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Examples for Johnny's channel specifically can be found here.

  • Elliot evidently Took a Level in Badass in New Super Mario Bros. U, especially noticeable since it took him until the final World to get a Game Over considering his usual luck in previous Mario Games.
    • Elliot got the most hits on AND beat Bowser (in both phases of the battle).
  • In an offscreen effort in the LA Noire Playthrough, between the Vice and Arson Desks, Elliot's PS3 dies. He spends the interim getting back up to Arson Desk from scratch.
  • Elliot actually reaching the Chaos Emeralds first a few times during his LP with Johnny in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) multiplayer mode.
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  • Johnny beats Dark Link legitimately in Zelda II.
  • Johnny's epic come from behind win in the Dragon Mines during their second Crash Team Racing episode.
  • Johnny fighting William for the second time in Resident Evil 2 and gets brutalized by him with a 4 slash combo, only to discover that Leon's health hasn't even changed at all. Leon took the blows like a boss and the group concluded that the extra defense was in the pants.
  • Elliot did a perfect run against Mz. Ruby.
  • Mark won Western Land in Mario Party 2 in a very close finish.
  • Elliot's run to stage 3 of Slender: The Arrival
    • Heck, even beating stage 2 (the original level from the original slender). was practically a middle finger to Slender Man after last year's carnage!
  • Johnny fighting Gary Oak's Charizard with his Tauros in Pokémon Red and Blue. Tauros uses Blizzard and freezes Charizard in ice!
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  • At the end of their Sonic marathon, during the boss rush of Sonic 4: Episode 1, John has trouble with the Lost Labyrinth boss. In a moment of frustration and amusement, John hands Elliot the controller. What does Elliot do? Take advantage of the boss's own moveset and beats not just the Lost Labyrinth boss but the Mad Gear Boss.
    John (after the Lost Labyrinth boss): Elliot, I bow down. I seriously do.
    John (after the Mad Gear boss): What? What! (Edited in Slowmotion replay) Elliot, what hacking are you programming into the game?!
  • Elliot winning in Mario Party 3 after a VERY close game!
  • The preview images for the finale episodes of Band of Thieves, showing the job complete poses.
  • Elliot: The guy who is infamous for such feats as dying on WORLD 1-1, managed to beat Five Nights at Freddy's with only A SINGLE DEATH. Made even more impressive by the fact that Elliot was able to work with a strategy of checking the lights and then looking at the camera in Pirate Cove to basically prevent Foxy from ever moving, as well as preventing himself from being caught!
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  • A moment for Presea during the last boss of Tales of Symphonia's bonus dungeon where she goes toe-to-toe with the memory Mithos, taking half his health bar all on her own before Lloyd can finish off the other two opponents and help her out. During the video, you can often spot her and her foe in the background as Matt takes care of the others.
  • Elliot once again winning Mario Party 10 with a come from behind victory to beat out Matt and Johnny both by 1 star!
  • During the Sonic Heroes (Team Rose) LP, during the second Emerald Special Stage, everyone breaks into an impromptu acapella rendition of the Sonic 2 Special Stage theme. It's actually rather fitting.
  • In Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse Johnny comes close to falling off a collapsing bridge but winds up jumping on the collapsing pieces while they're in midfall the entire time, successfully making it to the end of the bridge without dying.
  • After five long slogs through the levels of Shadow the Hedgehog (and five more offscreen to unlock the Last Story), Johnny successfully pulls off the Chaos Control glitch to skip the entirety of The Last Way.
  • Merely on the looks of it; but when Matt got lucky and pulled off a drive form against Lexaeus, he used Sonic Rave unintentionally driving Sora through Lexaeus's rock pillars and dealing damage.
  • Throughout the course of the Super Mario Maker LP, both Elliot and Matt claimed World Record times for various courses. As of the end of Elliot's run, he's claimed two records, while Matt, as of Part 6, has claimed one.
  • In Spider-Man: The Movie Johnny is completing the stealth-based mission involving sabotaging OSCORP's research on chemical weapons. After being chased by the security bots and reduced down to a sliver of his health, Johnny gets into a room full of lasers. He zip-lines to the ceiling, only to find that the ceiling has a very tight grid of lasers on it too. Had Johnny been an inch or two off to either side, he would have set off the security alarm again and most likely gotten killed.
  • Matt getting the maximum rank and earning Goofy's best shield from Mushroom #8, the notoriously difficult mushroom.
  • Johnny beating Ghosts 'n Goblins is a crowning moment to his NES career — due to its memetic difficulty factor!
  • Matt defeating the onslaught of Metal Gear Rays with only a tiny sliver of health left near the end of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Likewise, Johnny bets Matt $5 to do the cartwheel trick (do a rolling cartwheel over the gap in the bridge to reach the other side in the walkway connecting Shells 1 and 2), to which Matt does it on the first try and Johnny honoring the bet by giving him the money.
  • Overlapping with Funny Moment, Johnny clears Stormy Ascent in a way that must be seen to be believed
  • After 7 years living with his notorious Crash 3 playthrough, Elliot handled the N. Sane Trilogy version extremely well, with many viewers, Johnny, and Matt all feeling he has redeemed himself with this 2nd playthrough. There were no utterings of "Elliot, Seriously" at all.
    • Even better, a death montage of all three playthroughs shows that Elliot even got the least deaths of all three of them!
    • One standout moment from Elliot is his complete curb-stomping of Hog Ride, one of the motorcycle levels. It was completed without a single restart, with both the gem and the crystal at the same time, prompting the inclusion of a triumphant seven "woah"s.
    • The name of the final part of the N Sane Trilogy playthrough said it best: Elliot, That'll Do.
  • In the PS4 Remaster of L.A. Noire, Elliot somehow proved that his backward driving is way safer than his front driving.
    • A small one, but at the playthrough's end, Uncle Greg comes up with a plausible way to improve the Cole-Elsa affair subplot: rewrite Phelps so that he isn't married, a plot point that is only alluded to a scant few times. This way, the LAPD's issue with him would revolve around how his personal feelings for Elsa were compromising the mission at hand, thus respecting the game's original story while streamlining it.
  • During the Tetris 99 edition of Smackdown Sunday, Elliot went first and managed to finish in the TOP 10!!! The other 3 (Matt, Sabrina, and Johnny) didn't even break the top 50, with Matt coming the closest at 53.
  • Also a funny moment, but during the Sly 4 LP, Johnny suddenly bursts into a brief, impromptu recital of "Ice Ice Baby"... with his Bentley voice. He does a great job maintaining it before he finally gives in to his laughter.
  • Matt manages to get O.D in a lock and defeating him rather handily in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

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