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Epic Fail / Twitch Plays Pokémon HeartGold

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1. Never underestimate TPP's capacity for failure.

  • Ao's third catch was a Level 2 Diglett. Grinding him proved to be very difficult.
  • Ao visited the Ruins of Alph and was completely incapable of solving the puzzles.
  • Ao spent hours climbing up Sprout Tower and fainting.
  • Falkner's Shellos curbstomped Ao with Aqua Jet.
  • Trapinch fainted to a Zigzagoon, leaving Skitty as the only Pokemon remaining. She knew only two damaging moves and was at 5 percent of her health.
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  • The Mob ran into a wild Quilava and greatly weakened and paralyzed it... but couldn't catch it due to not having Pokeballs.
  • Ao found a Premier Ball on the ground and wasted it failing to catch a Hoppip.
  • Hiker Anthony's Pokemon only seemed to know non-damaging moves.
  • While trying to buy Pokeballs, Ao misclicked and only bought one, and bought 3 Paralyz Heals and 1 Super Potion.
  • Ao threw out a Big Pearl, which sells for a lot of money.
  • Ao failed to catch a Rattata with her only Pokeball and almost fainted to said Rattata.
  • Ao fished up a Level 10 Charmander and used almost all of her Pokeballs trying to catch it. She failed.
  • Bill's Eevee was a Gloom with the ability Slow Start, which halves Attack and Speed for the first five turns in battle.
  • Groudon was poisoned by a wild Togepi and defeated by a wild Spearow.
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  • The Mob bought 13 pieces of Mail to protect Pokemon that weren't Smoochum and Trapinch. They got rid of all of it, including Trapinch's Mail.
  • Groudon came withing 2 HP of fainting to a Mantyke.
  • Aoo was trapped on Cianwood City. She taught Xatu Fly to escape, and flew... to Cianwood City.
  • Aooo was stuck in Olivine Lighthouse for an hour... after healing Amphy.
  • Xatu and Sudowoodo fainted to the same Level 10 Venonat.
  • A level 5 Azurill defeated Trapinch and left Ao with only a paralyzed Noctowl at 33% HP.
  • Ao made it to Blackthorn and everything was going perfectly fine. When attempting to teach Waterfall, it was claimed Ao wants to put mail on the team. Chaos ensued and trolls spammed the "Toss" command. Several TMs were used to overwrite good moves and the EXP Share was tossed. And so was the Armor Fossil. In the space of ten minutes or so, The Mob managed to ruin movesets and severely complicate the process of getting a balanced party even with Groudon there... which of course meant that the Groudon Wars immediately flared up again.
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  • Sudowoodo defeated Clair with Shadow Sneak... and forgot it for Amnesia.
  • The Mob attempted to give Xatu mail, but tossed all of it instead.
  • The Mob released Groudon. Keep in mind that this Groudon was given mail to hold at the start.
  • Ho-Oh was Phione. This so disappointed the Mob that they refused to catch it until later.
  • After hours of struggling with Lt. Surge's gym puzzle, they finally got to Surge...and lost. They then had to do the entire puzzle over again.
  • In an attempt to get Sabrina's phone number, the mob boarded the S.S. Aqua.
  • Lugia was a Sandshrew, Mewtwo was a Beautifly, Articuno was a Sunflora, and Zapdos was a Gliscor.
  • During a rematch with Bruno, Bruno repeatedly sent out his Gliscor... only to immediately send out a different Pokemon. What made it even worse for Bruno was that he uses Flying type Pokemon, and Lord Armor had used Stealth Rock during the fight. This effectively meant that every time he sent out a Pokemon, it would lose some of its health. Safe to say, Bruno was defeated. He then did the exact same thing in one of the next rematches.
  • Moltres was... Chikorita. The Mob fled on the first turn.
  • In the intermission between HeartGold and Black, the stream played DS games. Only a few minutes passed before the Mob managed to find the off switch and shut off the stream.