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For any other awesome moments from Harry's group, the Sidemen (including moments involving Harry himself with the other members of the group), click here.

  • Harry getting Ronaldo in a pack, with "Strength of a Thousand Men" by Two Steps from Hell playing in the background.
  • While playing a game in FIFA 14, Harry makes a "leap of faith" move with Ibrahimovic. Not only does he manage to kick the ball up in an arc to juke out his opponent, but he volleys the shot from half-pitch...and makes it. No wonder he was so shocked.
    • The real kicker? That goal was a 90th minute equalizer.
  • In Harry's "Search and Discard" game with iLukas (who initially created the "Search and Discard" concept), the game ends with Lukas giving Harry a pretty good curbstomping. However, Lukas decides to give Harry one last go to see if he gets Lukas' inform Aguero. Harry does, and not just by sheer luck; he actually strategized and noted how he never went for Lukas' attacking positions, ruling out the striker positions and going for CAM (central attacking midfielder), where Aguero was.
    • This then sends the two into "sudden death", where they reshuffle their squad. Lukas gets Harry's Aguero on his second guess, and the first was just a blank space with no player.
  • Harry's "try to find the most TOTS cards as fast as you can" game with KeanuBoss was just rapid-fire high-intensity awesomeness in its last 10 minutes. At the end, Harry even deemed it the greatest video he's ever made.
  • In a Search and Discard with Harry and Calfreezy, Freezy is on the brink of winning when he chooses where Harry's last player is (left centreback) but Harry convinces him to change his choice to left centremid. Freezy falls for it, allowing Harry to keep his blue player, choose Freezy's last one and thus win the game.
    • Even more awesome since Freezy had just done this to Harry moments prior.
    • And just to rub salt in the wound, it was the first time ever Freezy had been defeated at search and discard on his own channel.
  • In Harry, Calfreezy, and Joe Weller's first challenge in junction with Marvel's Ant-Man, Harry and Joe somehow managed to have the exact same time, all the way down to the millisecond (00:40.03). However, since Joe neglected the rule of "no bone on stone" (which he had actually been warned about when he did it during practice), Harry ended up winning.
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  • In Harry's bonus round against Freezy playing Nidhogg in Legends of Gaming, Harry manages to win their first round in 32 seconds with only a single death.
  • INSANE TRAMPOLINE PARK. You're lying if you say that that didn't look like the most awesome thing ever, with all of the slow-mo editing in time to the Awesome Music.
  • After spending most of his time in Doritos Crash Course being a complete screwup, Harry finally finished a run in first place at the end of "F**KING PAINTBALLS".
  • The fact that JJ has a Lambo at the tender age of 21? Pretty awesome. The fact that Harry can claim the same at the even more tender age of 18? Nothing gets more awesome than that.
  • The self-explanatory BEST PACK OPENING IN FIFA HISTORY. Harry gets a TOTS card on every single pack. He could go out and win the lottery with that type of luck!
    • The video ends with a Jump Cut to Harry recording later that day at night (1:30 am, he says). He opens his first pack..and gets TOTS Messi.
  • GREATEST FIFA PACK OPENING OF ALL TIME is rife with similar moments (although not all TOTS players), but the crowning moment has to be Harry's reaction to getting TOTS Ronaldo, who's worth 15 million coins.
  • Harry getting a 193 FUT Draft (a squad with full, perfect chemistry and a 93 rating). Now you know why he calls himself "the FUT Draft King".
    • He actually didn't start the video with a draft—he had a pack opening in which he got a blue card on every single pack. Sometimes, he'd get up to four.


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