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  • Ferr getting a higher score than anyone else on his 3rd song during the Karaoke Revolution Party LP.
  • Maxwell wins a Quicktime Event battle with Krauser in Resident Evil 4...without looking at the screen. He just shakes the Wiimote and presses the buttons constantly while leaving to get a glass of water, and he beats the cutscene flawlessly.
  • Defeating the final boss on Prototype at the very last second.
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  • Maxwell's flawless defeat of the Iron Knuckle in the Fire Temple in Ocarina of Time: Master Quest should count as well.
  • The gang clearing the final level of Octodad.
  • Maxwell shows off his ability to play scene-appropriate songs yet again in his playthrough of Majora's Mask, when he plays a song from Brain Powerd to accompany the scene where Anju and Kafei reunite at the end of the final day. The song synchronizes perfectly, right up to the triumphant swelling of music as Kafei finally comes through the door at the last second. Of course, he spoils the mood immediately afterwards by letting the moon crash into the earth, but hey— it was awesome while it lasted. See for yourself.
  • Come on, no love for the flying tank?
    • Subsequently, how they blew up the first police helicopter that rammed them and had a dogfight with the second?
  • Just the fact that, at the end of the "Cop Land" mission, they were able to shake the law and make it to a Pay 'n Spray... in a golf cart.
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  • At PAX East 2014, Maxwell gets called up for The Runaway Guys' "Thrown Controllers" panel and ends up winning the grand prize.

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