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  • He absolutely refuses to leave the first parasite's lair and the woman he's torturing after learning the game is giving him the option of escaping without killing Doctor X in The Cat Lady.
    Cry: Wait? Are they giving me an option of leaving without killing him? I'm sorry but that guy can't go on to kill people like that. That's fucked up man! Hell no! That's not happening in my freaking existence. Fuck that shit.
    Cry: What's up, Doc?
    • Cry gets to the part where Susan recalls how her baby girl died. Whoever is right in the argument between Susan and her husband, Eric, Cry is clearly not impressed with Eric's demands, culminating in an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    Eric: I'M THE MAN IN THIS FAMILY! I will make the rules, and I'll get the respect I deserve!
    Cry: YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP! RIGHT NOW! Relationships are of equal standing! I don't give a fuck if you think you're the "man" of the family 'cause you have a dick! FUCK YOU! She works just as hard! And she has a nice dress! (Beat) Dick!
    • When the Queen of Maggots tries a Breaking Speech to make Susan blow out one last candle despite Susan no longer wanting to hurt anyone
    Queen: Blow out the candle!
    Cry: Fuck you.
    clicks "REFUSE"
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  • Doubles as a CMOH, from Part 13 of his playthrough of BioShock Infinite. After traveling to the alternate future when Booker never saved Elizabeth, Cry gets extremely pissed, having grown considerably attached to her by this point Thus, when "Alternate-Timeline-Ellie" sends him back, he goes on a Roaring Rampage of Rescue. When he finally saves her and Booker assures Elizabeth that he's going to kill Comstock for her, Cry locks and loads for action before ending the video on a badass one-liner, his voice seething with anger.
  • The very end of part 6 of his Forest of Drizzling Rain playthrough. Cry gets the worst ending available in the game, and is understandably upset. But then...
    "Fuck.... Fuck! FUCK! ... No, that's not my fucking ending. *cue credits music*"
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  • In Life Is Strange, what is his reaction when he learns that Nathan Prescott drugged Kate?
    Cry: Yep. Gonna go kill Nathan Prescott.
  • Folklore features comic book-ish dialogue scenes that don't feature any sort of voice acting. Normally, Cry does the voices himself. But this time, Cry was able to get help in the form of Sarah Williams!
  • In part 4 of his Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight playthrough, Cry encounters Lubella for her second boss fight. To do the No-Damage Run of it, Cry buffs Kaho up with multiple passive attack boosts, and proceeds to kill Lubella in eight seconds. Keep in mind that he's playing in Hard mode, and Lubella is considered That One Boss due to her tendency to disappear and reappear, which Cry didn't even give her time to do.
  • How he evades the Proxies in Soma against all odds. Cry never paid attention to the advice that the Proxies can't see, only hear. He just figures it out himself after avoiding Terry Akers for so long and learning that Akers didn't react to the same strategy that the Jiangshi was susceptible to. He utterly trashes the Theta Power Station basement section in practically record time, where other players and lpers would take much longer, by being gutsy enough to walk in sections where others would crawl.

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