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  • Creator Backlash:
    • As Johnny revealed in ClementJ642's playthrough of Sonic Unleashed, he wasn't a fan of the God of War Let's Play because he thought that it was boring to watch.
    • While Matt doesn't regret the laughs had on the Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty playthrough, he believes he could have done better on the gameplay itself. He also shares a similar sentiment with his Resident Evil 0 playthrough where he blames his sloppy playing on his lack of practice that he never did before playing for the channel.
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    • Johnny has this feeling towards earlier Let's Plays that he wants to go back and do differently. One example is the let's play of Resident Evil (Gamecube remake) where Elliot had to abandon the group due to real life duties dragging him off; Johnny hopes to do the HD port with Elliot and Matt together for the entire game to make up for it.
  • Deliberate Flaw Retcon: The guys in let's plays note this whenever they play the game, but most of the discussion or strife comes from whether or not that permits the game to be as it is, or if it's not excusable for the particular setting. For example, in Devil May Cry; Matt defends the castle's brownness and darkness considering it to be the point of the castle while Johnny was put off from it because of its dull colors.
  • Missing Episode:
    • The three Sonic LPs Johnny did for his LP channel before he decided it would be better just to have Elliot in the LPs.
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    • His Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion LPs. He has since redone both of them with better quality commentary and video quality.
    • The final part of 8-bit Super Mario Bros., accidentally.
    • Johnny and Elliot's LP of Sonic Genesis was cancelled and deleted by Johnny after constantly dying in the final stage of Labyrinth Zone.
  • Old Shame: Johnny has admitted this of their LP of Link's Awakening.
  • Troubled Production: Due to time constraints and other responsibilities shared by the three members, this is an inevitability at times.
    • This seems to happen whenever Matt collaborates on a project with him. Donkey Kong Country, if Matt is to be believed, took over nine tries to complete. It was telling that Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest was recorded on a world-by-world basis to avoid that kind of bad luck happening again.
    • According to the wall comments by Johnny and Matthew, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) has also suffered from this. Allegedly, there had been multiple failures either by bad commentary (At times, neither Matt nor Elliot said a thing during long stretches of the game) or through technical mistakes (which ended up happening during successful recordings). By about the seventh and final time, the crew were exhausted to the point where Johnny agreed to play it by himself simply because Elliot was fed up with the game, and Matthew had run out of things to say about it.
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    • It happened almost frequently in the early days of the channel before Johnny got better video recording programs; Johnny and Matt's LP of The Legend of Zelda took over 3 attempts to complete (and one of them was at the end of the game to boot) due to technical hiccups, causing Matt to curse out Johnny at the beginning of their last recording attempt. Johnny and Elliot's LP of Sonic the Hedgehog also took several attempts due to the recording software suddenly shutting down each time.
    • RPG weekends (Weekends dedicated to JRPGs) haven't had one successful recording session without drama yet! Final Fantasy IV went through numerous versions before settling on the PSP version; Persona 1 and Pokémon Red were plagued with scheduling errors, and finally Tales of Symphonia were plagued with both scheduling errors and tech mishaps (It was originally going to be live, but it ended up being post commentary.)
    • Shadow of Destiny, a game that Elliot wanted to do prior to their Summer of Twos, ended up being postponed because of technical mishaps. Johnny gave Matt all of his old Happauge equipment to record Tales of Symphonia, which also meant he got the component cables to be able to record PS2 games as well. When it came time to record again, Matt kept forgetting the equipment, and the play-through was suspended. They managed to record the game, and then Johnny accidentally deleted the footage while getting rid of the leftover videos. Then they finally managed to record the game, and it was shown on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    • Final Fantasy VI was recorded by Johnny in both the SNES and GBA versions. Near the end of the game on the SNES version, Johnny's capture device had stopped working five minutes after he began recording and by the time he he discovered the issue, he had already overwritten his save file and lost two hours of work. Luckily, Johnny's recording of the GBA version was intact, so he used that for one of the episodes.
    • Persona 2 Innocent Sin hit a patch when Matt's PSP (and thus his means of recording the game decided to proverbially shit the bed combined with his battery never coming in.
    • 2016 in general has been a rough one for the brothers gaming. RPG weekend has taken quite a long silence with no reasons from anybody where it is (with only a vague "FFV" mention coming up soon); Johnny's had multiple equipment fail on him as well, causing LPs and reviews to be delayed or scrapped (DOOM is one example, though the capture card fried against Terra during KHII as well; and Johnny mentions more device failures in his Star Fox Command video). Fans are totally understanding and supportive; but the trio were frustrated by repeated failures.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Originally, the Sonic Heroes play through was going to have a gimmick where, depending on the team, the guys would show off a different version of the game. Ex: Team Sonic on Gamecube, Team Rose on PS2, Team Dark on Xbox, and Team Chaotix on PC.
    • Johnny and Elliot were originally going to do a Pajama Sam playthrough during the upload drought that occurred during the Sonic Heroes playthrough due to scheduling issues. However, the recording was lost.
    • The 2016 Superhero Marathon was originally going to be the Spiderman Marathon, hence the large quantity of Spiderman games being played for the marathon.
    • Matt was originally going to do Final Fantasy V, but time constraints led to disinterest in doing the project both playing and commentating, lead to Matt scrapping the project to instead play Persona 2 Innocent Sin.

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