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  • During his playthrough of Ark Survival Evolved, he and his cult of homicidal cowboy earthworms are besieged by the well-known "Lords of the Hunt" tribe and lose their base. Criken's response? Returning five days later for a massive raid on the LotH base, with the help of longtime ally tribe "Frog Riders", a stockade of heavy weaponry, and an army of T-rexes and pterodactyls. The raid opens with allied leader Kermy Drogo launching a freaking missile at their central tower just as Criken types "WORMS NEVER FORGET MOTHERFUCKER", and it keeps getting more awesome until nothing remains of the enemy base.
    • Best of all, the video is intercut with corresponding scenes from the Lords of the Hunt's Twitch stream, and we get to hear their dawning shock and horror.
      Lords Of The Hunt Tribesman (after the opening rocket has been launched): Uh...What was that?
    • The upload that the Lords of the Hunt made themselves features DanStarTheFirst, the tribesman quoted above, claiming that they never attacked the Earthworms. Cue the entire comments section being absolutely flooded with people either quoting variants of "WORMS NEVER FORGET MOTHERFUCKER" or calling DanStar out for his scummy behavior and tactics.
    TheShdow425: Destroying someone's base while offline is a pussy ass move
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  • Hitman 2: The Man Hitter Hits Back reveals that Criken got a pre-release copy of the game that included a personalized mission briefing video. Even though he knew that he'd gotten a preview copy of the game, Criken's shocked reaction to hearing his own name spoken is a treat to see.
    47: Hello, Criken.
    Criken: (flinches forward in shock with a surprised look on his face)
  • Criken and Tomato have their moments during their Dark Souls Randomizer Challenge. When they return to Gravelord Nito's arena for Tomato's run, first they find Manus in a confined area with endless skeletal adds, then Seath the Scaleless, then Manus again. But after rolling Manus twice, the boys decide to fight it out, and between their gear, healing items and skills, manage to defeat "Gravelord Manus."
  • Criken's Wind Waker Randomizer run with a custom Sans model had some spectacularly bad RNG and almost leading Criken to lock himself out of progression multiple times. However, despite everything he kept going and managed to beat Ganondorf.

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