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Sewashi will have a kid that looks like Shizuka but with glasses
  • In a future special or a future movie (after 2019's movie), Sewashi's daughter will travel to the past to meet Nobita. She will be named after and reminded to Nobita of Lulli due to her blue hair and eyes.
Shizuka will go on a pilgrimage
  • She will go on a pilgrimage to find her ancestors (way before Shizu) known as the People of the Time remains and a lost dialect of Japan in Siberia in a future movie.
Doraemon, no, not just him, but the entire Doraemon-verse is also a large SCP designed specifically to content him, with the prehistoric populations being clones or mind-wiped D-class
Given that the series runs on Negative Continuity at times, how past, present, and future is constantly static, and how Doraemon is not only having potentially reality warping gadgets, but also an Unusually Uninteresting Sight despite his obvious appearance... The so-called "Time Patrol" is actually one of the nicest MTF ever to keep the SCP from ever collapsing and to ensure the safety of Doraemon and friends.

Sewashi isn't actually Nobita's descendant

He could be a genetic clone (no surprise given the sci-fi theme), or he could simply be adopted; nevertheless he is sure even if the past (Nobita's present) is changed he won't be erased from the existence.


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