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  • Tom held an all-day, all-night live stream of Banjo-Tooie to raise funds. And he stayed there fiddling with the game all night, as he said. Just as Tom was showing signs of the sleep deprivation getting to him, one of the fans in the chat noted that he had reached his goal. He seemed to be noticeably stirred, not just by the notion of some of the announced donations, but because his mother was having financial troubles, and he wanted to help out.
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  • During NTom and Helldragon play... Sonic Generations. Helldragon asks if NTom won his race with the Sonic Show. NTom confirms this and then tells him that people have said that he Should race BrainScratch Commentaries Which prompts Helldragon to ask why because 'they're so pitiful.' That's not the heartwarming part. NTom then says that they will overtake them in Subscribers soon and that they should be proud of them.
  • Tom planned on holding a 72-hour livestream to earn donations for a 3DS capture card, 7 hours in he had already gained half the necessary funds, then a single person donated $400 at once leaving Tom only a couple dollars short, which was quickly gained.
  • A little something from Twitter.
    Mr. Spriggs: Hey. It's a new year, it's a new beginning. I for one would like us to work out what happened between us, but its up to you.
    Mr. Stephens: We'll see.
  • Tom is currently in BIG trouble financially, as in GETTING EVICTED FROM HIS HOUSE. What do the Twitch mods do? They decide to stream as much as possible to help Tom through his troubles.
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  • During the beginning of the Zelda-Thon, MBM shares how he had to spend a whole year in the hospital and all he had to keep him from being completely miserable was a Nintendo 64 in the hospital and he decided to be in the Zelda-thon to help kids in a similar situation knowing their situation.
  • Around the beginning of 2014, Tom and Digitalalchemist suffered monetary crimes, and a stream was planned to helpthem get those funds stolen back. Everyone watching the stream donated more than enough before they were even finished with the first game!
    • And by the end of the stream they reached DOUBLE the intended goal.
  • At the end of Sparanada's Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door stream, after a HUGE Funny Moment, chat member Utaki got emotional since the Yoshi partner was named after her. Sparanda noticed before thanking ALL the people in the chat for helping him play the game. And as a gesture of kindness decided to keep the save file. t was deemed the "Save File of Friendship".
  • During the Sonic-a-Thon. Tom sounds noticeably concerned about the runner playing Sonic Chaos stressing out over his performance, even pointing out that the marathon is meant to be more casual & that he doesn't want to see a friend emotionally stressed.
    • Another goes to the chat and Tom's fellow livestreamers, most did not try to put him at fault for having trouble with Sonic Chronicles and having to cancel it.
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  • On November 15, 2014, the crew in another stream that's sure to be a success, they're playing Sonic Boom in order to raise money for a little girl named Emily who has cancer. Not only did they get support from an official charity, but even Mike Polok and Cindy Robinson are confirmed to take part.
  • During the Nintendothon's incentive block, Mia's run of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest was cut short due to her router being switched off by her parents, leaving Donnie without a co-commentator for the next two games. He spent the next 23 minutes trying to find someone else to co-commentate with him (he was required to have a co-comm), and was on the verge of giving up and playing the game solo due to nobody being available. Enter ClementJ642 at the last minute to save the day!
  • Mega Man Battle Network is one of Helldragon's favorite series, and it really shows in the Battle Network 6 playthrough. THD is obviously thrilled to be covering the game with Tom, excitedly rambling about his history with Battle Network, his favorite characters, and just how much he loves the games. It's surprisingly sweet to hear the guy sound so genuinely happy.


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