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Nightmare Fuel / Back to the Future

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    IDW comics 
  • Doc gets to witness his fate in 1985-A firsthand. He wasn't just locked up in a mental institution per Part II; he was also lobotomized. It does a lot to explain why he was so eager to abandon science altogether and settle down in the less-advanced society of 1885 in Part III.
  • The idea that he might fade away for real when the Lone Pine timeline reasserts itself is literal nightmare fuel for Marty, who dreams that Lone Pine Marty comes back to watch it happen. Worse, Doc takes his side, with a dialogue authentic enough to easily serve as the happy ending of a story about Lone Pines Marty. There's something uniquely chilling about getting a first-person perspective on the stock evil clone scenario—particularly since Lone Pine Marty is as conscience-stricken as you'd expect the Marty we know to be in the same situation.
    Marty: Doc, you gotta help me! Help explain—
    [Doc walks through Marty's fading form]
    Doc: (addressing Lone Pine Marty) Marty, my boy—it's good to have you back.
    Lone Pine Marty: You too, Doc. He's just gonna vanish?
    Doc: That's the theory. Let's see how it plays out.
    Lone Pine Marty: You know, mad as I am... I'm sorta sorry to see him go.
    Marty: No, no...
    Lone Pine Marty: Sure, he tried to take over my life and all, but...
    Doc: He's not real, Marty. He's just an aberration. A bubble in the time stream. And it's time for that bubble to...
    Marty: POP!

"Great Scott..."