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As Game Grumps is a show where random tangents and rambling discussions can pop up anywhere, there is quite a staggering amount of things which are referenced throughout the series. Anything can be referenced by the Grumps, from games to movies to music, and all other sorts of media. When something like a YouTube video is referenced, views for said video tend to increase afterwards, in a phenomena called a "Grump Bump".


Feel free to add any Shout-Out you find in a video, preferably sorted by serial number (as found on The Other Wiki) and episode number. Needs Wiki Magic Love.

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     Kirby Super Star 

  • In Part 27, Dan asks Arin if he has ever read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, the Grumps discuss the darker stories of Shel Silverstein, and Arin also mentions an X-Files episode, "The Walk", talking about the "pool monster" when discussing Dan's shark phobia.
  • From Part 28:
  • When Arin fights his first Snake Parasite in Part 29, he references Resident Evil 4, while Dan says it reminded him of the enemies from The Last of Us.
    Arin: It's a snake head.
    Dan: Yuck.
    Arin: He has like super-snake Las Plagas.
    • Also from Part 29:
    Arin: Aaaand... [narrowly avoids spiked log trap] almost died.
    Dan: [laughs] That looks like the thing fuckin' Schwarzenegger tries to use on Predator. [imitating Arnold] "C'mon, do it! Kill me I'm here!"
    Arin: [laughs] I forgot about that!
    Dan: Oh thats an awesome, awesome scene.
    • Arin and Dan also mention Will Sasso's parody of Arnold on Mad TV called "Stolen Identity 3", and Key & Peele.
  • In Part 30, Dan says that the Plain Doll reminds him of Fairy Wish Prince from a YouTube comedy animation done by their friend Stamper, while Arin says she reminds him of Princess Daphne.
  • A pig enemy with glowing eyes from taking Arin's Blood Echoes in Part 31 reminds Dan of the Red Bull.
  • Part 32 starts off with the Grumps imitating a shouting Batman from The Dark Knight Trilogy, Arin summarizing the plot of Beauty and the Beast for Dan, and Dan explaining some of the late history of Guns N' Roses, calling their album Chinese Democracy as something Axl Rose created after listening to a lot of Nine Inch Nails. Arin responds by saying he had a Billy Idol phase. Also, Dan mentions the "Tangwhich".
  • From Part 33, while being repeatedly hit by a Large Snake Ball:
    Arin: Whoa whoa woah okay... Chill out snake man... from Mega Man 3.
    • Part 33 also has Arin and Dan talking about their dislike of Fred Durst and Rob Liefeld as people (and in the case of Fred Durst, as a musician as well).
  • When Arin fights the Shadows of Yharnam in Part 34, Danny likens them to Ringwraiths.
  • From Part 36 we get some talk about Inspector Gadget, and Dan says that the fight with Rom the Vacuous Spider reminds him of the music video for "It's Magic" by The Cars.
  • This gem from Part 37:
    Dan: People can be creepy and beautiful, just look at Pee-wee Herman.
  • When Arin fights Eileen the Crow in Part 38, Dan and Arin agree that her mask reminds them of the face-stretching scene from Beetlejuice.
  • In Part 40, Dan compares the slow and relaxed nature of the Lesser Amygdalas to that of the Ents. Arin and Dan also reference Resident Evil 4 and Friday the 13th when discussing the very blunt "You Died" Game Over message.
    • Also from Part 40:
    Dan: [Reading item description from the loading screen] Kirkhammer... He was great on Growing Pains.
  • From Part 41:
    Dan: Steven Wright, even in theory, is a better comedian [than Dane Cook].
  • From Part 43, when Arin expects two enemies to chase after him:
    Arin: Hold on, there's a guy in here, and I think those ladies are going to fall down. [waits] Nah they're good, they didn't see me.
    Dan: Great, okay, cool.
    Arin: Yeah, there's this dude-
    Dan: Did you think they were going to topple over like the fuckin' bodies in The Happening?
    • Dan also notes that a Wheelchair Huntsman that Arin kills looks like "Freddy Krueger in a wheelchair".
  • Dan demonstrates his ability to whistle through his teeth by whistling Shave and a Haircut in Part 45. He also quotes the "They're a bit bitey" line from Shaun of the Dead.
  • From Part 50 we get discussions about Snoop Dogg and The Room, and Arin gives Dan a moment of Fridge Logic by informing him that Tetris is named as such after the Greek word for four, "tetra".
  • Part 64 starts up with some discussion of Peanuts and a reference to Seth MacFarlane.
  • Dan once again mentions How High in Part 65, summarizing part of the ending.
  • Part 66 begins with Dan mentioning Kid Rock's song Bawitdaba, with Arin criticizing the the title immediately afterwards.
  • In Part 73, Dan references the Daft Punk song "Contact" while Arin uses the "Make Contact" gesture in order to gain an item from the Brain of Mensis before he kills it.
  • From Part 74:
    Dan: My friend Moriah from New Orleans sent me a picture of this poster she found down there for... What the hell is it called? A festival? A music festival?
    Arin: Yeah?
    Dan: It's called Creepyfest, and you have to hear some of these band names.
    Arin: Oh man I'm excited, I love weird band names.
    Dan: [reading from poster] "Creepyfest 2015, featuring: Swingin' Dicks, Jethro's Skull, Donkey Puncher, Anti-Queens, First Jason, The Unnaturals, Ese, Killer Hearts, Blade, FSUP, Bloodfuckers, Naked Intruder, We All Suck, Swallowed A Fly, and Betty White Tit Fuck."
    Arin: [laughs] Well at least they know their comedic timing!
  • The video made to send off the Grump Couch has a cover of "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" near the end.
     The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 
     Pokémon Art Academy 
    Super Mario Maker 

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