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  • Part 5 of Kirby's Return to Dream Land had Jon dodging a large projectile by the skin of his teeth. Cue Barry to put in Ghost Love Score (Aka the Grumps Awesome Music.)
  • In Aladdin, Jon beats the carpet level on his first try.
    Jon: Give me some props, ladies and gentlemen.
  • In Episode 9 of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Arin is able to take out the Helmasaur King without a scratch, having entered the boss room with only one heart. Made even better by Jon's nervousness during the fight and genuine amazement at Arin's skills.
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  • Defeating Wily within a couple of tries in Mega Man 7, a notoriously difficult boss that the developers even apologized for. Notably, they didn't even use Wily's actual weakness.
  • Jon, a generally nice guy, flipping the fuck out on some Grad Night kids at Disneyland.
  • Jon, self described as being ignorant of the rules of Pokémon, actually managing to very nearly defeat Ego in Pokémon Stadium, who is much better versed in the rules.
    • It's also a form of Damn You, Muscle Memory!, as many of the rules of Pokemon weren't really established until the 3rd gen, which meant that pure luck as Arin had was a viable strategy back then.
  • For a while after the channel started, many of the fans believed that Jon was worse at video games than Arin. Cue the second Game Grumps VS when they play Super Smash Brothers Brawl with new controllers- Jon shows that he is actually consistently better than Arin at that game.
  • Jon tearing through Super Mario Land with little difficulty. He accidentally reset the game on the last world, though.
    • Arin mentions doing something even more phenomenal with the original Super Mario Bros After approaching a setup with the full game active for anyone to play, he decides to goof around and act like a stereotypical new-age gamer, calling it too easy. He proceeds to speedrun the game all the way to 8-4, the final level in the game, without getting hit. When he finally did die, he tossed the controller down, insulted the game and stormed off to complete the image. In short, he nearly did a perfect speedrun of Super Mario Bros just to fuck with people's heads.
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  • Jon and Arin pulling off an a capella version of the Super Mario Bros. 3 fortress theme while playing Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. Also counts as Awesome Music.
  • Arin fighting Silver in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), after spending a long time at his mercy, finally figures out how to beat Silver and starts retaliating:
    Silver: How about this? *lifts up items with telekinesis*
    Arin: How about this, you fucking dickwad?! *launches a homing attack with Sonic*
    • The entirety of the meltdown in episode 20 of Sonic 06 is quite possibly the most hilariously epic moment in the history of Game Grumps. Seriously, see it for yourself.
    • Jon takes down the oft maligned Radical Train mach speed section in only TWO tries.
    • Sonic 2006, part 35: Jon manages to pull off getting through Kingdom Valley, including beating the Mach Speed Zone on their last life. The fact that this finally lets them progress through the rest of the game after being stuck in an incredibly mundane rut of Sonic's story makes it all the more satisfying.
      Jon: That is relief like I haven't felt in a long time, that's like, the doctor's, like, "Your baby isn't going to die" and you're like "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUAAA!"
      Arin: Yeah, though, but for me, it's the opposite.
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    • Jon beating Silver (Arin almost beat him) in Shadow's story after they spent an entire part and a half on it. Especially because he was an even more unbearable boss than when they first fought him as Sonic.
    • Episode 85 of Sonic 06 is called "Catharsis" for a reason. When Arin gets to the boss battle versus Sonic in the Silver campaign he gets their much needed revenge by proceeding to deliver an absolutely epic Curb-Stomp Battle against Sonic, all while Laughing Mad and having a a beautiful A God Am I moment.
    • In that same episode, Arin Arin makes fun of Silver and Blaze's interaction by calling Silver, as Blaze, "so naive". Turns out, in Blaze's next line of dialogue in the game, she calls Silver "so naive."
    • They've survived over 100 episodes of playing Sonic 2006 while clearly disliking it, though they of course like playing it with each other so Power of Friendship can overcome the impossible.
  • Arin's Mecha-Godzilla-Ramboo.
  • Jon and Arin playing through Contra III in fast-motion while a sped-up version of "Separate Ways" plays in the background.
  • Do not test Arin Hanson's Slam Jam
    • Even better: it was on the last second.
  • Arin Game Overs in one section in Wild Guns, leaving Jon (who has one life and no bombs) in an arena so clogged with enemies and gunfire that he has to constantly jump just to stay alive. Not only does he manage to clear the stage, but he beats the mid-boss afterwards. Unfortunately, he eventually dies to the stage boss, but he gives it a hell of a fight beforehand and nearly wins.
  • Arin clears a level in Donkey Kong Country 2 in about a minute, and most of that minute was spent making a joke about one of the enemies.
  • The montage towards the end of Part 7 of their Nintendo Land videos. One heck of a brilliant editing job by Barry.
  • The Game Grumps having their first ever guest star on the show: Grant Kirkhope. No, seriously.
  • The Chivalry: Medieval Warfare episode comes to a climax with Jon and Arin tied 2 for 2, the entire game coming down to one final round. After Jon requests some "more ABBA MIDIs", the battle begins to the tones of a low-quality version of Gimme Gimme Gimme. Jon clinches the victory spectacularly in a fashion that astounds even Arin; by jumping onto his blade, parrying his next attack and countering with a heavy blow against Arin's neck.
    Dude, you fuckin' jumped! You jumped onto my blade like Dark Link!
  • While playing Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, Arin Finally Wins. Even better? He won by scoring the final kill on the at the last possible moment, just as time expired. Even Jon gave him props for pulling that one off.
  • In the Castlevania playthrough, Jon beats the infamous hallway full of Medusa heads on his first try. Without taking damage.
    • After several failed attempts, he does it again... and then proceeds to stunlock The Grim Reaper with Holy Water and kill him without taking any damage either. In fact, he manages to stun him before he can even spawn his scythes.
      • And he does this again with Dracula's second form.
  • In Mario Party 2 Revengeance Jon ends the game 7 stars, which is impressive considering that the game only lasted 20 turns. In other words, an average of a star every 3 turns.
  • Arin managing to win against Jon in Space Jam with a team of players who all have terrible stats compared to Jon's team. By one point. It's even more ironic when those players with terrible stats were the Monstars, who absorbed the Basketball talents of some of the most talented Basketball players out there... Oh, and Shawn Bradley.
  • After a fairly close first half of the match, Jon completely wrecks Arin in the second half of their first match of Ultimate Muscle: Legends vs. New Generation. How badly, you ask? As soon as Jon switches to Checkmate, Arin isn't able to hit him once.
  • Their playthrough of Cookies and Cream has them actually working together and reading the hints to figure out the puzzles.
  • After spending the entirety of the Puyo Pop Fever! episode playing horribly, Arin manages to launch a massive combo string at the last moment, winning the final match.
  • Twice during Shatterhand Arin gets the super suit just in the nick of time to fight the ninja boss, a boss he dreads, and beat him just before the power up disappears.
  • In Danny's second outing as Not So Grump, the Grumps played Super Mario Bros. 2. Danny managed to completely steamroll through it. It's especially prevalent in World 4-2, where he managed to completely avoid damage in a section where enemies were practically coming every second from every height.
    • Danny fighting Wart in Super Mario Bros. 2 is awesome. He gets hit and cuts it close, but he still manages to dodge some truly insane bursts from Wart - at one point, Arin jokes that he will NOT be satisfied unless the final hit is done with the "happy tomato" that pops up rarer than the other vegetables. Guess how Danny wins?
    Arin: This could not have ended more perfectly.
  • The utterly epic pet theory at the beginning of episode 3 of Mike Tyson's Punch Out that, since "Macho Man" Randy Savage died the same day as a rapture scare, the reason that the apocalypse didn't happen was because Randy Savage beat up the horsemen of the apocalypse at the cost of his own life.
  • On Danny's final attempt at beating Mike Tyson in Punch-Out!! he punches Tyson just as he's blinking and knocks him down, to both Grumps' great surprise since they had no clue about that trick.
  • Danny beating the Karate Kid in one part. He practically blazed through a few of the levels and the bonus stages without even blinking. A bit more awesome when you recall that this is the first One-Off Danny did. Compared to the first one Jon did (Battletoads) this might become one of his more significant Establishing Character Milestones.
  • Arin defeats Danny's Big Zam in ''Gundam: Battle Assault 2 by getting behind it and pummeling it. Also knowing how to use the Big Zam's main cannon when it's Big Zam vs. Big Zam.
  • Part 7 of Kirby's Epic Yarn when Arin and Danny keep on messing up the parasaurolophus segment, because they can't seem to coordinate getting on its crest at the same time. Nearing the end, after Danny says they can't end the episode without crossing the river, Arin falls in once more while Danny is still on the parasaurolophus, and out of sheer frustration he manages to plow through the water by mashing the 2 button really fast (catching up and getting back on the dino). The fact that he sounds like he's powering up helps.
  • Arin's defeat of Phantamanta in a single try during Part 19 of their Super Mario Sunshine play through. Even after having been brought down to one health point during the fight he manages to get it back and take down the boss.
  • Arin and Danny beating Contra in just one episode.
  • Arin clearing World 6-5 on Super Mario Bros. 3 on his first try after seeing Danny run out of time on his first attempt. This came after a brutal stretch on 6-Fortress 1 and 6-4 (where Arin decided to use a P-Wing after they had enough of it otherwise).
    • Danny doing this in video 26 of Super Mario Bros 3.
    • Followed shortly after by him beating the final castle and Bowser. (he used a P-wing to speed through the castle, and Arin told him the trick to the fight, but still)
  • Danny's story of overcoming depression ends the story and the depression by going to France, looking at a beautiful lake in the village he was staying in and throwing his medication into it when he realized he needed it no longer.
    • Double awesome for responding to the feedback a few days later - and saying that he got away with something stupid and that others should not do the same and instead contact their doctor when they feel they no longer need medicine. As awesome as his story is, it is a dangerous act, and he got lucky and acknowledges it, and doesn't wish for anyone else to make a mistake.
  • Arin beating Outrageous, possibly the hardest level in Super Mario World, on his second try.
    • And before that, managing to make it to the secret exit in Star World 5 even though he'd forgotten to activate the blue switch first.
    Arin: YEAH-HEH-HEH!!! WOO!!!
  • Danny barreling through the castle and the final boss fight in one go, only taking damage at one point before defeating Bowser without taking any damage at all. This after Arin teased him about not being a good player!
  • In the return to Wheel of Fortune, Arin solves one puzzle on his second spin.
  • In the Super Metroid run the lesser boss Crocomire gives Arin a really tough time. Even without Arin knowing about the charge shot it is very satisfying when Arin returns the favor in the following episode.
    • Arin taking down Ridley in only his second attempt surely counts as well.
  • Danny singing all the requests at Magfest 2014 and the duet with Arin for the intro.
  • While playing Ribbit King, or Frolf, the fourth episode has Arin winning during a game. Arin has his frog in a hole with a big lead over Danny. Danny gambles on taking an extra round to gather points and when it comes to getting his frog in the hole there is a long chain of events that racks up many points and then the frog goes in. Danny gains so many points that he... still loses by ten but still that was an impressive catch up.
  • In Part 12 of Katamari Damacy Danny tells Barry to end the episode prematurely. Barry's response is nothing short of impressive.
  • Arin & Danny playing to the third level of the Nintendo Hard game The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Watch the playthrough, and be amazed.
  • Danny taking up the mantle of Not-So Grump, thus saving the show, knowing full well that thousands of irrational fans were going to hate his guts. It can be summed up in this line from Wind Waker part 42:
    Danny: You [Arin] were like "Have you ever been hated on by a large number of people for a long period of time?" and I was like "Actually, yes, I have been making internet videos for a while."
  • Arin finding (and catching) a Pikachu in Viridian Forest without even trying.
  • In the Katamari Damacy finale, Arin completes the Moon level requiring a 300m katamari. He takes a while, but succeeds with 9 seconds left. Nice.
  • During Game Grumps VS of Battle Chess, Dan uses a rare chess move against Arin, taking one of his pawns and putting his King in Check.
  • Danny gets a small one in the third episode of Punch-Out!! on Wii. Instead of learning how to duck King Hippo's new move, he instead successfully counters the move several times. The rest of the episode is against Piston Hondo and almost got TKO'd in the first round. Danny is gradually able to grind against Piston's style, turning a 180 and having the third round be one punch and TKOing Hondo.
    • Then, in the fourth episode, Dan is knocked out by Great Tiger, seemingly defeated. Then Little Mac's Heroic Second Wind activates, allowing Dan to defeat him. Much later (before the final Mr. Sandman fight, see below) Danny says he did it accidentally, and that he didn't even know about that trick until then.
    • Episode 9. Not only does Danny TKO Bald Bull on his first try, but he successfully counters his charge both times.
    • The fact that he had managed to make it to Bald Bull without realizing he could duck
    • In Part 10 of Wii Punch-Out, Danny finally dodges the Super Macho Man Punch which had already flattened him several times already.
    • In Part 11, after doing relatively well against Mr. Sandman, he gets knocked out a third time. Then, just like the Great Tiger fight, Little Mac activates his Heroic Second Wind, allowing Danny to win in the third round. Cue the applause from the fans.
    • By Part 11, Danny has finally learned the tricks of the game and used them to beat Mr. Sandman. So, how does Danny react to Title Defense? He acknowledges that he needs to get better, and that they're putting the series on a small haitus so that he can improve before moving on. It shows that the grumps really do care about how they play the game, making this an awesome decision in a heartwarming way because they're doing it for the lovlies.
  • During Date Grumps with Suzy, Arin completes the waterfall log sequence in The Lion King where Suzy could not.
  • Dan quitting his day job, finally being able to support himself through Game Grumps, Ninja Sex Party, and Starbomb, and getting an eighties slow clap from his friend and other coworkers as he walked out.
  • Here, Dan tells Arin Luigi's Ballad has received FIVE million hits.
  • Part 36 of Pokémon FireRed is entirely animated, due to game footage being lost. And the first half of 37 as well. Both videos got many more viewers than contemporary playthrough episodes because of it, since things were Off the Rails, unpredictable, and interesting to watch.
    • Linzbot had a mere four days to do it too. She even takes time to make Part 37 segue from animation to normal pixelated gameplay flawlessly.
  • The end of Part 22 of Shadow of the Colossus: Danny gets knocked off Phalanx for the second time, and they do the usual wrap-up lines. Then we cut to him back on Phalanx and announcing we'll see him win right now.
    • On his third trip up Malus' arms, Danny manages to sequence break straight to his head, and never gets thrown off from then on.
    • "This is for AGRO!"
    • Danny's completely improvised song at the beginning of Part 27. Doubles as a [[Funny Moment.
    I've walked many miles / And lived through these trials
    Just to get to Colossus sixteen
    I've followed the signs / And died eighty times
    Arin would you please touch my schween (x2)
  • In Real Life, Arin scared away an upset opossum.
  • Arin proves to have a remarkable memory for the various secrets of Super Mario Bros., even using two warp zones to get all the way to the final level by the end of the first video.
    • He manages a remarkable run through World 8-3 without any power-ups, past a bunch of Hammer Brothers, despite the game's controls being rather more slippery than they're used to.
    • Danny's run straight through 8-3 while on his last life, and Arin already out. It includes barely clearing a piranha plant.
    • After Arin beats the game, he speedruns all the way to 8-3 on one life.
  • The final round of Kirby's Dream Course. After Arin challenged Danny to winner take all round, Dan proceeds to take a huge lead when Arin spends the first half trying to get off the initial ledge. After he manages to get off, however, he uses an amazing trick shot to steal two of Danny's stars, putting them in a race to the hole to determine the winner. Danny's put his Kirby on same ledge of the hole, knowing that Arin can't sink his in the next shot. However, Danny's Kirby falls asleep on the next turn, allowing Arin to make one more shot from the bottom ledge, which he proceeds to sink.
  • On a related note, Arin rediscovering the lost Pokemon FireRed footage.
  • Danny one-shotting Gun.Smoke after not playing it since ten years ago.
  • Arin pulls out a tense moment with Phantom Ganon of Wind Waker.
    • Followed by Arin completing the game. One of their longest series to boot.
      • Arin starting off the final battle by successfully taking a selfie with Ganon in the background - twice - without getting killed.
  • Zelda Williams, Robin Williams' daughter, loves Star Bomb!
  • Arin one-shotting the Rush Jet segment in return to Needleman's stage of Mega Man 3.
  • After dying multiple times in Shadow the Hedgehog, Arin completes his goal of killing the president.
  • Back in college, Dan got a response from Lloyd Alexander, the author of Chronicles of Prydain & the inspiration for The Black Cauldron. Sweet.
  • Arin completing Heart of Darkness. He earned that hug from Danny.
  • The Grumps return to Dead or Alive to try once more to woo Helena, having gotten a lot of research and advice from the Lovelies. Offhandedly, they decide to ask her to partner up before they can put any of the info to use, and at random, she accepts the offer within the first minutes of the episode!
  • The Grumps take on Dead or Alive Xtreme 3—this time as Helena—and Arin proceeds to the roulette wheel, insisting he has a foolproof method (which turns out to be betting all his money on 23 no matter what). After numerous losses, just before the episode ends, right when it looks like Danny's about to counsel Arin on his gambling addiction... 23 hits. Both Grumps end the video screaming.
  • Danny's tale of his mother's reaction to one of his elementary school teachers proudly declaring at a PTA meeting that she had managed to curb young Danny's imagination.
  • After Dan's a Butt-Monkey for six episodes of Super Mario 3 D World, Dan destroys Arin while playing as Toad.
    • Arin curing Dan's hiccups.
    • Dan winning all four floor tile Mexican Standoffs in the eponymous episode.
    • After several failed attempts at Red-Hot Run, Arin spots the gold tanooki suit in the beginning and completely smokes it, constantly leaving Dan in the dust.
    • Arin grabbing the final star of a ten star course at literally the last possible moment, after twice failing by that moment.
    • Dan somehow getting past three tightly packed Big Boos in Part 50.
  • On August 9th, 2014, there were no new videos: technical issues with YouTube prevented Barry from uploading. The awesome part is that, as Barry pointed out on the official Game Grumps twitter account, they had never missed a day before.
  • The situation: All five Grumps get into a challenge where they have to pour buckets of freezing ice water over their heads. At night. They do so, and they all react with the usual reaction one would have. Except for Ross, who stood perfectly still throughout the entire video, even when everyone leftnote .
  • The last-minute save in episode 5 of Trauma Center Second Opinion.
    • In episode 9 they hopelessly screw up the operation the first time, but on the second try they work together like a machine and earn their first A rank.
    • In episode 18 they save Tyler's sister without even using the Healing Touch.
  • Arin somehow getting a perfect score in the bungee jumping event of Go Vacation, (00.00 feet from the ground!)
  • In Mega Man 6, defeating Centaur Man with a single health bar remaining. And somehow made even more badass by them not even noticing.
  • Arin scoring a single point in Nimble Thimble from Minute to Win It at the very last instant, after they both spent the whole minute struggling to figure out how the game worked.
  • Arin's impressive turnaround in Pac-Man, eating all four ghosts when they were closing in on him.
  • In the Goonies one-off, Dan unwittingly clears a level right as the timer hits zero. Neither Grump notices this.
  • After losing five lives in Beavis and Butt-Head one-off, on their last life, Arin recognizes the game pattern enough to guide him and Danny to the end of the first level.
  • Part 3 of We Love Katamari is filled with talk about space, and Arin says that knowing space is so huge is how he's been able to keep himself from getting a big head.
  • In Sonic Boom episode 9, upon them arriving at a locked door, Sonic says: "Amy and Tails, I'll need your help on this one. Knuckles, well... you can just... sit this one out.
    Danny (as Knuckles): ...Oh, can I? (Arin proceeds to use the jump glitch with Knuckles to go straight over the wall without opening it)
  • How did Arin and Danny meet? At a Halloween party that PewDiePie was hosting.
  • Arin finally beating Koga, the Fuchsia City gym leader, and earning the Soul Badge in the (as of this writing) latest episode of Pokemon Fire Red. Keep in mind that a) most of Arin's Pokemon are underleveled and/or a bad type matchup and b) Arin and Danny only recently starting playing this game again after a long hiatus.
    • Some extra icing on the cake is Arin's Charmeleon Sch was able to level up and learn Flamethrower only to get knocked out a turn later. Arin used his one Max Revive and much like a Shonen manga card duel that one new move ended up doing a lot of damage against Weezing. A bit depressing in hindsight considering that Arin accidentally erases that move when it evolves into Charizard.
    • The trend continues with Arin capturing Articuno after spending last episode struggling to capture it.
    • And again when the same deal happens with Moltres.
    • Finally, they round out the trifecta when they catch Zapdos, soft-resetting after their Graveller's Explosion wipes it out. Zapdos puts up much less of a struggle and is caught in the same episode where it first appears instead of having Kevin cut ahead to its eventual capture. Better yet, it's caught in a Great Ball after Arin runs out of the superior Ultra Balls and briefly considers chucking the Master Ball at it.
    • On a more general scale, as of episode #109, Pokemon Fire Red has officially surpassed Sonic '06 as the longest-running series on Game Grumps.
  • Just the amount of profound conversation the Grumps occasionally are capable of striking up. They converse about difficult topics such as sexuality, modern culture, and history, in an often very intellectual manner while still being engaged in some often not very easy to master video games.
  • Arin & Jon are friends years after their respective departures. Approved by Ross, Suzy, and Danny in the comments.
  • Pokemon Fire Red officially became the longest-running playthrough in Game Grumps history on February 9, 2015, crossing the 108 episode barrier set by Sonic 06 (though how much of that is necessarily an achievement is obviously up for debate). Additionally, and to the euphoric surprise of everyone in the comments section, Arin and Danny finally mention Jon by name for the first time since he left the show.
  • In the finale of Adventure of Link, Danny takes down the final bosses in under 2 minutes.
  • Super Mario 64 Part 5: Arin pulls off a pretty impressive stunt by getting the "Fall Onto The Caged Island" star with the cannon, in only two attempts (and that wasn't even the star he was supposed to get!)
    • Getting the order of the chests in the sunken ship right on his first try, after not playing long enough to forget a lot of the game.
    • His rather unorthodox method of reaching the "Get a Hand" star simply because he didn't know it wouldn't work. Especially since this was after a month or so of generally terrible playing.
  • After a year and a half, Danny returns to Mike Tyson's Punch Out and beats Tyson by split decision. And then goes back in because the fans will only be satisfied if he knocks Tyson out, and after a Determinator half hour and a smidgen of fast-forwarding where Arin gets bored and leaves the room for a while he finally gets a TKO victory.
  • Arin beating Ninja Gaiden, one of the most notoriously Nintendo Hard games ever made, including making it to stage 5-2 on his first life. After that the difficulty of the game caught up with him, but he went into full-on Determinator mode until he got to the end.
  • Arin beating the Blood Starved Beast from Bloodborne three minutes into his second try, after Danny's friend said he was looking forward to seeing it make Arin cry.
    • Later on, Arin fights Mergo's Wet Nurse for the very first time, as he hadn't reached that point in his personal playthrough. He defeats it on that first attempt.
  • Danny successfully fighting Title Defense's Piston Hondo while freestyling a verse that could have been in Rapper's Delight without missing a beat. He loses the fight later, but still.
  • Jirard successfully pulling off a difficult set of jumps to earn the last chaos emerald in Sonic 3 and Knuckles.
  • In ep. 8 of Sonic 3 & Knuckles Grumpcade, Arin talks about how the staff of Dance Showdown was trying to "make a thing" out of him and his dance partner, Maxine. Keep in mind that Arin is already married to Suzy. Naturally, Arin refused to have any of that.
    Arin: I'm not gonna fuckin' let them use me to objectify women on a fuckin' reality show.
  • Arin and Danny's Mr. Wilson rap from Dennis the Menace. Arin even starts beatboxing the Amen Break.
  • When he was four, Jirard got into a household accident and fell into a coma for four days. His father (who was away on business) brought him out of it OVER THE PHONE by promising him a new Ninja Turtle toy and a copy of "Turtles in Time" when he came home.
    Jirard's Mom: Oh Charles, he's in a coma! He's been knocked out for four days!
    Jirard's Dad: BULLSHIT. Put him on the phone!
  • In Part 10 of Pokémon Art Academy, Ross has to draw Gengar and decides to take it seriously and make Gengar spookier-looking. The result is terrifying and, in the duo's own words, "Fucking Rad".
    • The whole series is one for Ross in general. Aside from times when he's deliberately making bad art, a majority of his drawings fall into Awesome Art territory, as if to remind the viewers that he's actually an artist. Doubly so when Ross realizes that the game is teaching people how to draw through tracing and how his drawings are Off the Rails.
    • At the end of Part 14, Barry and Ross joke that their next lesson may not be a Pokémon, and Barry suggesting it might be a Digimon. Even if by accident, Ross' Charmander picture in part 15 is actually a pretty good cross between a hyper-realistic Agumon and a Charmander.
  • In the Super Mario Galaxy playthrough, Arin manages to defeat the notoriously difficult Daredevil version of Bouldergeist in one try. It's especially awesome since he'd almost died to the normal Bouldergeist multiple times... and that was with 6 HP.
  • Chris showing off his robot voice in Part 50 of Sonic Adventure DX. You'd swear it's actually a voice program.
    • After endlessly griping about the game throughout the entire playthrough, Arin states that the final Super Sonic battle and its accompanying music really got him pumped up as a kid, and it still holds up.
  • Any time Danny beats one of Ross' Nintendo Hard levels in Super Mario Maker.
    • Arin mentions in Part 1 that in number of stars, Ross is ranked in 4th place among American level makers, and 24th worldwide. Since then, he's hit the 7th place worldwide.
    • Discovering the trick of using the Thwomps to activate the switch block in "Fast."
    • "Fast" has only been beaten by 2% of the people who've tried. Arin did it on just his third attempt. And then did it again just to prove it wasn't pure luck.
    • In Part 5, Arin saving himself from the lava with a very tricky series of wall jumps.
    • After three episodes' worth of Arin struggling to make it through "Companion Spring," it's clear that the fifteen people who have beaten it deserve their own mention. Especially since at least one of them didn't use the fire flower that Ross himself wasn't able to beat it without.
    • And as of Part 8, Arin can be added to those who beat it without a fire flower, including completely smoking the area that had given him the most trouble before.
    • In Ross' "You are a Monster" level, everything begins with a Yoshi standing on rotating blocks underneath two stacked Thwomps that drop down and crush Yoshi (as it breaks through the blocks). In part 9, after many trials, Arin manages to save Yoshi in an epic gesture of throwing a P Switch at the wall of rotating blocks in front of him so it bounces off and hovers just above him as the Thwomps come down, making them activate the Switch and stopping them in their path while Mario makes it to the other side safely.
    • Danny beats a particularly tricky part of "Spiny Suffocation" much faster than Arin has ever seen before, and is the only person he's ever seen beat it without resorting to despawning a few spinys first.
    • In Part 18, Arin beats Jirard's level "Hanging By A Thread" in the first minute of the episode, then beats another Jirard level, "The Lava Escapades of 1984" within five minutes of first loading it up. Both levels have clear rates of less than 1%.
    • In Part 24, Danny asks if one section is possible to clear without taking a hit. Ten or so minutes later Arin does it, and then goes on to get farther on the level than they ever have before.
    • The "Companion Shell" level, all on its own. It shows a level of effort and creativity that's just jaw-dropping. Arin even notes that he gets the sense that the fans won't mind them taking several episodes to beat it at all, since it's so fun to watch.
    • In Part 44 Arin takes a while to get past one particular part of the level, after which he still has another screen to get past which has its own gimmick that you'd think would take him a few tries to get down on its own. But he manages to get past it the first time, and beats the level right there.
    • "They're Hungry" is part of a set of levels specifically chosen for being fiendishly difficult. Arin boots it up for a trial run where he's more interested in reading the comments...and manages to beat it ''accidentally''.
    • In Part 51 a glitch with the equipment wipes out their footage of beating a level they'd spent three videos on. Arin then declared he could absolutely do it again, and after a few hiccups pulls it off in what's apparently a much cooler way than the first time, getting a Thwomp to kill Bowser.
    • Dan's performance of "Don't Stop Believing" in Part 58.
    • Arin beating a level designed after Battle Kid, specifically designed to troll him. And despite a few very close calls on his battle with the "plant."
    • Though neither of them seem to notice, Arin's final successful run through the level in Part 63 includes quite a few impressive bits of dodging, capped off by a flight through the final section that he admits worked on pure luck but is no less badass for it.
    • "Super Meat Bros." has by far the lowest clear rate of any level they've done, to the point where the counter for how many people have played it was maxed out. Arin beats it in two videos.
    • Arin takes on the troll level "Ten Seconds of Pain," and beats it in ten minutes. And then goes back in to try to beat the world record, only taking a couple more minutes to win again within three-hundredths of a second of that record.
    • Arin beating "Beetles are Friends" after several more neat dodging bits, setting a new world record for the first time in the series.
    • "The Curse of the Golden Flower" is another one that deserves a mention just for how brilliantly designed the level itself is, with the player passing all kinds of weird stuff off to the side that doesn't hinder the main path at all, only for it all to turn into a non-stop chain reaction as you try to get back out.
    • They take on "Pit of Panga," infamous as perhaps the hardest level that's ever been made in the game. Arin manages to get onto Yoshi's back at the beginning multiple times, which Dan quite understandably takes as a win.
    • Arin plays "Bowser's Prison Fight," a level beaten by a grand total of three people. He falls victim to an especially cruel trap, but still insists it counts as a win, and even more than "Pit of Panga" it's easy to agree. He did it in just eleven minutes, too.
    • After losing the footage of his getting the new world record for "Escape From Koopatraz," Arin goes right back in. He ends up beating his own time.
    • This series is now the longest running in the show's history, causing Pokemon Red's reign at the top to be remarkably short.
    • "Nikki's Puzzling Pictures," which gets both guys to spend the entire video raving about how brilliant the level is, and they end up declaring it one of the greatest things anyone has ever done with the system.
  • The appearance of ProJirard the Finishist in the intro sequence to Turtles In Time.
  • In Part 1 of Dead Rising, Arin takes a while to figure out how to zoom out. The result is something that's been a long time coming, as Danny ruthlessly mocks his tendency to yell at the game for his not knowing the controls.
  • "Super Mario Maker Part 31" reveals that the Grumps can count both Steve-O and Coheed and Cambria amongst their fans, to the point where the members of Coheed e-mailed the Grumps about hanging out (which they were sadly unavailable to do). Arin in particular stops the episode dead to gush in excitement, as both he and Danny are huge fans.
  • For the Bring Back Mystery Science Theater 3000 Telethon, they play "Manos" The Hands of Fate with Crow. Awesome snark ensues.
  • Markiplier managing to beat a ghost house in Brutal Mario with only ten seconds left is pretty impressive considering how much he screwed up on that level.
  • Mayor Luigi, the moment that single-handedly made Danny an accepted, worthy successor to Jon in many people's eyes, since he had been getting extreme amounts of backlash beforehand.
  • Ninja Sex Party putting on an awesome joint concert with Tupperware Remix Party at Magfest, in front of five thousand chanting fans.
  • Any time the two of them cooperate during the co-op Shovel Knight playthrough. One real nice sequence toward the end was the successful run of the Boss Rush. They had a bumpy start, but were consistently beating the knights.
  • In the finale of Arin and Danny's co-op Shovel Knight playthrough, Arin waits off to the side while Dan fights the final boss, planning on switching in when Dan dies. Danny ends up taking the boss down entirely by himself, despite her having double her usual health. The real awesome of this moment is the fact that Dan had started the game without much skill with the controls, and was usually behind Arin at the end of each level's rankings; this shows just how far he's come since then.
  • Barry beating Sans in Undertale during a live stream after a good hour of trying is a particularly awesome moment. Especially awesome is how he beat Sans; after getting Sans to sleep, he pushed his box slowly onto the "fight" button. Sans sidestepped Barry's first slash and immediately began gloating about it, leaving himself wide open for a second slash that hit him and finished him off once and for all.
  • In Part 2 of Pokken Tournament, at the end-of-episode "lightning round", Ross, without Barry seeing, sets Barry's HP to 50% of normal, while setting his to 150%. Barry had barely any chance of winning, but still almost beat Ross twice, to Ross' terror. While Ross still won in the end, it shows that Barry's skill, to this day, is not to be trifled with.
  • Rush is indeed Danny's favorite band, as he proves in "Ocarina of Time: Part 33" he can name all 20 of their studio albums and the year they came out in less than a minute.
  • The first new Guest Grumps since the Grant Kirkhope episode features none other than Steve-O, who plays "Madworld" for 40 minutes with the Grumps, compliments the turn-out at their live shows at the Hollywood Improv, and talks at length about video games' place in the culture.
  • In his guest appearance on the show, Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria talks about the origin of the lyric "Good eye, Sniper" from "A Favor House Atlantic." Arin and Dan are PUMPED to hear it.
  • Arin declares up top that he's going to beat the Water Temple in seven episodes. Despite some bumps in the road, he does exactly that.
    • Arin managing to keep the secret that Sheik is Zelda from Danny in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, resulting in Danny's genuine shock and amazement at the reveal. Arin admits that he messed up a few times (referring to Sheik as 'she' or 'her' in a few instances) but thankfully Danny thought that that was just Arin being a goof.
  • The Guest Grumps with Rob and Patricia Schneider is pretty awesome just for the fact that it came about as a result of Arin ranting about how much he hated Rob's Netflix series. Rob was a very good sport about it, and was able to give his own thoughts about making the series without getting defensive. He also appreciated Arin giving genuine criticisms instead of just saying "it sucks" as well as his praising Patricia's performance. The whole episode was very pleasant and friendly, and they even kept recording after the game crashed just because they were having such a good conversation.
    • Not to mention Patricia spends the entire episode wiping the floor with Arin and Danny at "Mortal Kombat."
  • A day after the Art Academy finale goes up, Pokemon FireRed finally returns after a year and a half. Dan's friend Mariah had been grinding off screen and got Beedrill up to LEVEL 83. They use all of their Rare Candies to boost him up to Level 89 and afterward he single-handedly takes out Lorelei's whole team.
    • Knurttt has also been in the Pokemon Day Care so long she's up to Level 45. Despite some jokes, they decide to take her with to face the Elite Four. Knurttt's finally getting her day in the sun!
  • One for the Lovelies: after playing "Kirby's Dream Course" and wishing for more levels, the fans stepped up to provide the Grumps with a modded "Grumps Dream Course" complete with custom sprites, music, and courses. Their joy is palpable and they resolved to play as many levels as possible to thank the fans for their hard work.
    Arin: When we last played this I said "I wish there were more levels." And the internet basically went "Okay!"
    • Danny's impressive lead on the "Mr. Barry and Mr. Kevin" course. With one hole left, he's leading by 16 points. Even if Arin trounces him on the last hole, he will win.
    • Their glorious two-shot take-down of a level called "Certain Doom". It's especially impressive considering that the level was obviously designed to make them fall over the edge of the board, and neither of them did.
    • Really, the fact that, as of the start of Ninja Brian EX (aka the end of Episode 40), Danny hasn't lost once. There have been draws, but no outright losses.note  Dan's been doing really well even when he ends up behind Arin.
    • Arin sweeping Danny of all the stars in one move. Especially when both of them didn't expect it.
    • And at the end of the Mowse Holes course in Part 48, Danny has the odds stacked against him, needing five points over Arin to win after a considerable hole-by-hole losing streak. He spends the whole match snatching stars away from Arin... Which comes to a head when he ends up with seven stars while Arin only has two, and the hole is active. Arin screws up the shot for the hole and doesn't get any stars on the way down, while Danny successfully wins the game with three stars to spare on the total score, much to Arin's despair over his limited win rate.
    • Arin eventually says he's not bothered at all by Dan constantly beating him at the game, as it would be like challenging Usain Bolt to a race and then being surprised that you lost. He then confirms he just called Dan the Usain Bolt of the game.
  • In Castlevania Chronicles, Arin manages to defeat the Clock Tower boss, a female werewolf, after getting destroyed by her, barely winning by one peg of health!
  • Playing the Sea Battle game from Intellivision, Arin sends three ships toward Dan after he crashes his against land. Cue Dan through some clever maneuvering triple killing Arin’s three ships.
  • On Guest Grumps, the Grumps play "Time Lord" with comedian Brent Weinbach, who claims it's one of the worst, most confusing NES games ever. By both skill and also pure accident, Arin is able to figure out the first few levels of the game's Moon Logic and get further than Brent's ever have.
  • They get Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things, and in a discussion about acting they mention they're doing a YouTube Red show with Dan Harmon! Holy shit!
  • Dan managing to beat Hooktail without using the Sound Effect badge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
  • After a hiatus from Steam Train and Grumpcade, Barry and Ross make a return to the middle slot with a new Stout Train, featuring a fully produced music video about the wonders of drinking Guinness. Jack the Intern even gets to take the lead and show off a lovely singing voice! Also features Ninja Brian himself showing up to deliver a Neck Snap to Arin when he complains about the noise the group is making.
  • In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, after a whole race of lagging behind and losing to Arin on the last two courses, Dan manages to go from 11th place to 1st in the last lap out of nowhere.
  • Puyo Puyo Tetris involves two very different playstyles from Anin and Dan - Arin is trying to set up complicated combos, while Danny is focusing on just clearing stuff. The former is the "right" way to play. Except Danny occasionally wins rounds... And he beats Arin outright in swap mode.
  • As much as they loathe to admit it, both Danny and Arin think the designs for Dark Gaia in Sonic Unleashed are pretty rad, even if they think the boss itself is bullshit.
  • While playing the No Touch Challenge of Super Mario Bros. 3, Danny believes the first jump in the first fortress of World 6 is impossible to make without collecting any of the coins and is adamant to pardon Arin. After a couple of close fails, Arin insists it's possible, then when he does make the jump successfully, he gets all the way to Boom-Boom and defeats him on his first try.
  • Arin was able to beat Super Mario Odyssey within 24 hours of its release.
  • Dan was forced to sit out some recording sessions post-Christmas 2017 due to catching the flu. His first episode back, he and Arin literally take up the sword again in Sonic and the Black Knight, with Arin finally beating the boss that caused him to Rage Quit originally so they can continue on with the rest of the game. What a comeback!
    • In addition to this, Dan spent his time recuperating by rewatching their Doki Doki Literature Club! series and getting hyped for the remaining story. For someone who usually hates horror games and was convinced by Ross that the game was anything but, he's taking this game very seriously.
  • In Part 3 of Mega Man 7, Dan tells the story of rocker who was such a heroin addict that a mosquito once drank his blood only to instantly die from heroin overdose.
  • Danny managing to beat The Shadow Queen in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door by grinding off screen and thinking about every move he does.
  • In the Boardgame Bonanza episode of 10 Minute Power Hour, Danny beats Arin at boardgame Tetris despite Arin basically cheating twice through a bit of good luck and very good use of his pieces to the point where there isn't a single unfilled space below two lines from the top of his board.
  • Arin ends up winning PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on his phone. On his first shot.
  • While commenting on his Wikipedia page, Arin reveals that he's a direct descendant of John Hanson, a Patriot during the Revolutionary War who was elected the president of Congress under the Articles of Confederation, and is thus considered by some to be the country's true first President.note 
  • In "Sonic the Hedgehog, Part 7" both Grumps call out Kotaku for their derisive, passive-aggressive attitude towards the channel, going as far back as the time when Jon left the channel. Dan even mentions a story where a Kotaku reporter who asked for a quote was blatantly two-faced to him, posting an article insulting Dan in-between e-mail replies. For folks who have a problem with Kotaku's reporting, it's a satisfying calling-out.
  • Arin and Dan compete to see how well they can do in the original arcade version of Donkey Kong on one credit each. Arin fails at 75m. Dan not only gets past him, he more than doubles Arin's high score.
  • Arin destroying The Wiki Game when asked to link "Allies in World War I" to "Writing system," simply going to each country's language pages which all have writing system in the sidebar.
  • Two words: WEIRD AL! And he kicks their butts at Wheel of Fortune to boot!
  • The pair plays Chinese Checkers from the Ultimate Board Games collection. Throughout most of the match, Arin has a decisive advantage over Danny and is mere steps away from winning the game. But in just TWO moves, Danny completely turns things around, blocking Arin and preventing him from scoring, all the while managing to set things up for himself where he is able to win the game outright.
  • During the first episode of their Sonic Adventure 2 playthrough, Arin reveals that during one of his trips to Japan, he got to sing along to "Escape from the City" with the guy who composed it!
  • Dan managing to get through both Through the Mirror and Piano Solo in Dragon's Lair 2: Time Warp on the first try.
  • Getting Jamie Lee Curtis to guest star.
  • For as many knocks as they've taken for not paying attention to the games, they make a very impressive showing in Phoenix Wright, immediately picking up on numerous logical discrepancies and making the right choice.
  • During their livestream of Undertale, Arin beat Omega!Flowey on his second try. Their assistant Allie pointed out they had 30,000+ watching on the stream and also had a crowd gathered around in the Grump office to watch.
    • During the Genocide run, Arin does insanely well during the final boss fight with Sans. Many gamers and Youtubers have taken up to eight hours trying to beat him. Arin gets to his last phase in less than one.
  • Having Ben Schwartz (the new voice of Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)) on the show. Turns out Ben is The Determinator, because he becomes the first guest to single-handedly beat a game on the show. What's more, the game is Adventures In The Magic Kingdom, a classic example of Nintendo Hard.
    • During their conversation after beating the game, Arin reveals that for the Game Grumps live shows he formed his own touring company that exclusively caters to Youtubers personalities because he felt venues and promoters weren't treating them or their fans right.
  • Ross sits in as they play through his level "You are a Monster?" in Super Mario Maker 2, and makes a big deal about how he made sure you can't cheat a certain section. But Arin manages to do it anyway, which apparently pisses Ross off so much that his shouting destroys the audio for the rest of the level.
    • Arin manages a trick in "Companion Vine: REGROWN" that Ross had always suspected could be done but never managed it himself or saw anyone else doing it, and is declared a God Gamer.


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