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The 677/766 of the Wii Code will show up in one of the games they play...
Completely blowing everyone's mind and causing one or both of them to claim it was totally planned from the start.
  • Maybe Thracia 776? Not quite it, but...
  • Jossed. The previous "owner" of that Wii explained that the Wii used to be the floor model at the store Egoraptor bought it from, which is why there are so many random Miis: the customers made them.

Ego isn't Book Dumb, he just lets his brain not give a fuck when gaming,
In Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, he correctly identifies that there are 36525 days in a century, which would be impossible to deduce if he thought that a century was 1000 years. This was the only explanation I could think of.
  • He could have guessed.

The Grumps will rage quit at Sonic
This game would probably give then the same "that's it, we're done here" attitude that the most games give them.
  • Ego tried to ragequit, but Jon seems legitimately determined to beat it. Possibly because he was considering reviewing it anyway.
    • Didn't that happen with A Link To The Past? Where they put the Let's Play on hold until both of them make a video on it? If they were going to do that, then why not just put the video on hold?
      • He was considering reviewing it, but because of Game Grumps now he won't have to.
  • Side Guess: They will quit when they find out they have to play through Shadow's and Silver's stories also.
    • They already know that they'll have to do that.
  • Last chance at this guess: They will quit when they find out there's a fourth storyline.
  • Their rage will unlock a secret fifth storyline that no one knew about, at which point they will ragequit.
  • Confirmed. They ragequit on the last boss of the Silver campaign, and Arin and Danny will not return to the game.

The Grumps will get a Wii U
  • They're playing Nintendo Land exactly two weeks after the system's launch. Good call.
    • Arin actually got one earlier, possibly at launch. We only got a video about it now due to lead time.

The Grumps will get a third Grump
  • Theory: The third Grump will be PeanutButterGamer.
    • PBG lives way too far away from them. WAY.
      • This has managed to become even less likely now that PBG is doing Game Squad with Space Hamster, ProJared and Brutalmoose.
      • The Third Grump is Barry.
      • If Barry is the third, then Danny, who replaced Jon, is the fourth.

If there's a New Super Mario Bros. U, it will be a special where they have three guest Grumps, and one will be holding the pad
  • The question is, which three people? Which three people does Jon know, having guested on their show previously and possibly looking to return the favour? Paul, Nick and Josh.
    • Jossed. It's just Jon and Arin.

The Grumps ragequit at Sonic '06.
  • Barry's just unloading the episodes they've recorded to get them out of the way and crush everyone's hopes as soon as possible. Or maybe it's just the biggest backlog.

If the Grumps come across him in the Naruto games, they'll poke fun at Pain's name
Names to Run Away from Really Fast and all that.

The Grumps will play Mari0
It's ripe for co-op action!

At the end of Sonic '06, The Grumps will not pay attention to either Sonic's death or Elise's kiss.
Or maybe they won't pay attention to both. It could happen.

Jon and Arin AREN'T actually letting Barry upload episodes out of chronological order (in relation to other games) intentionally, they are all in fact Time Lords and mention events yet to happen out of accident.
Not that I actually believe this but this is a staple of WMG pages.

This will be made one day.
And it will be amazing.
  • The sequel will be made as well. It too will be amazing.

Jon will come back...
For Guest Grumps. A fact that would not sit well with most fans, but will probably be the most popular Grump video. As for the game? What game did the original Grumps not finish?
  • Jon stated on his Twitter that he does not plan on coming back, even for Guest Grumps.
  • ...for Steam Train. Since Arin has stated that Game Grumps is going to stick as an Arin and Danny show, with guests restricted to those actively involved in the making of the games, and Ross has stated that he is prepared to take breaks from Steam Train to focus on his animations (sound familiar?), it could be the perfect opportunity for Jon to pull some Exact Words trolling and appear on the other video game show on the channel.
  • Or Grumpcade. That show seems to have replaced Guest Grumps when it comes to having guests, so Jon may appear on it eventually... who knows?
    • Ross has said he has no plans at the moment to have Jon on Grumpcade. Jossed with a chance of Exact Words.

Egoraptor will guest appear on Steam Train, and vice versa for Ross

Each new co-host of the show will play one classic Mega Man game with Arin
  • Jon played 7, Danny's playing 2, so it's possible that one game will become associated with each following co-host. Though this could easily be Jossed if Danny or a future co-host play more than one.
    • Of course, that's implying that Danny's leaving any time soon. I think what most viewers don't realize is that, while the show was Arin's idea, Jon was the one who originally put it all together and even managed it until he hired Barry. Jon didn't have some contract with Arin that expired or anything, he voluntarily left it in Arin's hands. There's no telling what will happen with Danny in the future, but for now, we should assume he's here to stay.
    • Jossed as of Mega Man III.

Barry is an Immortal
  • Because, in all of the comedy skits he's appeared in, how many times has he died? A lot. So, it would make sense that all of his "deaths" didn't actually kill him, because Immortals can only die by decapitation. The reason why nobody ever says anything is because they're aware that he can only die that way. Well, except for Ninja Brian, but that's something they would definitely not share with him, for obvious reasons.

Grant Kirkhope sent his fan mail to them for a reason.
  • I'm guessing it was a secret test of character to see if they were honest. That or he did it just to mess with them or for both reasons.

'Him' in Table Flip is Ninja Brian.
  • That would explain why Danny got so nervous when he came in. Even though Danny didn't consciously recognize him, he subconsciously felt the power.

'Him' in Table Flip is Jon.
Unlikely as he lives in New York, too far away, he might become a guest star

Jon Tron will be a guest playing a pirate with Jacques playing his parrot
Jossed for the same reason that the above Guest Grumps WMG was jossed.

"Him" is The Jwittz
Judging by the size, "Him" is a tall person, Jwittz is confirmed to being over 6 feet tall as well to have worked on the site. However this theory can be jossed as he did do moving, however he could have moved, and recorded his segments in the same time.

Barry started talking for the sake of Divergent Character Evolution.
After all, with Ninja Brian on the show (or at least, being hinted to be on the show since, you know, he doesn't talk), that's two Voiceless Hypercompetent Sidekicks. What's a quick and easy way to differentiate the two? Have the one who's been on the show longer start talking!

The Racist Bassist is a Spinnaker.
The reason he's racist to everyone is because everyone is racist to him.

The Racist Bassist and Bummer Drummer have more band members.
  • Zinger Singer: A vocalist who makes jabs or puns at any opportunity.
  • Guitar Czar: The bossy guitarist of the band.
  • Droopy Groupie: A fan who idolizes the Bummer Drummer for some odd reason.
  • Sexist Saxist: The saxophonist who is always putting down women.
  • Riddler Fiddler: A clever violinist who loves to stump others with his puzzles.
  • Cutest Flutist: A young woman who is Shrinking Violet incarnate.

The Grumps are being given a different test by the rivaling Dome and Helix gods.
Already mostly agreeing when it comes to gameplay, these two gods came to the decision that the Anarchy and Democracy test would't work out for them. What is the test given to the Grumps? Either Dan's knowledge on Pokemon, or the Grumps' ability to make BS up as they go.

If the grumps decide to do a new Guest Grumps,
The guest would be Ray Narvaez Jr.

Danny had a wife at one point.
In episode 38 of their Wind Waker playthrough he mentions his grandparents beat his record for being married by a year and a half, and has made a lot of oddly specific jokes about ex-wives. Given his party-hard nature, it's not impossible.

One possible theory why Jon left the show
It was mentioned the tired and used theory was the whole "x hit y's fiance" reason, but it can still be a valid theory if X = Jon, and Y = Suzie. You see, it could be that Jon and Arin had a huge argument that escalated into fisticuffs, and Suzie completely freaked out about it. Despite the fact that Arin was actually fine, the sheer fact the incident caused Suzie to cry and fear for Arin's life was enough to lead to Jon's expulsion from the show. This would also explain why Arin goes completely silent on the topic of the Jon season episodes.

Stanley from Wrestlemania X8 is a transexual
Her name is Stanley, and Danny mentions her having a dick. It's possible she was designated male at birth, and started transitioning. Her odd body shape is the result of surgery. This is how she views feminine beauty.

Everyone will finish Sonic 06, not just Arin and Jon (and Danny).
Since all is well with Jon and the other Grumps, there is always the chance that they may be planning a reunion anyway. But in a nod of showing where the channel has come since Jon left, the three Grumps will invite everyone else to take part in beating Sonic 06: first Jon and Arin, then Danny and Ross, then Barry and Suzy (and possibly Kevin), and then any other guests such as Jirard, Markiplier, and so on, likely ending with Jon and Arin again. The difficulty is getting everyone to show up in the Grump Room at the same time.

Baloney Man is the Intruder.
Both are fleshy monsters that go around killing people. It wouldn't be a surprise to find out they're the same being.

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