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Awesome / Burning Dog Face

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  • The ending to Portal 2 when the Companion cube is thrown out after Chell. In his own words: "YES!!!"
  • During Alpha Protocol, some of the shots he makes (with a dodgy controller, too) are pretty damned impressive. Lamp Shaded by BDF who points out that the shots are doing a good job of making him look badass.
  • During the Fable 3 playthrough there's the following exchange.
    Mercenary: Watch out for the mangy cur!
    BDF: *promptly shoots said mercenary in the head* His name is Peter.
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  • His speech to the Crawler while it was playing all sorts of Mind Screw games with the protagonist's in Fable III.
    " My name is Burning Dog Face, and I bring the light with me. I’ve faced down the literal definition of evil. i’ve faced down the horrors of heaven and hell... I’ve fought zombies who wanted to turn me inside out. I am the light bringer and I stand against the darkness."
  • Doing a completely non-lethal letsplay of Dishonored... despite his own inexperience with stealth games in general.

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