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Nightmare Fuel / Criken 2

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  • "The Legend of Cage: Beneath the Mask" has some of this, there's also plenty of Nightmare Retardant, though.
  • The finale of his Ark Survival Evolved series, The Cult of Earthworm Jerry, has this in spades (though the series proper isn't exactly free of Squick and scariness). Criken and his cult mainstays erect a massive "Church of Worm" for a get-together with their many accumulated friends, fans, and fellow cultists. While building the church, though, we see them laying C4 plastic explosives beneath the base of the chapel. Much later, after merriment has been had and the festivities have finished, Criken gathers everyone into the church for what he refers to, in perhaps unintentional Foreshadowing, as a wedding. He orders them to leave all of their gear outside and set their dinosaurs to tame, don the cult formal wear, and dose up on supplied narcotics to relax. He then brings in a new member of the cult to be initiated / "wedded"... to the Worm God, meaning that Criken pulls out a revolver in the middle of the poor guy's speech and shoots him in the back of the head. And then it goes From Bad to Worse when Criken ends a genuinely unnerving monologue about joining the Worm God and pulls out the detonator. Then the entire front half of the church explodes, killing some and trapping many others within the burning ruins. As soon as the explosion has finished, Criken and crew pull out firearms and start hunting down the survivors, including fellow streamer Kiwo, who is executed after finding herself cornered. Later, after one last round of imprisoning and torturing the survivors, the cult is suddenly raided by an unknown tribe, who slaughter their dinosaurs and severely wound Criken. While the nameplates of all of Criken's compatriots flash on the kill list, Criken recites yet another unnerving monologue set to chilling music, then bleeds out among the remains of his church.
    • Kiwo's reaction to Criken finding her in the ruins of the church is horrifying as well, mostly because she legitimately sounds like she's begging for her life.
      Kiwo: (sobbing in terror) Oh, God! No! No! Please, oh God, please! God, please!
      Criken: Give yourself to Him...
      Kiwo: I... I don't want to give... Please don't— You don't have to do it--
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  • At various moments during the Dark Souls III playthrough, Bedbananas whispers/rasps "advice" to Edwad, telling him not to trust Vaati. The payoff comes in the game's finale, where Edwad impulsively decides not to link the fire and summons the Fire Keeper... and reveals that his Simpleton Voice can actually be threatening.
    Vaati: Don't summon the Fire Keeper!
    Edwad: C'mon! My name's Edwad, what's yours?
    Vaati: You'll betray the world.
    Bedbananas: Exactly.
    Edwad: Aw, it's the pretty lady!
    Vaati: No... everything we worked for...
    Edwad: Hi, pretty lady.
    Vaati: Don't!
    Edwad: Like my dress? ...She didn't say anythin'. Why not? Why didn't she say nothin'. Does she not like my dress? It's rude not to TALK to people! Don't'chu know who I am?! I'm EDWAD! THE CHOSEN!
    Bedbananas: Yes!
    Vaati: (laugh-sobbing) No!
    Bedbananas: Kill her.
    Vaati: Whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa-
    Bedbananas: Kill her!
    Vaati: Don't kill her, you're already doing something bad. You're gonna make it worse?
    Bedbananas: Kill her, Edwad!
    Edwad: ...She didn't like my dress.
    Bedbananas: End the lore. End the lore!
    Edwad: No lore! (attacks the Fire Keeper) Give me the dress... (makes a disgusted sound as he crushes her neck) What did I do? What have I done?!
    Vaati: No...
    Bedbananas: Yes!


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