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Drinking Game / Gaming Garbage

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  • Take a sip for each of the following phrases:
    • I want it
      • Make it a swig if immediately followed by "I can't have noun"
    • Checkpoint
    • Globule
    • Mound
    • Obama's America
    • Ploish
    • Tot
    • Very popular
    • Wad
    • "Well you know, x is nature's y."
    • "Hey, you know Super Mario Bros. 2 is called Doki Doki Panic in Japan?"
  • Take a drink every time Shmorky yawns, coughs or burps.
    • Take a second drink if Lowtax calls him out on it.
  • Finish your drink if Shmorky gives up and shouts.
  • Take a drink for every Jump Scare.
  • Take a swig when the stock Game Maker Loading Screen appears.
    • Take another drink if the stock message box is used.
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  • Down your drink when the free Unity textures appear.
  • If the game involves you having to collect a certain number (usually 8 at the most) of objects, down a shot of 40 for each one if they're pieces of paper; 20 if it's a different object. Add a full bottle of ale if a teleporting monster attacks; lager if it's Slender Man.
  • Take a drink for every game with floating 3D menu and shaky camera at the beginning.
    • Similarly, take a drink for every instance of the FPS Creator default loading screen with the droning sound in the background.
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