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  • "Abby" for ABBBBBBK( the Charmeleon.
  • "Jay Leno" for JLVWNNOOOO the Rattata.
  • “Bird Jesus” for Pidgeot. "Abba Jesus" after it was accidentally renamed to AAABAAAJSS.
  • "False Shepherd" and "False Prophet" for Eevee/Flareon.
    • Was later re-nicknamed The Martyr in the eyes of the majority of the mob.
  • "The Keeper" for Drowzee.
  • "Dig Rat" for the second Rattata later renamed as AAJST(????, thought by a few to mean "Apollo Justice."
  • "BigDig"after its evolution to Raticate.
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  • "Seed of Hope", for Gloom. "Cabbage" and "Xcabbage" before her rename.
  • "Mr. Giovanni's Wild Ride" and "Hell" for the Rocket Hideout.
  • "Slayer of Trees" for Dux the Farfetch'd.
  • "Twitch" for Red (referencing Red's innumerable "twitchy" movements and/or Twitch, the website that is hosting the stream). Fans occasionally call him Ash Ketchum thanks to his Idiot Hero status in-universe.
  • "TripleC", "C3KO", and "C3PO" for CCC the Hitmonlee.
  • "X-Wing" for X the Zubat.
  • "Dashbat" and "Jessy" for JJSSSSS- the Zubat previously known as ---.
  • "Rick Gastly" and "Holy Spirit" for Gastly.
  • "ATV"/"All-Terrain Venomoth" for the Venomoth named AATTVVV. It would later earn the nickname "Dragonslayer" after singlehandedly defeating Lance's final Dragonite without taking a single hit, despite being at about half Dragonite's level.
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  • "Air", "Air Jordan", and "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" for the Lapras named AIIIIIIRRR, and later "Fresh Princess" after porting it to Gen II revealed it was female.
  • Some comical incidents also have names, such as "Ledge 2: Electric Boogaloo", the second attempt at walking in a straight line.
    • And for less comical incidents too. The release of 12 Pokémon on Day 11 became baptized as "Bloody Sunday" and "Red Wedding". The period when Red was stuck in Cinnabar Island's Pokémon Mansion for about 1.5 hours straight has also been dubbed "Grindhog Day" and "The Great Burglar And Table In Our Way Crisis".
    • Digrat digging Red out of the Rocket HQ in Celadon before they managed to pick up the Silph Scope is often referred to as the "360 no scope" thanks to the overworld animation of Dig.
  • Immediately after being captured and named 'AA—j', Zapdos received nicknames such as "Battery Bird", "Bird Zeus", "Anarchy Jesus", "Archangel Jesus", "Archangel of Justice", "Alkaline Jolt", "Apple Jacks," and "Double A". People who call him "John the Zaptist" get funny looks tossed their way.
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  • Despite not having an in-game nickname, it goes without saying that Omanyte is still referred to by the mob as Helix.
  • "Mob Children" for the Pokémon Tower Channelers.
  • "Fat Guy Island" for a small island (north of Cinnabar Island and south of Pallet Town) that Red constantly got stuck on. Named for the two rather rotund fishermen residing there.
  • "Glass Blue" for Blue, Red's rival with a very consistent losing streak. His wins were even flukes, just like his namesake.
  • "A Cruel Trainer's Thesis" for the entire Let's Play, mainly due to the fact that it was originally conceived as a social experiment.
  • "Clutch ____" for pretty much any effect that benefits Red's Pokémon and worsens the condition of the opponent Pokémon, with the most common variants being "Clutch Critical Hit" and "Clutch Paralysis".
  • Restgong for Lorelei's Dewgong, due to Rest being that particular Dewgong's typical move of choice whenever Red battles Lorelei (and also due to some bad AI against Red's Omastar).
  • "Rage War" for the Elite Four battle between Bruno's Onix and Bird Jesus. He triggered Mirror Move while Onix was in Rage Mode, causing him to get similarly furious. What followed suit was a series of back-and-forth Rage attacks that kept Bird Jesus enraged long enough to KO the next challenger long after Onix fainted.
  • Fan Community Nickname: The users themselves are usually referred to as "The Mob", "The Hive Mind", and, more infrequently, "The Chat" or simply "Twitch".


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