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Pinball / Doraemon

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Doraemon Exploration Game Round.

Various Doraemon pinball games have been made over the years. There's only been one full-size table, which was made in Taiwan. There have been some miniature tables, such as Doraemon Battle Dome, Doraemon Baseball Game (based off of 3D Ace), Doraemon Exploration Game Round, and a do-it-yourself paper pinball table included with a magazine. There have also been handheld pinball games, including Doraemon, Doraemon Pinball Game, and Stand by Me Doraemon.

The pinball games generally have simple gameplay without any intricate ideas or plots. The most unique ones would probably be Doraemon Baseball Game, which is themed around baseball, and Doraemon Exploration Game Round, which is themed around all of the characters' past adventures. The rest are mostly generic pinball games with added Doraemon imagery.


The Doraemon pinballs provide examples of: