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  • The Mob begins the game by failing to leave AJ's house for eleven minutes.
  • To top that, the first time The Mob made it into a Pokémon center, it took 25 minutes of meandering to heal the team, including leaving the center several times. The front desk is a straight shot from the point where you enter. And that was relatively quick. It routinely takes over an hour to accomplish this simple task.
  • The Mob fails to make it past the first route, blacking four times within the first three hours of the game. And each time they wake up they have trouble getting out of AJ's house again. In total, they spent three and a half hours on Route 29.
  • When The Mob tried to name the rival, they accidentally pressed END and the rival was named Silver by default.
    • That happened again when The Mob accidentally canceled the naming of their recently caught Pidgey.
  • A short-lived period of democracy at the beginning of hour 8 during which the mob tried their best to heal. During the four minutes they had to try, they overshot it twice and never actually healed.
  • Usually Totodile evolves into Croconaw at level 18, yet AJ's Totodile had its evolution canceled ELEVEN times. Compare that to the previous playthrough, where only one evolution was canceled accidentally and another was done so intentionally by the mob. Eventually, they finally evolved it at level 29 in Democracy. Then they canceled Croconaw's evolution to Feraligatr THRICE.
    • They also canceled the evolution of Pidgey.
  • The Mob got stuck in the Ruins of Alph. And when they DO get out, they go back in again.
    • To make the story funny or worse is YMMV but the area is OPTIONAL to go to.
  • The Democracy System as a whole tends to face this as it usually barely lasts more than a couple of minutes due to the loyalty surrounding The Anarchy System.
    • An attempt to use Democracy System to evolve Totodile failed because a barrage of Anarchists managed to make Democracy last less than a second.
    • Another, later attempt lasted for much longer, but the mob failed to run into any Pokemon to battle and the Anarchists eventually won out when nobody could agree on which command to use next.
    • And another attempt at Goldenrod Gym.
    • Two consecutive democracy sessions, during which the Mob attempted to obtain Cut from the Charcoal Man and teach it to a Pokémon respectively, were ruined after Joey called in the middle of them, completely disrupting things.
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    • Despite knowing Ecruteak Gym's maze would be near impossible without Democracy's use (and completing the maze before with it), Anarchy got its way in a minute during the first Democracy after challenging Morty.
  • AJ gets a Lure Ball from Kurt, probably the only Pokéball which the Mob will get from him. What does he do with it? Throw it at Silver's Gastly!
  • The mob's attempts to teach cut. Anarchy mode did nothing so players were hoping to wait for Democracy to kick for them to be able to teach cut and when it did, Joey has the unfortunate timing to call AJ, wasting precious time for the Mob to teach a pokemon cut. And when they reached Ilex forest, guess what was the obstacle?
    • Other attempts to teach Cut ended in teaching Togepi cut once and Caterpie twice... Neither of them can learn Cut.
  • More than twenty minutes of Democracy trying to deposit one of AJ's pokémon to make room for the Odd Egg went absolutely nowhere due to people failing to take the lag into consideration. Anarchy mode kicked in and promptly the whole party except for Totodile got deposited. Only VV (Sentret) managed to make it back.
    • The mob then spent about another 20 minutes wandering the daycare trying to either use the PC or avoid it, putting Admiral VV (Sentret) in the Daycare, and getting stuck in the fenced-in area outside the Daycare. They even forced the stream to pause for a few minutes.
  • At 1d 8h 21m, upon trying to withdraw their previously boxed team members, the mob accidentally released Admiral the Sentret.
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  • The Mob tried to catch Sudowoodo... only to defeat it when it had low HP.
  • After accidentally giving Private Brian the Pidgey to the Daycare Man The Mob tries to get him back only to end up storing Togepi for all of half a minute before switching it with the male Hoothoot... and still not manage to save Brian, much to The Mob's frustration. Cries of "Save the Birds!!!" could be heard for a very long time after they accidentally navigated away from the Daycare.
  • The Mob entered the Bug Catching Contest, hoping to get a Scyther or a Pinsir... and instead, they accidentally opened up the start menu and cancelled the contest mere moments after they begun.
  • The Mob's been working on Morty's Gym for a good 6 hours now. Anarchy is failing in the way we'd expect, but Democracy also cannot seem to make headway in this place.
    • The Mob succeded their first time in Democracy, only to blackout in their first attempt to beat Morty.
    • Second, Fourth and Sixth times in Democracy barely had a chance to start before Anarchy took over again.
    • The Mob tried in their third Democracy segment to get to Morty with just one command. Something was wrong with the command and they spent 5 minutes walking into the abyss.
    • Fifth try the Mob once again goes for a long string of commands. This one winds up with them walking down and then into the right wall of the gym.
      • After a long and arduous single-input journey in Democracy, the Mob made a single misstep mere tiles away from Morty.
      • On Democracy's third attempt in a single hour, they finally reach Morty again and attempt to spam A9 to complete the battle. Anarchy takes over twice (due to the Sixth Democracy period starting and ending), and proceeds to white out.
  • The Mob finally got tired of Morty and went to go grind their other Pokemon in the nearby cave. The end result? Lazor Gator was 2nd in the party and quickly began sapping all the experience.
  • Revive Girl 2.0 occurs in the Cianwood Pokecenter. After a brief moment, the offending NPC moves out of the way, and AJ walks up... only to walk back down again and become trapped a second time.
  • While warring over the PC and whether Feraligatr would be released or not, the Mob released Togepi.
    • During a similar argument the night before, the Mob succeeded in depositing Feraligatr and went to go train their other Pokemon. Several failed fights later, they gave up and went to get their Crutch Character again. In the ensuing chaos, a Drowzee named "Colonel N" was released.
  • In one trip to the PC, the took care to faint all their other Pokemon to ensure that Feraligatr couldn't be deposited nor released. They successfully store one of their other Pokemon... only to quickly withdraw it back in full health and then deposit Feraligatr immediately after. And then they stored everyone else.
    • Storing all their Pokemon by accident seems to be a recurring Fail for the Mob. Usually followed up by someone getting released.
  • Reaching the shiny Gyarados the mob fights it with Brain and gets it into the red. They manage to use a pokeball...only for it to break free. The shiny kills Brian and Hoot-Hoot in quick succession before Lazer Gator is switched out and drowns it with surf. The rage in the chat is palpable.
    • It should be noted that AJ only brought two Pokéballs into the battle, so failure would have been inevitable unless he would have gotten really lucky.
    • This is a fail, but thankfully not a total loss like the Sudowoodo was. The Mob is still able to get the EXP Share to help with their level.
    • If you're wondering why they had only two Pokéballs, that's because AJ wasted half his money on a Slowpoketail (completely useless), and most of the other half on Tinymushrooms (also completely useless) while trying to buy balls.
  • AJ found a hidden Ultra Ball in Team Rocket HQ. Which he threw at a trainer's Ditto almost right after.
  • The mob spotted Suicune, but needed Cut to get to it. After nearly an hour, they managed to teach Cut to Feraligatr and Fly to Brian. They finally cut their way in, and Suicune immediately ran away. (Seeing it there is just an Easter Egg; you can't actually catch it yet. And they had no Pokéballs anyway). Then they accidentally flew back to AJ's hometown.
  • After getting stuck on the ledge near the entrance of Ice Cave for 4-6 hours, they once again fly down to New Bark Town. Thankfully the mob is able to return to the action while in Democracy Mode, flying back to Mahogany Town to challenge the ledge again.
    • Or they would've, if they didn't decide to hang inside the Mahogany Gym, fooling around with the ice while trying to enter the Pokemon Center and heal up.
  • After having successfully navigated the first two Ice Path puzzles and recovering Waterfall, the Mob mucks around trying to exit the smaller puzzle. Naturally, once they've succeeded in exiting it, they promptly walk straight past the stairs and back into the larger puzzle, undoing all their hard work.
    • And once they got back through the first puzzle, rather than take the stairs AJ ends up stuck in the second puzzle again.
  • In the eighth gym AJ got one block away from solving a boulder puzzle, then decided to leave the floor, resetting the puzzle.
  • After many hours spent within the eight gym Aj finally reached Clair with his team mostly intact. With the efforts of the mob they managed to defeat most of Clair's pokemon bring the match down to the wire with a paralyzed Lazergator against Clair's Kingdra. Victory was in sight. Only one more hit and they had the eight badge. Then Clair used a Hyper Potion putting her pokemon back to full health. What happened next was as expected.
  • After hours of debate on what to use the Master Ball on, with the hivemind split between using it on Suicune, Celebi or Lugia, AJ heads to the Pokemon League without using it, ignoring suggestions that the Master Ball be put in the PC or given to Shuckle until they decide what to do with it. Soon after reaching Tohjoh Falls, AJ wastes the Master Ball on a Goldeen.
  • In both of their attempts at getting to the Pokemon League, the mob ends up fainting, sending AJ all the way back to the last Pokemon Center used... In Blackthorn.
    • After the second black-out, they accidentally fly to Mahogany Town, meaning they have to traverse half the entire region before they can attempt Victory road again.
  • AJ confronted Suicune, armed with 99 Pokeballs and a determination to capture the legendary Pokemon. Lazergator chipped away at its health with a combination of Whirlpools and one Surf, resulting in the mob frantically heading to the bag to toss Pokeballs. Then the bag was left, someone hit up, and a second Surf was unleashed, ending the mob's hopes of capturing the legendary beast.
  • After several hours of surfing, trekking, and battling all the way from New Bark Town and through Victory Road, with only Lazorgator and Espeon left, the team faces Silver for the last time. They manage to take out several of Silver's Pokémon, including Meganium, with Lazorgator, when Twitch makes a decision. The gator has only seven health, enough to finish the job considering he'd knock out the others with surf, but then it's decided that they need a full heal. They mess up and use a Poké Ball on Silver's Golbat, wasting a turn, causing Lazorgator to be knocked out. Espeon soon follows, and our heroes are back at Cherrygrove.
  • The mob defeats Silver, entering The Indigo Plateau only to teleport via the Abra in the pokecenter without healing. Made worse when a NPC calls asking "Where we are" immediately after.
  • At some point during Day 9 the Mob completely lost track of their EXP Share. Turns out it was attached to a Raticate and stored in the PC for no understood reason.
  • At the Elite 4, the mob deposits KT, Laser Gator, Shuckie, and Brian before marching off to face Will armed with Espeon and three recently caught redshirt mons.
  • During the rematch with Koga, they use a super potion on Katie who was only missing 10 hp.
  • During their third rematch with Will, they use two pokeballs on Xatu despite it being close to being KOed.
  • Elite Four member Koga had his Forretress use Explosion and kill itself while taking Espeon down with it... even though Forretress still had over half its health and Espeon had only 19 HP left.
  • The Mob buys 99 Pokeballs...which would be advantageous were they not continuously giving them to Pokemon as hold items or throwing them at trainers' Pokemon in critical battles.
  • Thirty attempts at taking on the Elite Four later, they still have two of the useless redshirt mons, a Raticate named A and an Onix dubbed AJ Junior. As a note, in the rom hack, Onix evolves into Steelix at level 35. It's been at level 33 since they started taking on the Elite Four in the first place. Attempts to grind it up two simple levels all result in failure because Espeon is in the first slot and Katie has the Exp. Share. Onix faints in one hit by any attack made by the Elite Four, making it entirely useless. Steelix, on the other hand...
    • Their whole plan to grind Onix, KT, and Espeon on the Elite 4 in general has been a massive failure. These three are usually the first to die before the mob decides to send out Lazor Gator. KT is the one holding the EXP Share, so this plan usually ends up with LG soaking up all the experience. Gator's now over level 70, everyone else is still sitting within 3 levels of where they started.
  • Abra Guy teleported them back to New Bark Town AGAIN.
  • Several hours later after once again getting beaten by the Elite Four (this time by Koga via mass poisoning), the old Abra Man once again sent the mob back to New Bark Town.
  • The mob finally makes it to Lance with only Brian. Instead of reviving any of their fallen pokemon they decide to take him on solo with obviously fails.
  • According to good TPP Crystal tradition, Onix is denied an evolution that would make it so much stronger. What the mob did do, moments before, was bringing it out against Slowbro, who OHKO'd Onix with Psychic.
  • When Kate was at low health against Karen's nasty Vileplume, the Mob sent out Lazor Gator to save the day... only for him to drop to 1 HP from poisoning as soon as he appeared. Needless to say, their fight was short.
  • After sweeping the first three members of the Elite Four, the Mob was getting cocky after defeating Umbreon with Brian. Cue Gengar comes out with curse using destiny bond. What does the mob do? Switch to Lazor Gator and use icy wind getting KOed in the process and losing all of hope of winning against Lance.
    • Made more seething by the fact that, judging by mocking comments in the chat, this was the work of trolls spamming the channel.
  • The team finally managed to beat the Elite Four and Lance. The credits rolled. There was much rejoicing. Then the Mob had a collective heart attack when, after the credits, they selected 'New Game.' Fortunately, the streamer saved their progress. But to think that they would have undone all their hard work.
  • Not long after touching down in Vermillion City, the mob accidentally flies back to the Indigo Plateau. Too lazy to fly back, they decide it's best to just challenge the Elite Four again, black out, and wake up back in Vermillion City. To the mob's dismay, after finally losing. which took a surprising amount of effort, they were teleported to outside the Indigo Plateau.
  • Using democracy only for a wild pokemon battle when near a Pokemon Center.
  • After hours wasted of constantly jumping down a ledge on Route 9, bots took over in democracy and guided AJ up past it to progress the game, only for the mob to force AJ to jump back down a ledge and start all over. An hour later, it happened all over again.
  • Misty's Lapras KOs itself with Perish Song without even managing to take any of the mob's pokemon with it.
  • Immediately after beating Misty, "Breakfast Burrito" the Espeon levels up and tries to learn Morning Sun...and the Mob obliges by deleting Bite, leaving it with only Psychic as an attacking move.
  • After defeating Blaine, the Mob fights over whether to Surf or Fly to Viridian City. After shaky attempts with the former, the next Democracy is used to activate Fly... but frantic "A" spamming causes them instead to go to the Indigo Plateau.
  • Reaching Viridian City, everyone thought that fighting Blue and getting the last badge will be easy, until they realized that it is still the same ledge that kept Red from fighting Giovanni in Twitch Plays Pokemon Red.
  • After beating Blue, the mob needed to enter Professor Oak's lab and talk to the man himself in order to get permission to go to Mt Silver and face Red. There is a fence leaving only one block of space to walk into the lab, making it very hard to enter in anarchy. The mob succeeded... three times and walked right back out each time.
  • After being defeated by Red the first time, the Mob reached him again after a couple of hours, betting on Steelix to take on the leading Zapdos...only the wild encounters drained Steelix of all of its PP, forcing it to Struggle against AA-J before eventually going down. Then AA-J proceeded to paralyze KT with Thunder as the Mob accidentally clicked on Safeguard, followed by curbstomping Princess Katie, Breakfast Burrito and Lazor Gator. AJ whites out again.
  • The chat managed to keep a full party through the first two rooms of Mount Silver, only to encounter a Graveler while walking up to Red. Said Graveler KO'd the weakened Solid Snake, then used Explosion to one-hit-KO Brian. Even funnier when compared to how many Selfdestructs and Explosions Bird Jesus managed to evade last session.
  • In the fourth time against Red, the mob tries to use a Max Revive on any mon in the battle, but instead switches to a Max Ether at the last second and restores PP to Surf on Lazergator, who is about to die from ATV's Poison Powder. The reaction is exactly as you'd expect.


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