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  • "A few more war dogs ran out and attacked. I have to say I'm slightly terrified by them. One of the bitches actually gave birth while she was attacking, and her puppies joined in on the carnage. At the end of the day, the three mandrills were dead, and they took one war dog with them and injured another one and a puppy."
  • Out of spite, Sankis decides to lock Mystic Mongol's character in a room with an elephant and watches the battle unfold. Mongol sustains only a broken leg and continues to hobble after the elephant, which turns tail and runs from him and into a trap.
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  • When a goblin warband is approaching the city under Cross Quantum's rule (and he's too busy panicking to respond), the leader of the militia "called [him] a 'goddamn sissy' and said he'd be right back." Cross Quantum assumes that he's going to give a dramatic, inspiring speech to his fellow soldiers before a valiant defense of the city. Instead, he triggers project 'Fuck the World' and drowns the would-be invaders in magma.

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