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Stand by Me Doraemon is a CGI Doraemon movie released in 2014. It summarizes what Doraemon's all about, and it serves as a good introduction to the series.

It combines some of the most famous chapters of the comic into a complete story.note  Nobita "Noby" Nobi is a struggling fourth grader with a crummy life. Noby's great-great-grandson from the future, Sewashi "Soby" Nobi, builds the robot cat Doraemon. Doraemon goes back in time to steer Noby's life in the right direction with his wide variety of gadgets. Noby uses the gadgets for his own benefit and to get his Love Interest Shizuka "Sue" Minamoto interested in him. Eventually, Doraemon has to leave Noby and go back home.


The movie is one of the most successful Doraemon works. It grossed over $183 million worldwide, making it one of the highest-grossing anime films, and it won multiple awards. Bang Zoom! Entertainment produced an American English dub of the movie, though the dub was only distributed in Asia.

This movie borrows most of its tropes from the comic chapters it adapts (see the note above), but it also adds in some tropes of its own.

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