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“Hey everybody, and welcome to another episode of 'Continue?'. My name is Paul."
"I'm Nick."
"...I hate when you do that."
Vigilante 8 (N64)

”This game is giving me crohn's disease.”
Paul, Pictionary (NES)

Continue? is a weekly web show associated with Normal Boots and The Quarter Bin. Based in Philadelphia, it began on December 14th, 2009 hosted by Paul Ritchey, Nick Murphy, and Dom Moschitti (who, upon moving to California, was replaced by Josh Henderson on May 18th, 2011). Every Wednesday, the guys play a retro video game, usually from PlayStation era or older, for anywhere from ten to twenty minutes and riff MST3K-style over the gameplay. At the end of the show, they discuss their individual impressions and experiences with the game(s) and whether or not they would 'Continue' playing after the camera turns off or 'Game Over' and stop where they did during the show.

As of 2014, Continue now has new episodes uploaded first to Normal Boots, with the YouTube upload of the same episodes happening a week later (this is mostly to help prevent videos from becoming unwatchable should YouTube slap any videos with a copyright claim).

The show runs largely on donated games sent in by fans, so much so that any titles sent in now may take a year or more to appear on the show, according to Nick Murphy.