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Eric Cameron Stoltz (born September 30, 1961) is an American actor and director.

He is best known for playing Rocky Dennis in Mask and Lance in Pulp Fiction. He was also famously cast as Marty McFly in Back to the Future before being replaced by Michael J. Fox. Stoltz worked on the film for a month and was then fired because his performance was not comedic enough for director Robert Zemeckis.

Stoltz can still be seen in the film driving the DeLorean in some wide shots and according to Thomas F. Wilson the closeup shot of Biff being punched by Marty in the diner is almost certainly Stoltz as well, or his fist at least. Additionally, several seconds of the original footage were released as part of a DVD extra (though his full performance remains locked in a vault and may never see the light of day).


As a director, he has worked on episodes of Law & Order, Boston Legal, Grey's Anatomy, Glee and Madam Secretary.

Selected Filmography:


  • Method Acting: While working on Back to the Future, Stoltz insisted on being called "Marty" at all times. In the scene where Marty confronts Biff in the cafeteria, Stoltz' refusal to break character resulted in him leaving bruises on Thomas F. Wilson. Wilson planned to return the favor in the scene where Biff pulls Marty out of the car but Stoltz was fired before that could happen.