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  • He completed every star in Tick Tock Clock with the level frozen. Including the ones which require moving parts.
  • He was the winner of "Best RPG LP" in Ninbuzz's 2012's community choice awards for his Persona 3: FES Let's Play.
  • As seen in one of JoshJepson's vlogs, Jake owns a sword, and he and Josh once decided to 'play Real Life Fruit Ninja' by slicing thrown fruit in two in midair. Including, of course, Blanabbas.
  • Managing to survive to coronation in his stream of Long Live the Queen on only his second playthrough, without a guide.
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  • Jake easily beating The Reaper of Persona 4 golden in about 5 minutes.
  • In a similar vein to NintendoCapriSun's Let's Play of the same game, Jake manages to avoid stepping into Damon Gant's trap in case 5 of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Of course, his reasoning differs from NCS's in some ways (Tim sees the trap for what it is, while Jake just doesn't want to incriminate Ema), but the result is the same: he ends up passing through a tricky section of the game that trips up nearly every person who plays it for their first time.
  • During his "The Return of the Stream - 24 Hour Livestream!," someone donated $500
  • Jake's deductive skills are shown in full force in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Not only does he figure out how the first killer's actions prior to the trial, he quickly figures out that the whole thing is being shown on TV. At the end of the first trial. He also guessed, just from the post-script from Sakura's suicide note, not only the first game's twist that the students memories have been altered, but also the second game's twist that the students are in a computer program. Time will tell how many other things he can figure out that quickly.

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