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  • Despite not winning the final race of the Endurance Racing Competition (Part 15 of his Need for Speed: High Stakes LP), Thunder still managed to beat the lap record.. whilst crashing and barrel rolling past the finish.
    • John: "You beat the lap record on your ass!"

  • In both Tokyo Xtreme Racer 1 and 2, Thunder defeated the final boss (Simply known as "???"), known to be a notoriously hard boss in the franchise (promoted to Nintendo Hard in TXR2), in just his first attempt.

  • Upon winning the Urban Challenge Cup II in Level 3 of Auto Modellista, the player unlocks "Shop Auto Modellista", a shop area in the game where certain cars in the game can receive an engine swap from another model of the same manufacturer. This gave Thunder the idea to put a Toyota Supra engine into the tiny Sports 800. After some adjustments to the transmission, he was able to propel the car to over 200 MPH.

  • The finale of Thunder's Gran Turismo LP had a very faithful intro to the style (and music itself) of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, that he completely scripted for fun. Everyone with him that night for commentary seemed to love it.
    • And just when the part couldn't get any better.. THIS HAPPENED.

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