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  • In his Life Is Strange gameplay, Dash manages to save Kate from jumping off the building with no prior knowledge or walkthrough to help him out. He literally went with his gut instincts, coincidence, and a little luck to achieve it. His fans also couldn't believe it, either, especially considering how several other Youtubers couldn't achieve it and would have to go back and redo it.
  • Mario Kart 8
    • In this Mario Kart 8 video had Dashie gaining such a substantial lead that he gets hit by a blue shell, and still wins.
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    • At the end of a Mario Kart Stadium race, Dashie notices Donkey Kong advancing on him quickly. He sees a red shell approaching and gets hit by it...only for it to launch him forward and boost him across the finish line, making his Big "NO!" turn into a Big "YES!".
  • His Taking You with Me against the Grand Theft Auto V cops here, cemented by perhaps his most-epic Big "YES!" ever.
  • He plays some Street Fighter 2 in this video and manages to take out Dhalsim without taking a hit.
    Dashie: "No, I did not adjust the difficulty, huh, ya boy is that good."
  • After being terrorized by his friend runJDrun in GTA Online for some time, Dashie narrowly avoids death from his gunfire, sneaks around a small house, and lands a single, perfect shot on him that kills him instantly. The best part? Dashie killed JD from a long distance with a shotgun.
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  • Dashie completing a Geometry Dash level on the first go; it's so amazing that it puts him in disbelief.
  • In this Super Mario Maker playthrough - someone sent him a Final-Exam Boss gauntlet of several familiar areas, namely ones that had driven him to Rage Quit in previous playthroughs. In epic Irony, he eventually beats it!

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