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  • In the "Let's Play" Happy Wheels episodes, one level, "It Keeps Happening!" tormented Nova to no end, and he eventually had to give up and move on. For the 100th episode, he tries the level again and FINALLY beats it. What makes it so awesome? After dying so many times in the previous videos, he manages to beat it on the FIRST TRY.
    • In the same video, he replays another level that he never finished. He beats that one on the first try as well.
  • With the release of Happy Wheels v1.63 comes Pogostick Man, voiced by Nova himself.
  • Nova hit 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! Complete with a celebration video in a bouncy house.
  • One not for Nova himself, but for ImmortalHD. While playing Dark Souls II, Nova struggles against The Last Giant, dying many times and getting nowhere near beating him. Finally, he decides to call in the help of Immortal, who's much more experienced with the game. Nova summons Immortal into his game, and they take on the boss together. Immortal proceeds to take away about 80% of The Last Giant's health bar singlehandedly, then suddenly stops fighting and tells Nova that he can't just rely on others to fight for him, and he has to finish the boss himself. Nova is so flustered that he ends up getting killed by the boss after coming just a couple hits short of depleting its health completely. This also happens to be the event that causes Nova to Rage Quit.
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  • More epically, when Bloodborne comes around, Nova tries it expecting to rage early again. People have been expecting him to reach breaking point once he encountered the Blood Starved Beast. To the surprise and amazement of all, he defeats it on the first try.
  • When Kevin saves Nova and Immortal from someone who was holding them hostage (with a gun!) in the first episode of Gmod Dark RP by punching him with his bare hands so they could escape. And managed to kill him.
  • Nova belting out "All or Nothing" by O-Town during his playthrough of The Joy of Creation: Reborn is the defining moment of the video. It even caused a Revival by Commercialization for the original song.

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