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  • The main character, AJDNNW, has received several, including AJ Double, AJ Do Not Want, A-Jaden, or simply AJ. Still others pronounce his name as normally as they can, resulting in "Ajidinwa".
  • Totodile is known as "King Leer" after using Leer nine times in an early battle against a Pidgey.
    • After using Leer almost all the time thanks to the mob spamming the down button, and in thanks to the animation for Leer in Pokémon Crystal looking like a laser, he's been rechristened to "Laser Gator" by part of The Mob.
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  • Silver is called "Nada", although his in-game name is still Silver. The mob failed to give him a ridiculous name.
  • "Adiiiiihhh" the Sentret has the nicknames "Addy", "Admiral Addy", "Adih", and "Adele".
    • After his renaming to "VV", many have given him the nickname "Vendetta".
  • "OXXOZZ -" the Caterpie has been christened "Bugs and Kisses" thanks to the Xs and Os in its name.
  • Some who disagree that the Pidgey is the second coming of Bird Jesus have taken to calling it "Bird Brian." Others mock the nickname by calling it Bird Jesús.
  • Both [[Music/Ozzy Osbourne Oxxy Ozworme]] and Wooper Goldberg are named after celebrities of the opposite gender for some reason.
  • "WWE" and "World Wrestling Koffing" for Koffing. Other nicknames include "Weezus", "Stone Cold Steve Koffstin", The Wrestling Ball, and "Weeee the Happy Koffing".
  • "Abdullah" and "Abed" for ABBBDDDDDD the Raticate.
  • The Smoochum from the Daycare mystery egg is now being called "Duke Smoochum", "Smoochi Minaj", and "Dylan".
  • The nameless Hoothoot caught at the National park has been nicknamed "Dr. Hoot". In a bit of theme naming, this Hoothoot and a female one caught immediately after have alternate nicknames based on the Mario Bros: "Hootio" and "Hootigi".
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  • The Ecruteak city gym has been nicknamed "The Elite Floor" thanks to its extreme difficulty both to navigate and to defeat its Gym Leader.
  • "Team Plasma" or "Gator Haters" for members of the Mob trying to release Feraligatr.
  • The Mob calls Lance "Batman" because his first appearance shows him reading a sign, only showing his black cape.
  • The Demarchy system has been nicknamed "Lottocracy" thanks to its being a combination of Anarchy and Democracy. The lottery may be controlled, but you never know who's going to get the winning number/command.
  • The Dratini, KT, is known as... Katie.
  • Kris, who briefly shows up when the game reset, is referred to as "The Girl Who Never Was" thanks to the fact that her story was plugged before it could even begin.
  • The Kanto Badges apparently got a rename.
    • Boulder Badge: Godslayer BadgeExplanation 
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    • Cascade Badge: BEAT MISTY Badge
    • Thunder Badge: 'MURRICA Badge
    • Rainbow Badge: Full Of Women BadgeExplanation 
    • Soul Badge: Invisible Walls Badge
    • Marsh Badge: Fucking Teleporters Badge
    • Volcano Badge: Better Have Burn Heal! Badge
    • Earth Badge: Ledge BadgeExplanation 

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