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The kiss heard round the space-time continuum.

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    Part I 
  • Marty's steady relationship with Jennifer is one of the few stable parts of his life, even early on, and they clearly love one another.
  • Just after George knocks Biff through the wringer, then kindly asks Lorraine if she's all right. It's just so cute.
    George: Are you okay?
    Lorraine: (silently nods)
    • Even better, Marty, for the first time in his life, actually gets to see his dad kick ass. The look on Marty's face says it all.
    • All of this is preceded by George finally standing up for himself, something he couldn't even do in the original timeline's future.
    George: No, Biff. You leave her alone.
    • What makes it so much better is that Biff bullies George all the time, and this time was no different, threatening to break his arm or not. George didn't even try to fight back, until Biff pushed Lorraine to the ground. Look at George's reaction to that, he sees it happen, he gets not just angry, but ENRAGED, and whirls around, decking Biff in one hit. It's not that George hates Biff, it's that he didn't want Lorraine to get hurt.
  • George and Lorraine's first kiss while "Earth Angel" plays, not only for what it meant for George and Lorraine, but also because it saved Marty and their other children at the very last second. After the kiss, George waves to Marty over Lorraine's shoulder, and Marty waves back, clearly glad to still have a hand to wave with.
  • The text of Marty's warning letter to Doc.
    Marty: Dear Doctor Brown, on the night that I go back in time, you will be shot by terrorists. Please take whatever precautions are necessary to prevent this terrible disaster. Your friend, Marty.
  • After Doc tears up the letter, insisting on not getting warned, Marty sits at the wheel of the Delorean upset that he's not able to save Doc. Then it dawns on him "I got all the time I want, I got a time machine, I can just go back early and warn him!" and he changes the Return time to 1985 to a ten minutes earlier. To hell with the space-time continuum, Marty's gonna save his friend.
    • [Too bad Marty returns to 1985 on the wrong side of town, and with the Delorean zonked out by the trip back.
  • Finding out that Doc really did use Marty's advice.
    Marty: What about all that talk...about screwing up future events? The space-time continuum?
    Doc: Well, I figured, what the hell.
  • Marty's time spent bonding with Past George was surprisingly endearing.
    • Culminating in George's goodbye line to Marty before the latter returns to the future: "Well, Marty, I want to thank you for all your good advice. I'll never forget it." And he doesn't.
    • Before leaving, Marty tells George and Lorraine that being with them was "educational", as he learned that they weren't that different from him and he appreciates them more for that.
  • When the Libyans arrive the first thing Doc says is "Run for it Marty!!" and it's emphasized even further by the Last Words he says: "I'll draw their fire!" Despite how frightened he is (and let's face it, with good reason), Doc cares more about Marty than he does about himself, and is willing to sacrifice himself without a second thought to give his best friend a chance for survival.
  • It's pretty heartwarming to see the Hidden Depths of future mayor Goldie Wilson. In 1985 he's been described as a bad guy simply because he wanted to replace the clock tower despite it being a major part of history. However in 1955 Marty himself sees that he was simply a good guy trying to make a difference. He even tries to advise George McFly to stand up to Biff during his first appearance. Despite not liking his job, he triumphantly marches with his mop in hand saying the following:
    Goldie Wilson: Mayor Goldie Wilson, I like the sound of that.
    • Not to mention the sweet look on the face of the waitress behind Goldie as he proudly boasts his political aspirations to his boss. It's an easily missed moment, but she just stands there and smiles as he proclaims that one day he's going to be somebody important. Who out there wants to bet that she voted for him?
  • Jennifer writing "I love you!" next to her grandma's phone number for Marty.
    • And before this, the two of them are walking and discussing the possibility of Marty sending his demo tape to a record company (which Jennifer is 100% supportive of while Marty doesn't have that much confidence about his talents), when Marty is distracted by two attractive women walking by. Instead of getting pissed and going into Clingy Jealous Girl mode, Jennifer just nonchalantly turns Marty's head towards her and continues the conversation. They then carry on and are shown playfully flirting as if nothing happened. It's small, but it speaks volumes of what kind of relationship the two of them must have, and how close they must be.
    • Also, as Marty complains about his parents, who we haven't met yet, Jennifer tries to tell him that they mean well, which Marty realizes after spending time with them in 1955.
    • And if you look carefully in Marty's room, you can see he has a big framed photo of Jennifer on the shelf above his bed. D'awww.
    • Finally, when Marty is trying to explain to Doc why it's so important that he gets back to the future, he tells him that "I got a life back in 1985; I got a girl!" and shows Doc the love note Jennifer wrote on the flyer.
  • 1955 Doc's triumphant yell when he sees the DeLorean go back to the future. Part of that was definitely it finally sinking in that he finally made something that worked.
    • Even before that, after Doc gets over his Oh, Crap! moment of realizing the power cord is unplugged, jeopardizing Marty's time jump, he gets this look of determination on his face - no matter what, he WILL get Marty back to his right time. His unrestrained joy at pulling it off seals the moment.
    • Relating to this, when Doc and Marty first meet in 1955, the latter tells Doc the story of how he came up with the flux capacitor as proof that he really is from the future. Doc then goes with him to where the DeLorean is hidden, and shows him a picture he drew of the flux capacitor. Marty then reaches into the car and switches on the real thing. Doc's gleeful "IT WORKS! I FINALLY INVENTED SOMETHING THAT WORKS!" is a sight to behold.
  • Marty telling 1955 Lorraine that she might regret drinking later in life. Remember that 1985 Lorraine is a bloated alcoholic due to her unsatisfactory marriage. Marty was trying to save her that fate by discouraging her drinking before it got out of hand.
  • The Johnny B Goode rendition has elements of this, seeing how much fun the kids are having as they're exposed to rock and roll a little earlier than they might have been in the old timeline, and have fun dancing, while Marty is getting to play the kind of music he likes for an enraptured audience and the band members are grinning themselves over getting to play this.
  • George and Lorraine's relationship in the altered timeline, still playfully bantering and flirting with each other like they were teenagers. After being together for 30 years, it's quite clear that they are still very much in love.
    • When Jennifer pays Marty a visit and they embrace, he looks to the front door to see his parents watching them through the screen door and smiling warmly, before leaving them to their privacy.
  • Doc's return to 1985 at the end. He didn't come by just to say hi or anything, he came by because he found out something horrible will happen to his best friend's future family and he wants to set it right.
  • When Marty and Doc are shaking hands at the end before Doc finally goes to the future, you can just feel how much they care about each other. Marty's just saved his life, and Doc is just staring at him with this look that says "thank you."
    • Doc also seems to be a lot calmer in this timeline, and for plenty of good reason: not only does he have the self-confidence that he made something that works and can be used for the greater good, Marty using it to save his life made him less paranoid about knowing too much about the future.
  • 1955 Doc telling Marty that he's sad about the latter returning to the future and that it's going to be difficult waiting 30 years before they can talk about the past week's events to each other.
  • The cherry on top of Marty's 1985 life after altering the timeline is seeing the new Toyota 4x4 he desperately wanted at the beginning of the movie, now under his possession, in the garage, accompanied by the moving Alan Silvestri score. Marty is driven to speechlessness at the sight of the truck. The same scene starts off Part II on a heartwarming note as well.
    • Even better is Jennifer showing up as Marty's admiring the truck. After all he's been through, he's the thing he wanted to see the most. Even if it was for a moment, Marty's life was perfect.
    Jennifer: How about a ride, mister?
    Marty: Jennifer... Oh, you're a sight for sore eyes.
  • Marty being protective of his parents throughout the film even when it could endanger his existence, such as protecting his mom from Biff in the cafeteria and stopping him from hurting his dad at the diner. Made even better by the fact that Marty has had to watch Biff bully his dad his whole life, and could never do anything about it before.
  • Even Biff gets a moment at the end. When the finished copies of George's first published novel are delivered to the McFly house, Biff excitedly brings them inside and actually seems genuinely happy for his old enemy. He even says hi to Marty as he comes in!

    The Telltale Game 
  • In Episode 1:
    • Marty feels too guilty to lie to Emmett about getting a patent, and confesses.
    • Also, when Marty and Doc first re-unite after months:
    Marty: Doc, we've only been back together five minutes and we're talking about the end of the universe! I've missed that.
  • When Doc's locked up in Tannen's police van, Marty tries to pilfer the keys to get him out. Tannen punches him, and Doc yanks Marty through the bars, saving his life. You can also see a wedding band on his ring finger. It's nice to know that even though Clara isn't physically present, she's still there in spirit.
  • In Episode 3:
    • Meta-example: the return of Claudia Wells as Jennifer Parker. Wells had left acting shortly after the first film due to her mother being diagnosed with cancer, and had not returned until working a small independent film in 2008, but accepted the offer to rejoin the cast for The Game, playing a well-received Took a Level in Badass version of Jennifer. Since then, she has become a regular working actress once more.
    • After suffering an emotional breakdown, Citizen Brown sees the design for the flux capacitor in Doc's notebook...and begins to recover his true self. His whisper of "Great Scott!" as he realizes the truth that's been nagging at him all these years — and his subsequent enthusiasm and joy as he races off to get started on fixing the time machine — is simply beautiful.
    • Marty's father deciding to help you. Most of the episode he's shown as a coward and a voyeur, filming people in Hill Valley without their knowing in order to get brownie points from the Brown administration. Later, when his tapes are stolen, he still refuses to help until you remind him of his father. Eight words: "Never be afraid to do the right thing."
  • Episode 4:
    • Citizen Brown taking pity on his wife-to-be despite Marty's plan to break them up. Slightly dulled by Edna's role as the Big Bad up until then, but only slightly.
    • Doubling as an Awesome Moment, Marty's dad punches out police to save his wife.
  • Episode 5:
    • Edna finds true love with Kid Tannen, and even becomes Einstein's dog walker.
    • Even better, in the original timeline Kid was given a life sentence in prison. Here, he's managed to turn over a new leaf, now living a normal life with Edna.
    • Young Doc and his father making up for their behavior against each other and also finding out why Doc went into the past: to give Marty a McFly lineage book, from Seamus to present.
    • Speaking of why Doc went to the past, it becomes sweeter ESPECIALLY when you find out why he went back to 1931. Doc had no info about Marty's grandmother Sylvia...because she was under the stage name Trixie Trotter! Thus Arthur eventually married the girl of his dreams!
      • The series-long arc is this. In episode 2, Marty notices an attraction between Artie and Trixie and while he's happy his grandfather is "sowing his oats", he hopes they don't get attached, because eventually Artie needs to father George with Marty's grandmother Sylvia. By episode 5, he's in full-blown panic that things are getting serious between Artie and Trixie, and when he hears they got married, he confronts them, believing the timeline is wrong and he's about to fade out from existence at any moment. But when he blurts out to them that Artie is supposed to marry a "Sylvia Miskin", Trixie says her name is Sylvia Miskin, showing that this was the "right" outcome all along, especially considering Marty's advice to Artie early in the series regarding meeting a "Sylvia" was to "let nature take its course". They were meant to end up together.
    • After helping young Emmett to achieve his Hill Valley Expo Demonstration to give him back his dreams of becoming a scientist, Young Emmett asks for an explanation about who Marty is. Marty gives him a future newspaper piece, making him promise to never look at it until 1986 when he will be given the key of the city. After Young Emmett walks away and asks if he will see Marty someday again, Marty answers "I guarantee it.". Then Marty witnesses 1986!Doc coming out of the DeLorean and saying "You have a theatrical way of sending messages."
    • Also since Emmett reconciled with his father, instead of abandoning his old home, he maintains it as a part-time home when not time-traveling. So, instead of the home being sold by the bank, Emmett's just having a yard sale.
    • Marty and Doc sharing a hug after being separated for a long period of time (to them). It doesn't seem like much till you take into account not only had Marty thought Doc was dead after fading from existence but he was trapped in the past with no DeLorean, no thanks to Edna disappearing into the past with it.
  • Meta example: Michael J. Fox FINALLY appearing in Episode 5 as William McFly and three alternate future versions of Marty.

    The IDW comic book 
  • In issue 5, after Emmett tells Clara about the horrors he encountered in 1985-A, she cheers him up by telling him that she's pregnant with their first child, and they're going to become a family. The look of joy on Emmett's face really sells it.
  • "When Marty Met Emmett": the long-awaited story of how Doc and Marty originally met.
  • In the "Who is Marty McFly?" arc, Marty is haunted by Professor Irving's insinuation that the current Doc wouldn't care if he faded out of existence and might even be deliberately allowing nature to take its course, since the Marty from the Lone Pines timeline was that Doc's original friend and assistant. (It bothers Marty enough to induce a full-blown Nightmare Sequence.) When Doc, who knows nothing of this aspect of the situation, realizes that the supposed alternate timeline Martys are actually lifelike animatronics and starts gunning them down to defend Twin Pines Marty, he inadvertently clears the air:
    Doc: This isn't what it looks like, Marty. You know I'd never hurt you, whatever timeline you came from.
  • Marty is ultimately able to sympathize with Professor Irving because he's had to deal with the more traumatic side of time travel all by himself, unlike Marty and Doc, who have always been able to depend on each other. The implication is that Irving is a demonstration of the negative effects that all this time traveling might have had on Marty or Doc if they weren't in it together.
  • "Continuum Conundrum" ends by depicting the moment that Doc introduced Einstein to his family after picking him up from the 80s. The dog is instantly smitten with Clara and knocks her right onto the ground.
    Doc: Clara, boys, meet Einstein. I do believe he likes you.

    The Animated Series 
  • The fact that Doc and his family have come back to present-day Hill Valley in this story, and thus see Marty regularly. Whether or not one likes the series in general, it's sweet that the "Partners in Time" on whom the original films focused have not been split apart.
  • For that matter, the easy acceptance between the other Browns and Marty. Both of them are used to having Doc's full attention, but they seem to have bonded easily enough once they got to the same part of the time stream.


  • Marty apologizes to Jennifer for accusing her of cheating on him.

Gone Fishin'

  • Even though Marty and Verne are enjoying the wealth Emmett’s stunts as Daredevil Brown brought them, their primary concern is Emmett’s happiness in doing those stunts.
  • Uncle Ollie finally comes to his senses and saves 3-year-old Emmett from dying in a stunt after exploiting his newfound fame as a stunt man. He then tears up D.W. Tannen’s contract to make Emmett famous, retiring Daredevil Brown and apologizes to Emmett for not taking him fishing like he originally wanted. At the end, Uncle Ollie and Emmett fish together.
  • While Uncle Ollie and Emmett fish, Marty and Jules have a splash fight. It’s cute to see the two acting like brothers.


  • After failing to snap Doc out of his Heroic BSoD, Clara says she's going to call in Marty. Clara doesn't hold any jealousy or suspicion about the pair's close friendship and is totally accepting of Marty possibly being able to help when she isn't, just as long as her husband recovers.
  • Marty has absolute faith that Doc will come to his concert because Doc has never broken a promise to him before.

Hill Valley Brown-Out

  • When the entire town including Clara and the boys are angry at Doc for causing a black out, Marty is the only one who isn’t angry at Doc and helps him disguise himself from the Sheriff who told Doc not to show his face around town.
  • All of the citizens immediately chant a cheer for Doc every time he solves Hill Valley’s electricity problem after spending days jeering at Doc for causing said problem.
  • At the end of the episode, every one is mad at Doc because they can’t celebrate Founder’s Day without electricity. Clara secretly brings one of the founders to 1991 to remind the townsfolk that the original founders celebrated without electricity. The townsfolk are cheered up and celebrate Founder’s Day like the original founders did. In fact they loved it so much they almost kept the power shut down forever.

  • Bob Gale telling us the story he and Bob Zemeckis came up with behind Doc and Marty's friendship.
    Bob Gale: For years, Marty was told that Doc Brown was dangerous, a crackpot, a lunatic. So, being a red-blooded American teenage boy, age 13 or 14, he decided to find out just why this guy was so dangerous. Marty snuck into Doc's lab, and was fascinated by all the cool stuff that was there. When Doc found him there, he was delighted to find that Marty thought he was cool and accepted him for what he was. Both of them were the black sheep in their respective environments. Doc gave Marty a part-time job to help with experiments, tend to the lab, tend to the dog, etc.
    • The 2015 IDW comic book, co-written by Gale himself, makes this canon. Apparently Marty was playing his guitar in the garage one day in 1982, and Needles showed up with his punk friends and insisted on "borrowing" the interocitor tube for his amp, in preparation for their show that night. They broke Marty's, and then dared him to steal one (using the old "chicken" trick). The rest is history.
    • Even if their first meeting didn't make it into the films, the Bobs felt it still worked because they imagined a kid like Marty would naturally be interested in a quirky guy like Doc, and Doc would just be happy to have a friend who's so interested in his work. And they were right.
  • Everything that is Hilarious in Hindsight regarding the second movie's events in 2015. One would think that everyone would laugh so hard at seeing it today or past it, when it is 2015, and make fun of the movie. But because the Back To The Future trilogy is still considered a classic and adored by many even today, they instead embrace the sequel warmly and some companies plan to make the self-automatic-lacing shoes and hoverboards like seen in the movie, so their prediction won't be that off mark.
    • Part II, is usually regarded as the weakest in the trilogy, but in the months preceding 2015, there were probably more jokes and memes related to it than any other year as well as more people watching it, and discussing it more.
    • When October 21, 2015 finally arrived, Christopher Lloyd reprised the role of Doc to deliver this message.
    • USA Today published a "Hill Valley Edition" on October 22, 2015, which Part II noted as the day on which Doc Brown purchased a USA Today reporting on the arrest of Marty McFly Jr. To pad out the front page, it added some stories about other going-ons in 2015 Hill Valley, including one announcing that Robert Zemeckis would direct a Truer to the Text movie adaptation of George McFly's A Match Made in Space.
  • This documentary is about how Back to the Future fans, Universal Studios, actors that worked on the film, and many more people teamed up to save and restore an original DeLorean used in the movies.

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