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Fridge Brilliance

  • Of the most accidental sort. 4 was almost named ♀ before becoming 4. 4 is also associated with Four Is Death. Why? The policeman talking to aoooo thought she was saying "she" (as in, the person she fought was a girl), when she was actually saying "shi" (the "deathly" reading of 4). The "correct" renaming was aoooo clarifying to the police officer what she meant.
  • Chuck is the only Leader to still have his original type. That makes sense, since he's Chuck... as in Chuck Norris. And we know nobody fucks with Chuck Norris, not even any randomization or distortion.
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  • Red had originally caught Zapdos, so of course it would be fitting for Blue to try and one-up him by catching the other two Legendary Birds.
  • L@rd Helix has actually outclassed the incarnation of Lord Helix from the original run, being endowed with four powerful STAB moves and having hit his seventies now. Why? Because the God of Anarchy only gets stonger in a World Gone Mad.
  • L@rd Helix is ultra-vulnerable to Grass Attacks. What material has famously killed a deity? Mistletoe.
Fridge Logic

Fridge Horror

  • In Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal, Giovanni's son is named Silver. Here, the kid's name is the number 4. Something must have happened prior to the start of the game, and it's starting to not look very pleasant.
    • And if something did, what happened to numbers 2-3?
  • aoooo is portrayed as having wolf traits, like ears and tail, or sometimes as a full werewolf. What if the randomizer didn't just splice Pokémon, but also humans as well?
  • After the game re-randomized, 4's starter went from Aipom to Houndoom. Again, the implications aren't pleasant.
  • Thanks to him having media connections, Bill has named and shamed our protagonists and revealed the Phenomena of the voices as a disease. However, let's think about the consequences of this PSA:
    • Napoleon was blamed for both the release of his Pokemon as well as the murders caused by Domealakazam.
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    • A (Camilla) is labeled as insane, an arsonist and the murders of the Hoenn resets, as well as Xxx and Kris from Gen I/II.
    • While those two weren't mentioned, Red and AJ have been known hosts, who have released pokemon and exhibited symptoms. A "witness" of Bloody Sunday also was shown.
    • Our recent Protagonist was also labeled, INCLUDING her address. Considering this showed that Aoooo isn't much of a threat, Bill is not taking any chances.
    • Now remember that these are 10-13 year olds labeled as psychopaths. The chances of their lives and social status being ruined, as well as the possible witch hunts that will threaten their families, is HIGH. Bill has pulled out his trap card.
    • And the notifications at the bottom. While a lot are funny, some detail the growing panic due to the voices (from pamphlets on the cases, to the law enforcement bracing themselves), as well as Misty (who went insane between Crystal and Fire Red) being released from an Asylum.
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  • The glitches are getting more frequent. The world is coming apart at the seams.
  • Most Legendies are now normal Pokémon, and the balance of the Pokéverse is getting worse.

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