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"Hey there! My name is Doraemon! I'm a super-sized, gizmo-ized, gadget cat from the future! I get sent back in time to take care of this guy, Noby, but he's a mess! And that's where I come in! To save the day with an amazing invention from my fourth-dimensional secret gadget pocket! But things never turn out as planned! Get ready, 'cause here we go again!"
Doraemon explains the premise in the Doraemon: Gadget Cat from the Future opening

Shalalala, inside my happy heart
There is a dream that's ever-shining
Doraemon, your pocket is the key,
to make my dreams come true
Shalalala, let's sing a song
Everybody, together join along
Doraemon fills the world with dreams,
as long as you're here you bring us happiness
Doraemon UK opening

Oh, oh, oh, we love you so
Doraemon 1979 opening

"You have brought shame upon your family! Have a happy robot cat!"
Shaenon Garrity's summary of the "quintessentially Japanese" premise

Look! A propeller on top of your hat!
Albert and Sidney, a boy and his cat!
Albert has magic,
Sidney has fun.
Look at them soaring
And then exploring
And you’ll be seeing Albert and Sidney again!
— Opening theme to The Adventures of Albert and Sidney the rare Cinar dub of the 1979 version.

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