff Tannen:
      Griff: I don't know how there got to be another McFly — but I hope you're ready to go out in a blaze of glory!
  • In Biff to the Future #2, John Wayne knocking Biff out with one punch.
  • Doc tricking Biff into getting shot by Buford in Biff to the Future #6.