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  • During Hellfire Commentaries' 2013 Zeldathon, thanks to some very large (and also many, many small) donations from viewers, $9146.43 was raised for the charity Child's Play. The viewer count was high throughout the marathon, and peaked on the first day with 1000 viewers. More than $1000 was raised on the first day.
    • This was blown out of the water in the Sonic-A-Thon, where in the first day not only was in ONE donation on day one for a $1,000 donation, they raised at LEAST $4,600 before they finished the first game! By the end of the event, there was over $20,700 raised in all.
      • Which was beaten the next year with the nintendothon managing to raise £13,650.36 ($21,456.39).
  • Tom successfully taking out a robber using stealth in part 6 of the Heavy Rain playthrough.
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  • Donnie managed to run Sonic Spinball in the Sonic-A-Thon FLAWLESSLY and beat the game LIVE for the first time without losing a life. Needless to say he was ecstatic.
  • Digital Alchemist took on Shadow the Hedgehog's final boss during the Sonic-A-Thon. It was his first time ever fighting the boss, so he was basically going in blind. Not only did he beat the final boss for the first time, he did it without losing a single life.
    • On top of that, Digital Alcehmist finished the battle with less than 10 rings and it was looking like he was indeed going to lose!
  • Their podcast on DarkSydePhill, not so much for attacking him as an Acceptable Target, but for how his attitude reflects badly on the gaming community and those who have a YouTube career.
    Tom: I've had a couple of people say to me, "You wanting to discuss this, officially, in a video is kind of petty". On some level I can agree with that, but the thing is, you don't get rid of a problem by ignoring it and Phil is a problem. He represents the absolute worst of the gaming community and if you allow that to fester and you allow that to grow, which is what he wants, he wants his fanbase to be ignorant as possible, so they keep tuning in and filling his coffers and that's how he's able to make a living, by doing the absolute least amount of work possible and gaining the biggest profit margin. That's no way to treat your fanbase. These people, especially in the case of Hellfire Comms, literally put their hands in their pockets to support you and you offer them just the bare essentials. I don't agree with that and I never will, to be honest.
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  • The final run of the Nintendothon, Johnny's 100% run of Super Mario Sunshine, a 19-hour slog which strained Johnny's patience to its limit. But it was all worth it when, despite early expectations, they raised even more money than the Sonic-a-thon.
  • During the Octodad: Dadliest Catch playthrough, Tom manages to get through the most difficult part of That One Level, walking across a narrow beam, on his first try.
  • At the end of the Pokémon Sun and Moon playthrough, Tom and Helldragon have one last hurrah in a final Hellfire Versus of sorts, taking their teams against one another online. On the first match, a 3-on-3, Helldragon decisively stomped Tom, but Tom came back in the Doubles round with an overwhelming victory. In the final match, a true full-team battle, Tom got THD down to his last three Pokemon with him having four remaining — one of those three, his tank no less, down to a sliver of health, and Tom had nearly all type advantages to THD's remainders in store. Ordinarily, every time Helldragon's been so disadvantaged against Tom, he'll summarily lose. Not this time. THD made a comeback via a timely combo of Quick Claw and Volt Switch, cleaning out Tom's remainders —Starter included— crowning his last day on HFC with a victory. The icing on the cake, the final Pokemon of Tom's he had to take down before he could take his leave? THD.
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  • Helldragon's Cluster F-Bomb, as seen in the main page, most definitely qualifies.
  • NTom defeating the final boss of Luigi's Mansion with only 5% of his health left.
  • NTom, greatzombieron, and IRTundraboy reading out this very page during the Half-Life 2 playthrough. At least to us...
  • During the Sonic Unleashed playthrough, Tom and Fastest Thing Alive would often compare the PS360 version of the game with the WiiS2 version to see which was superior, with Tom on the 360-side, and FTA on the Wii-side. At the end, what version does Gareth ultimately think is the definitive version?
  • Finishing off Xaldin with the Goofy Rocket. Oh, hell yeah!
    • Topped by the final blow against Storm Rider Derp-Dragon, and the Slide. Vertigo. Toss. Even TheHelldragon is awed.
  • NTom catching Victini with a normal Pokeball on Pokémon Black: The Nuzlocke live stream.
  • Tom beating the Grandmaster Galaxy Perfect Run for the first time ever. Live.
    NTom: Star fucking Get!


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