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Okay, now it's a won run.

  • In his Let's Play of The Binding of Isaac, Northernlion has come across several overpowered runs. This one takes the cake. It is so overpowered that he refused to take Mom's Knife or Brimstone as it would have actually weakened him! It has to be seen to be believed.
    • How OP was it? Thin Mushroom (rapid-fire) + Spoon Bender (homing tears) + Mom's Contact (freezing shots) + Parasite (tears split into two when they hit an enemy). What happens is that the enemy is under a constant three-way barrage of tears: One stream coming from Isaac himself, the other two streams splitting off because of Parasite, and then looping back onto the enemy (because of Spoon Bender). And since the freezing effect of Mom's Contact is chance-to-happen-per-shot, the rapid fire makes the freezing effect pretty much infinite.
    • The very fact that he made so many videos of The Binding of Isaac is one. Further proof: he finished a Wrath Of The Lamb playthrough on his second try.
  • Nevermind how previous runs might have been overpowered, this one put them to shame as he managed to clear The Chest for the first time and with ease. He comments on it during the run.
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  • He got the Mama's Boy achievement without even realizing it until it popped. He actually got hit during Womb 1—however, he finds a Forget-Me-Now in the deal with the devil room, and for the hell of it, takes it and redoes the Womb 1. He proceeds to not get hit for the Womb 1 and 2, resulting in the achievement.
  • One day Northernlion found a D20. Awesomeness ensued.
  • Northernlion states at the beginning of a video that he is currently a bit sick. He ends up not taking any damage against Blue Baby.
  • This incredible challenge run. He manages to beat Mom with nothing but a crystal ball and pretty fly, then from then on a Epic Fetus and a Mr. Mega (which, unknown to him, didn't do anything.)
  • In his early Hearthstone carrier, Northernlion get this awesome starting hand which allow him to get from the start a 2 mana advantage on his opponent.
  • At some time, Northernlion was trying to unlock a new ship on FTL: Faster Than Light by getting either The United Federation or the Tough Little Ship achievement. What happened instead is that he got his first normal mode win with a beam spamming cloaking ship with a eight men crew that didn't suffered any casualty despite being screwn over by hacking and mind control.
  • Beating the desert level of Gods Will Be Watching on his second try, albeit by a ridiculous stroke of luck.
  • On Episode 20 of his playthrough of the XCOM: Long War, he fights his first Terror mission, accepting the fact that his entire team will likely die right out of the gate. Sure enough after the first turn, four Chryssalids charge up to his team, four Floaters come in from the other side, and three more show up to attack him from the front leaving his entire team flanked by at least one enemy. Not only does he not lose his entire team, he doesn't lose a single soldier (though one was critically wounded) and he manages to save 14 out of the 18 civilians.
  • He managed to kill Mega Satan in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth on his first try, without even realizing what was about to happen to him.
  • Some items in Binding of Isaac Rebirth (namely Cursed Eye, Bob Brain and BBF) are less liked despite their power due to the potential side effects they have. Northernlion take them all anyway.
  • One day Northerlion got Soy Milk at the beginning of his Binding of Isaac run, an item that is not liked by eveybody due to the low damage it gives. He takes it anyway to makes things interesting. Then he finds Ipecac. Explosions ensues.
  • Getting 18 of the 20 Challenges in Rebirth on his first try, with the two failed ones (Suicide King and Waka Waka) both reaching their respective Final Bosses. Yes, even the more difficult ones such as Head Trauma, Cat Got Your Tongue, Beans, and The Family Man were completed first try.
  • After unlocking The Lost, his first on-camera run is him completing it all the way to The Chest. The best part is that he does it without finding the Holy Mantle and Dead Cat, the two items that are considered to be essential to having a successful Lost run.
    • His next run doesn't make it as The Lost (he uses Judas' Shadow), but he makes it all the way to the Monstro II/Gish phase of the Boss Rush and succeeds the rest of the run as Judas anyway.
    • Episode 195, Firework. His massive streak of 25 wins ends, but he makes it to the Dark Room as The Lost without Dead Cat or Holy Mantle, doing Boss Rush along the way- all while using Ipecac with Lost Contact (a dangerous combination because when Ipecac shots block enemy shots, they explode). With this unlikely set of items, Northernlion has unlocked the Godhead.
  • Rebirth Episode #296: Northernlion finally gets the item Raw Liver and earns both Platinum God achievements. His gasp of disbelief is what really sells it.
  • Rebirth Episode #309 It's starts with Brimstone on the second floor, and then he get Ludovico Technique and it goes uphill from there for Northernlion.
  • Rebirth Episode #386 Kerplunk: as Northernlion started a new run, the Random Number God looked at him and let out a big Evil Laugh. Thus started a long and ardous journey.
  • Here Northernlion gives us a demonstration of how to use effectively the Cube of Meat.
  • The second episode of his Darkest Dungeon series. Still fairly new to the game, he under supplies on food and his party suffers for it near the end, and he gets to the final room with 3 of his party already at Death's Door. Through a combination of lucky dice rolls and dodges he manages to survive long enough to heal his entire party out of danger. Honorable mention to his Red Shirt crusader Altard for getting a mental Heroic Second Wind, negating a stress penalty and halving his stress.
  • In the second episode of his Afterbirth Let's Play, he finds a mysterious entrance after beating It Lives. Shortly after, He finally meets Hush, and won without taking damage.
    Northernlion: Look at how interesting... and by interesting, I mean really fucking hard this boss is, with our incredible Mom's Knife, high-damage run.
  • In episode 14, Northernlion uses the D100 to reroll into Ipecac + 8 Inch Nails + Proptosis + Loki's Horns + The Mulligan + Blood of the Martyr + Mutant Spider + The Inner Eye + the Conjoined transformation. He fires nine shots at once (twelve when Loki's Horns work), each of which deal roughly 56.2 damage note , not counting the poison damage. And the flies he generates each time he kills an enemy do double this. The downside is that is rate of fire is very low, and when Loki's Horns activate he deals a considerable amount of damage to himself. Still, that hardly matters when he's one-shotting most bosses.
  • In episode 47 of Afterbirth NL gets the D100 and eventually rerolls into Dr. Fetus + Mom's Knife + Pyromaniac + The Inner Eye + really high fire rate. He walks into a room and sends forth a huge tidal wave of bombs, all of which deal massive damage to enemies as well as healing him. He's literally unkillable since he's healed faster than the enemies can deal damage to him. See it here.
  • In episode 58 of Afterbirth, he devise a simple strategy to beat the Hush with the Lost : getting a run with a good start and then amassing a ton of items to fuel a super reroll with the D4. He then recruit Bumbo.
  • In episode 304 of Afterbirth, he managed to pick Chaos on the first floor and chaos did ensue. Also, there was a laser party for the final floor.
  • After the full release of Darkest Dungeon, Northernlion start a new series, braving the dungeons again. At some point he lost one unit to a hag's cauldron due to bringing up an inapropriate team for the task. He does come back for finishing the job, prepared this time and it is glorious. Special mention mention goes to Dan who hit critically like crazy.
  • In Episode 16 of Enter the Gungeon, Northernlion find the Super Meat Gun. Then he finds Double Vision. He then find Shadow Bullets. After a long journey, he finally meet for the first time the fifth floor boss.
  • Most of the diss tracks during the NLSS Civil War are pretty rad Awesome Music, especially considering how quickly they were written and made.
  • As one of the creators Derek Yu credits with the initial spread of Spelunky, the egglord is referenced in a mural depicted in the game's sequel and his Fan Nickname of Monty for the dog has been canonised.

  • In episode 12 of Afterbirth+, Northernlion is doing rather well in the April's Fool challenge. Then, on the beginning of the last floor he randomly get the Mama Mega's effect by using his spacebar item.
  • In episode 21 of Afterbirth+, Northernlion intends to defeat Delirium with the Lost and the simplest way to do so is by defeating the Hush first. A tough task and this time, he ends up having to do it without the help of Bumbo. Despite that, he put up an admirable fight. Then, through smart use of the Glowing Hourglass, he eventually manage to secure victory.
  • In episode 60 of Afterbirth+, Northernlion is literally seconds away from finally defeating Delirium with the Keeper, when the game crashes. After a brief moment to tell his Twitch viewers he'll be later than planned, he then proceeds to clear The Void AGAIN, including fighting Satan AGAIN, before jumping back into the Delirium fight only for the game to crash. AGAIN. He finally defeats Delirium on the third attempt without the game crashing and without even using the Power Pill he'd held onto for the entire fight, and throughout the whole thing never loses his cool.
  • "That's how you get out of a slump!" As one commenter put it:
    "NL, the kind of guy who can't beat Mega Stan while having infinite HP and Chaos Card, but wins against Ultra Greed with 3 heart containers and no way to generate HP or cheat the fight."
  • Episode 135, where NL gets Holy Light, Ipecac, Brimstone, Incubus, Godhead, Guppy and Mega Blast all in the same run. Seeing as Ipecac's damage bonus applies to Holy Light, Brimstone, Guppy flies and Mega Blast this makes for an insanely powerful run by the end.
  • In episode 141 NL gets Varicose Veins, Pyromaniac and Ipecac, so any time he gets hit he annihilates everything around him with explosions which also heal him. He later finds IV Bag, so he's able to spam what is effectively Tammy's Head due to constantly being healed. Unfortunately at this point he has Death's Touch, which increases his tear size. Since Varicose Veins also increases the size of the tears it produces, his shots are larger than their explosion radius and his damage output is higher when he doesn't use Varicose Veins. However, seeing the screen fill up with giant green exploding scythes makes up for that.


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