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  • Pink's Shovel Knight playthrough was a No Damage run. This leads to several excellent moments:
    • The entire fight against Plague Knight, the game's closest equivalent to Mega Man 2's Quick Man.
    • After fifty recording attempts, Pink finishes the Tower of Fate: Ascent stage, the Order of No Quarter and all. Give that cat props for determination.
  • In the Mega Man 5 race, Shagg, after reppeatedly dying to Dark Man 4 due to not having Beat, finally manages to beat him... without getting hit. Hir run of good fortune didn't last, but that feat certainly impressed the other three runners.
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  • In the Milky Way Wishes leg of the Kirby Super Star race, Roahm actually manages to win (despite not being as skilled at speedrunning as Pink or Kit), beating Pink by 8 seconds.
  • During a game of Drawful on Pink's livestream, Chompie gets one for tricking all the other guessers with her title, then correctly guessing the actual title of a picture. She would then win the game.
  • She streamed some matches of Splatoon's Splatfest, in which she was on Team Water Slides. For a while, her team ran a streak of curbstomps. Her constantly getting a high amount of kills played a role as well.
  • During her Pacifist run of Undertale, she figured out the non-violent solution to Undyne's fight (something that's considered a Guide Dang It! to most players) immediately.note 
    • In her first (Neutral) run, she manages to get past Photoshop Flowey without getting even one Game Over.
  • Pink enters a The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past randomizer race with an entrance keysanity crossworld format. She has done entrance randomizer, but not with the other two added to the mix. She scores first place in that race—without finding the lamp.
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  • While it took countless tries, Pink manages to defeat the Lost Kin in Hollow Knight...with the rusty nail.

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