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Headscratchers / The Princess and the Frog

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     Why would a princess need money? 
  • Why does Naveen offer Tiana money if he thinks she's a princess? Tiana obviously would not need money if she were a rich princess. And it can't be possible that Naveen thinks that Tiana is a princess with no money because later on he asks why she has a job if she is a princess.
    • He might've thought she was in the same boat as him, her parents cut her off to teach her a lesson or something. Or maybe he thought she was a princess of a smaller kingdom (One where he wouldn't be expected to recognize the monarchy) and that the country in general needed money. The fact that Naveen even tells Tiana that the jokes on her, he has no money at least implies he never intended to pay her back regardless.
    • It was also not uncommon for royals to marry for economic reasons.
    • Strictly speaking, he also never said that his reward to her would be monetary in nature. He might've thought that he could gift her with something that she wouldn't be able to obtain on her own.

     Facilier doing magic on himself 
  • Don't you think the loa could have made things much easier for themselves by allowing Facilier to cast magic for himself. Are they just romantics, hatching such a convoluted plot? Dr.Evil would approve.
    • That's actually semi-based on real voodoo beliefs about loa.
    • That's also on the assumption that the loa want what Facilier thinks they want. What if, on the other hand, what they really want is Facilier's soul?
    • Loa aka spirits are believed to be attracted to what is most similar to them and easiest to possess / Over Shadow in order to work ritual magic — in this case he certainly has an army of selfish spirits following him around because some spirits require payment each summoning and others require it BEFORE even thinking about them.
    • The real reason is originally they were going to have Facilier be the one transformed, but then realized they would be wasting Keith David's voice acting talent if he spent most of the movie transformed. So they gave him a reason to stay as himself, which doubled as a Handwave for why he didn't just magic himself up some money to begin with.
      • Actually, that explanation doesn't work, because Lawrence's voice stays the same when he's impersonating Naveen — why wouldn't Facilier's?
    • Another explanation was that they wanted to avoid the implications of a dark-skinned person marrying a light-skinned person by impersonating someone else.

  • I love the movie, but there's one teeny tiny thing that keeps bugging me: Naveen goes through the city playing the guitar at the end of 'Down in New Orleans' and tries to flirt with Tiana, who dismisses him. They interact about 5-10 seconds, clearly enough to remember each other's faces and still Naveen mistakes her as a princess in Charlotte's party despite that she still has her hair bound and nothing that would cover her face. Yeah sure, he's probably met (and slept with) hundreds of women, but seriously, you can't forget her face that easily, given that she is a dark-skinned woman in a city, which is still mainly inhabited by white people.
    • It's kind of the sign that, without all they went through, Tiana and Naveen would never have gotten together. It kind of subverts the idea of fairy tales that you are 'destined' to be with your 'one true love'. It furthers the whole point of the movie that WHAT YOU DO ACTUALLY MATTERS.
      • It's actually a very welcome subversion of the old Disney pattern of "love at first sight" in so many of their other Princess movies.
    • She was just some pretty girl on the street at the time, who he played the ukelele to for about five seconds while partying, and who was dressed very differently from the next time he'd see her. It is actually extremely rare for people to *not* forget random faces that quickly if something particularly memorable doesn't happen.
    • Well, there were several other dark-skinned people in the street at the time, including one of the girls who was squee-ing over Naveen when he got off the boat, so... I'm not really sure if skin tone alone would give him reason to remember her. Plus, given how Tiana clearly wasn't interested in him, it wouldn't surprise me if Naveen just brushed it off and forgot about her. Maybe if she'd actually spoken, Naveen would have had a bit more reason to recognize her.
    • Human memory is funny that way, it's easy to forget a face that you only see for five seconds, and didn't really care about when you first see them. Case in point, the first time I saw this movie, I didn't even notice that part where Naveen briefly meets Tiana.

     Back through the swamp 
  • So did Tiana have to hike back through the swamp wearing that enormous ballgown?
    • She wouldn't care.
    • It was a magic lily pad wedding gown, so maybe it had magical properties to stay clean after hiking through the swamp.
    • Perhaps Mama Odie was kind enough to give them some sort of a magical lift back to town.
      • Odie's a bit more "hands off" then that. Plus she'd probably be amused by the whole thing. Lets hope that dress was magically light-weight and non-absorbent!
    • here's what it may be like
    • Word of God says they ride Louis home.

     Eudora's reaction 
  • And what was Eudora's reaction when her daughter who'd been missing for three days came through the door wearing an enormous sparkly dress (that's probably drenched with swamp mud, per above), along with her new husband and alligator buddy?
    • "Now I'll live to see my grandkids!"?
      • First thing I thought of was Louis shouting "GRAMMA!" and jumping in Eudora's arms. "I want cookies and sweaters and stories about what it was like in the old days!"
    • Hey, the people at the mardi gras parade didn't realize he was an alligator until he growled.
    • Forget Eudora, how would NAVEEN'S parents react? They cut their son off, send him to the states, expecting him to either make something of himself or marry some filthy rich girl...and he comes back three days later with no job and some chick without a penny to her name. Um, okay?
      • Hey now, she had like ten coffee tins full of pennies! The value of the USD was smaller than today, anyway. Plus, once they got a chance to know her I'm sure they'd see how great Tiana is, and I'm thinking they'd be more concerned about the whole "Voodoo Frog" story.
      • There's also the fact that falling for Tiana cured Naveen of his reckless layabout womanizing lazy party boy ways, so they probably approved on the face of that alone!
      • Oh, of course. But still, as a first reaction, I would YOU react? Also, I think they might question his sanity if he told them the frog story. Then again, with Tiana, Charlotte, and an alligator buddy to back him up, maybe not so much.
      • The reason his parents sent him away in the first place was for him to quit being a spoiled brat and learn the importance of work. Tiana is the reason he became a better person, so I'm pretty sure his parents would not only like her, but be grateful. Plus Naveen was now the co-owner of a five stars restaurant.
      • Also, now he's not sleeping around all over the globe.
      • It's never explained whether or not they actually intended for him to marry a rich girl or not - although Facilier does seem to know everything about you just by looking at you, so maybe that's right. And anyways...I'm sure they initially thought "...huh?" until they met her and saw that the couple was in love, and that she essentially taught Naveen to grow up, or that Naveen seemed to have made her less of a Stop Having Fun Guy.
      • I have a feeling that Naveen's parents cut him off because he was a spoiled, inept, Upper-Class Twit, like Bertie Wooster. (I can't be the only one who sees the resemblance?) They probably assumed it was the steady flow of cash that kept him that way, and the best thing they could do for him is let him go off on his own. To learn about the real world and grow up already, and that marrying rich was just his plan for getting around giving up his "high" lifestyle. But introducing his parents to the new him, and the woman who was responsible for his newfound maturity? They must've been very happy.
      • Tiana might have been working class and poor when they married, but the two of them got up a very successful restaurant not long after which certainly provided them with a steady living. Naveen's parents were most likely pleased that he just was able to settle down with one girl who was very nice and had common sense and a work ethic rather than him philandering and not doing anything useful. Plus, I got the impression that the "get a job or marry a rich girl" thing was what Naveen saw as his only options. His parents probably cut him off and were like "okay, you can't rely on our wealth anymore, go off and make your own way in the world". However he managed that would probably be fine with them.
      • This is pretty much summed up by the scene where Naveen's parents actually appear and see Tiana, where their facial expressions are best summed up as "Oh, thank God he found a good one". I am convinced that the animators have seen that sentiment in real life.

     Animal talk 
  • Only animals can understand each other, appearing to talk like humans (Stella calling out to Tiana)? Okay, then why does Tiana understand Naveen when she first sees him as a frog!? And how does Louis understand the musicians on the steamboat while sneaking them both back to civilization!? And how does Charlette understand Naveen later on?! And how do the frog hunters hear Tiana's line, "We also talk!" And how...
    • Tiana and Naveen were magically turned into frogs, so magic lets them talk to humans. And in most movies with Animal Talk, the animals can understand humans, just not speak to them.
    • I don't know how much they intended to borrow from it, but the book The Frog Princess clarifies at some point that, although they understand the language spoken by humans, normal animals can only be understood and communicated with by people who have been transformed into animals themselves and witches/wizards (which in this universe, I suppose, translates to witch doctors and voodoo priestesses), but that people who have been transformed into animals can communicate with both of them, regardless of what form they're in. Thus, if Louis had tried saying something to the frog hunters, they wouldn't have understood him, whereas with Tiana they could since she was originally a human.

     The heir and the spare 
  • So is Naveen the heir to the Maldonian throne? Because...that's kind of scary. Maybe the royals of Maldonia are more ceremonial, but I hope his brother is a bit more into studying up on the responsibilities.
    • He'll prove himself capable and responsible when he becomes a wonderful co-manager of the restaurant (and it's clear that his wife's got brains enough for two.) His parents will give him a few years at least earning his keep, and by then he'll have a lot more self-control.
      • Besides, if they don't want him on the throne, he has a brother!
    • Naveen actually has smarts. He just preferred a life of pleasure-seeking and didn't really bother employing them until he had to. Compare his reaction to being turned into a frog vs. others of people turned into things in stories. He convinced Lawrence to loosen the lid on the jar so he could escape, then hopped all the way to the LaBouff mansion in search of help. He was familiar with the storybook and willing to try it. And when that failed, he was willing to deal with being a frog until they could find a way out.
    • I'm sure he's intelligent, I'm just wondering if he's studying up on Political Science and Government while he's waiting tables in New Orleans.
    • ^ That's where Tiana comes in. I'm pretty sure his The Casanova attitude was one of the reasons his parents decided to force his hand; they wanted him to settle down with a practical, down-to-Earth woman who could keep him on his toes.
      • If Maldonia works like most other monarchies in the world, he can't be heir to the throne— he married a commoner after all. If he wanted to eventually be the king, he would have had to marry nobility, which, in America, would be considered someone with money (e.g. Charlotte). So, at least in my mind, as soon as he married Tiana, he's no longer eligible for the throne.
      • Keywords being of - for all we know, he could be eligible, but he wouldn't have taken the chance (and given the responsibility to his brother). Tiana actually could have been made the "Queen consort" - in other words, just the king's wife; not really any power over the state of Maldonia.
      • And with that logic, you just completely undid the resolution of the film, namely the entire "Once I marry you you are a princess" deal. Congratulations.
      • That's not true, just because Naveen can't be King doesn't mean he is no longer a Prince. If Naveen became King, his brother would still be known as a Prince, right? If Naveen is ineligible for the throne, that doesn't change the blood in his veins. He's still a Prince, so Tiana's still a princess.
      • Besides, what magic will accept may not be what the law will accept. That might be at least one reason why they got another marriage in a church after the marriage in the swamp that enabled the kiss to undo the spell.
      • Another explanation: Maldonia allows for voluntary abdication — When Naveen married Tiana, she became a princess. However, he might have abdicated his position as heir to the throne when they met up with his parents. Considering his Character Development, he wouldn't want to deprive his new wife of her life's dream just so he could go be King.
      • However, if you go by what Monaco allowed with Princess Grace Kelley being able to marry into the royal line and bear heirs then Maldonia could very work like that as well. Not every monarchy works like England, ya know.
      • England doesn't work like that, ya know. Not in recent years anyway. Heck, there's isn't an "English" monarchy in the first place, ya know, it's a British one. If the monarchy works like the modern British one, then there's no reason he can't be King and married to a commoner. Prince William is most likely to be King one day, and his most likely Queen will be a commoner.
      • If Princess of Mardi Gras for Charlotte counted as a princess, marrying a commoner couldn't undo Naveen's blood title of Prince.
      • Six words: Screw the rules they make them
      • Exactly. People have to stop thinking of this "cannot marry a commoner and inherit the throne" thing as some unbreakable rule. Just look at real world history. Rules of succession vary with each individual monarchy, and change over time. Basically the rules of succession is whatever the reigning monarch wants them to be. He/She can follow tradition, if he/she wants. He/she can break tradition, if he/she wants. And the next monarch can change the rules back, or to something else entirely, if he/she wants. Monarchs have adopted commoners and named them their heirs. Assuming Naveen was ever the heir to the throne (and the fact that he was cut off by his parents suggests he wasn't, because you generally don't do that to the heir. An heir in Naveen's position with similar questions about responsibility hanging over him usually gets appointed to an important but tightly supervised position in the government or army where he would be forced to learn responsibility) his marriage to Tiana will not be a problem with respect to this so long as Naveen's parents like her. Also note that Naveen's father and mother may not necessarily be King and Queen of Maldonia. The son of a prince (or princess) is also a prince. So Naveen's father might be a prince, and or his mother might be a princess, and neither might be directly in line for the throne, either.
      • The newspaper at the beginning of the film identifies Naveen's parents as the king and queen of Maldonia.
    • It's possible Naveen has an older sibling.
      • And also possible that the royals of Maldonia are powerless figureheads, so who cares whether they're politically-savvy or not?
    • What is this question even asking? Naveen at the end of the film is a very different person than Naveen at the beginning of the film. Either he's expected to take the throne once his parents die, in which case he and Tiana will move to Maldonia and rule, or he'll choose to abdicate the throne to his little brother if they don't want to leave the States, or he was already disinherited of the throne and it'll go to his little brother anyway. The way it's phrased here, this topic seems like a complete non-issue.

     Charlotte transforming 
  • Correct me if I missed something, but...why didn't Charlotte change into a frog when she kissed Naveen after midnight? When Tiana, who wasn't a princess, tried it, the curse extended to her. Since Charlotte was no longer a princess during the kisses, shouldn't she have turned into a frog as well?
    • Maybe the curse is racial profiling. :D
    • Maybe it was no longer contagious now that the medallion was smashed, and Tiana and Naveen only remained frogs due to an aversion of No Ontological Inertia?
    • Motive may have had something to do with it. Tiana kissed Naveen for a purely selfish reason that was actually pretty close to Naveen's own motives for making the deal that turned him into a frog. Charlotte, on the other hand, was kissing Naveen for the purely selfless reason of breaking the curse and making her friend happy.
    • Or maybe that spray he put in his mouth before the kiss have a very strange side effect on magical transformed frogs.
    • Maybe since the plan required Charlotte Naveen to kiss in the first place (no one else could do it), so Mama Odie gave her immunity along with the turn-them-back-to-humans thing.
    • The spell requires direct lip-to-lip contact. Charlotte's lipstick acted as a barrier.
    • Perhaps the curse wasn't quite prepared for Naveen's swinger attitude, and assumed he'd only kiss one woman. One woman kissed, transform-to-frog power neutralized.
    • I always thought that midnight wasn't a deadline on the spell, but on Charlotte being a princess - her title as Princess of Mardi Gras only lasted until midnight, for whatever reason. When midnight struck, she wasn't a princess any more.
    • Tiana wasn't a princess either, until after the story, so, the fact that Charlotte wasn't a princess doesn't change anything. Maybe, since the talisman holding Naveen's transformation had been broken, the curse couldn't jump to others any longer?
    • I already put this in wall banger, but I came up with this explantion. Remember the teaser trailer where Tiana was trying to avoid kissing a frog's lips and Naveen (then a nameless frog) getting pissed that she wouldn't kiss him on the lips? So, going with Magic A Is Magic A, that indicates that you've got to kiss the frog the right way, or the curse wouldn't be broken. So I went to see if there's any difference between the way Tiana kissed Naveen and Charlotte kissed Naveen (yay for bootleg clips on YouTube!). And there was a slight difference: Naveen puckered his lips for Tiana, meaning he kissed her as well. He didn't do this for Charlotte. Very slight, but it could have been enough to not just render the "cure" for the curse useless, but to not turn Charlotte into a frog. Though seeing Charlotte as a frog would have been a riot. Hell, she could have the Maid of Honor at the swamp wedding!
    • Actually Naveen did pucker up his lips for Charlotte, so much so you could see the pucker from behind, but his heart was obviously not in it.
    • Here's a thought. Naveen was turned into a frog for wanting the green and what was Tiana's motivation for kissing him? Money. Maybe it was residual magic.
    • I kinda thought the implication was that Charlotte fit the definition of princess within the terms of the spell. We often refer to people like the Kennedys, Hiltons and Trumps as American royalty. Charlotte was born to a life of privilege which might actually be how the spell works mechanically.
    • My theory: the Shadow Man's 'friends' were no longer facilitating his evil spells, so this one had no power to affect any additional people.

     The obvious solution 
  • Just Give Tiana The Money: Charlotte and Tiana are best friends right? And Charlotte is very rich right? So why didn't she just give Tiana the money she needed so she can buy the restaurant in the first place?
    • My guess would be that Tiana was too proud to accept a genuine handout, what with her "work hard for what you want" ethic instilled by her dearly beloved and dearly departed daddy... and even ditzy Charlotte knew that. Because she had no problem accepting the rain of cash to actually cook "those man catchin' beignets" for Charlotte's party.
    • But she had no problem kissing a frog in exchange for his (non-existent) money, and I believe he helped her out with the money after they married, anyway. Of course, if she had just accepted money from Charlotte, then the story would have ended pretty quickly.
      • When the opportunity to kiss Naveen came up, Tiana was absolutely desperate after having just been told her dream was about to be ruined. She would've taken any opportunity for money at that point.
      • If she changed Naveen back into a human by kissing him, a monetary reward would be perfectly reasonable, not a free handout.
    • I interpreted that it was a combination of Tiana's work ethic (not asking for a handout) and Charlotte's naivete (not realizing her best friend needed help). Saw it as Fridge Brilliance.
      • In that case, why couldn't Charlotte offer the money as a loan to be paid back over time? If not the whole thing, then at least whatever Tiana hadn't saved up by then. That way Tiana would get her restaurant without resorting to handouts.
      • When Tiana learned she couldn't buy the property (during the party), Charlotte wasn't aware of any problems, and Tiana was too emotionally devastated to think straight (hence her willingness to do something as completely ludicrous as kissing a frog). Maybe Tiana would've thought of the loan idea if she had gotten some time to think straight.
      • That one's about right. When Charlotte is talking to Tiana right before Naveen makes his intro, she mentions that both of them are getting their dreams that night. Tiana didn't tell her about being refused because of either pride or not wanting to upset Charlotte on her big night.
    • Charlotte herself isn't rich, her father is. Tiana's mother may have always made it a point of pride not to ask her employer for money she hadn't earned. So Tiana wouldn't ask her friend for money she'd know was really coming from Big Daddy.
    • For what it's worth, I doubt Lottie or Big Daddy would've been willing to loan Tiana the money if she told them the whole story. On the contrary, I'm picturing Big Daddy marching down to the realtor's office and paying the money himself, if not just coercing them into it on account on him being the richest guy in town. As mentioned above, though, Tiana's too into hard work to think of asking them to do that for her. (At least until the end of the film.)

     The other bidder 
  • Who bought the old Sugar Mill out from under Tiana? This is never addressed in the film, who would buy a run-down sugar mill in cash, and why?
    • I just assumed the white business owners in the area pooled a fund to purchase the property in order to keep her out. Not an uncommon occurrence in the thirties where black entrepreneurial efforts were concerned.
    • Or they were just lying to her. They were the ones in charge of the thing and given the time period, few people would side with Tiana if that were the case. That would also explain why they gave it to her so quickly at the end, without the "other buyer" complaining.
      • Neither of these make sense - it is established that Tiana is a beloved member of the community, there was no outright racial hatred (it's Disney), and if the land owners didn't want to sell to her, they wouldn't have had to make up an excuse, and just not offer it to her at all. Reject her the first time she came with an offer.
      • No evidence of her being a "beloved member of the community". She was just a waitress at a restaurant that nobody else cared about. She had a handful of friends, but as for being a "beloved member of the community", not really.
      • Exactly, there was no outright racial hatred so Disney chose to be more subtle about it. It was actually more cruel to turn her down the way they did. And they might as well let Tiana get her hopes up if she's going to clean the place up for free. Anyways, the "woman of your background" line and Tiana's reaction to it were clearly supposed to imply some sort of racial prejudice.
    • This troper assumed that the bankers only said they'd had another offer as an excuse to jack up the price, and had left Tiana to fret about it overnight, intending to offer her a high-interest loan the next day to make up the difference. But when she turned up at their office with an upper-class husband and an alligator for backup, they chickened out about ripping her off.
    • I find it hard to believe that the realtors were lying about another buyer in order to raise the price - when she met with them at the party, you could see that one of them was clearly hesitant to break the news to her, and why would he be hesitant if it was something they'd made up in the first place. Granted, he did make that comment about her 'background', but that isn't much of a basis for accusing them of trying to squeeze more money out of her. Maybe the other buyer was trying to keep her from purchasing the building, but I don't think it's really fair to jump to the conclusion that they were involved.
      • It's not really a jump, they're Moving the Goalposts on her and then using the "background" excuse to discourage her from trying again. You can tell they're lying about the other buyer because they don't actually tell her until after she raises the money. If there really had been another buyer, they would have had to notify any other bidders that the property was no longer for sale, and the building is still for sale when Tiana comes back with Naveen, Louis, and the exact same amount of money she offered the first time.
      • What I imagine may have happened is someone else came in after finding out Tiana was going to buy the building and managed to convince the brothers to accept his higher bid under the pretense of, "She's a black woman, she's not entitled like I am, and she'll never make it in a big business like that." Hence why one of them was hesitant to break the news while still being rude about it, and the other was more to-the-point and only cared about the money.
      • It's also possible the hesitation was just good acting on the realtor's part and the other bidder was indeed made up. They either intended to hope she'd borrow from them or the LaBouffs would add the difference.
      • There probably was no other bidder, just other white men objecting to the sale. Perhaps they were even simply made aware of threats against her that they didn't want to tell her about, and the alligator convinced them that she was unlikely to be scared out of town. At any rate, all that needed to happen was that they were doing what society of the time expected them to do, but they knew it was wrong, hence their hesitation.
    • Alternatively, maybe Big Daddy was the other bidder all along. Seeing how hard her daughter was working and being good friends with the LaBouffs already, Eudora may've reached out to Eli and asked if he could help Tiana out with a donation of some sort; being Big Daddy, he went down to the realtor's office and offered to pay the entire thing in cash. The Fenner brothers, greedy, racist jerkwads that they are, took his offer as a completely separate bid to try and get more money out of Tiana, without telling her who made the other bid. They either didn't know she was friends with Big Daddy or were attempting to take advantage of it.

  • Facilier's shadow one of his Friends on the Other Side, or was it just magicked by them to be sentient? I mean, when Facilier got dragged down to where-ever, his shadow went with him. And yet it's almost exactly like the other shadow demons!
    • I had a theory about that in the WMG for the movie. The "Friends on the Other Side" animated his shadow as part of whatever deal he made with them that caused his debt to them. It could had been a side-effect, an actual term for the deal on either side, or they did it to keep a constant watch on him.
    • I'm guessing the latter. While the FOTOS and Facilier are more like business partners, Facilier's shadow was genuinely friendly toward him.
    • Also, When the FOTOS come to take Facilier away, it seemed just as frightened as him, even cowering behind him at one point. Surprising as I was expecting the shadow to turn on him and throw him into the mouth, considering that it should have been supplied to him by the FOTOS
    • Idea: perhaps, a la Unknown Armies, shadows are the souls of the human damned. Facilier selling his soul for magic power gave his shadow autonomy. While he's alive, it's cooperative and friendly. Afterward...
    • One interview with Keith David mentioned how the shadow reflects what Facilier is really feeling (such as the transformation into a snake during his song)...maybe his shadow isn't alive so much as it's another part of him.
      • His shadow is his daemon then?
      • A familiar rather.
    • Facilier's shadow was freaking out just as much as Facilier was. And another shadow demon's hand grabbed onto the shadow's leg and drug it down. It wasn't at all the shadow turning on Facilier as it was they were both connected to each other. When one got drug down, the other did as well.

     Friend MIA 
  • So Lottie didn't notice Tia was missing for three days? I'm just assuming Eudora had a reaction off camera and Buford's restaurant went to ruin without their best waitress around. Also, I'm glad no one had Charlotte committed when she came home with this story about talking frogs and the butler impersonating Naveen. She was already a little off to begin, I would have just figured she'd gone insane after being dumped at the altar.
    • I figure she was too busy planning the wedding. Anyone else, this would seem callous, but Lottie...I get the feeling she can't fit too much in her noggin at any given time, you know?
      • Also, regarding Buford's: if I remember the time line right, Tiana and Naveen vanished on a Friday night. Maybe she didn't work over the weekend? Of course, this IS Tiana we're talking about...
      • According to a deleted scene on the DVD, Tiana quit her job at Buford's after Charlotte paid her.
      • I think it's assumed she quit anyway, seeing as she ran out of the restaurant in the middle of her shift as soon as she got the money
    • Historically speaking, the parade would have been segregated during the time period so Tiana wouldn't have been allowed to come, though I don't think the Disney people were thinking much about that.
    • But think about their relationship for a moment. They've been best friends for as long as either could remember, they see each other constantly, and they're still very close. Lottie didn't want to tell Tiana she was getting married? Or ask her to be the Maid of Honor?
    • I figured they didn't see each other that often because they were in different social circles.
    • There is that, but also one must consider, REALLY, how often DID Lottie see Tiana? Tiana's other friends in the movie noted "All you ever do is work." It could be argued that Charlotte would have to go see Tiana, while she's working-just so Lottie can see her! Tiana was quite the workaholic. Sure Tiana did say she was getting her restaurant, but for all Lottie's scatter-brain could know, considering it's IN CHARACTER for her best friend, to be too busy fixing up her new restaurant to visit-Tiana is work first, work-second, work-third, THEN relax and chat later. And why wouldn't Lottie expect that out of her? In her head, they both had finally achieved their dream, she didn't know those jerks totally ripped Tiana's dream out from right under her. So Charlotte probably just shrugged it off, thinking Tiana would be able to see the wedding at the Mardi Gras, because she's too busy probably fixing up her dream restaurant. So she just moved forward with her wedding plans. Bear in mind, she's kind of a ditz too, she's not selfish on purpose, she's just oblivious and naive to everything else going on around her. The real question is, what on earth did Eudora do with her daughter missing?! Judging from the fact that Tiana showed at the beginning of the movie doesn't live in some other house-the house she grew up in...I mean, Eudora is a good mommy, so she would be BOUND TO NOTICE her daughter is missing from the getgo!
      • Maybe Eudora kept herself from the thoughts of despair and grief by telling herself that Tiana met her Prince Charming that night at the La Bouffs party, and they ran off to go elope and get started on those Grandkids.
    • They may have been best friends, but even best friends won't see each other every single day, especially when both of those friends were very busy (one was planning a wedding, and the other either waitressing or fixing up her restaurant). Even my friends, if one of them went missing for three days, I probably wouldn't notice. Also, eep in mind this was before the invention of telephones, so it's not like Lottie could just call Tiana, she would have to physically go and look for her. The only place we know that Lottie knows about is the places she works at, and all she would gather is that Tiana quit, and assume it's because of money. If anything, Lottie might be pissed off at Tiana for apparently ditching her at the party (to go streaking apparently, since both sets of clothes would be left in the bedroom) and making no effort to contact her after knowing that her big day had come. Note, we know that Tiana knows where Lottie lives, but there's no evidence of Lottie knowing where Tiana lives.

     Arrested for what? 
  • They arrested Lawrence? On what grounds? What charge could they possibly have for him?
    • Identity theft, fraud, and possibly attempted murder.
      • How? By turning into an exact copy of a much taller, thinner man? What's he going to say, A Wizard Did It?
      • It would not have been 'identity theft' as that's a modern crime; it would probably have been something like 'impersonating a foreign dignitary'.
      • In this case, that seems like a perfectly legitimate excuse. It seemed like Facilier's doings were common knowledge in the town.
      • Which leads to something that bugs me; if his wrongdoings were common knowledge, why didn't someone arrest Facilier before the events of the movie? If it's because the authorities were too afraid of him, shouldn't they have been afraid of incurring Facilier's wrath by arresting Lawrence (they had no way of knowing Facilier was dead at that point, so far as we know)? And speaking of things they could or couldn't have known, how did they know about Lawrence's dealings with Facilier to impersonate Naveen?
    • I was thinking he was arrested on the grounds that the daughter of the richest guy in town wanted him arrested.
      • Well, it WAS the 1920s...
      • To say nothing of Big Daddy wanting Lawrence's hide for putting one over on his little Lottie.
    • The writers wanted to avert the Karma Houdini.
    • Big Daddy caught a strange British dude in "Naveen's" outfit, hiding exactly where "Naveen" ran off to, who referred to Charlotte as "my dearest" and apparently spilled some of what happened (he was screaming about how it was all Dr. Facilier's idea when he was being arrested). Big Daddy probably just assumed that Lawrence somehow pulled a very elaborate disguise off to trick Charlotte into marrying him and swindling her (which really wouldn't have been too far off), so he had Lawrence arrested.
      • Tiana knows who the Shadow Man is and seems to have a fairly good idea of what a bad thing it is to be messing with him, and nobody seems to be surprised by the idea of voodoo magic being able to do the kind of things it does in the movie. While there's probably no specific law about getting involved with voodoo people, Dr. Facilier is probably well known enough in the area that Lawrence's story spoke for itself.
    • This troper assumes it was a combination of Lawrence being the only human in the church that "Prince Naveen" ran into, knowledge of Facilier, and when we see them arresting Lawrence, Naveen has had a chance to explain the situation and is at the part where he needs Lottie to kiss him to reverse the spell. They probably aren't worried about incurring Facilier's wrath because they probably figured that if he hasn't intervened yet, he's not going to and possibly because Facilier can't seem to do a whole lot (voodoo wise) to just anyone. The worst he does is send the shadows to capture Naveen, who he has already put under his influence when Naveen accepted the deal back in his shop. When he's dealing with Tiana, he resorts to illusions and words to try and convince her to hand over the talisman.
    • I don't know if he was officially arrested, but there's plenty of probable cause for the authorities to bring him in for questioning. As mentioned, he was the only person in the building everyone last saw Naveen darting into, dressed in the same clothing Naveen was wearing, with the same voice Naveen had been using. They can figure out exactly what they're supposed to charge him with later, but that's more than enough evidence to suggest Lawrence was up to something.

     It's not slime, it's mucus...which is slime. 
  • Secreting mucus is slime.
    • It's the principle of the thing.
    • And insects don't have butts, they have abdomens.
      • I don't think Ray's taken any biology/anatomy courses, I don't see why he would know the proper name for it.
    • Humans "using the restroom" is— yeah. Perhaps as a frog, one is more sensitive to the negative stigma of being a frog, leading to a more PC way of saying "slime?"
    • Yeah, but slime has a more varied meaning than just mucus in popular usage. When people think of 'slime', they think of slimy things, like moss, seaweed, snot, oysters, and so forth even though it's not technically 'slime'. Thus, Naveen's clarification of the more precise meaning.
    • Actually, there's an important distinction: slime isn't sticky. Slimy describes something as being thick, wet, and slippery, but mucus is defined by its sticky, kinda nasty all around texture. It's a semantic difference up until Tiana puts the knowledge to work for her.
      • The line would be clearer as "I have news for you Shadow Man… It's not slime, it's mucus. And you know what ?… MUCUS STICKS !"[grabs the amulet with her tongue]

     Mama Odie's to blame 
  • It kinda bugged me that they never pointed out that Mama Odie is (indirectly, I'll give you) responsible for Ray's death: she's the one who sent them back to New Orleans, as opposed to just marrying Naveen and Tiana on the spot.
    • But then you could also say that Tiana and Naveen are responsible for meeting him and leading him out of the bayou in the first place. And then Louis, who was going the wrong way and caused Ray to have to lead them in the right direction.
      • And, you know, Facilier for stepping on him.
      • Really, it's all Tiana's father's fault. If he hadn't taken such a healthy interest in his daughter's future and instilled a great work ethic in her, none of that would've happened and Ray would still be alive. Why to be a great parent then die, Tiana's dad.
    • Yeah, I was also bugged that Mama Odie was responsible for Ray's death, albeit perhaps not for the same reason. She must have known about his imminent danger (with her all seeing Gumbo pot), and yet she didn't do anything to intervene. So what if he did have a happy death, she should have just turned Evangeline into a firefly instead. And here I thought she was kind-hearted.
      • Just what makes you think the Gumbo pot was "all-seeing"? It looked more like it's the kind of magic that you have to ask a specific question to, or find information about a specific person. She had no reason to ask anything about Ray, and neither did Ray ask her to.
      • Yeah, there's no evidence that Mama Odie can see the future.
    • But the point of "Dig A Little Deeper" was that she wanted them to discover what they really needed, on their own. And although she could have married them, they didn't actually want to be married until later.
      • Mama Odie could not have married them without their consent, and possibly another point of the "Dig a Little Deeper" was her attempt to convince them that they loved each other, after which she could have married them to reverse the spell, but although she more or less succeeded with Naveen, she wasn't able to do so with Tiana, just yet. Note how she doesn't tell them about Charlotte until after Tiana misses the point of the song. It was quite clearly her Plan B.
    • Look, Ray wasn't an innocent bystander. He faced off Facilier and his minions knowing full well what he was doing. We don't blame Frodo for the death of Gandalf and Boromir, because they both went into fights knowing that they might die. He was confident in himself - he didn't ask anything of Mama Odie, so she didn't read his future. Besides, Tiana had not yet realized her feelings for Naveen. What was Mama Odie going to do, force her to marry him? Also, about turning Evangeline into a firefly, see the WMG page for an awesome theory.
    • Also, if Mama Odie had changed Evangeline into a firefly, Ray would never have gotten his place in the sky next to her, and two: "Phenomenal Cosmic Powers, Itty Bitty Living Space" much, if she can transform stars?
    • Mama Odie's gumbo pot showed exactly what Mama Odie asked of it: "We need a princess, what cha got?" which gave them the view of Charlotte, who was the only princess at the time. So, they had a deadline, even if only temporarily, the gumbo pot, as magic tends to work in Disney movies, could NOT see that they would fall in love on the way.
    • Mama Odie is at fault? Really? Are you actually being serious?! The little old lady, who's seems to choose to help people more on figuring out the right things to do with their life-than just magically make them better (and probably doesn't have it in her power to do freakish amazing feats-she's not Calypso in disguise from the Pirates movies)-I mean where in PATF does it hint that Mama Odie has a god-like power to turn Stars into insects!?!?!?! She's a human who has limitations...So instead of giving the two youngin's-who are confused in life about their wants and needs and even their own feelings towards each other-some advice, gently trying to point them in the right direction (it's not her fault Tiana was missing the point) she should instead force these two people to marry (when at that point Tiana wasn't aware of her feelings-so why would she WANT TO ANYWAY?!)-because of the tragic death of our loveable resident firefly-who was stepped on by the villain? WELL BLOW ME DOWN! And all this time I thought it was usually those guilty of taking the life of another-is the one who ''actually'' '''killed''' that person But nope, clearly the one to blame is the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful lady-that can do feats of amazing magic-that had been never even seen in the canon material, who lets a young boy and girl learn on their own about themselves, each other, and how to better themselves-and what's important in life, instead of having someone tell them what they should do-and do it for them????Hey wasn't that the schtick of the villain in this movie???....clearly the correct thing to do force them to wed even if the girl at the time wasn't into pursuing that....after all, it's for a good cause anyway because they'll eventually realize their feelings, the bug would still get to live for his short insect life-pining after the woman he loves-in the skies far above his reach, (Heroic Sacrifices and becomes literal star in the sky to live on forever with your love is over-rated anyway!) Louis will get to forever play happily on his trumpet in the swap-never to those adoring crowds like he dreamed-eh, he'll get over it....and the kids will walk away from the movie learning that not getting married on the spot-regardless if one party wasn't wanting it at that time-is wrong, and will end up killing your best friend, and that forcing love and marriage is ok and less pesky than just learning and accepting to fall in love all on their own. Again....SERIOUSLY?! Never mind the cheapening of Ray's heroic, brave and selfless sacrifice-or his beautiful eternity being with the love of his life...or the headache inducing blame on Mama Odie of all people, for something she clearly can't foresee. Or the other important things that came from them all going back to New Orleans (like Lewis finally achieving his dream, Tiana's character development, the defeating of the villain, the heartwarming sacrifice of her own happiness Lottie makes for her friend). Or that rather important message of working to your dreams, and not taking the easy way out-no matter' how hard life can get?
      • Down, boy! Heel!
      • I'm a girl, but that's hardly the point...the point is this is such serious Insane Troll Logic. Now normally I like most people on the internet would say ignore it. However this is such a insult to the movie to have this thought process that it NEEDS to be taken down several pegs. And if I have to rant, my god I will, because this is a harmless Disney movie for god's sake. So no...I will no heel, but thanks for the humor attempt of the situation anyway.
    • Mama Odie clearly knew that if Naveen kissed Tia right after marrying her, that would undo their transformation- that's why Mama had some clothing-making magic ready when they turned back into humans. Her motive for not telling them this may have been, she wanted them to get married because they loved each other, not just to break the spell.
    • I wanted to add an idea: there is such a thing in real life known as "Marriage on Paper only", as in "Marriage where (ideally) both parties know they are not motivated by romantic feelings to each other into performing an official ceremony, but by something else one or both need", such as gaining a Nationality in many examples. Couldn't they have done this marriage on paper (then if they wanted to, divorce on paper) to become humans first, instead of all that? That wouldn't be a Shotgun Wedding if properly explained to them in nature and motives.
      • 1.) They're frogs. It's unlikely they could've obtained and filled out the necessary paperwork in their current forms. 2.) Even if they could have gone that route, the course of action Mama Odie supplied them with was simpler still: make it back to New Orleans, and get Lottie to kiss Naveen before midnight. (And to counter the original, stupid notion put forth in the OP's initial question, none of them had any idea that Ray would end up dying if they headed back to New Orleans. What person is going to have that kind of foresight?)

     Running for office 
  • If Facilier really wanted to rule all of New Orleans, why didn't he just run for an electoral office? Yeah, because of his ethnicity this would not be possible in 1920's, but with his "Friends" on the other side and his voodoo magic, he is more than capable of controlling the city this way. Also, why focus on just New Orleans? Why not the entire United States (or the world)?
    • Facilier specifically says he can't use voodoo to benefit himself (at least directly); being able to pass as the sort of person who could run for office in 1920s Louisiana would almost certainly fall under that criteria. As for the second part...well, I'm not entirely convinced he wouldn't eventually set his sights on the country, or the world. He would either never be fully satisfied with the power he had, and/or keep racking up debts with the FOTOS that needed to be paid with more innocent souls.
    • Yes. Baby steps. We can't all rush straight for world domination.
      • He seemed to be more interested in money than power at the beginning (his animosity towards Big Daddy appeared to stem mostly from the fact that BD had huge amounts of cash to throw around while Facilier worked for coins). He only was interested in taking control of New Orleans so that he could let the FOTOS have free rein.
    • He's black. I know, Politically Correct History: and all, but the film does have a few nods.

     Facilier's plan: How does one thing lead to another? 
  • Facilier's plan was as thus - get Lawrence to marry Charlotte, then kill Big Daddy so Lawrence would inherit the fortune, and they could split the money, gaining major control over the city. Okay, fine. Next, offer the souls of everyone living there to the demons. Wait what? Lets ignore the implications of this and look at one simple thing - how? How would having influence in the city mean Facilier could offer peoples souls any time he wanted moreso than he could do when the movie started? But beyond that, his Friends could easily drag him screaming and crying to his death at the end, so why didn't they do that to the towns inhabitants instead of dealing with someone who was clearly pissing them off? Either there was another stage to Facilier's plan that he wasn't telling us, or his Friends don't have any understanding of how people function.
    • It could be some subtle magical permission thing. Like, the FOTOS were able to drag Facilier off because he owed them a debt and was unable to pay, thus they had some form of power/custody over him. But it could be that they were just unable to kidnap random people on their own. So if Facilier is basically running the town, he has power of it and thus could theoretically have the authority to tell the FOTOS "have at whoever you want".
    • ...but they just as easily dragged Naveen away 3 separate times.
    • Naveen was turned into a frog via the magic the FOTOS gave Facilier. This would have given them power over Naveen by proxy they wouldn't have over others. As to why/how Facilier could give the FOTOS all the wayward souls, I got the impression that for all the power the FOTOS displayed, they could not enter the mortal world completely on their own—they required Facilier, or somebody, to use summoning magic/open a gateway or something. Because we never see them active save for when Facilier is around or has already dispatched them on missions. So, assuming he got power over New Orleans, this would enable him to, oh I don't know, call a gathering of townsfolk to City Hall for some sort of "special announcement" (perhaps a lucrative new deal that would give everyone in New Orleans "exactly what they want"?)...then as soon as they'd all shown up, he opens a gate for the FOTOS, and...
    • Big Daddy probably owned half the mortgages in New Orleans. If Facilier receives those documents from Lawrence, then everyone who owes Big Daddy would be in debt to Facilier, which may be all it takes to render them vulnerable to his Friends.
    • I subconsciously assumed the Friends are under something like 'vampire rules'. That is, they can drag Facilier off because he specifically was in default on his supernatural debts. Similarly, they can't just start sucking souls out of random citizens unless they're invited to... similar to the way vampires (in certain mythos) can freely enter a private dwelling when - and only when - they're invited.
    • OR, the FOTOS only wanted FACILIER's soul all the time. They tricked him by saying "We'll help you to get the control of the city and then you'll give us the souls of the citizens… Okay ?" while they KNEW it was impossible. Then Facilier would grow a gigantic debt to the Friends to reach the control of New Orléans… And there: "Oh we're sorry, but what you're planning to do to pay us back is impossible. ARE-YOU-REAAA-DY ?". I think you see the picture.
    • It looks like the way to make a deal with the FOTOS or one of their clients (like Facilier) is to shake hands with him, regardless of whether the handshaking is willing or not. And you know, mayors and other politicians have this habit of going around to shake electors' hands…

     Facilier's untimely fate 
  • Why did the FOTOS choose that exact moment to take Facilier away. True, the talisman was destroyed, but that was never established as being the source of his power (as he is clearly seen taking it from the FOTOS during his Villain Song and he used magic several times before that e.g. closing the door, lighting fires, giving that guy hair, his shadow). Plus, as far as I can see he's only made three deals with the FOTOS:
    • 1. Giving him Voodoo powers
    • 2. Giving him the Blood Talisman
    • 3. Giving him Shadow Demon minions to recapture Prince Naveen
      • True he says that he's heavily indebted to them, but from the way he described his master plan to them, it strikes me that he couldn't have conned that many favors off of them before that (because otherwise what leverage could he have used to gain their favor before that) From every angle the FOTOS side taking him away then was a bad business move; He's shown competence and enjoyment in his work. He almost succeeded, probably meaning that this one time was a fluke (The circumstances in which he failed could never realistically happen again). The more deals he makes with them, the more in debt he becomes, there's cutting your losses, then there's being stupid (1 soul or a million, hmmmmmm) the gifts they give him seem relatively simple to manufacture, considering the fact that they're freakin' demons. If anything they should punish him if he ever fails, this gives him more of an incentive to succeed, and his tab would just get bigger and bigger. I don't know that scene bugged me to death.
      • About "the way he described his master plan to them," I felt the opposite. Why would he NEED to offer such a large number of souls UNLESS he had a large debt to repay? The only way he could possibly appease the FOTOS was to offer all the wayward souls of New Orleans to them. As to how his debt got so large, it's easy to imagine that the FOTOS asked for X amount of souls for giving him voodoo powers. Facilier ran into trouble getting those souls, so he asked for more help from the FOTOS, which would mean an additional number of souls for him to offer... lather, rinse, repeat. And that's not even getting into how much he'd have to pay for the blood talisman and the shadow helpers. All of this added up to a huge debt.
      • I understood that the talisman was just the last straw. They'd given Facilier so much power in the past with evidently so little gain that when the talisman was destroyed, they decided that that was it. Granted though, they were holding onto the Idiot Ball pretty tight, just like every other villain in history who never try the same plan twice, even if the circumstances that made it fail the first time couldn't happen again.
      • It's implied he has a greater debt.
    • They're demons. Generally, you don't get excellent business acumen from the hordes of the abyss (the legions of hell on the other hand maybe, devils being supernatural lawyers and all, but not demons).
    • You say the circumstances leading to his failure couldn't happen again: The plan ITSELF could never realistically happen again. What's Facilier going to do? Wait for ANOTHER Prince that's been cut off from his parents' wealth with a disgruntled manservant he can manipulate to con? Naveen was free at this point, Lawrence was in was over, and the FOTOS knew it.
      • In that case, the FOTOS should have eaten him the moment Naveen was free and Lawrence was in custody, not after the talisman was broken. Unless they had already decided to kill him at that point and the talisman just gave them an excuse to go through with it sooner rather than later.
      • It's possible that they didn't realize that Facilier had totally screwed up until the talisman broke. That, or he could have gone through with the plan. He just needed to recapture Naveen and find a new idiot to take Lawrence's place. True the replacement wouldn't have a grudge against Naveen, but there would probably have been plenty of guys in New Orleans who would have jumped at the chance to impersonate a hot prince and get to marry a beautiful (if ditzy) girl and get a lot of her money.
    • Although it's never formally established that the talisman is the source of his power, Facilier does seem to freak out whenever it's threatened. So at least they foreshadowed the fact that breaking the talisman means extreme bad news for Facilier. Even if they never justified it.
    • I got the impression that the talisman was a really expensive magic item, even by FOTOS standards (Perhaps they didn't make it but instead got it from a deal they made with a Voodoo wizard centuries ago, that talisman was an antique item that nobody knows how to make anymore but was the best item for that scheme on hand) thus that talisman wasn't his, it was on loan to be returned immediately after the scheme pays of and the FOTOS get their souls. Breaking the talisman basically meant that not only did this plan fail but so did any other that relied on impersonating people.
    • First, we should not assume that the FOTOS' main intent is for Facilier's plan to succeed. They're playing their own game, and their main goal could easily have been the corruption of Facilier's soul all along, with whatever additional damage he manages to do in the interim just a bonus. This is standard Deal Withthe Devil fare. They're probably bound by some agreement not to turn on Facilier unless he fails to meet certain specific obligations, among which is keeping the talisman intact.
    • Here's my understanding: though the talisman wasn't the source of his other powers, it was crucial to his plan, since it enabled him to disguise Lawrence as Naveen. We clearly see him using the talisman to take a sample of Naveen's blood before using the talisman to turn Lawrence into Naveen. Later, he asks the Friends to bring Naveen back alive because he needs more of Naveen's blood, so apparently, even though Facilier can use all his other magic without the talismen, the only way he can magically disguise a person (who we'll call "person A" for the convenience of explanation) as another person ("person B) is by using the talisman to take person B's blood, then put the talisman around person A's neck. This apparently "uses" the blood like a car using gasoline, meaning the disguise ends when the talisman "runs out" of blood, and the disguise can thus only be brought back if the talisman is refilled with more blood (which is why Facilier needs Naveen back again). The point is, the film shows that while not the source of Facilier's other powers, the talisman is the source of the one power he needs for his plan to work; the power to disguise one person as another. Once the talisman is broken, his plan can't work anymore, meaning he has no way to pay the Friends back (though I'm still not sure how being in charge of New Orleans enables him to offer the souls of its citizens, but that's already discussed above).
    • Facilier's debt for his powers and the talisman was probably already too high for a man of his credit rating to handle, and when the collateral (the talisman) was destroyed, the FOTOS knew he wasn't going to make good on any of his other promises, so they cut their losses and took Facilier's soul as punishment.
    • Dealing with the FOTOS sounds a lot like dealing with the mob; they may let you borrow magic/power, but you'd better be ready to pay. The mob may lend you thousands of dollars, but if you can't pay them back when they tell you to, they're not going to give you a second chance. Facilier may promise to deliver New Orleans to the FOTOS, but he's made promises before. Why should the FOTOS continue to invest in a proven loser?
    • The simplest facts of the matter are as follows - we know that Facilier has used the service of the shadow demons (whatever you call them) at least three times: once to get his powers, again to create the talisman and turn Naveen into a frog, and a final time to help him find Naveen. In the intervening time between these events, Facilier either directly or indirectly allowed for Naveen to escape his confinement twice, spread the curse to someone else, bringing them into the mess as well, when he kissed Tiana, and finally got his main man for the job caught and arrested. By the time the talisman is broken, the shadow demons have no reason to show any mercy for Facilier - they were in this to make a profit, and they can only wait for so long to get their fair share before their patience wears out and they choose to take the second-best thing...

     Why so sad, Tia? 
  • Why did Tiana get so upset about seeing Lawrence-as-Naveen marrying Charlotte? She already knew there was an imposter running around.
    • The movie never tells us that Tiana is aware of the Naveen imposter — and in fact, Naveen is actually surprised to discover that Lawrence is working with Facilier, so even he might not have known. His response to Tiana asking who Lottie was dancing with at the party could be interpreted as him having been transformed while Charlotte was getting Tiana her new dress.

     24-hour technicality 
  • "There's no way I'm kissing a frog and eating a bug on the same day." — didn't she kiss that frog the day before?
    • Maybe within-24-hours; I-haven't-slept-it-off-yet kind of day?
      • They slept in the hollow tree after the alligators attacked. They met Louis at midday.
      • She maybe didn't dare to sleep with him in the same room.
      • She's probably too grossed out to really care about how much time has passed, while yeah, she's exaggerating, but I always assumed it was just her being too grossed out from her previous squick-that the idea of another squick, that she didn't really think about the amount of time it's been? That or just a goof....?
      • Or even with them shaving slept, it could still technically be within 24 hours?

     Stranger danger 
  • Dr. Facilier pulled Prince Naveen and Lawrence into an alley. I know it was broad daylight, but couldn't they have seen something bad coming?
    • Well, Lawrence knew something was up from the start, but Naveen is oblivious to the point of hilarity. He's totally enjoying "Friends On the Other Side" as much as the audience up to the point with the snakes, and even then he's just mildly bewildered until there's actual blood involved.
    • I got the sense from the movie that Naveen is a bit of a Cloud Cuckoolander or at least crazy laid back.
    • Then add in the fact that Naveen had already been goofing around with some street performers prior to this, and he probably assumed the whole thing was just some kind of magic show typical to New Orleans or something until everything goes down the way it does.

     Voodoo loophole 
  • Alright, I know it was well explained, but was anyone else bothered by how Tiana and Naveen turned back? It can easily be described as AHAHA AWESOME LOOPHOLE! Tiana married Naveen as frogs, thus becoming Princess of Maldonia. Since Naveen kissed a princess, he turned back, but what about Tiana? Why did SHE turn back? She certainly didn't kiss a princess. Disney magic? The magic of love? The magic of Disney love? I chalked it up to the last one. But it just bugs me.
    • Mama Odie said that if Naveen kissed a princess it would turn them both back. Ray mentioned it again when Tiana was angsting after seeing the impostor Naveen, but apparently she was too distraught to believe it. And then it's mentioned a third time when Charlotte recaps the story Naveen told her.
    • Since the curse jumped from Naveen to Tiana, if it got broken, it would likely break for both of them... also: that would be an entirely different movie if Tiana had to kiss a princess too...

     Eyes in a jar 
  • So Mama Odie is blind and her eyes are always it possible that those eyeballs we see in the jar are her eyes? They were with some teeth or dentures, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't have those either.
    • There's concept art of Mama Odie pulling the eyes from the jar and putting them in her head, so I assume so. I don't think she'd be sinister enough to take someone else's eyes.
    • The eyes track Tiana when she's talking, and the dentures smile at her when she notices. Its pretty firmly hinted that they are either her natural eyes, or eyes she can use in such a way, and they remain aware while in the jar
      • Wait, what? Whoa.
    • In addition to being Mama Odie's eyes, they may also have been a minor shout-out to the source material, of sorts - when Emma and Eadric are captured and taken to the witch's cottage at the edge of the swamp in The Frog Princess, one of the things she notices is a jar of eyeballs in which all of them stare at her constantly no matter what she's doing. They are brought up again with greater significance in a later book.

     More animal talk 
  • If it was the frog-curse that let Naveen and Tiana talk with people, and if they could only talk to animals as animals (evidenced by Tiana speaking with Charlotte's dog for the first time), then how did Louie, a totally ordinary 'gator, speak with the human jazz players at Mardis Gras?
    • Did he actually speak to them, though? I just remember him nodding his head.
      • Actually, what happened was that the jazz players thought it was a costume and asked him if he played, to which he responded by playing a few notes. They asked him if he wanted to come along, and he nodded. Presumably they just thought that he was shy and/or the costume made it hard to talk for him and thus accepted him as part of the band simply based on pure talent alone.
    • Facilier's curse only changed Tiana and Naveen's outward appearances, they could still talk because they knew how. Stella could only 'talk' because they could understand her all of a sudden?
      • Whatever it is that made Naveen and Tiana able to understand Stella is probably the same thing that allowed them to understand the gators, and the fireflies, and the spoonbills.
      • Then what lets Mama Odie talk to Ray, Louis, her snake and the Spoonbills?
      • She's a voodoo priestess?
      • Okay, fine. Then how could Charlotte understand Louis when he came barging through holding Ray's limp body? Shouldn't she have screamed cause an Alligator was running at her?
    • She just had the whole story explained to her. Her best friend had been turned into a frog. She may not have understood Louis specifically, but she understood something sad was happening.
      • Also, the camera kind of goes away from Lottie once Louis runs up to Naveen and Tiana, and it kind of looks like they're several feet away from her, at least. She definitely could've had some kind of reaction, but it was just off-camera and we didn't see it.

     Kiss time limit 
  • I understood that by becoming a princess through marriage, Naveen and Tiana were able transform back with a kiss, but wasn't the time limit on the kiss the reason why they couldn't transform back earlier when Charlotte offered to kiss Naveen? Shouldn't they have lost their chance to transform back at that point?
    • I'm pretty sure this was addressed earlier on this page. The time limit was because Charlotte would no longer be a princess after midnight.
    • It's mentioned by Mama Odie that Charlotte would not be a princess once Mardi Gras was over because her father would no longer be King of Mardi Gras. The time limit was set because that was the last night of Mardi Gras.
      • Mardi Gras is one day, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras is the end of Carnival Season, which starts on Twelfth Night. Charlotte is the Princess of Mardi Gras, because her daddy is the King of Mardi Gras.
     Soul control 
  • How could Dr. Facilier gain control over all of the souls of New Orleans? Don't those have to be given over willingly?
    • He is very charismatic. I'm sure having a lot of money would add to that charisma.
    • The way I remember it, Facilier only promised the "Wayward" souls, meaning all the people who were lost and ready to give up their souls already, only needing the right kind of encouragement which Facilier can supply once he gains control of New Orleans.
    • I got the impression that when he controlled New Orleans, he'd basically just sit back and let the FOTOS get a hold of the souls. He himself wouldn't be actively involved.
      • I'd just assumed Facilier wanted the power for no other reason than that he wanted it, and that he figured he could do the rest himself (RIP).
      • The leader of a town, country, etc. can, in fact, give consent for the people in that town, country, etc. on a magical level. According to some sources.

  • I love this movie, don't get me wrong, but Lawrence getting bullied into going with Facilier's plot... because he was tired of being pushed around? Did he decide it was time to be someone else's doormat for a change?
    • He wasn't bullied into initially accepting. Facilier wasn't precisely nice to him in 'Friends on the Other Side', no, but the actual offer was straight up 'Work with me and you'll get back at this jerk and get money and respect.' It was only after Naveen escaped that Facilier really started bullying Lawrence into going along.
    • Not to mention, when Lawrence had Naveen's appearance, he would be handsome, fit, have people fawning all over him, and especially the undivided attention of a beautiful, rich, and charming belle. To have that kind of life, he wouldn't mind handing over the "thinking" work to someone else.
    • Lawrence wanted money and power. What he needed was respect. Which do you think Facilier would give him?
      • You are Made of Win for that little bit of Fridge Brilliance. And you also underscore the truth about Lawrence—yes, he WAS just trading being pushed around by one person for being pushed around by another. The fact he couldn't see this just proves how greedy and lacking in insight he was, and thus such easy prey for Facilier.
    • The movie is also meant to deconstruct various older Disney tropes and clichés, one of which is the beleaguered, stuffy, butler/assistant-type character (examples of which include Grimsby, Sebastian, Cogsworth, and Zazu) who sticks with their master despite how many times they're abused or mistreated. Lawrence is that archetype played more realistically, so it makes sense that he'd take the first opportunity presented to turn on Naveen.

     Fourth date marriage 
  • I know, I know, it's a Disney movie - but proposing to a girl only a day after you met her? Isn't that a bit quick, even by Disney standards? And exactly how much time passed between the engagement and the wedding? It couldn't have been that long, considering that the leasers didn't even have time to officially sell the building yet.
    • Isn't that a bit quick, even by Disney standards? "And you are..." "Giselle." "We shall be married in the morning!" Nope.
    • Lol'd! You win forever!
    • That's ''long'' for Disney standards. It was more like 2-3 days, and they'd been together the entire 24 hours of every day. That's longer than Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel and Jasmine knew their men before they decided they wanted to get married. As for the leased building, a lot of people don't think the Fenners even had another buyer; they were just racist.
      • Aurora's case is iffy (she and Philip were both betrothed to each other by their parents), Ariel and Eric had just as much time as Tiana and Naveen (Ursula gave Ariel three days), and Jasmine didn't marry Aladdin until the third movie, so technically, Aladdin and Jasmine had the longest time instead of Naveen and Tiana who are tied with Eric and Ariel in terms of how long it took.
      • In Ariel's case, though, she'd basically already chosen Eric as her one true love before he'd even met her, so she's not really the best example. What they had, anyway, was one and a half days of leisurely spending time together and one climactic event in which one of them did all the work. Tiana and Naveen were stuck together in an unfamiliar environment, and they had to learn to work off of each other because they were in mortal peril quite often and wouldn't have made it on their own.
    • As for the date between the engagement and wedding, it bugs me to no end. Did they get married as frogs the day of Ray's funeral? As in, Ash Wednesday (bad idea)? Did they get married as humans on Easter Sunday (great idea)? But that contradicts the order of events in the Happily Ever After montage! I just assume that the Happily Ever After montage is out of exact chronological order.
    • Easter Sunday is 40 days after Ash Wednesday, so I doubt it, and I've never heard of either a superstition or a taboo against getting married on Ash Wednesday.
      • There's certainly no real way of knowing when they had their church wedding. Who knows how much planning went into it?
    • Yeah, but it's a kind of sad and somber day dedicated to reflection. Which is fine for Ray's funeral; not the best day for someone's wedding.
    • At least in Catholicism marring during Lent is usually discouraged (not quite a taboo anymore, but still frowned upon) Ash Wedesday is the first day of Lent. I do know its taboo to marry on Good Friday, but I doubt the waited that long so it's irrelevant.
      • It's taboo to marry during the Pascal Triduum, which begins the evening of Holy Thursday and continues until Sunday Evening. Then again, the one performing the ceremony ain't Catholic, so she may not bind herself to that.
    • It's possible that they spent a few days mourning for Ray before they got married. It's not exactly easy to bounce back from a friend's death and go straight into a wedding or anything.
    • Ray's funeral was at night and their marriage seemed to be late in the day so they weren't one right after the other and they had time to mourn him. Even if they got married the next day, I kind of view it as something Ray would have wanted since he seemed happy Naveen and Tiana got together. Besides, Tiana and Naveen aren't being like Yzma in Emperor's New Groove in that they weren't being malicious by trying to upstage his funeral or forgetting about him. They probably wanted to be together and knew Ray would want them to be happy.
    • Exactly, this wasn't like Bambi with the Mood Whiplash of the pwetty birds singing "tra-la-la-la" right AFTER the death of Bambi's mother. They were all mourning the death of Ray...the scene then gradually goes to a new light, shining in the sky, everyone looks up in bewilderment-then gasp-then cheer in joy seeing a new star born next to "Evangaline" , Ray's spirit lives on in the sky, so he'll always be watching over the family-and he gets to be with his love at last, that thought ALONE, probably convinced Naveen and Tiana that Ray wouldn't want them to be mourning his death, and that Ray would want them to be happy, at the earliest-it probably would of been that following day they wed-but who is to say a few days didn't pass by either? Either way...the emotion transitioned. It went from sad, to bewildered, to shocked, to smiles-THEN CHEERS AND SHOUTS of joy, Ray got his happy ending-they know it and are overjoyed for their late friend, as Naveen and Tiana hug each other, they can move on now this tragic event-and then after that joyous discovery in the sky-THEN it switches to their wedding. Sounds like a pretty good transition to me?-the music alone in those scenes made me tear up, then pause for a moment to figure out what's going on-to hairs standing up on the back of my neck (the good kind, not the scared kind)-to me now tearing up with happy tears-to then literally GUSHING at seeing them finally get married. Sure it may have seemed fast when you look at it through real world eyes, but in all honesty-I never had time to think about it, my emotions were pulled along for the ride-and I embraced every stinkin moment of it!
    • Remember also that this really was a different time, that "Great Generation" of men and women who had lived through the Civil War and WWI and were about to live through WWII. Laying a friend to rest one day and marrying the next was what you did. This was back when a family would lose a child and immediately try to have another one. Life and death. For better or for worse, or perhaps a little of both, they didn't respond to a tragedy by going to a psychologist for the next few years. They picked up and they went on.

     The fragile talisman 
  • What exactly is that talisman made of that shatters easily enough when thrown down by a frog from a height of, what, three inches? I would think something like that would be a bit more sturdy. It's like the object version of Squishy Wizard.
    • Maybe it's an Empathic Talisman; since it responds to the user's will, any owner who wants to break it can break it.
    • She has a very strong arm for a princess.
      • She has a very strong arm, period. It's all that DishDashing she did at her multiple restaurant jobs.
      • Tiana and Naween were obviously super-frogly strong (Naveen managed to jerk Lawernce off the wedding altar).
    • The fact that it broke despite being close to the ground isn't that odd. For example, I work with nail polish and has seen bottles shatter after falling a scant few inches, yet not even scratch when falling several feet. However, that still doesn't change the fact that the talisman probably should have been made from something sturdier from the get-go.
      • Not if its fragility is intentional on the part of the FOTOS.
      • Or, considering it's a magical artifact, the material it has to be made of is just that fragile. Titanium probably isn't good for Voodoo, you know.
    • It's possible the more powerful a voodoo item is, the more delicate its build is.
    • If you pause the film at the right moment, it sort of looks like she actually smashed it against the ground, as opposed to throwing it. That may not make too much of a difference coming from a frog, I'm not sure, but it seems to me like smashing makes more sense. In addition, there's also this line from earlier, when Tiana was pelting Naveen with stuffed animals.
      Naveen: You have a very strong arm, princess.

     Renovating the mill 
  • So the sugar mill was a plain white building, but at the end it's red brick. It's hard to tell in the movie because it's dark, but there's other art that shows it more clearly. So did Tiana and Naveen have to build all that up around the outside or could they remove the white paint or something? Did they have to put in all those windows themselves and do all the wiring for the thousands of lights?
    • Well, there's an indeterminate amount of time between them buying the mill and the final scene. Perhaps they got the building functional, then ran the restaurant long enough to earn enough money to do the final renovation?
      • Many brick buildings, especially in the South, are painted or whitewashed. This protects the brick from the elements (brick is not indestructible). A lot of people, when renovating a brick building that has been painted (especially if they are short on money), will remove the paint to find sound brick underneath.

     Even more animal talk 
  • In "Dig A Little Deeper" Is Mama Odie able to understand the flamingo's singing? and if that's the case, how? MAGIC? She understood Ray and Louie as well. I know it isn't major, but show a little consistency. Can Facilier understand them too? Can All Voodoo priests understand animals? People need to ask more questions.
    • Talking To Animals is pretty much Magic 101.
      • Waitaminute. Isn't it already stated that voodoo conjurers can't do a thing for themselves?
      • Well, maybe they're using the magic on the animals, not themselves. I thought the "Can't do a thing for myself" was put in because the writers knew that Facilier couldn't impersonate Naveen and seduce Charlotte without getting into serious Unfortunate Implications territory, so they put in an in-story block on it and made Lawrence truly necessary.
      • It doesn't necessarily have to be a spell. It could just be a skill; Talking Animals all seem to speak the same language, so he could've just learned it the same way he learned to draw magic circles and whatnot.
      • Mama Odie is ''HOW' old? She could have picked up a few things with the classic "old people are smart" trope, you know.
      • Or it could just be that Mama Odie used a different sort of voodoo magic than Doctor Facilier, especially since a lot of his power seemed to come from the FOTOS while Mama Odie did things for herself.
      • They aren't flamingos. They're spoonbills.
      • Mama Odie does Hoodoo, if Louis is to be believed. Plus, it's not like it's voodoo linked to shadows, an obviously evil talent if ever there was one.
    • Mama Odie can also understand frogs, gators, fireflies, and vaguely related random animals who came to her wanting to be turned back human. She obviously CAN understand the spoonbills singing.
    • A Voodoo Magician Did It.
    • I don't think the "can't use it on myself" thing was an actual restriction, it might've been self-inflicted. Maybe the magic can't be added to Facilier's tab if Facilier isn't using it, and the ability to do the card tricks and whatnot in "Friends on the Other Side" is what he's paying off. Of course, that means short fat British guy is now indebted to the Friends, but it doesn't matter because once Falicier pays his debt the Brit is screwed anyway.
    • One could argue that using her power to talk to animals is not "for herself." It is established that she welcomes people to come to her with their problems so she can help them find what they need. Therefore, being able to understand what they are saying would be necessary to help them.

     Anachronistic sunglasses 
  • Mama Odie has shades before they were invented. Shades weren't available for sale to the public until 1929, and even then, early on they were only sold in Atlantic City, NJ.
    • She could have made them herself.
      • Yeah, she could've gotten some regular glasses and dipped into some black paint. It's not she has to see through them.
    • Variants on sunglasses have been around since the 12th century. Just because they weren't being mass produced and marketed is no reason why should couldn't have a pair.

     Voodoo and self-conjuration 
  • Okay, so I've been wondering a little recently...Dr. Facilier says that he cannot conjure a thing for himself. Is this something from Voodoo or Voudoun mythology, or is it just a small plot-element that may often be used in some magic stories.
    • Plot element. The original plan, apparently, was to have Facilier disguise himself as Naveen, but the director's were so impressed with Keith David's voice work that they felt it was a shame to keep him disguised the whole time. So, they invented Lawrence and introduced the "can't conjure a thing for myself" excuse.
      • Also a bit of Fridge Brilliance there. Not only did it excuse Facilier from masquerading as Naveen, it also explained why Facilier didn't just conquer up a whole lot of money in the first place.
      • But Lawrence as Fake!Naveen had his own voice, so Facilier would too.
    • It was better to have an ugly white guy do the impersonating, because a black guy disguised as an Ambiguously Brown guy seducing a blonde, white girl for nefarious purposes would have set off even more cries of Unfortunate Implications, although I'm sure Faci/Charlotte would have also become an extremely popular ship, because Facilier is a lot sexier than Lawrence.
      • Heck, he's a lot sexier than Charlotte.

     The Proud Family Movie 
  • And is it just me, or have some of the animators from The Proud Family been recruited to work on the movie? Dr. Facilier looks like Oscar Proud if he went evil, and Mama Odie looks like Suga Momma.
    • She kind of sounds like her too...
      • And she would have been Facilier's mother in an earlier draft.
    • Bruce Smith, the creator of The Proud Family, was Dr. Facilier's chief animator.

     What sort of doctor? 
  • I know it's a stupid question, but I'm an asshole so I'll ask anyway: "Dr" Facilier? A Doctor of what? He's a black man in 1920's America for god's sake.
    • So more than seventy years after the first African-American doctor graduated from an American medical school, then? (Doctor David J Peck, 1847)
    • Witch Doctor, of course. Majored in Mysticism & Dark Arts.
      • I'd love to see his Diploma. He probably has it stashed away somewhere.
    • He probably just took the title of "doctor" to sound more impressive.
    • Of hoodoo, of course.
    • Reference: Doctor Doom. Certain Doctors Fate. The Authority's The Doctor(s)
      • Doctor Who

     Song lyrics 
  • In the FOTOS Villain Song, as Naveen is being transformed, the chorus shouts "You got what you wanted/ But not what you needed!" But...Naveen didn't want to be turned into a frog; rather, he needed to be turned into a frog. So was the chorus just wrong, being evil and all?
    • It was "You got what you want/but you lost what you had". Dr. Facilier worded it so Naveen agreed with him, technically "wanting" to be a frog, which made him lose everything he had before.
    • Naveen wanted to be "free" and "hop from place to place" and get "the green". He got all of that. He lost his life as a human in exchange.

     Working hard is bad 
  • Getting into the whole "what you want vs. what you need" aesop. They never portray Tiana's "want" of owning a restaurant as a bad thing, obviously, but when it comes to her mother and Mama Odie, I feel like she gets a hard time about it. Yes, she's got her nose to the grindstone, yes, she's choosing to work instead of dance and flirt, but it's not like she's closed off the possibility of ever having a family...she warms up to Naveen pretty quickly. She's got some friends, even if she doesn't go out with them often. She's focused on one thing, but not blind to everything else.
    • Tiana barely has time to sleep. Mom and Odie are right to be a little concerned.
    • PatF is interesting in that no character (aside from Facilier and Lawrence)is 100% in the wrong: Tiana needs to work hard, but she's sacrificing everything else in her life. Incidentally, though, the directors were as worried about it as you are: they added Tiana's mother bringing her the Gumbo pot since the original version (her showing up and badgering Tiana about Grandkids) just made her seem like a dreamkiller.
    • But that's the thing, she's not sacrificing everything else in her life. She's clearly got a social life, just not much of a dating one—but that doesn't mean she didn't understand how important love was. She didn't need to "dig a little deeper" as much as she needed to get some more sleep and take better care of herself, and make just a little more time for relaxing, so that she didn't die of a stress induced heart attack before the age of thirty. Although that doesn't make for a very catchy song.
    • What? Like one of the above posters said, Tiana was hardly getting sleep. Her friend even says "Girl, all you ever do is work". She doesn't go out with her friends or engage in activities that make for stress relief (she doesn't even seem to know how to dance until Naveen insists on doing so). Tiana's father never got the restaurant but made time to be with his wife and daughter and was happy still. Tiana had it in her head that it was somehow letting her father down if his dream went unfulfilled when he obviously wouldn't have wanted her to clutter her life so much. Also, she only warmed up to Naveen after he pointed out that she needed to loosen up and helped her do so (just like how he only warmed up to her after she told him to take more responsibility and taught him how to take care of himself a little).
    • I'm not denying that Tiana was pushing herself, working too hard, and misinterpreting her father's wishes...I just don't think she was the entirely out of control workaholic some people make her out to be. Also consider that she can't survive on the sleep we see her getting (almost none) all the's possible she was pushing herself especially hard, even for her, in the days leading up to Mardi Gras, when there would be the most work to be done and money to be made.
      • I think Tiana's workaholic image comes from the fact that she constantly kept talking about how people need to work hard for a living. Like, every other time she argued with Naveen. I suspect it's more difficult to show overworking as a flaw than under-working though.
      • I'd say her worst flaw was being too preachy. "When We're Human" was going really good until she killed it, and there was tons more of that throughout the movie. I think what she "needed" was, well, something Naveen was more than happy to provide.
      • She killed it because Naveen was seriously getting on her nerves. At that point Naveen had accidentally turned her into a frog, after deliberately lying to her about giving her the money for her restaurant, was being lazy while she did all the work (Tiana never tells anyone else they have to work on the time like she does so her raining on the parade is Naveen specific), and he was singing about how he wanted to keep partying and sleeping around when his plan is to marry Tiana's best friend and take complete advantage of her. She's perfectly nice to Louis, who also seemed to desire an easy life so it's likely anger over the lie and future exploitation of her friend that have set her off on him.
    • I would think her problem is that she put the restaurant dream on a pedestal; I seriously doubt that she would have found happiness even if everything had gone off without a hitch.
      • Agreed. Part of why Tiana wanted the restaurant was because she loved to cook and wanted to bring people together, true. But another, huge, part of it was that she was using it to come to terms with her father's death. She had it in her head that he died unfulfilled because he never got the restaurant and her getting it would somehow fix that. As Mama Odie reminds her - and as Tiana later realized - her father died happy because even though he didn't get the restaurant he still had his family who he loved and loved him. Knowing this most likely helped Tiana come to terms with his death and it shows - she gets her restaurant but uses the green color scheme rather than yellow, as well as names it "Tiana's Palace" rather than "Tiana's Place" (which were things her dad had planned to use). It was her own restaurant.
    • Not only was she working two jobs, she was also working double shifts. I got the impression that her friends in the diner were mostly people that she knew from serving them all the time, not people that she ever saw outside of work. They probably were regulars at the diner and after seeing this friendly, well-known waitress all the time, decided to her invite her out. That's getting into WMG territory, I know, but the point is, I didn't get the sense that she had any sort of social life at all, it seemed to me that everybody (except Charlotte) knew her from her job.
    • It's not really so much "Working hard is bad", or is it the fact that Tiana has a very small social life, either. It's the reason why she works so hard, because she believes that working hard is the only way she will ever stand a chance of getting anywhere in life, and because she thinks that her father will have lived and died for nothing if she fails to open the restaurant he always wanted, and because she constantly tries to force this incredibly one-sided viewpoint on others throughout the story. What makes the film unique, however, is that it also portrays some of the benefits of Tiana's lifestyle, just as it manages to do so with Naveen's - thus, it's not so much "Working hard is bad" or "Having fun is bad"...but more like, "A balance between the two is good."
    • Even if "work hard" isn't a bad aesop on its own, it's also important to realize that hard work alone isn't enough to get you through every problem you come across. Take Tiana's scenario - there was no way she would've saved up enough money to outbid the other buyer for the mill, no matter how hard she worked. Not only would learning to loosen up and socialize make her a happier person overall, but it gives her a chance to earn her restaurant with help from her new friends, and makes it more popular than it ever would've been on its own, with a chance for customers to meet the Maldonian royal family and see an alligator play the trumpet.

     The magical disappearing cane! 
  • Where on earth did Facilier's cane go during the big graveyard scene? He's pinning Tiana down with it, then Tiana grabs the talisman, and then... it just vanishes.
    • He tossed it aside when he went for the talisman shards. More interesting question is where did he get it from before he pinned Tiana. During the chase he didn't have it.
      • I recall the scene where the Doctor makes a deal with his FOTOS to hunt down Naveen. During that scene, he very quickly pulls it from his sleeve.
    • But it already vanished even before Tiana shattered the talisman. When the scene went back to her, now holding the talisman in her hands, she's still lying on her back like before, but the cane isn't there anymore.
      • He's a voodoo doctor. He owns a magic disappearing cane that conveniently shows up to threaten frogs and disappears when he's being dragged into the underworld by evil spirits. Problem solved.
      • I'm asking this because it seemed an important factor in the shattering of the talisman. Had Facilier CONTINUED to pin down Tiana, she wouldn't have been able to get up and slam it against the ground, no?
      • She might have. The talisman seemed to shatter rather easily, so she might have been able to twist her hand and crush it against the ground while she was pinned.
      • I studied that scene a bit because I noticed the same thing. When he's taunting her, he shifts his position so that he's more casually leaning on it with one hand, rather loosely. Then, when she snags the talisman, he's caught completely by surprise and his arm shifts to his left (cane's off-screen at this moment). It doesn't take too much to assume that, in his surprise, he lost his 'grip' on the cane and it fell over, freeing her enough to shatter the talisman. The cane's disappearance past that point is easier to shrug off.

     Squishes and smells 
  • After Facilier stepped on Ray he pinched his nose for a moment. Why? Do squashed fireflies stink so badly and strongly?
    • Fireflies actually do have a distinct, pungent smell that becomes more noticeable when they're squashed. But I think it was more of a gesture that he was collecting himself, brushing the bridge of his nose and adjusting his coat, putting himself back in control of the situation.

     Unlawful titles 
  • Ummm... the U.S. has laws against having titles that aren't earned ("Doctor" is allowed, but "King" isn't as it was just inherited). Because Tiana is an American citizen, she can't technically be a Princess.
    • I'm guessing voodoo Curse Escape Clauses are more lenient in this regard.
      • The curse would accept "Princess of Mardi Gras" to work, it probably figured "wife of a prince" was fair game too.
    • Not quite. She can have the title, it's just that it doesn't actually mean anything in America. So she can't have the title given to her by an American appointment (as in, Congress isn't allowed to declare anyone a knight, princess, whatever), but if Maldonia would recognize her as a princess, the fact that she's American doesn't change that.
      • Prince Rainer of Monaco married Grace Kelly. She was born and raised in an American city - Philadelphia, PA. She became Princess Grace.

     Princesses prefer pink...but blue is a close second 
  • Why would Charlotte have a dress that a.) wasn't pink and b.) was in Tiana's size?
    • Presumably she goes to functions where she isn't the center of attention, and thus needs something more appropriate. The dress is lovely but understated, at least for Lottie's wardrobe. As for their size, Lottie may have a few more curves, but not so much that it would be impossible for Tiana to wear her clothes. Or, alternatively, it was an older dress and Lottie's gained weight in the intervening time.
    • Lottie's the same size as Tiana. Her build's a bit different and she wears too many things that billow her up like a balloon, but the size is negligible. Having one dress that's not princess perfect does not really mean anything when she probably has hundreds of dresses, each of which is tailor-made.
    • In a deleted scene on the DVD, we see Eudora sewing that dress Lottie wears at her Masquerade Ball. And who is she using as a model for that dress? Her daughter, Tiana....obviously, the answer to your question, Tiana and Lottie are the same size. Just cause Lottie wears balloon dresses doesn't mean they aren't, I should think it would be obvious that Tiana can fit into said clothes.
    • Maybe being the Spoiled Sweet she is, have her dad pay Tiana's mom to make a dress for her? Or Tiana's mom practiced on her?
    • As for the color, Charlotte's probably attended the weddings of other high-society girls, and been warned not to wear pink when it would clash with the decor.
    • I don't see anything questionable about Lottie having a dress or even a selection of dresses that are other colors than pink; the film's opening shows that she has princess dolls wearing dresses of many different colors, so she probably had Eudora make her dresses in imitation of theirs.

     Light and shadow 
  • How the hell were the shadow demons able to survive Ray and Odie's light attacks? When exposed to intense light, they burn. How did they survive and regroup?
    • Maybe it doesn't actually kill them, but just temporarily disrupts their Earthly forms, forcing them to return to the Other Side.
    • Who ever said that the few that got blasted did survive?
    • It's safe to say the shadows Mama Odie disintegrated don't exist anywhere except in memories. The shadows Ray attacks get big "cigarette burns", which the shadows could recover from after Facilier stopped Ray from relentlessly attacking them till they were completely destroyed. The long-haired female shadow Ray burned in the chest is in the chase after Tiana with no burn.

     The stock market crash 
  • This film was set in the early 1920's, right? What will happen to Tiana's restaurant when the market crashes in 1929? I know she'd have the better part of a decade to create a strong restaurant, but even strong businessses can fail in a depression.
    • That's when her habit of hoarding money in coffee tins instead of banks really comes in handy.
    • Also, she IS married to a prince, whose parents are extremely wealthy. They cut him off because he was a lazy, womanizing, useless leech, but now that he's the co-owner of a popular restaurant, there's no reason why his parents wouldn't help out a bit when times got tough.

     Find a new place! 
  • I noticed this one the first time I saw the movie, and it's been bugging me ever since. Tiana has saved up the whatever number of dollars needed to buy the sugar mill, and then she is outbid. Uh, yeah, this means she still has her money. Buy another building. I know, I know, she wanted that specific building, but she's acting like they stole her life savings without giving anything back.
    • It's possible that was the only restaurant-able building she could afford. Mebbe.
      • Also remember that someone commented on "her background...". In those days even if she had won being female and African-American would probably make her be disqualified and the building handed over to the second highest bidder.
      • So the realtor (or whatever) was only willing to take her money if she was the only bidder? That's stupid. But even putting that aside, there must've been someone else who would sell her a building. She has the cash in her hand. This isn't extending a loan to a person unlikely to be able to pay it back due to her station, she can pay now!
      • Tiana talked about saving enough for a 'down-payment'. My impression is that that was what she had, and the realtors got another bidder that paid the entire amount upfront. And while the timing of the new bid was weird, the realtors seemed very happy to sell it to Tiana before the festival. (Plus, there might have been another buyer that was hoping for the price to drop, and made his bid when he realized the building was about to be sold) Their attempt at comforting her did show they weren't above some racial prejudice, but as far as we saw they made a reasonable business decision, and the ending they are essentially forced to sell for her poorer bid at alligator-point was a bit... excessive.
      • It upset her because that was the place her father wanted. Eudora states "Your daddy was always talking about this old sugar mill". Likely, the place became available sometime early in her teens, Tiana's dad passed away a few years after and she continued working for the chance to buy it. The realtors probably didn't even have another buyer, given how long they'd have gone without one already, and were just racist.
      • That. Until the end of the movie, Tiana spends all of her time dreaming about her restaurant being exactly as her father planned it, not how she wanted it. Think of it like Carl slavishly trying to set his house exactly where he and Elle planned, instead of any of the other suitable places.

     Even MORE animal talk 
  • Why didn't Facilier take away Naveen's ability to talk? Even if he escaped, he surely wouldn't have been able to get any help from nearby Princesses.
    • Maybe he didn't know how. As some people have noted, Facilier seemed to be more flash than substance. Taking away his voice might have been a trick he didn't know.
    • Or he left Naveen his voice so he and Lawrence could question him about things only he would know. Lawrence presumably wouldn't know everything about his boss's personal life, and it's possible that the two of them had plans to take over Maldonia after conquering New Orleans, meaning they'd need to sustain their impersonation for years.

     Semi-all-knowledgeable voodoo powers 
  • How come Facilier (apparently) needs a newspaper to find out more about Naveen, but somehow knows EXACTLY what Tiana wants in life? Right up to mimicking her imagine spot to an uncanny fashion?
    • The conspicuously placed newspaper might have just been to throw them off and make him seem more harmless. It's also possible that he just used some sort of "Show her her wildest dreams" spell on Tiana, with him having no idea what would actually appear.
    • It also seems to just be common knowledge that Tiana is saving up. Everyone Tiana works with seems well aware of Tiana's goals.
    • There's a bit of Fridge Brilliance there. You know that scene where Tiana was working in the cafe and finally gets enough money for her restaurant? Doctor Facilier happened to be there, stalking Big Daddy.
    • Another idea: Remember how much Facilier really doesn't want to ask his 'friends' for help? It's quite possible that the powder, whatever it was, was only enough for a single use, and otherwise he relies on old-fashioned searching, since, well...if you had the choice between putting in a little more work or owing more souls, what would you pick? Look at his expression when he's throwing it down: the man is desperate and terrified.
      • I don't think the powder is one use—we see him using it at the beginning of the movie as well, to give a random guy on the street more hair—but I do think it's entirely reasonable to assume that Facilier is aware of people in the city in much the same way as Mama Odie is. Sort of a voodoo perk, knowledge of the people in your own stomping ground. Even if it's only knowledge of significant people in the city, Tiana's father seems to be well-liked in their community, based on the back porch cook-out framed around their family. Naveen is from outside the city, so Facilier doesn't have a clue of such background knowledge about him. Also, it's clear Tiana knows about Facilier—even discounting the line, "You been messin' with the Shadow Man?!" she names him on sight when they come face to face towards the end. Maybe they've had a run-in before.
      • Regarding the original question: My guess is that Dr. Facilier has some method of tapping into Tiana's memories.

     Alligator anachronisms 
  • Why does Louis mention wanting to eat Bananas Foster, when they weren't invented until 1951?

     If you try once and fail, stop trying 
  • Tiana and Naveen kind of give up on reversing the transformation pretty easily - sure, Charlotte's not a "princess" anymore, but if that sort of thing qualifies, there should be tons of other opportunities. They're still talking frogs. Why not have Naveen's dad call up King George and try to explain the situation? (which would also, incidentally, be a totally hilarious conversation)
    • Well it wasn't actually said that they did give up. They just said that they were going to be together and get married. It's possible that after marrying and getting things settled, they would have gone on to try to find a new princess to solve the issue.
    • Alternatively: They were going to spend a year with some excuse—explain stuff to the mom post-marriage, say they were going on a long honeymoon, etc.—and just wait a year. This was Big Daddy's fourth year in a row as Mardi Gras king, there was no reason to believe Charlotte wouldn't be princess again next year. Or maybe Tiana figured it out and said she wanted to get married, and Naveen went "what the heck," deciding to look later.
    • Not to mention, having Naveen's dad call up another princess would involve them somehow finding a way to get to Maldonia from New Orleans, getting Naveen's parents to believe that he is in fact their son, and convincing them to help even after they've found out that he disregarded everything they wanted him to do and tried to get a bunch of money the easy way, which they would most undoubtedly be disappointed about. Naveen has come to learn by that point that the most important thing to him is Tiana - he wouldn't want to put her through that much trouble, as well as potential danger, just so they could live out their life one way instead of another.

     Other princesses 
  • This is just a minor nitpick, but even if Tiana and Naveen hadn't transformed back into humans by marrying, the chance of them having to spend the rest of their lives as frogs is pretty low, because Big Daddy implies earlier in the film that he gets voted King of Mardi Gras every year (well, the last five years anyway). The worst case scenario would have been them being frogs for one year until Charlotte became a princess again, which is a pretty big bummer in its own right, but not as bad as being frogs for the rest of their lives.
    • Well, if the whole "Princess of Mardi Gras" thing counts, then surely there are plenty of metaphorical princesses that would work. Plus, if Naveen has any aunts or female cousins, they would also be princesses as well.
      • There's even the possibility that Naveen's mother is a princess too. And Naveen's parents probably have connections of some sort to pretty much every single eligible princess in Europe, if not the world.

     Toothed frogs 
  • Why is Naveen the only frog in the movie with teeth? Tiana didn't get any once she transformed by accident.
    • Because his smile is the defining part of his character design.
    • Naveen's frog form was deliberately designed to be an African species of frog that have teeth.
      • There's frogs that have teeth!?
      • Most frogs have teeth. Just not very big or strong ones.

     Wasted potential 
  • While I loved the movie, Facilier bugged me a lot. He was absolutely a great villain, but Disney seemed to want to tell us even less about him then usual with Disney villains. Apparently all he owed the Shadows on the other side a great amount, yet it seems all the powers he himself has are a polymorph:frog/tongues hybrid and some fancy illusions. Why exactly would you either sell your own soul for just those spells(plus some stuff related to the shadows) let alone need millions of souls to repay the debt?
    • Two words: Sequel Hook. Its Disney.
    • Two more words: John Lassiter. DTV sequels aren't made anymore.
      • 5, count them, 5 direct to DVD Tinkerbell movies would disagree with that.
      • The Tinkerbell movies are more and less their own franchise, so I don't think they count.
    • But lots of Disney villains are like that. We never find out what Jafar did to find the entrance to the Cave of Wonders, or when Scar started working with the hyenas, or how Silver lost his limbs...And those are just a few of them. Facilier owing a debt is there because it tells us about his character - he's power-hungry and a perpetual, manipulative schemer - and provides a sense of tension, so that we have an idea of what will happen if this latest froggy plan of his fails.

     Unexplained magic spotlight 
  • When "Naveen" (really Lawrence) is announced, Charlotte fixes her mascara, applies a fake beauty spot, lobs glitter over herself, and a follow-spot lights from opposite the stairway she is up. My question is - where was the scaffolding for that follow-spot in the later shot with Tiana on left of frame and the Fenners on the right? Unless the angles were chosen to suggest they were shooting around the scaffold?
    • She's Big Daddy's Girl. If she wants a spotlight, there is a spotlight on her. If they had to tear down the entire building and rebuild it with that in mind, he would make it so.

     Friends rent control 
  • Tiana's family is meant to be fairly poor right? It bugs me that their house is so large. Their kitchen is absolutely massive and Tiana's bedroom looks more like a master bedroom than the kind of bedroom you'd give a small child. I don't know about houses in New Orleans, but around here low rent houses are very, very small. I guess it bugs me a little because I really liked the transition from the rich neighborhood to the poorer neighborhood, and this little detail kind of ruins the effect for me. Am I missing something?
    • Well, they ARE fairly poor, but keep in mind that Tiana's mother was frequently commissioned by the wealthiest guy in town. Plus, Tiana's father did work triple shifts. Maybe they bought the house in an attempt to give Tiana everything they never had, and worked themselves to the limit so they could afford it.
    • Don't know about the bedroom, but maybe the kitchen only looks so big because Tiana's a little girl and everything look's bigger when you're a half-pint.
    • If they were living outside of the city itself, then it wouldn't be much of a stretch for them to be living in a house that size. A lot of the area outside of New Orleans wasn't very well developed even as of the 60's when my dad was growing up (They grew food and raised chickens in their back yard, about a 20 minute drive from the French Quater).
    • Possibly when they acquired the house, Tiana's parents hadn't expected her to be an only child. Cram two or three little sisters in that room, and it'd be pretty cramped.
    • Ehh, rewatching the film, the kitchen and bedroom don't seem to be as large as you've indicated. The kitchen has a table where Eudora does her sewing, so it could be an all-in-one kitchen/dining/living room combo, in which case, it's actually rather small, on top of being cluttered. The rest of the house could be split up between a small bathroom and two bedrooms, and Tiana's parents gave her the larger of them.
    • I’d like to know where you got the idea that they’re all that poor. It’s not an unreasonable assumption, but the family’s specific financial situation is never clarified in the movie, and even after James passes away, they’re able to remain in the same house with no mention that they struggle to get by. (Tiana is able to keep a drawer full of money stashed away for her restaurant, with no consideration for its potential use toward other prospects.) They may not have a lot of extra money floating around, but there’s nothing saying they can’t have a moderately-sized small house.

     The Frog Prince 
  • If Naveen had been stuck as a frog, what would his parents, king and queen of a whole country, have done? Surely they could've tracked down a willing princess for one measly kiss.
    • And any of his female cousins would have counted. Plus, if the "Princess of Mardi Gras" counts, then surely there are plenty of other figurative princesses that could have worked too.
    • He did have a younger brother. The Heir and the Spare thing.
    • Naveen was a prince, but was it ever stated his parents were the king and queen? They were shown wearing crowns, but I don't remember them actually being called "king and queen". The children of a prince and princess are also princes and princesses, and it could easily be his grandparents, or even an older aunt and uncle who are the king and queen.
      • A newspaper in the movie and some supplementary material does identify them as being King and queen.

     Doctor Octopus 
  • That guy dressed up as an octopus as the masquerade ball. How was he controlling all eight arms?
    • He invoked the ancient Rule of Funny.
    • He was a mutant born with multiple arms and he can only go out for costume parties.
    • Or maybe he went to Facilier and asked to be able to drink as much as 8 men. Facilier, Jerkass Genie that he is, granted the request by giving him 8 arms, and either the guy jumped at the opportunity to hide his disfigurement by going to a costume party, or he is just dressing up to fit the theme and doesn't even care what he looks like.

     It's a voodoo hayacall! 
  • What was it that Ray called the talisman? A "hayacall?" Since we're dealing with Lousiana Voodoo, I thought it was called a gris-gris.
    • My understanding is that "heyacall" is another term for gris-gris.
    • I looked 'Hayacall' up. It's the Cajun term for an unknown object or creature. Ray calls the talisman it because he doesn't know what it is.
      • Hayacall isn't a word; it's shorthand for "How you call", sort of a Cajun equivalent to "whatchamacallit". He was basically calling it a voodoohickey.

     Tiana's workplace 
  • Why was Tiana working at such low down places? Nothing against it, it looked nice, but it wasn't exactly the high class restaurant where you'd have big tippers. Yeah, Big Daddy showed up, but that was mainly because of Tiana's food, not the cooks. She's an amazing waitress and a brilliant cook, so why wouldn't a better restaurant hire her?
    • She's a black woman in the 1920s Deep South. Raw talent can only get you so far...
      • Far enough to get you the most successful restaurant in New Orleans if you open up as manager and head chef. The customers didn't mind at all, but the other restaurant owners did?
      • ... well, to be fair, by that point her restaurant not only has her talent as a selling point, but it's also owned by the Prince and Princess of Maldonia, not to mention an alligator that plays the trumpet, and the possibility to see/meet the King and Queen of Maldonia(And also have the whole support of the richest family in the city, but that's beside the point).
    • Not denying that her race wouldn't be an issue, but we only saw her working her morning/day job, whereas most high-end restaurants that this troper knows of typically open later in the afternoon. And I doubt Big Daddy would visit that restaurant with such regularity just because Tiana worked there.

     More semi-all-knowledgeable voodoo powers 
  • How did Facilier know who, or what, the other frog was? He never saw her transform, and he shouldn't have noticed her being gone, so for all he knew, that was just a regular frog. How'd he know she was a human, and then how'd he know she was Tiana?

     A royal on his mother's side 
  • If Facilier really is a prince by his mother, why didn't he ever try to marry Charlotte? Its not like a certain other magic user who tried to marry a rich mans daughter in another Disney movie, this one was sexy as all get out.
    • Facilier's a black man living in the South in the 1920's. He'd end up hanging from a tree if he tried marrying Charlotte.
      • Not to mention all the uproar that would cause in the audience over Where Da White Women At?.
      • Yeah, the Klan wouldn't like that.
    • But her marrying Naveen was A-OK?
      • Naveen isn't black
      • He's darker than Facilier. Watch at :25, Naveens skin is a darker colour.
      • But he's not of African descent, he doesn't have black facial features, and there's no history of racism against Maldonians in the US. Facilier is probably mixed race which is why he has lighter skin, but he'd still be considered black.
      • Well, as anyone who knows anything about race relations in the U.S. would know, darkness of skin tone has almost nothing at all do with whether someone counts as "black" or not.
    • Most likely, he was lying about being royalty. He was a con man running through his pitch.
      • ...what purpose would that serve?
      • Probably just trying to make himself seem more relatable. May have the whole "I can relate to you, keep listening" kinda shtick.
    • Maybe he was just joking?
    • He just said something about royalty. For all we know, he's descended from someone who wasn't heir to the throne (younger sibling perhaps) who ran off with a scullery maid. If he was a known prince, Charlotte would already be all over that.
    • Or his great-grandmother was actually an African princess, which while noteworthy on that continent, meant nothing after being taken into the slave trade.
    • Or he was speaking metaphorically, i.e. he's a "prince of the streets".
    • Charlotte isn't just looking for any old prince to be married off to. She wants one who fits the stereotypical image of a prince - rich, handsome, dashing, charming...Why would she marry a poor voodoo witch doctor that seems well-known for his shady dealings under the claim that he's royalty on one side of his family yet clearly doesn't have any money?
    • What's more, his mother could have been a voodoo princess or descended from voodoo princesses.
    • When the movie was in development, Mama Odie (the "Voodoo Queen of the Bayou") was planned to be Facilier's mother. Whether truthful or not, his line about his mother being royal could've been referencing that, if not an actual remnant of when it was still the case.

     Why so rude, Facilier? 
  • In the opening number, we see Facilier being a Literal Genie, turning the guy who asked for hair into a werewolf. Umm, why? What did he gain from this? If his goal is cash, wouldn't doing a great job bring you more business, instead of cursing everyone who comes to you?
    • He didn't turn him into a werewolf, he just gave him loads of hair. Maybe Foreshadowing that Facilier gives you exactly what you want but screws your life up in the process?
    • He's a Jerkass. Also, money didn't seem to be the object, he wanted a)power, b)revenge, and c)to pay off his soul-debt.
    • Facilier wanted power, revenge, and to get his soul-debt paid off but he wanted be financially wealthy too. He told Lawrence "the greatest power in the world isn't magic, it's money. Buckets of it". As far as Facilier's business not doing well because he isn't treating customers right, Faciler must figure there'd always be people who don't know his reputation (especially tourists) coming to try his business so his business will keep bringing in money. Facilier and his shadow can pick people's pockets since they're stealthy as ninjas (Lawrence to Facilier: Oh, you're so quiet.) Humiliating his betters is one of Facilier's perks in life. The man Facilier cursed with lots of hair has more advantages than Facilier for being white so Facilier wouldn't need more reason than that to have some fun with the man.
    • His FOTOS aren't very nice. Maybe they won't give Facilier powers that actually help people.
    • It all ties into the movie's message of weighing wants versus needs. Facilier's goals money and power, but he chooses to go about acquiring them by making deals with shadow demons and screwing over those who rank above him in the social hierarchy, out of bitterness.(This evidence is touched upon during his first conversation with the disguised Lawrence.) That's what he wants to do, even if he could go the more economical approach of using his powers to help people.

     Dark is evil, but isn't it hot, too? 
  • Wouldn't Facilier get over heated if he's wearing all black in New Orleans?
    • The air conditioned suit is obviously his debt to the Friends on the Other Side.
    • Moreover, he's wearing an all black suit in February or early March. New Orleans isn't sub-tropical or anything; it can get cold in winter.
    • Facilier's tails-coat and pants are dark purple. Compare them to his black top hat.

     Charlotte transforming 2 
  • Why wasn't Charlotte turned into a frog when she kissed Naveen and it didn't change him back like Tiana was?
    • By that point Facilier was dead, so maybe the spell couldn't bounce around.
    • Also, if you look up a bit, you'll find this has already been discussed.
    • They never flat out say that anybody who isn't a princess who kisses the frog will turn into a frog. That just happened to have happened for Tiana. There could be other reasons why Tiana turned. Also, the fact that Charlotte actually was a princess at some point, and Tiana never was may also have had something to do with it.
      • If that's the case, they should've explained what's special about Tiana that made the spell pass on to her. The most likely answer is that Facilier's Friends stopped facilitating the spell once their deal with him had transpired. Why would they want to waste more of their power by allowing it to transform more people?

     Just work through Naveen 
  • Okay, maybe I'm missing something here. Facilier's scheme fell apart because Naveen escaped, right? Otherwise, it probably would have been successful. So I have a question. Why did he need to use Lawrence at all? Naveen was planning on marrying Charlotte anyway, and Facilier was apparently "charismatic" enough to manipulate him. I guess what I'm asking is, why not assist Naveen in getting with Charlotte, kill her dad, and then take control of New Orleans? Any reason besides 'then we wouldn't have a movie'?
    • My guess is either because Naveen didn't need any help getting Charlotte, making Facilier's assistance useless, or because he thought Lawrence would be easier to manipulate. Probably the latter; If Facilier's plan had worked then Lawrence would have been totally in his control because any resistance would be met with the threat of exposing Lawrence to Charlotte and making him a butler again. There really wasn't anything he could hold over Naveen's head.
    • Charlotte's only standard was for a prince, which Naveen was. There was pretty much no way Naveen could not get Charlotte on his own. Naveen didn't want Facilier to win Charlotte, I'm sure he was confident enough that he figured he could get her on his own. Naveen wanted Facilier's help because he wanted the money without the commitment that marrying Charlotte would carry.
    • Although Lawrence being easier to manipulate was also a pretty good reason. Naveen may have been a lazy freeloader before his Character Development, but he wasn't the kind of person who would be okay with killing off Big Daddy and selling the souls of the town to shadow demons, like Facilier wanted.

     Warped aesop 
  • Does the song "Don't Matter Want You Look Like" seem a little warped to anybody else? I can kinda understand the 'accept yourself' aesop, and it actually applies to Louis who was born a gator. But Tiana and Naveen were cursed into being frogs. They both had lives to get back to. Why shouldn't they want to be human again?
    • She wasn't really talking about them being frogs (she did tell them how to fix that, after all), but their larger goals (Tiana's restaurant and Naveen marrying Charlotte for money).
      • She wasn't talking about that either. The song is about getting what you need, not what you want. They could have been- and were fully prepared to be- happy as frogs, as long as they had each other. What they needed was each other, and everything else would fall into place afterward.

  • The film is set when prohibition was going on, yet in one scene Naveen offers everyone a drink and at the party some guy is drinking wine. Now, it's understandable that Naveen wouldn't be familiar with the law, as he's a foreigner and only just arrived in the States, but several people can be heard cheering when he makes the offer.
    • Fridge Brilliance, of course they'd be cheering because alcohol was quite hard to get to and expensive due to prohibition in the 1920's.
    • Who says he meant alcohol? Maybe he meant whatever non-alcoholic drink they served during that time period.
      • It's Naveen. I doubt he buys rounds of juice.
      • Soda was the common alternative for alcohol in those days.
    • Then, as now, New Orleans is a place where folks don't generally let legalities interfere with their good times. Even during prohibition it was never very difficult to get a drink there.

     He wasn't happy? 
  • Madam Odie says in her song about Naveen that he doesn't need his old rich lifestyle back because he wasn't happy then. He wasn't? The only thing he seemed displeased with while we saw him as a human was that his parents had stopped giving him money, and he was enjoying his time as a playboy in New Orleans too. Even during his introspection, he said he only became somber after he was kicked to the curb and realized he didn't know how to make a living.
    • That's not really happiness either; at least, not that kind that would last. Eventually he'd find himself too old to dance all day, or inherit the throne, or otherwise find himself being unable to distract himself with parties and playing; it's implied that the party life is what he does just because he doesn't know how to do anything else. That is, it's not a choice, it's a lack of options.
    • His party lifestyle kept him entertained, but that's not necessarily the same thing as "happy" or "content".
    • Naveen is actually something of a Sad Clown, in that the fun-loving persona he puts up to others is his way of masking his insecurity over his inability to do anything else. That he didn't know how to do anything wasn't a realization he came to while mincing mushrooms - he admits he knew it since his parents cut him off.

     Princess Tiana 
  • So, am I the only troper who wants to see Tiana and Naveen traveling to Maldonia and her getting officially married as a princess? I mean, I know she had a second wedding after the bayou wedding with Naveen's parents in attendance, and what looked to be royal knights from their kingdom, but does that really count?
    • Its a wedding, so yes it counts. Heck, Naveen may choose not to take the throne if he really, really does not want it. He still has a younger brother that can take the job if Naveen refuses. There might be a ceremony confirming Tiana as a princess of Maldonia later, but its official. As of her wedding day Tiana would be recognized as and treated like a princess from the second she steps foot in Maldonia.

     The fictious land of Maldonia 
  • Where is Maldonia? Europe? Middle East? Africa? Naveen is quite ... Tan? so I have not really clear exactly which part of the world is supposed that he is.
    • It was left deliberately ambiguous.
    • I always thought it was somewhere in Europe based on the royal clothing style seen at the "official" wedding in the city.
    • Here's a bit of info about the fictional Maldonia:

     A kiss from a princess 
  • Why DID kissing a princess reverse the transformation? I mean, the only reason that occurred to Naveen at all was because Tiana squashed him with the Frog Prince book, a story that he was very familiar with. Given that he was cursed by a witch doctor, with voodoo being something that is regional enough to presumably not be around in Maldonia, where he heard the Frog Prince every night, that story would really have nothing to do with voodoo. So was it just a coincidence that Mama Odie revealed that kissing a princess would reverse it?
    • Turning people into frogs, in itself, has nothing to do with voodoo. Maybe Facilier got the idea from the same fairy tale as everyone else, so he had to abide by its rules?

     Unexplained blackout 
  • When Tiana first meets Prince Naveen (in his frog form) she walks backwards and crashes into some shelves. When she does that, the lights go out as well. Why? Did she accidentally whack a light switch when she hit the shelves?
    • Probably.
    • The light was coming from a wall fixture right next to the shelf Tiana backed into, we hear a brief shattering sound just as the lights go out, and when the camera goes back to her, the fixture has disappeared. I think the implication is that her crashing into the shelf also knocked the light fixture loose and broke it.

     Green paper 
  • Does Facilier know for a fact that Maldonian currency is green? Because his deceptive promise of "green" in Naveen's future wouldn't work too well if Naveen thinks of money as being some other color.
    • That, or Naveen was probably aware that US dollars are green.
    • Facilier turned his cards into green dollar bills while he said that, so Naveen would have had to be pretty dumb not to make the connection.
    • We All Live in America

     Thanks for your help, Lottie...NOT 
  • It always bothered me that after Lottie kissed Naveen, the curse wasn't lifted and she apologized... that she just kinda walks away. She had a pond on her estate; she could have offered them to live there instead of the bayou.
    • It is well-established that she is an airhead. She just didn't think of it.
    • She didn't walk away - if you look at the edge of the screen when Tiana and Naveen are going to meet Louis, I'm quite sure you can see her standing there watching them hop away. I can imagine Tiana promising her they'd get back together with her once they decided on what they were going to do next and, more pertinent to them at that moment, found out what Louis seemed so upset about.

     A pointless precaution 
  • Why does Lawrence have Naveen with him on the Mardi Gras float? Even assuming it was a precaution in case he started running low on blood, did he think he'd be able to pull out a frog and draw blood from it with no one noticing and wondering why?
    • Lawrence is keeping Naveen close to make sure he doesn't escape again.
    • Why wouldn't Facilier keep watch over him, then?

     Deleted scene 
  • In one of the deleted scenes, where Eudora is sewing a dress using Tiana as a model, she accidentally pokes her with a pin and jokes "Serves you right for quitting your job like that." Wasn't she against having her daughter work two jobs?
    • Maybe she meant it as a way of saying that Tiana was living so much for the sake of getting her restaurant that she quit a job she may have held for a while, what seemed to be her only way of supporting herself, so impulsively, without thinking, as soon as she got the money she needed from Lottie. As opposed to simply taking things a little slower, maybe cutting back on her hours, and figuring out what her next move would be. Or, the innacuracy in the scene is the entire reason it was deleted.

     Mama Odie's houseboat 
  • How did a boat get in a tree?
    • Flooding.

     Wedding legalities 
  • A question about Tiana and Naveen's marriage...The wedding presided over by Mama Odie is apparently valid, enough so that it gave them an escape from Facilier's curse by making Tiana a princess, but then the scene switches to show them standing inside a church, surrounded by Tiana's mother and friends and Naveen's parents...What I'm wondering is, was the church scene just sort of a celebration? Would their wedding in the swamp have been accepted by the U.S. and Maldonian governments? Or did they just not bring up that they were technically already married and get married a second time just for the legalities?
    • Legally speaking the wedding does nothing. Some government documents can take care of whether someone is considered married for tax purposes. Overall, no, I don't think the swamp wedding would legally count in the eyes of the US or Maldonian governments. Any documents the governments may require after the ceremony are lacking in the swamp. That could (at least for the US) have been taken care of at a courthouse rather than have a second wedding. The second wedding is more for Naveen and Tiana's family and friends to join in and celebrate the marriage.
    • This might explain why they went through with a second wedding ceremony. Since New Orleans has a strong Catholic tradition thanks to being settled by French and Spanish people, Tiana might be Catholic. Or Naveen might be Catholic, or both. There are certain conditions that are necessary for a marriage to be viewed as valid in canonical law. One of them is form-related — i.e., a Catholic has to be married inside of the Catholic Church for the marriage to be considered valid (if other conditions are met). Naveed and Tiana were married in a swamp, not in a Catholic church. I suspect the second wedding ceremony was merely meant to have their marriage be valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church. In fact, if two people go through two wedding ceremonies because one was defective in form but one person didn't truly consent to going through with a second wedding ceremony (actions speak louder than words), that is grounds for annulment.

     Loosening the lid 
  • Facilier mentions that he needs Naveen alive in order for his blood to be used to fuel the talisman, but if that's the case...Why does he act so angry upon discovering that Lawrence loosened the lid to keep Naveen from suffocating? And why would he even leave him in that kind of jar, anyway?
    • Facilier isn't dumb; he probably knew that he left the lid loose enough for Naveen to breathe, and that therefore either Naveen psyched Lawrence out, or Naveen was hyperventilating in panic and inadvertantly psyched Lawrence out. Either way, he knew that Lawrence had no need to loosen the lid any only helped Naveen escape.
    • Alternatively, Lawrence misjudged Naveen's breathing or was exaggerating when he said he was gasping. The jar did certainly look quite small for Naveen's size, so he could've had trouble breathing that didn't amount to any actual danger. The scene also happens before Lawrence is fully on board with Facilier's plan, so at that point, it's not unreasonable that he'd have second thoughts about being so cruel to Naveen.

  • "A wai- A waitress?! Well, no wonder the kiss did not work; you lied to me!" I think I have to agree with Naveen on this. Why didn't Tiana think to mention at any point before the kiss that she wasn't really a princess? She saw him flipping through the pages of the book and so it shouldn't have been any surprise to her where his train of logic was coming from, yet when he brings it up later on, she seems surprised that he assumed she was a princess.
    • It's pretty obvious Tiana is desperate at that point to get the money and achieve her dream, so she deliberately hid the fact she wasn't really a princess in hopes that the kiss would work anyway just because she really really wanted it/had wished on the Wishing Star. As to why she later got huffy about him assuming he was a princess when it was a costume party and she never actually said she was, that's an example of Tiana being a flawed character—i.e. she didn't want to admit it was her fault for lying to him and trying to take the easy way out, so she blamed it on him making assumptions. (Though she did indirectly admit her fault too, by saying "This is what I get for kissing a frog and trying to take the easy way out, hard work's the only way you get anything".)
      • I just re-watched the scene to be absolutely sure, and Tiana did NOT lie, not even close! Naveen never said he had to be kissed by a princess...he said "You must kiss me," not "A princess must kiss me." He assumed she was a princess; she assumed he knew what would actually break his curse. It was a princess in the original tale, sure, but there are other fairy tales where an act of kindness breaks a curse without royalty being an issue. It's easy enough to get mixed up when A) it's not your favorite fairy tale anyway (it was Charlotte's favorite; Tiana probably hasn't read it herself in years) and B) you're speaking to a talking frog who's trying to persuade you to break a magic spell. Tiana wasn't exactly in a state of mind to be examining the situation minutely for logic flaws.
      • Even so, though, I believe I still have to consider that lying by omission. And it seems like a pretty big leap to suggest that Tiana wouldn't know the story of the Frog Prince. I think I could find someone who hasn't even heard the story firsthand and they'd still know that it was a kiss from a princess that sparked the transformation.
      • I'm pretty sure at the time Tiana thought she was having some weird daydream or psychotic break because; TALKING FROG. So naturally it would never occur to her that A) she couldn't break the spell B) she had to be a princess as opposed to a "maiden" or some other fairy tale archetype.
      • To lie by omission, you have to A. Know it's a lie, and B. Consciously choose to omit it. If Tiana had no idea that she was supposed to be a princess for the kiss to work, she was incapable of lying about it. To misrepresent something innocently, with no knowledge that it's a misrepresentation, has never been considered "lying" by any moral code or legal code I've ever heard of. Again: it wasn't Tiana's favorite fairy tale, it was Charlotte's; Tiana has had other things on her mind since she was six or seven, remembering the exact details of a fairy tale's plot mechanics wasn't in the forefront of her mind.

     Unusually Uninteresting Alligator 
  • During the ending, how did Tiana and Naveen manage to get Louis into the Fenner brothers' office without causing a panic and/or getting him killed by someone?
    • Also, digging deeper into this, isn't getting an Alligator's help to blackmail a notary, no matter how nasty they are as a person, considered a felony? Or is this Protagonist-Centered Morality of some sort?
    • I'm not sure it would be so much Protagonist-Centered Morality as much as "Normal, Not-Racist-Person-Centered Morality" - anyone with eyes could see that the Fenner brothers were amoral, racist, greedy jerks, so Tiana's morality does not need to be brought into question. As a matter of law, she still gave them the money, and it was presumably the same amount that they would've received otherwise - the only difference aside from their biased opinions was apparently that someone else would've given it to them in cash. Beyond both of these facts, it's not likely the Fenner brothers would've sought legal action against Tiana, since, as mentioned above, they got the money either way, and trying to fight her on it would've required them to fight a legal battle against the princess of a foreign nation in an attempt to prove that she threatened them with an alligator. Not likely they would've won that one, so they would probably choose to just take the money and walk away quietly.
      • I see what you (above troper) mean. However, the reason this was asked was because: 1 - Regardless of Tiana being a morally upright person and the asshole brothers being... well, assholes, there is still a system of law regarding selling and buying. 2 - It would seem that the (OFFICIAL, since some say the brothers are making it up as an excuse for their racism) reason Tiana almost lost the mill was because there was a Highest bidder, as in someone with more Cash to offer for the building. It's unfair for Tiana who worked hard her whole life to see her dream slip away, but it was all within legal framework (the ones who offer the most money for something in similar cases get the prize). As for "already gave them the money", she seemed to be giving them the money right at the end of the movie, with Louis overseeing the situation (UNLESS it was only the remaining part of the money she had to give; if so, then as mentioned above, the Fernels had NO right to keep the money she already payed before and deny her the mill). So, anything that was missed or we close this topic?
      • ...I'm not really sure. The Fenner brothers said, "A fellow came in offerin' the full amount in cash..." - maybe the emphasis was supposed to be on 'full amount' as well as 'in cash', but I only took it as they were more willing to accept the other bid because it wouldn't consist of dozens of coffee tins full of loose change and the occasional dollar bill. Overall, the three facts that would best answer this question would be: the Fenner brothers were jerkwads as it was, Tiana was still generous enough to offer them (presumably) the full amount, only using Louis as a bit of...persuasion, if you will, and the Fenner brothers would have a heck of a time trying to prove that she threatened them, especially in such an unbelievable way.
      • I think the scene with Louis just came down to Rule of Funny - would it really have been much different if Tiana had swayed their decision by bringing in, say, Big Daddy or Naveen's wealthy parents instead? It was there to show that Tiana has learned not to overexert herself and that it's okay to look to your friends for support rather than thinking you have to do it all alone. The animators had several choices of how to convey that sentiment, but the Fenner bros. being threatened by an alligator happened to be the funniest, so they went with that.
      • In hindsight, though, it does seem that Tiana did not pay them the full amount. It’s only hinted at once, as far as I know, but the chef at the restaurant she works at during the opening tells her, “You ain’t never gonna get enough for the down payment,” implying that’s what she was saving up for. The Fenner Bros. just must have been more content with taking the full amount up front than letting Tiana pay them gradually over time.
  • As for why Louis was allowed to roam about in the first place, he was affiliated with Prince Naveen. Naveen could've told everyone around him that Louis was harmless.

     Disowning a prince 
  • Not like I personally know anything about life as a royal, but wouldn't cutting off your son and sending him anywhere in the world with only a disloyal butler for supervision put him in a lot of danger? Like, precisely what happens near the start of the film, save for all the mysticism? What's to stop someone from kidnapping Naveen (or Tiana, after she becomes princess) and holding him (or her) for ransom or trying to impersonate him (or her) or something like that?
    • That's pretty much the case when any parent cuts off their unemployed kid.
    • Yes, but when that kid is a prince...Someone would have a lot to gain from kidnapping/trying to impersonate him, wouldn't they?

     How stupid is Naveen? 
  • I know that Naveen is supposed to be naive and inexperienced, but what was he really thinking as he went to shake Facilier's hand? Was he honestly tricked into thinking that this stranger who had lured him into a dark alleyway and whom he hadn't paid anything was just going to hand him over enough money that he wouldn't have to marry Charlotte? Even if you're a colossal airhead, there's some things that are just common sense.
    • I mean, I always got the implication that Naveen didn't really think that Facillier was going to give him money. I thought that Naveen was just under the assumption that he was watching a really cool parlor trick and the whole "shake a poor sinners hand" bit was just part of the act. Like, he seems awed, but not in a "oh my god I guess magic is real now" way but in a "hey, this is a super cool trick" way.

     Why a frog? 

     Is Tiana running an all-vegetarian restaurant now? 
  • Something that's never brought up in the movie...Since Tiana and Naveen could and did talk to many different animals when they were frogs, and might even still be able to do so as humans, what does this say about either one of them's consumption of meat in the future? In the book The Frog Princess, Emma and Eadric swore themselves off of eating meat after their transformation due to these implications, which is sort of what brought this to mind.

     The Beignet Money 
  • Did Charlotte really overpay Tiana? We've seen Lottie handing over a wad of cash but not the value of each bill? How much was the difference between the money Tiana had already saved by then and the money the Fenner Brothers asked as payment for the abandoned sugar mill?
    • I don't think there's any way of answering this...As you've said, there's no indication of how much she was paid, how much she'd already saved, or how much the building was. However, I don't know where you're getting the idea that Charlotte may've overpaid her.

     Making them human 
  • I can understand why Mama Odie couldn't directly reverse Facilier's spell on Tiana and Naveen...but could she have just used her magic to independently turn them from frogs into humans? Or did Facilier also put some sort of "lock" on them that would keep them in that form until it was broken?
    • Whether or not she could, the point was that she wouldn't. She was more interested in 'what they needed' than 'what they wanted', and accepting a life as frogs would be part of that journey. Starting a life together, regardless of whether they were banking on remaining frogs, benefits them more than simply getting a cure for the frog curse, with the convenient side-effect of breaking the frog curse. It is plausible that she could have done something about it if they had become better people - er, frogs - without actually happening to fall in love with *each other*, but as that's not what happened, it's kind of a moot point...

     Backfiring kiss 
  • Does the film explain why kissing Naveen turned Tiana into a frog? It seems too random to just be a side effect of the spell, and why would Facilier or his Friends include a clause like that willingly? It only caused them more trouble by bringing someone else into the scheme.

     Lawrence's voice 
  • Shouldn't Lawrence have been given Naveen's voice, while he masquerading as him? The talisman gives him all the features of Naveen's appearance and physiology - why wouldn't it have given him his vocal cords, as well?
    • That's a common feature of the "shape-shifting impostor" trope. It's mostly just to ensure audiences aren't confused as to whether or not we're looking at the real one or the fake one.

     It never occurred to them? 
  • Even in passing, at no point while they were preparing for their wedding in the swamp did Naveen and Tiana consider the fact that she would become a princess by marrying him? Seems weird that they apparently never considered the possibility.

     Where did they get the money... 
  • To repair and renovate the sugar mill into a restaurant? Especially such a nice-looking restaurant? I was under the impression Tiana's tins of change all went toward acquiring the building, and elbow grease can only get you so far.
    • They probably started selling food there while it was still dingy, and used to money from that to renovate it.

     Picky voodoo magic 
  • Tiana turned into a frog when she kissed Naveen, but Lottie didn't? Why not?
    • Maybe because the voodoo talisman was destroyed/Dr. Facilier was dead. Tiana and Naveen were still frogs because of magic inertia, but no new voodoo magic was happening.
    • Additionally, if I recall correctly, the spell could only be broken by her kiss prior to the breaking of the talisman, so she would be immune to the spreading effects of the spell. Presumably.
    • Actually, Tiana was transformed into a frog because she wasn't a real princess, thus causing the spell to turn backward and make her a frog, too. Charlotte was a princess, but her kiss didn't work because she did it after the clock struck midnight.
    • Except she wasn't a princess. The only reason Charlotte had to be kissed before midnight is because she only counted as a princess during Mardis Gras, so the spell should have backfired there too. Also, the talisman was part of Lawrence's deal, not Naveen's. Since Naveen and Tiana stayed frogs and broke the spell through the princess clause, all after the talisman was destroyed, there's no reason to believe the "spell backfires if the kisser isn't a princess" clause wouldn't also be in effect.
    • It could also be intentions. Tiana's reason for kissing Naveen was similar to enough to his to spread the spell. Lottie was doing it as a favor for a friend and for non-selfish reasons. This combined with the fact that the voodoo talisman was destroyed could be the reason.
    • This troper always assumed that there may have been some residual frog-transformation magic left in Naveen since he had JUST turned into a frog mere hours ago. The sort of 'voodoo dust' probably hadn't settled yet, so to speak, and Tiana just got caught up in an extension of Naveen's curse.

     Stating the simple solution 
  • Lottie is Prince Crazy, and Facilier is (supposedly) royalty on his mother's side. Why didn't he just marry Lottie himself, kill LeBouf with the voodoo doll, and rightfully inherit the riches? (Possibilities below...)
    • The LeBouf non-racism doesn't extend that far. He's fine with Tiana and Lottie being friends, but would never stand for Lottie marrying a black man.
      • He was fine with letting her marry Naveen, so maybe not? (Of course, he's pretty fair-skinned, and his claims of royalty are a bit more credible than Facilier's, so maybe Big Daddy was just willing to let the matter slide to please his daughter.)
    • The FOTOS don't think that's evil enough and actually want Facilier to be as evil as possible.
    • Complete lack of interest on Facilier's part makes some sense, I suppose.
    • Also, it occurs to me that Jim Crow laws would probably prevent it.
    • Though none of this (other than lack of interest, I suppose) would explain why Facilier couldn't just steal a form.... (can steal a white form, marriage/consummation under false pretenses is a special kind of evil)
    • Well, he does say he can't conjure a thing for himself.
    • Lottie may be Prince Crazy but that doesn't mean she lacks taste or common sense.
    • He could have just been lying about the royalty thing, too.
    • Also, he's a royal on his mother's side, but most royalty is patriarchal so he didn't inherit and thus is not a prince.
    • Even if he was telling the truth, would you believe him? More importantly, would Lottie and her father believe him? And Lottie was looking for a fairytale prince, so she wouldn't necessarily care even if he could convince her.
      • This, pretty much. Naveen is the spitting image of the classic, Disney-Prince type that Charlotte is interested in. He's tall, handsome, charming, smooth-talking even through the most bizarre situations, has connections befitting a member of royalty (even if his parents cut him off, there's nothing saying they wouldn't keep in contact with him or let him visit on occasion)...Facilier is a dirt-poor voodoo witch doctor who lives on the streets, is towering, wiry, and thin as a twig, has a gap between his teeth, is probably at least a few years older than Naveen, wears skimpy, dark clothes...He's far from the princely image Charlotte is going for.
    • When Facilier says he's royalty on his mother's side he probably meant that she was a voodoo queen. Probably not the kind of royalty Charlotte, or her father, would consider.
    • It seems that most people in New Orleans knows about the "Shadow Man" Dr. Facilier and try to have as little to do with him as possible.

     Does Tiana have a surname? 
  • I feel like she'd be the likeliest Disney Princess to have a last name, but if she does, it's never revealed in the movie itself.

     The Frog Prince and 'The Frog Prince' 
  • Why does the Frog Curse/Enchantment work the exact same way as in the story that is in that Universe? Why would a Voodoo Curse be cured by the Kiss of Royalty (or Not-so-real Royalty) anyways?
    • It was suggested that the terms of the spell were something Facilier "borrowed" from the original tale, so to speak, seeing as voodoo itself has nothing to do with turning people into frogs. And considering the situation, it's actually a pretty ingenious way of breaking it seeing as America doesn't commonly play host to members of royalty.

     Naveen’s situation 
  • Lots of entries on this page state that Naveen was disowned/disinherited by his parents before he came to the States, but where in the film is that ever said? Facilier and Naveen both say only that his parents cut him off, and I doubt Lawrence was just tagging along with him out of the goodness of his heart. If you throw your adult child out of your house and tell them to go get a job, that doesn’t mean you’re disowning them — it seems to me like Naveen’s parents just stopped supporting him financially.

     Cut Dr. Facilier a check? 
  • Facilier's establishing character moment has him get paid by a bald man to make his hair grow back, so facilier basically gives the man hypertrichosis. Um, why exactly? Facilier doesn't seem to have a reason to grant his customer's request in any way other than the one said customer had in mind, and in fact opting to go Jackass Genie like this only ensures that this man won't be paying Facilier for any more services in the future. It makes sense for Facilier to act this way with Naveen and Lawrence, since Facilier woudn't get to use them in his scheme otherwise, but why the bald guy?
    • Because Facilier's schtick involves being as much of a Jackass Genie as possible because he's embittered and envious of anyone more well-off than him. The plot with Naveen and Lawrence didn't even seem to occur to him until after the film started, so he was likely content to make a meager living swindling and scamming people until the opportunity for big bucks made him change his course.

     When did Tiana and Naveen fall in love? 
  • It seems obvious Naveen fell for her first. But why did they act like the other didn't love them at all. Didn't it become obvious they were in love when they nearly kissed on the lilipad. Yeah Tiana pulled away but she should have known that Naveen liked her if they nearly kissed!
    • Tiana has always valued working over social interaction, and even if she was savvy enough to realize the rammifications of Naveen's kiss and didn't rationalize it as them getting caught up in the moment, Naveen admits to her later that he's never taken a relationship seriously before he met her. In her mind, the kiss might've symbolized a sense of attraction to her, but that alone isn't enough to say that it's real, genuine love.

     Tiana killing Facilier? 
  • Did Tiana pretty much get Facilier murdered? I mean she smashed the tailsman and then just let him get dragged to his doom and pretty much killed.
    • No. Murder is defined as the intentional killing of someone else. Tiana can't have murdered Facilier if she didn't know his life hinged on the state of the talisman — even if she had, she was trapped as a helpless frog and had every right to be fearful for her own life. From a humane perspective, she did look quite horrified as she watched him being dragged down by his Friends, but there wasn't a lot she could do to help him even she'd wanted to and his Friends would have allowed her. Everything that happened in that scene was Facilier's own doing.
    • Oh yeah! She never was shown to be aware that smashing the amulet would cause that and did seem sympathiec when she saw his gravestone.

     Does Facilier have two shadows? 
  • When Tiana is telling his living shadow she'll smash the amulet Facilier runs up and has a shadow. Tiana is still yelling at his living shadow and despite this Facilier clearly has a shadow when he runs up and blows the dust on her. Does he have more than one?
    • It's possible, but I don't think Facilier has a second shadow at any other points in the movie. I think it's more likely that his living shadow retreated back to him in light of Tiana's threat, or it was just a goof on the part of the animators.

    Wedding invitees 
  • Why weren’t there any human characters at Naveen and Tiana’s initial swamp wedding? It would be a huge shock to reveal that the two were now trapped as frogs, and Naveen’s parents coming out to see them would probably be difficult to arrange, but not even Tiana’s mother was seen in attendance — just a bunch of animals that the main characters never interacted with. Had they planned on ever telling anyone about their transformations?


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