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See also Funny - Tangled Ever After and Funny - Tangled the Series a.k.a. Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure.

  • We're introduced to grown Rapunzel with her playing hide-and-seek with her chameleon Pascal. In just a few seconds the movie manages to establish her optimistic but mischievous nature.
    Rapunzel That's twenty-two for me... how about twenty-three out of forty-five?
    • When Rapunzel tells a bored Pascal that they both like being in the tower, he sticks out his tongue at her. And not in the way chameleons usually do (to feed), but in the way a human child would.

  • Plenty of moments during the song “When Will My Life Begin”
    • Rapunzel's hair is so long that she has to lift it out of the way when sweeping the floor (which raises some squicky questions...).
    • And when she pushes the dust into the pan, it ends up all over Pascal's face.
    • Apparently sweeping and mopping and waxing the floor of the whole tower took only fifteen minutes.
    • Rapunzel uses her hair to hoist herself into the air while she paints the walls. The funny part is the pose she's in while doing so, flat on her belly with one foot stuck waaaay out there. Spider-Man eat your heart out.
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    • Rapunzel practices ballet... then twirls enough that she ties herself up and falls to the floor with a squeal.
    • Rapunzel practices ventriloquism with Pascal as the dummy.
    • There's her scaring Pascal with a paper mache mask.
    • Towards the end of the song, she ends up standing on a stool, brush and paintboard in hand, staring at the walls of the tower trying to find some place with a free space to paint on, the accompanying line in the song being "I'm sure there's room somewhere!" Well, room runs out after 18 years...

  • Our introduction to Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzherbert. He's in the middle of helping the Stabbington Brothers with a heist, and pauses to appreciate the view from the rooftop. Based on that alone, he decides he wants a castle.
    • The fact that the two men are named 'Stabbington', something that's never said aloud the whole movie because it was likely too silly for anyone to say with a straight face.
    • Shortly afterward, Flynn is grabbing the crown "Mission: Impossible" style when one of the guards sneezes. Flynn asks if it was Hay Fever, which the guard confirms... And then does a Double Take and realizes that there was a thief hanging there. Flynn's already been hauled back up and the guard can only weakly protest.
      • And immediately after that, Flynn goes back to talking about his castle while the trio runs away with the crown.

  • Gothel calls up to her daughter, “I'm not getting any younger down here!” One wonders how she managed not to even chuckle at that.
    • Then there's her 'talk' with Rapunzel.
      Gothel: [looking into a mirror with Rapunzel] I see a strong, confident, beautiful young lady. [Beat] Oh look, you're here, too! [over-the-top laugh]

  • Rapunzel is so enthused to talk to Gothel about her birthday, she rushes through the rejuvenation song. Gothel gets in about three brush strokes and then the magic just poofs into her in an instant, causing her hair to jump like there was a miniature explosion.

  • Rapunzel casually reveals that being so isolated has given her time to study and become an expert in many things, as hinted earlier by her numerous hobbies. But the cherry on top is her showing off that she's managed to learn astronomy, creating completely accurate star charts and even discovering her own constellations based on forest animals she's seen. She's even correctly charted the movements of several planets, the moon, and seems to recognize that the solar system is heliocentric, which is beyond the understanding of the average medieval-era person. Basically, Rapunzel is hella smart and the movie never really addresses it.

  • More song hijinks in "Mother Knows Best"

  • The Running Gag of Flynn being upset about the way his wanted poster can never get the nose right. It starts off fairly reasonable, but by the end has reached Pinocchio levels.

  • The trio of thieves reach a dead-end and have to climb to safety. The brothers don't trust Flynn to go first while carrying the bag with the crown in it. When he calls them out on it, they have the most hilariously deadpan “You think we were born yesterday?” looks on their faces.
    • And somehow, he manages to get the bag while climbing up the brothers' backs. The animation simply doesn't allow for it to have happened, and yet...

  • When the guard captain chasing Flynn yells orders to his men, his horse Maximus screams at the other horses, seemingly repeating the orders for the sake of the dumber animals.
    • When Flynn seems about to hijack Maximus, the horse instead stops and starts biting at him, trying to get the satchel for himself. Thus begins a beautiful rivalry...
      • The satchel gets launched onto a tree hanging over a cliff. Flynn and Maximus glance at one another, then immediately start shoving and scrabbling to get at it.
      • Flynn manages to grab the satchel just as it's about to fall. He and Maximus glance at one another again, then they hear a crack... and then the entire tree trunk snaps and sends both horse and man plummeting. They glance at each other, then start screaming in unison.
      • Once he lands, Maximus starts sniffing at the ground like a dog to try and find Flynn. It doesn't work, because Flynn was hiding behind a rock that Maximus just passes by.

  • Flynn take refuge in Rapunzel's tower and has just enough time to open the satchel and admire the crown before getting beaned in the head with a frying pan.
    • There's something incredibly funny about the way she first brains him with a frying pan and then, once he's unconscious, squeaks in terror and runs and hides.
    • Once she's feeling brave enough to approach him, Rapunzel (at Pascal's insistence) checks if his teeth are sharp.
    • Rapunzel examines Flynn's face further, with the camera zooming in and the music sounding romantic... And then he opens one eye and she hits him even harder with the frying pan, the “BWONG” sound echoing through the tower.
    • After that is a montage of skinny little Rapunzel struggling to shove Flynn's much taller and heavier body into her wardrobe.
      • First she uses her hair to drag him over to it. Then she grabs his shins and tries to shove him forward inside. His head ends up underneath, and she collapses.
      • Then Rapunzel tries using her hair to swing the body in from the rafters. It seems to work... until she goes to pull her hair out and can't. Cue Head Desk against the door.
      • Then she opens it up and examines him for a moment, upside down with his arms and legs splayed out. She pulls him out and turns his body right-side up, shoving it in with all her strength. Unfortunately, the doors swing back open and Flynn falls on her. Rapunzel's yelp is adorable.
      • She tries again, using a broom to help her, and slams the doors harder. A few fingers end up poking out, and Rapunzel pokes them inside with a look of mild concern.
    • After she's done, Rapunzel has a moment of panic before realizing what she did.
      Rapunzel: I've got a person in my closet! Too weak to handle myself, huh, Mother? [chuckles and twirls her frying pan] Tell that to my frying pa— [accidentally whacks herself in the head with it]

  • Rapunzel finds the crown in Flynn's satchel and tries a couple ways of guessing what it's for, Pascal shaking his head at each try. When she puts it on her head, Pascal stares at her as if he realizes she's actually the rightful wearer... before shaking his head a third time.

  • When Gothel returns:
    Gothel: I've got a big surprise!
    Rapunzel: [nervously] Um, I do too!
    Gothel: Ooh, I bet my surprise is bigger!
    Rapunzel: [to herself] I seriously doubt it...

  • After Gothel leaves, Rapunzel opens her wardrobe. Flynn falls out face-first and lands with his butt in the air. There's a beat as Rapunzel winces, then gravity takes over, his face dragging across the ground as his butt descends. With appropriate squeaky noises for the face. And Rapunzel still distrusts him enough to tie him up in her hair afterward.

  • The “Interrogation and Negotiation” scene
    • Pascal climbs onto Flynn's shoulder and attempts to wake him up so they can question him... by slapping Flynn in the face with his tail. Then poking him with it. And when that fails? He gives Flynn a "wet willy" with his tongue.
    • Rapunzel has Flynn tied up and can beat him senseless with a frying pan. She's still nervous enough to hide in the rafters... in the shadows... and speak very hesitantly...
    • Flynn sees Rapunzel and is stunned by her beauty... then immediately starts trying to schmooze her.
      • His face during the second half of that is the Dreamworks Face.
      • Rapunzel's reaction is fun, too. She's keeping a determined and fierce expression, but she clearly has no idea what he's trying to do.
    • Flynn's reaction to hearing Rapunzels name:
      Flynn: All right, Blondie...
      Rapunzel: Rapunzel!
      Flynn: Gesundheit. Here's the deal...
      • Then him calling her "Goldie" or "Blondie" for the majority of the movie, instead of her name.
    • When Flynn starts looking for his satchel, Rapunzel tells him he'll never find it. He looks right, then left, then...
      Flynn: It's in that pot, isn't it?
      [cut to outside the tower]
    • Flynn wakes up again, and this time takes a moment to realize that Pascal has his tongue in Flynn's ear. Again.
      Flynn: Will you STOP that?!
    • “The only ting I want to do with your hair? Is to get out of it! Literally!
    • Rapunzel then points her frying pan into Flynn's face, and Pascal runs down her arm to stand at the end. He glares at Flynn for a moment, then uses his tail to direct Rapunzel to retract the pan. Flynn's face during the entire bit is somewhere between confusion, surprise, and fear.
    • Rapunzel tries to drag the chair around, but just ends up spinning it on one leg before it tips over. Flynn spends the next part of the conversation talking with his face smooshed into the floor.
    • After Flynn's first refusal to help her...
      Rapunzel: Something brought you here, Flynn Rider. Call it what you will: fate, destiny-
      Flynn: A horse.
      Rapunzel: -So I have made the decision to trust you.
      Flynn: A horrible decision, really.
    • Flynn trying (and failing) to use "The Smolder" on Rapunzel:
      Flynn: All right, listen, I didn’t want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice. Here comes The Smolder.
      [He looks down, then looks up at her with a sexy pouting expression.]
      [Rapunzel and Pascal just continue glaring at him.]
      Flynn [still making the sexy face]: ...This is kind of an off day for me. This doesn't normally happen.
    • When Flynn finally agrees to take her to the lanterns, Rapunzel is so excited she lets go of his chair she was holding up.
      Flynn [on the floor]: You broke my Smolder!

  • Rapunzel's little rejoicing/crying episodes after leaving the tower with Flynn, done as a series of rapid fire Gilligan Cuts. Helped, of course, by Flynn standing in the background utterly deadpan. You really get the impression it's happening as fast for him as it is for us.
    Rapunzel: [excited]I can't believe I did this!
    [whispers] I can't believe I did this.
    [ecstatic] I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THIS!
    [nervous] Mother will be so furious!
    [admiring some flowers] That's okay, I mean what she doesn't know won't kill her, right?
    [hiding in a cave, rocking back and forth] Oh, my gosh! This would kill her!
    [running through a field] THIS IS SOOOOO FUUUUUUN!
    [head leaning against a tree] I... am a horrible daughter. I'm going back.
    [rolling down a hill] I am NEVER going back! [quietly, while wrapped in her hair] Whoo-hoo!
    [face down in the grass] I am a despicable human being!
    [swinging from her hair around a tree] WHOO-HOO! BEST! DAY! EVER!
    [ends scene with her sitting beside a rock, crying]
    • As he attempts to “comfort” Rapunzel, Pascal climbs onto Flynn's shoulder. Without even looking or changing expression, he brushes the chameleon off like a piece of lint.
    • What's even better is what follows.
      Rapunzel: Break her heart?
      Flynn: In half.
      Rapunzel: Crush her soul?
      Flynn: [crushes grape, his face completely uncaring] Like a grape.
    • And when his manipulations seem to work...
      Flynn: All right. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm letting you out of the deal.
      Rapunzel: What?
      Flynn: That's right, but don't thank me. [Picks up frying pan and Pascal] Let's just turn around and get you home. Here's your pan, here's your frog. [Starts walking her] I get back my satchel, you get back a mother-daughter relationship based on mutual trust, and voila, we part ways as unlikely friends.
      Rapunzel: [Stops walking] No! I am seeing those lanterns.
      Flynn: Oh come on! What is it going to take for me to get my satchel back?!
      Rapunzel: [Holding frying pan to Flynn's face] I will use this.
      • Keeping in mind this all happened immediately following the most triumphant reprise of “When Will My Life Begin” possible.

  • A bush starts rustling, and Rapunzel jumps onto Flynn's back, panicking about the possibility of “ruffians” and “thugs”. As the page image shows... it was a fluffy rabbit.
    • After Rapunzel freaks out about Ruffians and Thugs, Flynn says they should probably avoid those anyway... then gets an idea and suggests they get lunch at a nearby place.
      Flynn: Don't worry, you'll know it when you smell it!

  • Maximus is still trying to track down Flynn. Then he comes across another of the man's wanted posters... and in an inversion of Photo Doodle Recognition, fails to recognize him until he covers the nose with his hoof.
    • He then promptly eats the poster like a paper shredder with the best expression ever.
    • After that, he hears Gothel's footsteps approaching, so he crawls behind a rock and pulls down an overhanging tree branch to conceal himself. Then the camera pulls back to reveal that from the direction Gothel is coming in from, the rock and tree branch combine to look exactly like a horse.
      • Followed by Maximus' expression, and snort, of utter disappointment because "Aw, damn, it's just some random woman instead of the thief I'm hunting for."
      • And then, when Gothel freaks out over a riderless palace guard horse being so close to her hideout and she darts away, leaving Maximus alone and tilting his head in absolute confusion.

  • A small bit of Fridge Humor during an otherwise tense scene about Gothel discovering Rapunzel is missing:
    Rapunzel had earlier told Flynn, very forcefully, that he will not be able to find the crown without her no matter how hard he tries; Gothel discovers the satchel by accident, under the first stair leading up to Rapunzel's bedroom. Remind us never to hire Rapunzel to set up a scavenger hunt.

  • Just before entering the Snuggly Duckling, as Flynn convinces Rapunzel to stop there:
    Rapunzel: I do like ducklings...
    Flynn: Yaaay!!
    • Flynn's obviously "full of bullshit" dialogue as he's clearly trying to trick Rapunzel is made of hilarity.
    • And once they enter the pub...
      Flynn: You smell that? Take a deep breath through the nose. [inhales] Really let that seep in. What are you getting? Because to me, that's part man-smell, and the other part is really bad man-smell. I don't know why, but overall it just smells like the color brown. Your thoughts?
      • Rapunzel is stopped by one of the men picking up her hair, which leads to this.
        Flynn: Is that blood in your mustache? Hey Goldie, look at all the blood in his mustache! Good sir, that's a lot of blood!

  • The thug named Vladmir stops Flynn and Rapunzel from leaving the Snuggly Duckling, pinning Flynn's wanted poster to the door at the same time. At first, Vladmir's finger is blocking where Flynn's nose is on the picture. So Flynn reaches up and moves his finger... revealing a Gag Nose almost the same size and shape as Vladmir's finger.
    Flynn: Oh, now they're just being mean.
    • Bonus points for him being more concerned about his portrayal than that he's been caught and is about to be turned in for the reward.
    • The thugs then proceed to man-handle Flynn between them as they list off why they want the reward money, with Flynn offering minimal resistance and sporting several hilarious facial expressions.
    • All this means that Rapunzel suddenly goes from being the target of everyone's menacing attention to being utterly ignored and trying to get their attention in frustration while they all focus on trying to grab Flynn. At one point, she can be heard indignantly yelling out "Ruffians!" like she thinks it's their official job description rather than a term of abuse.

  • The “I've Got A Dream” sequence
    • Rapunzel gets the attention of the hook-handed thug by using her hair to smack him in the head with a tree branch. He doesn't react beyond turning his head around with a pissed expression. The other patrons, at least, look shocked and surprised.
    • The nonchalant way that Vladimir just hangs Flynn like a coat before Hook-hand starts approaching Rapunzel (to start the song).
      • For that matter, Hook-hand takes out his axe and approaches Rapunzel in what almost seems like murderous rage- then he looks off into the middle distance with eyes full of pure regret and says, “I had a dream, once.” Before chucking his axe into the wall just above the bar's accordion player. Without changing his expression at all.
      • Said accordion player is also weighted down by a ball and chain, implying the thugs are holding him prisoner.
    • At one point while playing the piano, hook-hand sends a couple dozen of the keys flying off through the air, then goes right back to playing like it never happened.
      • Hook-hand also accidentally backhands the big-nosed thug in the face without noticing.
    • Flynn looking incredibly confused and uncomfortable as the entire pub breaks into song, bobbing their heads up and down. He quickly resigns himself to sitting through it.
      • He's not the only one; Pascal finds himself next to some of the pub's rats, who are also bobbing to the tune of the song. The way he just kind of awkwardly shifts away from them is even better.
    • Mother Gothel stumbles across the fantasy kingdom equivalent of a biker bar, hears cheerful, non-bawdy music coming from inside, and immediately figures that Rapunzel must be there. Say what you will, Gothel knows that girl well.
    • The big-nosed thug lists off all his physical flaws, and Rapunzel looks curious and/or delighted at each one, rather than grossed out.
      • Big-nose also uses the short, elderly ruffian a couple times during his verse, first as his “special little lady” in the row-boat, then as a cupid tied to a rope and flung around the room. During that second part, Shorty looks at the camera the entire time.
    • As the song goes on, the “dreams” become significantly less traditionally manly, to the point that the stereotype loops all the way around into something else.
      Thor would like to quit and be a florist
      Gunther does interior design
      Ulf is into mime
      Attila's cupcakes are sublime
      Bruiser knits, Killer sews
      Fang does little puppet shows
      And Vladimir collects ceramic unicorns [the big guy clinks two of them together like he's making them kiss and cracks a grin]
      • That last one is extra hilarious because the movie came out before the Brony fandom even became known to the world at large, the show was only a couple months old at that point!
    • The thugs then turn to and surround Flynn, demanding to know his dream. Big-nose pulls him down so they can all tower over and intimidate him, but Flynn brushes it off:
      Flynn: Sorry, boys, I don't sing.(swords point at him from everywhere) I've got dreams like you. No, really! / Though much less touchy-feely...
      • He sounds breathless at first, since he's quite literally forced into it at sword-point!
      • About halfway through the verse, Flynn steals one of Vladimir's ceramic unicorns and darts away with it...leaving Vladimir sitting with an expression that slowly goes from "the hell just happened..?" to "oh no you didn't!"
      • There's a beat before Flynn's last line as the thugs each grab one of his limbs like they're going to draw-and-quarter him.
        Flynn: ...Surrounded by enormous piles of MONEY!
    • The ending of the song is crazy, with Flynn getting passed between the thugs, each one making him do something wacky and dangerous, his expression bouncing between relief at surviving the insanity and concern that it keeps going. Meanwhile, the other ruffians have let themselves go wilder than drunk college kids at a frat party, dancing and throwing barrels of alcohol around, juggling torches, spinning on the chandeliers, and more.

  • The Royal Guards show up right after the song ends. Flynn and Rapunzel need to escape, so Hook-hand leads them to a secret passage while the other thugs distract the guards. He has some parting words...
    Hook-handed Thug: Go. Live your dream.
    Flynn: I will.
    Hook-handed Thug: Your dream stinks. I was talkin' to her.
    • Maximus arrives having finally discovered Flynn's trail, and he parts the thugs in The Snuggly Duckling like Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2.
    • The fact that Maximus is apparently smarter than all the Palace Guards combined, since he discovers the secret passage in seconds while they had already been searching for several minutes.
    • Shorty goes outside after the guards leave and starts hitting on Gothel, while clearly drunk, saying, "Somebody get me a glass, cause I've just found me a tall drink of water!" Though denying the compliment, Gothel clearly acts flattered. Then she sticks a dagger under his nose.
      Shorty: Knife.
    • Right after Flynn and Rapunzel get out of the cave, everybody who's been after Flynn suddenly shows up at the same time. Rapunzel is not up to speed...
      [The Stabbington Brothers show up]
      Rapunzel: Who is that?
      Flynn: They don't like me.
      [The palace guards show up]
      Rapunzel: Who is that?
      Flynn: They don't like me either.
      [Maximus shows up]
      Rapunzel: Who is that!?
      Flynn: Let's just assume for the moment that everyone in here doesn't like me!
      • Rapunzel is able to escape by swinging away on her hair. Flynn is left behind holding her frying pan. The Royal Guards attack, he lashes out fearfully- and takes down the entire squad in seconds using only the Frying Pan of Doom.
        Flynn: Oh, MAMA! I have got to get me one of these!
      • Maximus then continues to prove himself more capable than his rider by picking up a sword and dueling Flynn, not only lasting longer but actually winning. Flynn's reaction to sword-fighting a horse with a frying pan is quite notable.
        [Maximus knocks the pan out of his hand, they watch it fall into the ravine]
        Flynn: 'bout two outta three?
        [Maximus holds the sword at his neck and Flynn quickly holds his hands up]
      • Rapunzel lassos Flynn with her hair and swings him across the canyon to get him away from Maximus and the Stabbingtons. He tries to get one last quip in:
        Flynn: Ha! You guys should see your faces, because you look— [slams stomach-first into a jutting post and folds up around it, wheezing] ...ridiculous.
    • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment: thanks to Maximus' pursuit of Flynn and Rapunzel, the entire dam in the canyon collapses. While the guards all look ready to void themselves as the wave hits, Maximus is staring it down with a look that just screams, "Bring it on, Bitch!"
    • As they're about to get crushed by falling rocks and run into a cave, Flynn takes the time to grab the Frying Pan.
    • A small one, but think about it from Eugene's perspective: he's just told Rapunzel his real name, a secret that he's never told anyone because of how it relates to his (in his mind) shameful past. He's being very open and vulnerable in their final moments... and she starts spouting nonsense about magic hair. He clearly doesn't believe her until he sees it for himself.
      • And on the riverbank afterward...
        Rapunzel: We made it!
        Eugene: [completely in shock] Her hair glows!
        Rapunzel: We're alive! We're alive!
        Eugene: I didn't see that coming.
        Rapunzel: Eugene.
        Eugene: Her hair actually glows!
        Rapunzel: Eugene.
        Eugene: Why does her hair glow!?
        Rapunzel: Eugene!
        Eugene: [hysterical] WHAT!?
        Rapunzel: It doesn't just glow.
        Eugene: [glances at a smiling Pascal] Why is he smiling at me?
      • He clearly still hasn't recovered by the time they make camp for the night.
        Eugene: You're being very cryptic as you wrap your magic hair around my injured hand.
      • Eugene is clearly freaking out after he finds his hand is healed, looking at it in disbelief and over-examining it. Just as he's about to scream-
        Rapunzel: Please don't freak out!
        [Eugene is visibly struggling not to scream]
        [Rapunzel looking very desperate]
        Eugene: Aaaaaah-I'm-not-freaking-out-Are-you-freaking-out-No-I'm-just-very-interested-in-your-hair-and-the-magical-qualities-that-it-possesses-How-long-has-it-been-doing-that-exactly?
      • "So! Hey can I ask you something? Is there any chance that I'm going to get super strength in my hand? Because I'm not gonna lie, that would be stupendous."

  • Eugene wakes up the next morning to find a very pissed off (and still soaking wet) Maximus staring down at him.
    Flynn: [smugly] Well, I hope you're here to apologize.
    • When Rapunzel talks Maximus down and gets him to sit calmly, the camera pans up to show Pascal atop Rapunzel's head—the look on Pascal's face (along with the ways he motions his claws), it seems like he's saying "Cool it, dude."
      • Eugene gives a quiet off-screen "...What?!" when she's successful at calming Maximus down.
      • Maximus actually behaves like a dog for that entire scene, wagging his tail and thumping one of his hind legs while Rapunzel pets him.
    • Rapunzel sweet-talking Maximus in the way you'd coo over a Golden Retriever, and Eugene's utterly indignant reaction to this.
      Rapunzel: Are you tired from chasing the bad man all over the place?
      Eugene: [offscreen] Excuse me?!
    • And then after Rapunzel forces them to agree to a truce. As Rapunzel steps away drawn by the bells, Maximus sucker-punches (sucker-kicks?) Eugene in the gut. The thief drops and Max grins with pure satisfaction.

  • Upon stepping foot on the bridge to the city, Eugene spots one of his wanted posters and crumples it up. Maximus spots him doing it, so Eugene shoves it in the horse's mouth.
    • Maximus just spits the poster back out, plastering it over Eugene's real face.
    • The two then get into a shoving match worthy of the greatest Sibling Rivalry (all that was missing was "I'm not touching youuuuuuuu!"), only to stop when Pascal points at them with a Death Glare from on top of Rapunzel's head. The two reluctantly straighten up... and give each other one last spiteful elbow-nudge for good measure.

  • Rapunzel's long hair starts getting in the way as soon as they enter the city. Eugene then recruits a group of little girls (likely sisters) to braid her hair up, showing off the sheer bounty of it. The four of them get identical expressions of joy (like this :D).
    • Maximus is the one to give his male companion a lecherous, knowing look when he sees Eugene admiring Rapunzel's new hair. He laughs when an embarrassed Eugene shoves him away.
    • And then, Maximus forces Eugene to dance with Rapunzel when the guy tries to get out of another dance number. It is left open if he does it because he knows it is awkward for Eugene, or because Rapunzel (who he likes) likes Eugene or both.

  • When Eugene and Rapunzel are going out on the lake, Eugene tosses Maximus a bag full of apples as thanks. Max is (rightfully) suspicious at first, but Eugene assures the horse that he bought the fruit. Max happily starts chowing down. Then, as the boat pulls away, Eugene can't help but yelling back, “Most of them.” Maximus pauses and looks like he's having a serious moral crisis as the camera pans away from him.

  • Meta, but... who would've expected that Chuck could sing like that?

  • Everything is all tense as Rapunzel confronts Gothel and Eugene is being dragged to his execution.
    Then he looks over and sees a tiny ceramic unicorn. The door slams shut, and the puzzled, slightly furious guard starts knocking on it. Who should appear in the window slot but the ever drunken Shorty!
    Shorty: What's the password?
    Captain: What?
    Shorty: Nope! [shuts hatch]
    Captain: OPEN THIS DOOR!
    Shorty: Not even close!
    • The captain then begins counting down to them breaking the door. As he does, the men guarding Eugene are yanked away by Hook-hand and Vladimir, respectively. The captain hears a noise and turns around to see only Eugene in his shackles, smiling and waving.
    • Attila then comes up behind the captain and brains him with the Frying Pan of Doom. The captain falls to the floor with a ridiculous expression on his unconscious face.
      Eugene: Frying pans! Who knew, right?
    • Reinforcement guards break into the hallway, only to stop short at the sight of Ulf the mime thug. He distracts them with his performance for a moment, then Vladimir body-checks them all from the right. Ulf turns and gives the camera a faux-shocked Aside Glance.
    • More reinforcements pour into the courtyard as Eugene and the thugs make it outside. Hook-hand gives Eugene some advice...
      Hook-Handed Thug: Head down.
      Eugene: Head down.
      Hook Handed Thug: Arms in.
      Eugene: Arms in.
      Hook Handed Thug: Knees apart...
      Eugene: "Knees apa- Knees apart?
      [Vladimir jumps off an upper balcony]
      Eugene: Wait, why do I need to keep my knees ap- [Vladimir lands on the other end of the catapult, vaulting Eugene out of the courtyard]
      • After Flynn goes flying, the thugs and guards look up and watch him with a look of wonder.
    • Eugene then lands on Maximus' back, revealing it was the horse who planned the whole escape. Flynn is so moved he begins a spiel about how maybe the two of them have just been misunderstanding each other this whole time...only to be cut off when Maximus gives him a look that clearly reads "Cut the B-S, Rider, I had you pegged from the start and you know it."
      Eugene: ... Yeah, you're right, we should go.
    • Max then launches them off the castle wall and onto a house roof- about 15 feet lower and 25 feet away. Eugene, very justifiably, Screams Like a Little Girl.
      • As they're landing, they vault over one of the little girls from earlier. The camera angle and movement brings to mind this scene from Transformers of all places.

  • The movie managing to include the line, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” in a way that is simultaneously cheesy as heck while also genuinely heartfelt.

  • Eugene returns from the dead and his first words are, "Did I ever tell you I've got a thing for brunettes?" Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.

  • Rapunzel reunites with her birth parents and they're hugging it out. Eugene stands politely but awkwardly off to the side. Then the Queen offers Eugene her hand and he takes it, expecting a shake... only to be forcefully yanked into the family hug.
    • The party from Rapunzel's return lasts an entire week. Eugene says he doesn't remember it. Possibly because he was so busy helping Rapunzel... possibly because he was drinking so much. Either he missed the party or partied too hard, either way...
    • During the party, the thugs are shown to be making progress on their dreams. Hook-hand is playing piano but gets the music sheet stuck on his hook. He shakes it so hard the entire thing flies off, knocking Big-nose's helmet onto the head of a pretty woman. Eugene's narration implies they got together.
    • Maximus is made the new captain of the guards. He immediately replaces all their swords with frying pans, and crime in the kingdom disappears.
      Eugene: As did most of the apples.
      • We get to see one guard who was late to line-up bribe his new commander with an apple.
    • Eugene stealing Rapunzel's crown during the party the moment the top of her head goes off the edge of the screen, as well as their playful fight after it.
    • Eugene knows what the viewers care about...
      Eugene: And after years and years of asking and asking and asking... I finally said yes! note 

  • The movie ends with Cupid!Shorty tied to a bunch of lanterns, floating up off the screen and blowing a kiss to the audience.

  • This... unusual advertisement for the movie:
    [Do you like to cook? Do you like self-defense? Do you need a new device that can achieve both?]
    Rapunzel: [from Snuggly Duckling sequence] I've been dreaming about them my entire life!
    [Do we have the product for you!]
    Flynn: Voila!
    [It's the new Ultimate Frying Pan. This searing, conking, smacking masterpiece is twelve inches of awesome!]
    [various characters turning their heads, reacting to things]
    Gothel: And that wasn't even the best part!
    Stabbington Brother: What's the best part?
    [Take it from me. You've seen normal cooking devices, but this bad boy is better. Than. Ever.]
    [montage of people using frying pans to knock others out]
    Flynn: Frying pans! Who knew, right?
    [Pans are going fast, so call now.]


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