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Tear Jerker / Game Grumps

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"There is nothing more heartbreaking than a sad Ross."

Even a series as quirky and hilarious as Game Grumps has its sad moments, for reasons both inside and outside of video games.


  • "Ode to Jon". It has its funny moments, but it's still rather bittersweet, seeing Jon suddenly leave.
    • It's a depressing sight watching everyone huddled around the empty seat on the couch that Jon used to sit on, with Arin crying and rubbing the empty seat as though a close friend had died.
  • In-Universe: Sad Hoshi.
    • At least until it turns out he's a pedophile.
  • All of The Wind Waker: Episode 19. Essentially the entire episode revolves around Danny revealing his past where he struggled with Mono, depression, and OCD.
  • Danny seems genuinely sad when he realizes they've finished Kirby's Epic Yarn, especially during the scene when Prince Fluff says goodbye to Kirby.
  • Jon reminices about his time with Danny, and how the two used to laugh about Wolfjob together.
    Jon: I miss Dan. I really do.
  • Many fans feel this way about the longest playthrough the Grumps ever did, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It was done in by Jon's departure and Left Hanging at part 108. It stops at the very end of Silver's campaign with the Grumps about to beat Iblis's final form, and they had already cleared Sonic's and Shadow's campaigns, which would have launched them into the Last Episode to beat Solaris in an epic conclusion to the game. Jon himself had said it would be an incredible finale... then left Game Grumps. Afterwards, Arin said that the playthrough was over for good, because they had gotten to a point where there wasn't much more to do near the end, and Danny felt he wasn't there for the journey and it would feel like an intrusion to pick up where Jon left off and continue only a smidgen of the game.
    Arin: Like I keep saying, man. Sonic 06 is a character study on us. As people. We grow with the game, we grow as friends. Maybe we fight a couple times, but we always come back. Because we know...
    Jon: [laughing] We know there's more to be had.
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  • In Part 13 of Katamari Damacy, Dan recalls his first day of nursery school. Mixed with Heartwarming, he says how he cried after saying goodbye to his mom, and was so fussy as a result he threw blocks at kids.
  • Shadow of the Colossus naturally brings a few of these out, as Danny keeps saying how bad he feels about killing the Colossi.
    • Agro's death. Danny is "so sadmad right now."
    • Not helped when he reflexively whistles for Agro after defeating a Colossus... and she's not there. Danny accidentally makes himself sad.
    • What makes it worse is that Arin managed to trick Danny into gushing about Agro right before her death.
    • During the whole ending, Danny seems like he's about to start crying, and even begs Arin to cut out his shtick of pretending he doesn't know what's about to happen. He ends up declaring that he might need to take a couple weeks off before he's up to doing the next game.
  • Their Wind Waker Finale. Especially their final words:
    Arin: Wanna play a Sonic game?
    Danny: Yeah, those are short.
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  • Danny's run of bad luck playing Dokapon Kingdom.
  • Arin reaching his breaking point after being repeatedly rejected by Helena in Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, bursting into tears, and crying into Dan's lap.
  • Coming across an "RIP Robin Williams" message while playing Super Mario 3D World. And note that this was after they learned his daughter Zelda is a fan of theirs.
  • In Part 2 of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, you can hear a twinge of sadness in Suzy's voice when she compares Hideo Kojima to Monty Oum.
  • During the "Thank You" video Danny and Ross filmed to celebrate their two years on the channel, Ross shared a story about the negative reaction to the first episodes of Steam Train. He saw the dislike bar and the comments section, and (trying to not let it get him down) he decided forget working and spend the day at the beach with Holly. Unfortunately, he got stung by a bee on his hand and the pain caused all of his pent-up frustration he had to come out in one echoing "FUCK!!!" that shocked all the nearby swimmers and surfers. He got it patched up quickly by the lifeguards and the channel obviously sorted itself out soon after, but it's sad to hear that the negative reception to him and Danny's first appearances really DID get to them in one way or another.
    Danny: You got stung by a bee, and also had your feelings stung by YouTube comments.
  • Ross and Dan are genuinely utterly CRUSHED when Achaka dies in King's Quest (2015). Apparently it hit them so hard that it took them thirty minutes to recompose themselves and continue recording.
  • In the Grump Out interview with his grandmother, Danny saying that his main regret in life is that he wished he had gotten his act together before his grandfather died, and coming close to tears because he can't see how well Danny is doing now.
  • The massive journey to complete "You are a monster"note  during the Super Mario Maker series, which takes 3 and a half episodes. And, when they do, they just sound... brokennote :
    Danny: (near tears) Fucking did it, bro... You did it... I'm so proud of you...
    Arin: (groans; near tears) It doesn't feel good...
    Danny: No...
    Arin: Doesn't feel good...
    Danny: (reading from a Miiverse comment) Yoshis before Hoshis...
    • Really, this comment from episode 12 sums it up:
      Jasmine Up: I think we just saw them going through the five stages of grief.
  • In part 1 of Star Fox 64, Jon and Arin talk about how when they're depressed, they eat food (Jon's food being burgers, Arin's being ice cream). They mention how eating this food actually makes them more unhappy, as they lose self-control and eat too much, making them feel bad.
  • Part 73 of Super Mario Galaxy ends up being a very reflective, somber video as both Danny and Arin talk about how it feels like to grow older and how the current workload is taking a lot more out of them than it would when they were younger.
    • Danny in particular admits that the reason he's not been himself in the last couple of videos is because he's reaching 'diagnosable' levels of exhaustion with his current projects, and that the reason he's driving himself so hard is because he feels he's only got two or three albums' worth of music left in him.
  • Barry and Ross sounding genuinely heartbroken and feeling sorry for Asriel in the Golden Ending of Undertale.
  • Two words: Genocide Run.
  • Dan recalling his reaction to Kurt Cobain's death in Part 60 of Super Mario Maker, and how he actually thought 27 was a fine long run at the time.
  • In episode 89 of Pokemon FireRed, they take Knurttt out of the Day Care, takes out one Oddish, and is immediately put back into the Day Care. The sad part is that Dan and Arin paint a scenario in which Knurttt is extremely excited to be with I never again, but is thrown away with a second thought, causing Knurttt to become absolutely heartbroken. This is played as dark humor, but can still easily be seen as a tearjerker.
  • The incredibly dark Alternate Character Interpretation for Lily from Petz Horse Club, that she's in an insane asylum where the staff use her for cheap labor thanks to her delusions that she's cleaning horses.
  • This comes from someone who went to their live show in Nyack, New York; near the tail end of the show, one of the show's staff brought in a man who had a VIP ticket, but made it late due to the Tappan Zee bridge falling apart, who gave the Grumps a heartfelt thanks for helping him stay happy even after he'd lost friends to heroin addiction.
    • Also from GG Live, but the last person they thanked during their whole "Special Thanks" segment was Jon, for starting the whole thing with Arin.
  • Ross' stories about bullying in Part 5 of ''Jet Grind Radio''.
    • In fact, Ross' whole tale from dealing with ADHD in his childhood in the episode can be a bit of a relatable tearjerker for fans who suffer from ADHD/ADHD-PI.
  • Part 5 of The Dog Island. Midway through the episode, Danny mentions his dog Princess Tingles (who their in-game character Princef Taaanx is based on) has gone deaf and blind and lost her sense of smell. At the end of the episode Danny reveals that Princess Tingles passed away between the recording and release of the episode, and the episode ends with a montage of the two of them.
  • In their Doki Doki Literature Club! playthrough, upon realizing that Sayori has had depression her whole life, they immediately feel sorry for her and Danny even regrets giving her such a silly voice for such a dramatic moment.
    • And you just know that Dan really empathizes with her when she admits to having trouble finding reasons to get out of bed considering his own history with depression.
    • Similarly, upon discovering Yuri's cutting habits later in the game, Dan's reaction is a somber "That poor girl..." without nearly as much energy as he usually injects into his commentary.
  • The ending to their playthrough of A Way Out, Listening to Dan being made to face Arin as Leo and losing, meaning that Leo dies, you hear Dan actively bad mouth Vincent killing him. It's very rare to hear someone like Dan to hate someone and to hear him like that really shows how much the ending got to him.
    • Both Grumps are also pretty upset that the game was putting their friendship to the test by forcing them to try and kill each other.


  • Monty Oum's passing. Both Arin and Ross made incredibly touching and provocative posts to honor the spirit of one of their best friends and the hardest-working man that either of them have known.
    • Even worse when you consider something that happened during the Steam Train panel at Magfest 14. Ross receives a phone call coming from Monty's phone, which he ignores. It was Monty's wife trying to tell him about his coma. One could only imagine what would've happened if Ross actually answered the phone; who knows if Ross would've continued the panel if he heard the news right then and there.
  • The reveal that Kevin has formally left the channel to pursue a career cutting trailers. Danny and Arin say it was amicable and they wish him the best in his new endeavors, but it's still sad to see him go.
  • The podcast Before the Grumps can be a big tearjerker depending on how you see it. All six Grumps had to deal with their own trials which are both heartbreaking and inspiring.
    • Dan struggled to live up to his family's name (his grandpa was a Holocaust survivor and created the hospital suction cups that saved millions) and was forced to do something besides music in college and the stress from that took a physical toll on him. After that he was in his first band, The Northern Hues, but they broke up because of personality clashes and his next band, Skyhill, which was the band where he was like "See, dad? I can be successful" also broke up because their only album wasn't financially successful given the issues the music industry was dealing with at the time.
    • Brian's story isn't too sad, but the saddest part was when he got his professorship in London which at that time left Ninja Sex Party's future in doubt. Brian even cried to Dan when he told him he got the job because he was so worried about their band's future now that he would be on the other side of the Atlantic. Another tearjerker was when Brian came to visit Dan and Dan simply asked him, "So, can you tell me why you're here again?".
    • Ross' story about struggling with ADHD and living in Perth is pretty heartbreaking, especially for people who've been struggling with ADHD.
    • Barry's story about constantly being sick as a teenager.
    • Suzy's story about her abusive boyfriend.
    • But the saddest of all the stories is Arin's. Here's a recap: Arin was bullied in school, he dropped out of high school, even though he was successful on Newgrounds the site was just as toxic as it was encouraging which can really mess with you as a teenager, he was barely paid for his shorts on The G-Hole, and he was living in his friend's living room and could barely keep up with the rent which caused strained relationships. Luckily, things took a turn for the better when he put out "Awesome Reach" on YouTube and got not only loads of views but also loads of money (to the point of even going out and buying a car).
  • During a live show, Arin discussed Jon's departure. While full of Heartwarming as Arin still says he and Jon are friends and even says he loves Jon, it is saddening to hear Arin admit he was a bit angry at Jon leaving Game Grumps, even wondering if he was a bad friend to drive Jon away. He even admits he had to go to therapy due to the fact he felt he was a factor in Jon's departure (which isn't the case).
  • After five years of being an integral part of Game Grumps, Barry announces his departure on Twitter.
  • On September 19th, 2018, 10 days shy of their 6th anniversary, Ross and Holly announced that, due to conflicting preference of lifestyle, they would be splitting up.
    • It goes into dark Harsher in Hindsight when it was revealed that afterwards, Holly and Jared had an affair behind his wife's back, with the implication that is why Ross and Holly divorced. Keep in mind Ross was friends with Jared. Which would explain why the ProJared episodes were removed from the channel.
  • In October 2018, the annual Halloween series called Ghoul Grumps only lasted a single episode, where in previous years it was a week's worth of episodes. This resulted in some excessively harsh backlash from people, who even used the comment section of Ninja Sex Party's newest music video to complain. Arin humbly and sorrowfully apologized for these events in "A Message About Ghoul Grumps". He explained that he was sick at the time (and still was during the recording of the video), and that planning for Ghoul Grumps was one of many things that were greatly stressing him. Despite this, he blamed himself, saying that what he feared most was that people would be believe he no longer cared about Game Grumps. He also feared that his so-called mistake was harming Dan's image and career, due to the pestering being taken to Ninja Sex Party's channel. This video is a poignant reminder of Arin's chronic anxiety issues (not helped by the constant ridicule and harassment he gets online), as well a bittersweet reminder of his occasionally self-detrimental insistence on putting the well-being of others before himself.
  • Danny and Brian had apparently intended on including "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" by Michael Jackson on the third NSP covers album, even filming a video for it. After the "Leaving Neverland" documentary was released though, they mutually agreed it was best not to release the song or the video when the album eventually drops. Danny and Arin then have a sobering discussion on how hard it is to reconcile Jackson's real life actions with how great his music was and how much good it did.
  • In late August 2019, Ross announced via Twitter that his mother has been diagnosed with cancer. In subsequent update video he uploaded on his channel, he looks very saddened by the news, as he is struggling to speak. He also announced he would visit his family in Australia regularly throughout the upcoming year. Since he started to stream regularly at that time, he lampshades that it's a very bad timing and that he could be less entertaining because of the situation.


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