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Action Philosophers! is a comic book series by artist Ryan Dunlavey and writer Fred Van Lente, it follows the cartoon adventures of caricatures of history's most famous philosophers. Possessing broad humor and making the often complex and metaphorical ideas of philosophy more easily understood than a traditional text would, the comic won the Xeric Grant award in late 2004. The comic concluded with its ninth issue in September 2007.


Philosophers featured in this comic, in order of appearance:


Action Philosophers! provides examples of:

  • Übermensch: Part of an ongoing joke with Nietzsche.
  • Viewers Are Morons: Lampshaded by the Authors as the reason for the creation of these comics. A Truth in Television example is mentioned in the recommended books of the Freud-Jung-Campbell issue where it turns out that Jung wrote a book for his students, simplifying his ideas, because he wanted them to actually understand what he was teaching.
  • Visual Pun: Campbell is seen in one panel stirring the world's religions and mythologies into a cooking pot. It's Campbell's Soup!