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Hey, I'm Drunk!
I'm Not So Drunk!
And we're the Game Drunks!

  • Take a shot:
    • Whenever Jon, Arin and/or Danny break into song
    • Whenever they mispronounce the show's name (eg: "Goom Groomps")
    • For each one-off episode
      • Another if it ended in a Rage Quit (eg Battletoads)
    • Whenever Jon makes a <adjective>-ass <noun> comment
      • Take two if it's Arin who says it instead
    • Each time Jon says EH! EH!
      • Finish your drink for every, "ECH!!"
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    • Any time Jon says "Imma Get You"
    • For each mention of "real talk"
    • If Arin burps or farts.
      • Take two if Jon comments on it.
      • Take three if Jon burps or farts.
    • Whenever Barry makes any sort of interaction.
    • Whenever Arin lets out a Big "WHAT?!"
  • Take a drink whenever they actually beat a non-Game Grumps Vs. game.
    • Down the bottle if it wasn't a one-shot (eg. Mega Man 7, Goof Troop)
      • Get completely smashed for an entire weekend if they ever finish Sonic '06.
  • Finish your drink whenever Jon shouts "OH IT'S A [SOMETHING]".
  • Take a shot whenever they fast forward.
    • Take another if the music they use while fast-fowarding is a version of Escape From The City.
    • Take another when they come across an interesting moment before fast forwarding again immediately.
  • Take a drink whenever they forget a game mechanic, or how to proceed in a game.
    • Take two if they are ignoring in-game hints.
      • Take three if they complain that the game is unclear afterwards.
      • Recommended you cut out one shot for any Sonic playthrough, assuming you want to keep your liver.
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  • Take a shot whenever Jon describes a game as "perfect" or his favorite.
  • Take a drink whenever Arin responds to something with a noncommittal "yeh."
    • Take two if it's after Jon tries to say something deep or insightful.
  • Take a shot whenever Arin doesn't understand immersion.
  • Take a shot for each replay
  • Take a shot every time Danny says "totally".
  • Take a shot for each time Danny mentions Skittles.
    • Take two if he is actually eating some.
    • Take an additional shot if he mentions combining Skittles with Pepsi at any point.
      • Down the bottle if he ends up choking or throwing them up.
  • Take a shot every time Danny says something along the lines of "eat a dick."
  • Take a shot if someone says "Goddamn it, Ross!" (except for the Steam Rolled intro).
  • In the Out of This World playthrough, take a shot for each "mycaruba" or a variant thereof.
  • Take a shot whenever a dick/fart/poop joke is made.
    • Down half the bottle if two out of the three concepts are used in the same joke.
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    • Down the whole bottle if all three concepts are used in the same joke.
  • Take a shot whenever Danny's Judaism is referenced.
    • Take two shots if Arin uses that knowledge against him.
  • Drink every time Danny does an impression of his father.
  • Drink whenever Arin beatboxes.
    • Finish the drink if Jon or Danny sing or rap along to Arin's beatboxing.
  • Take a shot every time Arin uses George for someone's name.
    • Take an extra if he uses Franklin after using George.
  • Drink every time Arin tells an enemy to "chill the fuck out".
  • Take a shot whenever Dan shouts " We're playing the feud!".
    • Take two when and if Arin says "We're playing the feud".
  • Take a shot whenever Arin dismisses control guides or general game instructions.
    • Take two shots if this causes him to be confused or lost.
      • Down the bottle if he then blames the game.
      • Again, dial it down during Sonic games for your own safety.
  • Take a shot each time Danny yells, "Son of a bitch!" or "You son of a bitch!"
  • Finish your drink whenever Danny starts singing in the middle of a Game Grumps episode. If he's singing Ninja Sex Party song lyrics, add another shot. If he includes a Starbomb song, a full drink and two shots.
  • During the Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril finale, take a sip each time Arin gets killed by the Lotus Guardian. Taking shots, as Danny warns, could put you in the hospital.
    • If you're feeling up to the challenge, pour a new drink and drink from it for the length of one of Arin's improvised rants when he's fighting the Lotus Guardian.
  • Take a shot whenever Danny says "in the 80s" or mentions anything from the 80s.
  • Take a drink if Arin says "Ah shit, dude!" Finish it if Danny joins in.
  • Finish your drink if Arin starts coughing after laughing too hard. The same goes for Jon. Be careful if you're watching videos from around that time they got really nasty food poisoning at MAGFest, which made them so sick they kept hacking and coughing for a very long time.
    • Alternatively: finish your drink if Danny starts gasping for air after laughing too hard.
  • Finish your drink if Arin does something that makes Danny comment, "So stupid..." or "So dumb..."
  • For the Sonic Boom playthrough, take a shot each time Arin abuses Knuckles's infinite jump glitch. Another shot any time Danny groans in tired disapproval at him for making the playthrough cheap.
  • During the Super Mario 3D World playthrough take a shot every time Danny rushes through a stage and makes Arin miss a hidden reward. Take another shot every time Arin yells at Danny. And take another shot for every instance of fuck-overs and assetry that they inflict on each other during the game.
    • Take a sip every time Arin dies on a level.
    • Take a lick every time Danny dies. The amount of alcohol allotted for this rule is reduced due to the sheer number of times he dies compared to Arin (some of those deaths inflicted by Arin on purpose).
    • Finish your drink whenever the Grumps have died so many times on a level, the Golden Tanooki Leaf Block assist item appears.
      • Pour a new drink and take a shot if Danny grabs a Golden Tanooki suit while Arin refuses to. Finish the newly poured drink if Arin dies again after refusing the suit.
  • Take a shot every time Danny says, "My dad works at Nintendo."
  • Take a sip each time Arin or Danny use the word "fuck" or any variation thereof.
  • Take a shot if Danny exclaims "HA!" when attempting an ambitious maneuver.
    • Take two if said maneuver succeeds.
  • Finish your drink if Suzy, Barry, or Ross show up during an episode of Game Grumps.
  • Take a shot if Arin's kitties Mimi or Mochi are mentioned.
    • Take a shot if Jon's parrot Jacques is mentioned.
  • Take a shot if Arin says something kinda homoerotic.
    • Take two shots if he mentions the D-club.
  • Take a shot each time Danny sarcastically congratulates Arin with "Nailed it.", "You did it!", or otherwise when he messes up a task during a game.
  • Take a shot each time Barry is told to edit something out.
    • Take an entire drink if Barry is told to edit something out in an episode after the introduction of Kevin.
  • Finish your drink if Scribey (the smiling "SUBSCRIBE" end slate) appears, or Burgie (the smiling burger) appears.
  • Take a shot whenever you notice a new intentional skewing of the word "SUBSCRIBE" during the end slates.
  • Take a shot every time Arin says a popular game sucks. Take another if he says the whole franchise sucks.
  • Take a shot for every Gordon Ramsay or Dane Cook impression. Take another shot if it lasts for over a minute.
  • Take a gulp whenever they ask Barry or Kevin (or Larry) to do something for them.
  • Take a shot for each wolfjob.
  • Take a drink every time Danny tells a story involving Ninja Brian. Finish it if it involves Brian threatening deviant sexual acts upon Danny.
  • Take a shot whenever Arin calls someone a "Pizza" or Suzy calls someone a "Butt."
  • Take a shot each time Danny says "If you die in the game, you die for real!" or a variation. Take two if Arin says it.
  • Take a shot whenever Arin & Danny get into a spat of saying "Hey, whoa!" and "Whoa, hey!" back and forth to each other. If you're REALLY up to the challenge, keep taking shots for everytime the phrases are said.
  • Take a shot whenever Danny exclaims "Now we are cooking with gas!". Finish your drink if Arin does it.
  • Mix two drinks together and then take a shot when Danny refers to Jared or Jirard as "ProJirard the Finishist" or some variation thereof. If you're watching the TMNT: Turtles in Time Grumpcade series, down the whole drink during their Fusion Dance intro.
  • Take a shot every time Brian says ''NOICE!'' at something that is nice.
  • Take a sip when "Next Ep ▶" doesn't have an annotation. Take another if a next episode exists.
  • Take a shot every time the Grumps break into Engrish.
  • Take a shot every time Danny says "I'm so mayowd(mad)/sayowd(sad)/scayowd(scared)". Take another shot if it starts a chain of them repeating it back and forth to each other.
  • Take a shot every time Danny says "You lied to me!" while doing an old Jewish woman impression.
  • Take a shot if Dan insists a something-o-meter is pronounced differently.
  • Take a shot for every instance the Grumps blurt, "If you had a chance to change your fate, would ya?" or some variation thereof.
  • Take a shot every time Brian acts douchey to someone.
  • Take a shot if Brian gets pissed when one of the Grumps disses/contradicts science. Finish your drink if it spirals into a full-on heated debate. But if he gets to anti-religious boasting, that's your cue to stop, because being a dick about one's beliefs is not cool and not worthy of a drink.
  • If you're watching The Berenstain Bears on Their Own and You on Your Own, take a shot whenever they say "TAKE THE SHOT!"
  • Take a shot every time Danny or Arin make a Harsher in Hindsight joke in Doki Doki Literature Club!. Also take one every time Arin accidentally uses his Monika voice for another character.
  • Finish your drink every time Jon gets a post-departure mention/nod on the show.
  • In A Way Out, take a shot every time Arin says "Look at us, couple of cards."
  • In Super Mario Maker, when they're playing one of Ross' levels, take a sip every time they insult or yell at Ross.
  • Take a shot every time Arin sings about oral sex to the tune of the game's background music.

We bought too many beers... we gotta drink 'em all.
So all 'board the Stout Train! *BURRRP!*
I love you, man...
Also, Kevin!


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