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Comic Book / Duster (2015)

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Duster is a Comic Book by Micah Ian Wright.

Joanna "Jo" Baker is a widowed woman in Texas trying to make a living as a crop duster for her family's farm at the tail end of World War II. It being The '40s, she's kind of looked down upon it by others. Still, she soldiers on, since someone has to make ends meet.

However, one day, a crash occurs near her farm. That would be unfortunate enough, but the people behind the crash turn out to be Nazis who have reached American soil. Now, Jo, with the help of discharged sheriff Gideon, needs to protect her home against these invaders.

The comic was funded on Kickstarter on July 24th, 2012, and released in 2015.

Duster contains examples of:

  • The '40s: The comic is set around the end of World War II, so this is a given.
  • Action Girl: Joanna Baker's job requires her to know how to pilot an airplane. She's also great with a gun and can pack quite the punch. As a result, she can beat trained Nazi soldiers.
  • Mama Bear: Jo will not tolerate anyone threatening her daughter, least of all Nazis.
  • One-Word Title: Naturally, with a title like "Duster".
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Gideon freezes up and has a flashback to the war when he sees the tunnel he and Jo went into has caved in.