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  • Camila A. Slash for A. Her name is a combination of the three names that the mob gave to the different female characters created. Affectionately, some opt to call her Anarchy-chan or "An-chan" due to all the chaos caused by the mob.
  • Zexy seems to be catching on for ZYYXYY the Torchic.
  • "Black Friday" for the first day of the run, thanks to the multiple resets at the beginning taking out 7 potential protagonists.
    • "Lovely Sunday", the mensiversary of the first run's own "Bloody Sunday", had been named for the fact that unlike the first run, absolutely no one in A's team had been released at the PC. Instead, it's interpreted that A spent time with all her Pokemon thanks to withdrawing and depositing all of them at random times.
  • The trio of Poochyenas caught early on are being referred to as Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed.
    • The fourth and fifth Poochyenas have earned the names Pongo and Perdita.
    • The Mightyena is sometimes referred to as Mighty(ena) No. 9.
  • A and Brendan are sometimes referred to as "A and B" due in part to their given names.
  • Due to the growing number of Poochyena being caught, they're usually referred to as The Wolfpack.
  • Similar to Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal's "The Girl Who Never Was", the seven Ret-Gone protagonists lost to B-cancellations or resets are referred to as "The Lost Children".
  • The group of at least 28 Oddish and a Gloom has been referred to as The Cabbagepatch.
  • GJKLFFZ the Tentacruel has become known as Hentaicruel due to his 80 tentacles and liquid ooze. Before she could even learn Hydro Pump, the mob had taken to referring to it as Hydrogasm/Hydrorgasm to match.
    • And although she ended up not learning it, the mob despaired only briefly as she was handed the Sea Incense, now dubbed the Sea Incest. She's a naughty one, that Tentacruel.
  • "URN(S)"Note  for the numerous challenges/retries against the Hoenn Elite Four and Champion, with "TEH URN" being the term for the challenge in which A finally gets the job done and is bestowed the title of Hoenn Champion.
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  • "Rollout Train" or "bowling" for whenever M4 the Azumarill begins using the move Rollout and/or strings a successful series of Rollouts in a row. Regarding the train analogy, each turn that Rollout is successfully executed on is called a "station"; each foe that Rollout gets used on is known as a passenger that "joins" the Rollout Train. The train "crashes" whenever Rollout misses/ends.
  • The Pokémon that manage to suffer the terrifying wrath of Annie the Hariyama's Brick Break attack are aptly known as "Bricks".
  • In general, "DOGE" for any canine Pokémon, but primarily for A's own Mightyena. Early on, wild Electrike were referred to as "DOGE.EXE" or "DOGE 2.0", and wild or opposing Mightyena were perceived as "DOGE SUPREME".


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