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    Kirby Super Star 
  • Their Kirby Super Star video has many truly hilarious moments, but Jon and Arin's discussion of Kirby's Mirror ability deserves special mention.
    Jon: Kirby has two iconic abilities: Suck and BYEEEEEEH!!!
  • Jon noticing a Mike enemy and thinking you have to yell into the microphone to kill it, like a Pols Voice. He screams so loud he clips the audio.
    Jon: Dude, we got a microphone over here...
    Arin: What do you think you are?
    Jon: EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (Beat) It didn't work...
    Arin: (astonished giggling) ...You're a jerkwad! I'm gonna have to edit that so it's not ear-wrenching!!
  • When Arin takes one hit too many and begins a Not-So-Instant-Death.
    Jon: What's... what's wrong with you?
    Arin: (character sparking and flashing as he slowly explodes) Oh God, I'm dying!
    (Jon laughs)
    Arin: Help me!
    (Jon laughs harder)
    Arin: Kirby help me! KIRBY NO! (character explodes)
  • After getting the Cook Form, Jon sings Chiyo's cooking song, which has received several callbacks since then:
    Arin: Are you an anime? Right now?
    Jon: (in a high-pitched voice) BAKU HAKU KAKU.
  • Jon discovering that he can turn Egoraptor back into a power-up.
    Jon: I can take from you.
  • Jon walking around as Kirby with an enemy in his mouth, making him look fat.
    Jon: I dunno, I just- I haven't been in this fuckin'...adventuring game in a while...
  • Jon's hysterical cries of "BUMP BUTTS WITH HIM! BUMP BUTTS WITH HIM!!"
    Arin (as Waddle Doo): I CAN SEE EVERYTHING!
    Jon (as Kirby): (laughs) Jus'- Hey-hey, d' you wanna hang out man?
    Arin (as Waddle Doo):' I can see... Kirby, I can see the future! KIRBY, IT'S NOT PRETTY! I like pizza.
    • Arin's robot voice ordering a cheese pizza.
    • As well as his spot-on impression of getting water in your snorkel while swimming.
  • Jon constantly making fart noises as Kirby propels into the air with the jet ability, constantly interrupting Arin's attempt to tell a joke.
  • Jon's utter surprise that Ego has an art book filled with adult imagery of a woman having sex with various presidents (and Ben Franklin).
  • Arin turns into a rock and becomes depressed. Jon cheers him up...through the power of loudness.
    Jon: Don't you - DUDE. Dude. Dude. Bro level. Bro. Fuckin'. Level. You're attractive.
    Arin: Hey.
    Jon: Dude.
    Arin: Hey?
    Jon: You're fuckin' beautiful, man.
    Arin: Thanks.
    Jon: It doesn't matter - it doesn't matter WHAT THEY SAY! [Kirby shouts through a megaphone, then uses a microphone] YOU'LL ALWAYS BE BEAUTIFUL TO ME! [Ego's character turns into an eight-ton weight] Oh, shit, you're eight tons? Never mind, you're fat as shit.
  • In the 9th Episode Arin and Jon are playing as Waddle Doo and Kirby respectively. After Jon's meandering causes a mook to commit accidental suicide. The exchange is priceless.
    Jon: (laughing hysterically) Did you see that? Did you see that?!
    Arin: Of course I saw it! My whole body's an EYE!!
  • Part 13 featured a Call-Back to their gag censor in the Animal Crossing episode. Twice. This time it was Jon.
  • Also in Part 13, Jon reveals that when the Grumps had to make a joint bank account for the show, they were asked to write their titles on the contract. Arin wrote down "Partner". Jon wrote down "Fartner".
  • In Episode 14, Ego begins cracking up at the way Capsule-J walks with his hands up.
    Arin: He's like..(Begins walking) Hold the fuckin phone!!
    Jon: (Laughs) Oh my god! Why does he walk like Goofy?
  • In part 15, Jon screws them over completely in one fell combo.
  • The way part 15 ends.
    Jon: NEXT TIME ON GAME GRUMPS! (Gibberish) Fuhrer...Heil...HITLER!
    Arin: (Holding back laughter) Don't fucking end on that, you asshole! (Talking directly into mic) We do not- We do not condone fascism. We do not condone um...
    Jon: Hitler's though, he got- he got a sweet 'stache. (Laughs) Ending on "Heil Hitler," that's a new high.
    Arin: That's good.
    Jon: A new heil!
  • Jon's reaction that he and Arin had spent all of the Milky Way Wishes playthrough bashing something that wasn't actually true.
  • Jon getting mad at Arin for killing both Bonkers because he wanted the Hammer ability.
    Jon:What the fuck is your problem?!
    Arin:(Dancing around as Chilly and singing) I don't fucking know, I don't fucking know, I don't fucking know what your problem is.
    Jon: Why did you kill—(starts laughing while Ego keeps singing) THAT'S IT, YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!!! (Turns Ego into an Ice item) You're mine! (dashes off, which as Ice Kirby looks like skating) I'm gonna fucking skate to fucking Olympia and tell them of my... FUCK YOU! Why did you kill the hammers?
    Arin: Did you mean skate to the Olympics?
    Jon: No, but that's probably better! (picks up a Wheel item)
    Arin: Gimme Wheel Man.
    Jon: You don't get fucking anything!
  • All of the hilariously ridiculous names Ego comes up for several villains since Jon ran out of ideas.
    • "Oh it's Mega Crunch!"
    • "Oh! It's Stevie Wonder!"
      • "You called him Stevie Wonder!"
  • Jon screaming at the top of his lungs while trying to cook Bugzy.
  • "Poppy Brothers Jr.!" "Poppy Brothers Sr.!" "Poppy Brothers Jr.!" "POPPY BROTHERS SR.!!" Even funnier when, later in the LP, Jon finally notices the Jr. at the end of Poppy Bros. Jr., meaning he had no idea what Arin was singing about and was just going along with it.
  • When they make it to Planet Mecheye.
    Arin: (as Poppy Bros. Jr.) Hey. Hey. Hey Kirby.
    Jon: Yeah?
    Arin: Hey Kirby.
    Jon: Yeah?
    Arin: ...I'M SO FUCKIN' HAPPY!
    Jon: FUCK IT I DON'T GIVE A FUCK! *jumps into a nearby pit and dies*
    Arin: *laughing* Oh, Jesus...
    Jon: SEE I DON'T FUCKIN' CARE! I DON'T GIVE A SHIT if you're gonna make fun of me then I'm not going to play!
    Arin: You've ruined our life. Literally.
  • Four Words: "I got ice hair!"
  • Arin burping and Jon's resulting freakout over it, followed immediately by them encountering "mumbo jumbo".
  • At the very end of Part 3, Arin's reaction to a Tac grabbing the helper he was playing as, and Jon subsequently dying trying to get him back.

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 
  • The first few minutes of the second episode where they mock bad video walkthroughs of games.
  • Their Link to the Past playthrough is packed with silly, but this is just GOLD:
    Arin: What was the weirdest thing about Ocarina of Time?
    Jon: You- [narrowly avoids running into a snake] FUCK SNAKES!!
    (both burst into laughter)
    Arin: I don't fuck snakes! That's disgusting!
  • Jon pulling out his lip, not penis, to explain something to Arin.
    • Then saying they should add a zip sound effect to make it sound like Jon was whipping out his dick
  • When Arin tells Jon to shut up by actually turning around in-game to say it to his "face".
  • Part Five:
    • Arin and Jon just repeat themselves over and over, when Ego was trying to get Jon to a secret.
      Jon: What was it!?
      Arin: Jskeep goin'.
      Jon: What was it!?
      Arin: Jskeep goin'.
    • Arin starts to get irritated with Jon not reading the text boxes and not knowing where to go in the game.
      Jon: I don't know this game!
      Arin: You're so dumb...
      Jon: OK, I bet if played Ocarina, you'd be like, "I wonder what's over here," and I'd be like, (Doing an impression of Arin) "HOW CAN YOU DON'T KNOW THE EXACT PATH!"
      (Arin starts to crack up)
      (Jon starts wheeze-laughing)
      Arin: (In Jon's impression voice) "I CAN'T GO TO THAT PAAATH!"
      (The two of them lose it)
  • Jon and Arin's reaction to the Geldman enemy, which pops out of the sand and appears to perform a jazz hands motion.
    Arin: Lemme tell ya joke!
    Arin: I need about tree-fiddy.
    Jon: Lordy, it was a scary monstha!
  • At the beginning of part 10, Arin gets irritated when Jon randomly starts talking about cats, causing Jon to rechristen the show "Cat Grumps", complete with new theme song.
    • Jon's Ikea story about how an employee wasn't willing to deliver Jon's shelves, saying "They're not even that heavy." Then the guy delivering the shelves to Jon crashes the truck into Jon's building and knocks out his power. Jon calls Ikea to confirm "Did you just crash into my building and cut off my power?" He responds "Oh, it wasn't me, it was my brother!"
    • Arin uses the Magic Mirror to go to the Light World... and lands on the one rock in the area where he needed to go, causing him to teleport back to the Dark world instantly.
  • Part 11 has these absolute gems.
    • Jon's fart backfires.
      Arin: You gotta start getting a little more creative, cause I saw that one coming a million miles away.
      Jon: (FART)
      Arin: Did not see that one coming a million miles away. (Both begin laughing)
      Jon: How'd that work out for ya?
      Arin: Ah...can I have another?
      Jon: Ooh. Ooh. Ew!
      Arin: Is it musky?
      Jon: This is rancid. AH THIS RANCID!...AAAAAAAAGH! NOOOO!
      Arin: I can't even smell it. I don't know what you're talking about.
      • And later, Fart Science, sung in the tune of the Crossfire commercial.
        Jon: FART SCIENCE!
        Arin: (Barely holding back laughter) You'll get caught up in the...
        Jon: FART SCIENCE!
    • What would make Jon fire Barry.
      Jon: Barry, I'm sorry, I would never fire you unless you embezzled from the company. So don't do that. Or, like, sleep with my girlfriend or something, don't do those things, that would get you fired...(Laughs)
      Arin: Would ya, like, okay...if you had like a fuckin' like long-term girlfriend for like three years, and then Barry...would you really be like "You're fired!" Or would you be like (Sheepishly) "Dude, Barry, how could you fuckin' do this?" (Laughs)
      Jon: (Laughs) (Whimpering) Barry, how could you- how could you fucking do this to me?
      Arin: I just love that that's the first thing. "If you do that, you're fired!" It's like "Oh...that's it? We're still cool?"
      Jon: Wouldn't it just- the first thing just be like (Sheepishly) "Wha- wha- wha- what prompted you to do that?"
      Arin: (Laughs) "Wha- Dude, you know how much I fucking love her, dude." (Laughs)
      Jon: (Whimpering) "I love her, I love her, why would you do that?"
      Arin: (Laughs) Alright, next time on Game Grumps-
      Jon: Barry sleeps with our girlfriends?
      Arin: Yeah, I hope so...WAIT, HOLD ON, WHAT!? OH GEEZ!

    Mega Man 7 
  • #1: "Jasmine Abu Abu Aladdin!"
    • Shortly after, the discussion regarding Legend of Zelda: Dumberdon Sword and Legend of Zelda: B-B-Boogie?
  • #4: Their disccusion of the "Freeze Crackah!" and Jon's eating noises.
  • #5: A discussion about fat:
    Jon: Is your arm on my fat? No it's not.
    Arin: Are you touching my fat? My fuddy fat?
    Arin: Are you touching my fat? Ewwwww!! Stop touching my fat I'm self conscious!
  • #8: The whole "Seven Asses" gag.
    Arin: Ladies and gentlemen... (impersonates a drumroll) Seven Asses!
  • #10: After dying on Cloud Man's stage, Jon asks why it's not raining. Less than thirty seconds later, as Arin's trying to explain, he asks again.
  • After using every weapon at their disposal to try and free Beat for the better part of two minutes...
    Arin: Maybe I just have to shoot him. (shoots charged shot, freeing Beat)
    Jon: What?! Wait, WHAT?! Are you butt-fucking kidding me?! Hold on, I think that's a Continue quote...
  • 6m56s into part 9, Ego jumping straight over Rush and into a Spike pit.
    Arin: Alright, I'm not gonna judge you anymore. I was about to say something silly to you. I was about to be like "You're so dumb" then I fucking jumped right over Rush.
  • "Welcome back to Juju's." It just comes completely out of nowhere and is never explained.
  • Jon plays with a can of compressed air that has a bittering agent in it to discourage inhalant abuse and to make them both pause the video for five minutes to vomit.
    Jon: The Raptor has left the building!
    • The ending of said episode, after Arin and Jon repeatedly quote the tagline "Easy, breezy, beautiful. Covergirl." and fear that they're going to get a cease-and-desist order for copyright infringement. Then Jon uses the line one more time to close out the episode and Barry slaps a huge red octagon across the video emblazoned with "CEASE AND DESIST". Even funnier is that it falls onto the screen with a loud slamming noise, makes the picture quake, and everything goes ominously quiet as though the episode just got blocked.
  • Protoman's advice on finding hidden areas is interpreted as a call to arson; then Jon and Arin give a (recently animated) interpretation of Dr. Light's reaction.
    Dr. Light: You did what?!
    Mega Man: Protoman told me to.
    Dr. Light: Dude! Duuuude! Did you seriously listen to that guy?! He just shows up! He just fuckin' shows up! Like, when did I ever tell you it was okay to listen to him? Fucking when?!
  • Their utter bafflement that Mega Man was about to kill Dr. Wily in the ending.
  • During Turbo Man's stage on one of the later attempts to beat it, they defeat Truck Joe, the Sniper Joe riding a big bulldozer. Before it explodes, the Joe just sits in the cockpit not moving, like Wily Coyote hovering in mid-air before gravity wins out and the Oh, Crap! reaction hits. Arin and Jon gradually burst into huge amounts of laughter about what Truck Joe does before he realizes he's going to go kaboom.

    Goof Troop 
  • "This is the boopinest game I've ever played!"
  • At the beginning of their Goof Troop game, they're singing the theme (albeit in a Michael Jackson-style remix). However, the pure gold is when Jon suddenly deviates the lyrics at the end.
    Jon: And I watch you when you sleep, but you don't call me back cuz I don't leave my number!
    • Arin's deadpan reaction to it is also pure gold
    Arin: You left your number last time.
  • Their interpretations of many of the game's moves, with the picking up an object animation looking like raising the roof or throwing their hands up in angry exasperation and the grappling hook animation looking like masturbating.
    • When Jon first picks up the shovel, while he digs fruit out of the ground, Ego decides to goof off and repeatedly fires the grappling hook.
      Jon: (as Goofy) Max, you go ahead and learn a hard day's work while I masturbate in the fields.
  • At the beginning of one of the Goof Troop episodes, Arin tells us that Jon opened the door that they were going to open on camera, off-camera. At the end of the episode:
    Jon: Anyways. Uh... We're gonna on the next episode of G... Gis Groose...
    Arin: We're gonna actually open the door on camera.
    Jon: Yeah, we're gonna actually— (accidentally opens the door) ...FU— (video ends)
  • Ego's names for the skeleton bosses, which are mostly just mumbling gibberish. Especially because Jon thought that the blue one's name was simply "(Beat)".
    Arin: (Struggling to hold back laughter) The red one, the red one is- is Briggst. (laughs) And then the blue one is... (exhales)
    Jon: (Laughs hysterically) For a second I thought the joke was so meta, that your name for him was full hesitation!
  • Goofy pondering life in episode 7. Arin makes Goofy sit idle twice, the second time staring at a wall, as though he's having a moment of deep thought... or silent panic at the thought of meeting his end in the cave. Then Jon decides to make it look like Max is humping him.
    Goofy: Max, I...I don't think we're gettin' outta this cave alive.
  • At one point while trying to solve a puzzle, Jon accidentally hits both himself and Arin with a bomb, resulting in their first game over and requiring them to restart the whole level. Their reaction to this is glorious.
    • To elaborate, it was technically a joint failure. Arin accidentally made Goofy knock a bomb into Max as Jon tries to pass by. The explosion takes out both of them at the same time, both on their last lives, resulting in a Game Over.
      Arin: (flatly) All right. (audibly throws controller to the floor in frustration)
      Jon: (cracking up) Did that really just happen?? (failing to hold in laughter)!?
      Arin: (loud, exasperated groan) UUUUUUUUAAAAAHHH!!!!
      Jon: Are you fucking serious??
      Arin: Congratulations.
      Jon: You fucking did it!
      (both of them start laughing)
  • Imitating middle-aged non-gamers who think video games are evil:
    I read in the Newsweek that Donald Trump says Gears of War makes kids have all the sex.
    ALL the sex.
  • Arin's Call-Back to the Azumanga Daioh cooking song.
  • The entire incident with Arin resetting a room to spite Jon.
    Jon: (After miraculously killing two enemies completely by accident) How do you like me now, motherfucka??!!!
    • Seconds before that, Jon was laughing, until he realized that Goofy was dead, and he was standing in a corner with enemies coming straight at him.
      Jon: HahaHAH! AAAAAAAGH!
  • The out-of-the-blue insult, "You're a pizza!" What makes it even better is that it's actually the set-up for a Brick Joke, which has a terrible pun for the punchline. PIZZA SHIT.
  • Arin gets trapped by an enemy and tries to ward him away with the shovel.
    No! Stay- Get back! Get back!
  • Jon's in-joke about the apples to apples card.
  • The Grumps' pet: Suzy the Sick Goose
  • The final episode features two montages of the final level cut down to the funniest bits. Solid gold from start to finish.

    Pokémon Emerald 
  • At the start of the playthrough, Jon and Arin decide to name the player character "Fuck, I". Hilarity Ensues.
    • When Jon saves over Arin's previous save, the message reads "Fuck, I saved the game." This takes the typical "WHAT NO" situation and turns it into something hilarious.
    • Jon and Arin decide that the player character must be gorgeous, or else hideously ugly, since whenever they talk to NPCs, they all say "Fuck, I".
  • This bit from Part 2
    Arin: What is the relevance to soon? (laughs a little)
    Jon: I don't know, I just like naming them things that like... make you think.
    (Beat, Arin laughs, chokes on a peanut butter pretzel and causes Jon to laugh uncontrollably)
    Arin: (Still laughing) Oh my god, that was in my throat and now it's back in my mouth again!
    Jon: Oh my god! I-I said that and- you were like EchEch! (Both continue to laugh for a while)
  • Arin trying to sing the Anime theme song and getting the lyrics hilariously wrong.
    Jon: That's not how it gooooes!
  • In Part 4, Jon pinning a lampshade on enemy trainers teaching the player the rules of engagement just to have the crap kicked out of them.
    Jon: That's like if a kid came up to you and was like... that's like if a kid came up to you and was like "You're a certified swordsman! Here, fuckin' fight me!" And you're like "Well, I guess! -KKHHT-" and fuckin' kill the kid.
    (Arin collapses into wheezing)
    Jon: That's- that's what this is.
  • Jon scat-singing while he switches between the different parts of the bag making it look like the bag was singing.
  • The nicknames they've given their Pokemon are sheer hilarity including "Soon? (Torchic)", "nooooooo (Zigzagoon)", "GeorgLopez (Lotad)", "Bakuhaku♀♀ (Poochyena)", and "CHINA (Slakoth)".
    • Arguably the best instance is when CHINA misses a turn due to its Slacker ability. "Loafing around on its civil rights issues" indeed.
    • At the start of the 11th episode, we see that they ended up catching a Shroomish, and what does his name end up being? Compmsgcii.
  • Two episodes begin hilariously.
    Arin: Welcome back to Squidward.
    Arin: Hi! ...
  • From Episode #11, "GeorgLopez evolved into racism!"
    • One of the user comments regarding what genders certain Pokemon can be is hilarious:
      Mr. Mime can be both!
      So can Jynx! (No it can't, that would be horrifying)
  • The whole "Ad Grumps!" gag from Episode #12.
    • "Hey I'm Grump! I'm Not-So-Grump! And we're the Pantene, Jack-In-The-Box, Wendy's, ESPN Grumps!"
  • Also from Episode #12, and its animated equivalent.
    Arin: Holy shit, it's a Whismur!
    Jon: Oh it's a Pumbloom!! note 
    Arin: ...Do you remember the episode where Ash caught a Pumbloom?
    Jon: Dude-
    Arin: NO!!
  • Jon really wants to catch a Wingull.
    Jon: I'm serious, Wingull's actually good. It turns, uh... evolves into Pelistorm! note 
    (Arin laughs in disbelief)
    • Jon's annoyance over "Twitchy-Ass" Taillow. "Hey!"
      Jon: It evolves into Spearow; get Wingull! note 
      Arin: (cracks up further) Spearow?!
  • The beginning of Episode # 13 is sheer hilarity. "WELCOME BACK TO POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Finish that sentence."
    Jon: You know? I've read Nietzsche.
    Arin: What's that?
    Jon: I've read Marx.
    Arin: That's true.
    Jon: I've read...The Wright Brothers.
    Arin: List more!
    Jon: And I've never heard something as prolific as what you just said.
    Arin: Prolific?
    Jon: Prolific. Like, you said something that literally changed my fucking outlook! I was going through life, and I didn't hear—I heard "POOOOOOOOO!" and I went, "Whoa. Really?"
    Arin: If- (gets very close to mic, threatening voice) If I don't get any goddamn comments finishing what my fuckin' sentence was, I'm gonna fuckin...(now away from mic, normal voice) be really angry!

    Jon: I'm gonna finish your sentence. That you're—
    Arin: (burp)
    Arin: Oh, YOUR show? YOUR? The truth comes out!
    Jon: You're ruining my integrity! ESPN won't hire me now!
  • In part 14, Team Bones-And-Balls-With-A-Spike-On-Top.
    Arin: Are we gonna abbreviate the name, guys!? No!? No, we're not gonna abbreviate it.
    Jon: We've got the abbreviation! KKKHIV.
    (long pause of Jon and Arin trying not to laugh)
  • All of the ridiculous things Jon and Ego call Whismur every time they run into one in battle.
    Arin: (laughing) What does Gamsmash evolve into?
    Jon: Dangledore!
  • And later...."Oh, it's GUMFULPUFF!"
    Arin: Gumfulpuff, the evolution of FUUURG...FURGPOOP!
    • Made even funnier by the fact that its name actually does contain the ellipses.
  • "Hey, do ya type with boxing gloves on?"
  • The entire Jeff Bridges bit in part 20.
    Jon: I think we need to move this conversation on to Jeff Bridges or something better.
    Arin: ...Jeff Bridges!?
    Jon: Yeah! Let me do my Jeff Bridges impression. (Mumbles incoherently) Do you like my Jeff Bridges, dude!? I can also do Jeff Bridges as Antonio Banderas! (Mumbles exactly as before and it happens to sync up perfectly with a Makuhita's chattering)
    (Jon then laughs hysterically for 15 full seconds)
    • Arin's version is also pretty golden:
      Arin: My Jeff Bridges impression has always been: (As The Dude) "Yeah man! Yeah man! I'm, The Dude! Yeah man!" Here's my impression of Jeff Bridges doing an impression of Antonio Banderas: (Also as The Dude) "Yeah man!"
  • Their encounter with the old man's boat.
    Arin: At least I'm in fucking old man super sonic boat!
    Jon: (Laughs) Super- I love how he comes really close to the rocks, everyone's like (As hypothetical passenger) "Dude, are you fucking sure?!" and he's like (As old man) "I got it!"
    Arin: (as old man) "No worries, just gotta step on the water breaks!"
    Jon: "Oh my God dude, I just remembered: There's no water breaks! Oh no we're gonna hit the rocks!"
    Arin: (as old man) "Put your feet in the water!"
    Jon: (as old man) "Have you ever seen Titanic?" (As passenger) "Why's that old man?" (As old man) "It's a good movie!"
  • Jon's picture he took of the two of them sitting on the couch, and his subsequent reaction to it.
  • Their drunken ramblings at the beginning of Episode 19.
    Jon: You watch Pinocchio. So Tinker Bell comes in, gives it a magic pop to become a... skeleton boy.
    Arin: Of course. The classic story.
    Jon: So Donatello gets scared... and he takes his blunderbuss and kitkat's like (No change in inflection) "Mao-mao-blish-mao" and shoots the bunderbuss

    Secret of Mana (Jon and Arin) 
  • Arin is spellbound by the beauty of a green-haired NPC walking around in a bar.
    Jon: She has a lettuce hair.
    Arin: Lettuce look at it.
    (Jon and Arin burst into laughter)
    Jon: Oh my god! That was beautiful!
    • From that same episode, the conversation about Alzheimers, just because of how offensive it is.

  • The mock game show "Who Farted":
    Arin: Welcome back to WHOOOOOOO Farted?! Your host, ME! And also the answer.
  • Arin jumps off the side of the mountain in Treasure Trove Cove and Jon doesn't take it so well.
  • Jon and Arin's discussion of helado (ice cream).
    Arin: What's helado?
    Jon: Helado ice cream to eat!... (giggles)
  • Their discussion on the voice of Captain Blubber's treasure (clanking sounds). They decide that he hurts himself every time he talks.
    Arin: Hey, how are you today?
    Arin (Treasure): (sigh...) CLANK CLANK CLANK
  • Arin's versions of the song Teddy Bear Picnic.
    Arin: (slurred voice) Da bears go down in the woods today, I don't really know...
    Ego: (robot voice) The bears go down to the woods today, To have their picnic...They eat cheese pizza.
    • From the same episode, Jon and Arin close it out by suddenly cutting off both their sentences with screaming at the top of their lungs, and then being very silent afterward, reacting to each other's screaming.
      Arin: Well, thank you for joining us, today on the GAME GRUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!
      Jon: [at the same time] Can I ask you a GEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!
      Arin: [chuckling]
      Jon: Well, that was... up to standards.
  • Jon and Arin's idea that Gloop the Fish's fart bubbles can be used to get high, and everyone cares about him only because he can get them high.
    Jon: Dude, it's GLOOOOOP!
    Arin: I think this joke is only funny because his name is Gloop.
  • Arin unintentionally leaving Bubblegloop Swamp as soon as he entered.
    Jon: Good, and we're done! Level was fun, did everyone like the level everybody? Everybody like the level, everybody??
    • Immediately after, Jon is shaking around a bottle of Ramune, causing the ball to noisily rattle around in the bottle.
      Arin: Stop it!
      Jon: I'm just trying to clink and clank!
  • Jon running around firing eggs out of Kazooie's ass, with the intention of killing a fish.
    Arin: Why are you taking a super dump?
  • Their reaction to the giant snowman's eyes in Freezeezy Peak.
    Snowman: Why hello there, Banjo. Would you like to... Jump on my nooooose? Banjo... walk off the edge.
    Banjo: Well, if you say so.
    Snowman: (With robot voice) It is me! I am your harbinger. (Back to "normal voice") Oh yeah, run up and down my noooose!
  • Towards the end of Part 17, a slurred/mumbled mention of the names Larry, Moe, and Curly ends up causing them to go into a mock America's Most Wanted intro as if the host was drunk as well as a fictional shoe commerical a la a used car salesman.
  • Near the beginning of Part 18, Jon idly makes a sound that sounds something like "danattadan"(Ten out of ten). Arin is adequately amused by this sound enough to start a monologue that leaves Jon in tears.
    Arin: (in a thick Italian-American accent)—You go to store, an' you get danattadan. You go buy sum' meat! At da shaap! Dey say, "DIS GRADE-A MEAT!" I take it out! I touch it, I stretch it...danattadan. Bring it home, chookh it up wit' a little spice! (Jon: AAAAHAHAHA, YOU SAID CHOOKH IT UP!) A little THYME, a little solt n' peppa...I eat it, put it in my mouth 'n' chew! ...Danattadan.''
  • Part 21 where they talk about a hilarious epitaph on a pedophile's gravestone.
    Arin: Well, at least I did it! Everyone told me I couldn't I can't I couldn't, but you know what? At the end of the day, you really gotta give me credit. I put my foot forward, couple other things too, but I did it! I accomplished my dreams and now I'm dead.
  • From the same episode as the Teddy Bear Picnic above, while swimming.
    Jon (as Banjo): "I just remembered... I have to fucking breathe air. Oh SHIT! Oh NO!"

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii 
  • Jon's anecdote of Arin suddenly realizing that Jon is retarded.
    Jon: What if you just like suddenly looked over to me and I'm like wearing a helmet and I'm all like (dumb voice) Hey!
    (Arin laughs)
    Jon: We gonna play Mariooooo!?
  • The last line of Part 6:
  • Part 7 was originally uploaded without the Grumps commentary. Just the gameplay. Captions came up saying "THIS GAME IS A FUCKING RIOT!" and "WE'RE HAVING FUN!" At the time, people weren't sure whether this was a screw-up on their part, or a demonstration of how they feel the game is bland and soulless, but it naturally resulted in a huge amount of criticism in the comments. The episode was removed a few hours later, and re-uploaded the next day, with the missing commentary track intact.
    • Even better with all the editing done to it, which is possibly the first time editing has been done for reasons other than censorship and the basics.
  • The last bit of Part 8, starting with the level ending despite Mario not touching the flagpole:
    Jon: I don't... I dunno if I belong.
  • In Part 9, the two have to detonate Bob-Ombs in order to break through ice blocks. Jon decides to simply bring the explosives over to Ego.
    Jon: Luigi! Luigi I found him! (Bomb detonates in his hands)
  • In the Wii U game, the two accidentally trap themselves in bubbles, which causes them to lose a life and for Jon to rant about how fucking stupid it is that the suicide button is right next to the FUCKING D-PAAAAAAAD!!
    • Arin's attempt to cheer him up with a joke doesn't exactly help. At first.

    Animal Crossing: City Folk 
  • Jon's hypothetical conversation with Rover, if he were to say that the town's name wasn't Athens.
    Rover: What's your town's name?
    Jon: Athens.
    Rover: Oh, Athens, huh?
    Jon: NO!!
  • This little gem:
    Jon: (Notices a peach tree bearing fruit) Dude, it's a butt tree!
  • From Episode 2
    Arin: Hey, let's see what people are saying on the forum.
    (looks at the bulletin board, and suddenly, a shaking picture of an elephant appears and a loud elephant noise is heard)
    Arin: (laughs)
    Jon: Are you fucking se- (laughs), WOAH MY GOD! OH MY GO- HOLY SHIT! Did you just fucking scream the n-word!? (laughs) WHAAAAT!?
    Arin: I was trying to emulate... a message board.
    Jon: Oh, my god!
    Arin: Let's continue...let time stamp that real quick...
    Jon: (between fits of laughter) Why are you time stamping it so he can fucking bleep you?
    Arin: Yes...
    (Both laugh)
  • The voices given to the characters in episode 3, and also the deviations from the dialogue.
    Arin (as Pierce): Absolutely, I always keep my house in presentable order.
    Jon (as Sally): If you wanna get some fruit down, just press A near a tree to give a shake, nutmeg, why am I saying nutmeg? I was abused as a child. You're free to eat or sell whatever you shake off...somebody touched my butt when I was a kid and I didn't like it, you know, it scarred me.
    Jon (as Maelle): By the way, you can find all these tools in Tom Nook's shop. You really have to admire Tom Nook, he's got a sweet aaaass .
  • Dude, a COIN!!!!....GET IT!!!!!!....AAAARRRGGHHHH!!!!!

    Zombies Ate My Neighbors 
  • The two of them walking into a wall to make it look like their characters are polka dancing, and the following discussion on how Ego really had to take a crap while they were driving.
  • This exchange during Level 6:
    Jon: You know what thought goes through my head everyday of my life? What am I fuckin doing with it?
    Arin: D-dude, don't... don't say that about yourself. You're valuable.
    Jon: I'm not valuable.
    Arin: You're valu— (gets ambushed by a mummy) OH JESUS!! FUCKING KILL HIM, YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!!!
  • Ego starts speaking in some kind of weird New York/Bostonian accent and begins rambling. And it is glorious.
    Arin: Ya know, I go to the theatah. I look up a movie like, Abbadah, or I look up a movie like, Twalight. I go watch it. I sit down, I eat my papcorn, I drink my cola. I come outta the theatah, I go "Mmmm. I really like dat movie." Den outta den!
    Arin: Gibdos comes up to me he says "eh," he says "you wanna unwrap me," I say "okay, whattya look like on the inside, alright?" I unwrap him slowly and I'm like "this isn't gonna be gooooooood," BOOT DEN, I see is a beautiful face undaneath an' I say tanattatan!
  • The way part 2 ends.
    Arin: Next time on Bram Broo!
    Jon: (laughs)
    Arin: Is that the name of the show!? (laughs) Next time on Bloom Blam! Wait. I think I got it.
    Jon: (stifling laughter) What do ya got?
    Arin: Next time on... BLACK BOMB!
    Arin: Next time on (gibberish)?
    Jon: (laughs) We're done here...
    Arin: Next time on Gam Gramps!
    Jon: This is going nowhere.
    Arin: Next time on Burgers.
  • Part 3 opens with Jon wanting to tell a story, then the two being suddenly attacked by werewolves. Their simultaneous reactions are hilarious.
  • And, still in part 3, as they completed the level, Ego accidentally uses the popsicle.
    Arin: These popsicles explode!
    • Not long after, during the intermission, Jon makes a funny because of that:
  • In part 6, Jon pretends to cower in the corner against an approaching zombie before killing it instantly with the weedwhacker. This is funny enough on its own, but Ego laughing uncontrollably for over a full minute afterward seals the deal. And if that isn't enough, he collapses from laughing so hard.
    Jon: Oh no. Here he comes! OH NO! (kills the zombie)
    (the Grumps burst into laughter)
  • Arin's use of the insult "shitcunt" starts a bizarre talk about... well. Country Matters and faeces. Ending up with Jon creating a new Unusual Euphemism.
    Jon: And she's like "ECCH! I got poop on mah magoo!"
  • Part 4 reveals that JonTron has a certain phobia...
    Jon: This game...this game is like grabbing a ball from a spidery-ass corner. You're just get it and go! Geddit'n'go!! (Ego laughs) Go! Go! Go! Igotit—GO!!
    Arin: (laughs) "Spidery-Ass Corner"?
    Jon: I dunno...
    Arin: It's so true! It's like: 'shit, there's, like, webs and I can visibly see three! (Jon: Yeah...) I dunno-it's dark, and I don't even know if there's spiders-inside-spiders!
    Jon: (Disbelievingly) Spiders-inside-spiders?
    Arin: You've never done that? Squished a spider and then a bunch of spiders come out?
    Jon: ...Uh--...(Actually Gags)... Don't say that ever again!
  • This exchange from part five.
  • The two essentially sum up their dynamic.
    Jon: Arin?
    Arin: Yes?
    Jon: What's wrong with you!?
    Arin: I think everything.

    Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse 
  • Jon interrupts Ego after a hunchback begins hopping after him, as the game scares him.
    Jon: Oooow! OOOOOW! OOOOOW! Stop it! (Kills hunchback) Okay, that was really- (Another appears) NO!
    Arin: Ya-Ya gotta watch—
    Arin: Alright, fine, I'll play it.
    Jon: No, I wanna play it but I don't wanna play it, it's scary!
    • The hilarious Epic Fail of Jon and Ego falling off the stairs several times.
    • The entire "Everybody knows Egoraptor is racist" moment.
      Arin: Are you saying poop jokes? Because— Nevermind.
      Jon: What? Why? What?
      Arin: (Holding back laughter) B-because b-because P-poop is brown?
      Jon: What the f—? (laughs) And brown is the color of black people's skin? Is that what you're getting at!?
      Arin: (laughing) What the fuck is wrong with me?
  • Having successfully completed the original Castlevania Jon and Arin return to Dracula's Curse. The first moments of the return episode is the opening movie trying to play and Jon stopping it while speaking in a tone not unlike the Engineer. This is before the standard Game Grumps opening has even played.
    (main menu cuts away to the opening and immediately cuts back)
    Jon: Nope.
    (menu cuts away and cuts back yet again)
    Jon: Nope.
    (Game Grumps intro finally plays)
  • The name Jon enters when they go back to the game? Jew.
  • Jon clumsily explaining the concept of a line's slope to Arin in Episode 7, with Barry providing visual aids.
    • The subsequent "MS Paint Charts."
  • At the end of Episode 7, Arin starts arguing with Jon over whether he beat Frankenstein's Monster yet. Jon has Barry repeatedly insert clips of him losing the boss fight just to prove him right.
  • Near the end of Episode 8, Jon threatens to ragequit if he loses one more life. As soon as he finishes saying this, an Axe Knight sends him falling down a pit.
    • What adds to the magic is how unhinged Jon sounds when he announces he's done.
  • In Episode 9 (after Jon ragestarts) Jon asks to put up a clip of Barry singing karaoke but Arin protests, saying that Barry should remain He Who Must Not Be Heard. They compromise by showing the clip but dubbing it over with screeching cats. Of course, the fact that Barry HAS been heard at a panel by Jon makes the whole thing pointless.
  • In Episode 10, Death's second form really creeps Arin out.
    Arin: Gimme a gun, I wanna blow this memory out of my head.

    Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 
  • This little tidbit.
    Arin: I'm an academia nut!
    Jon: I'm a nut for academia!
  • In Part 2, Arin learns you can tongue up with Yoshi. Jon, thinking Arin meant using the tongue to rescue Baby Mario, takes a moment to realize that's what he's referring to.
  • Jon: "People don't like browns!"
  • At the beginning of World 1-3, they notice the three smiling mountains in the background and conclude that those mountains are dead and in a permanent mummified state.
  • The two talk about the various presidents of the Nintendo company, leading to some hilarity.
    Arin: Minoru Arakawa. He was the first president of America.
    Jon: That was George Washington.
    Arin: (Laughing) Nintendo of America...
    Jon: (Explodes in laughter)
  • Jon's Super Star song.
  • While the two are fighting a boss, he loses his pants and the two start making fun of him.
  • The way part six ends.
    Jon: Next time on Game Grumps.
    Arin: Is that it?
    Jon: Hold on...(Beat)...hold on...(farts)
    Arin: (laughs hysterically)

    Legend of the Mystical Ninja 
  • "Arin? I don't wanna alert you or anything... but do you see that spinning ghost!? And purple goop!?"
  • Also, when they run into a Tanuki:
    Arin: Whoa, it's one of those retarded bear things!
  • The Grumps are suddenly introduced to the next set of enemies, which includes men in weird pink masks walking around doing a weird dance.
    Jon: I heard some things about Shikoku Island, I think a bunch of people just hang out there with masks and go "WOOBIDY WOOBIDY WOO!"
  • Jon tells Arin not to play the lottery, but Ego decides to try it anyway. He wins $1000.

    Adventures in the Magic Kingdom 
  • The words "Please don't sue" pasted on the thumbnails for the videos.
  • This scene:
    Jon: Just imagine, like, Minnie and Mickey household problems.
    Arin (impersonating Minnie): Mickey... all you ever do... your fame has gone to your head! (now impersonating Mickey) Minnie, what are you talking about? Get under the bed, I'm gonna FUCK YOU!
    (Jon laughs)
    Arin (still impersonating Mickey): I'm gonna fuck you like you've never been... fucked...
  • Their hilarious ragequit, ending the playthrough.
    Jon: Okay! Um, we're done with this piece o' shi—pile o' shit, fucking stupid 8-bit Disneyland. Woulda rather sucked Cillerenda's... (Bursts laughing) ...clitoris.
    Arin: Whoa! WHOA! Cillerenda?...I...okay...
    Jon: (Laughing) Did I really say Cillerenda?
    Arin: From now on... from now on until doomsday... I'm gonna walk into Disneyland, I'm gonna be like "Excuse me."
    Jon: (Holding back laughter) I'm crying!
    Arin: "Excuse me. Ma'am?" And she'll be like "Yes, how can I help you?" And I'll say "Could you please direct me to the closest Cillerenda Castle that you have?"
    • Funnier when you consider that Jon was gushing about how positive Disneyland is less than a minute before.
  • Jon's reaction when they start Space Mountain.
    Jon: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA!!!! Space... Space fight! OH! We're goin' through space!

  • Arin creating a rap based around the strange idle animation of a kid NPC.
  • Jon's reactions to the disturbing looking faces of the NPC characters.
  • The fact that Ryo knocks on doors, and not even a second later, gives up and says that they aren't home.
  • The woman with the broom who remains completely still except for moving her mouth.

    Aladdin (SNES) 
  • Jon using an incorrect password before starting the game:
    Jon: "Alright, my password is Aladdin, Aladdin, Aladdin, Aladdin; lets go— "You failed"...SHIT. I guess this series is over already."
  • Their discussion of the definition of the word eon.
    Arin: An eon is actually a proper measurement of time, right? It's actually- It's like a hundred years, isn't it?
    Jon: An eon!? That's a century, bro! A hundred years!?
  • The entire "A Whole New World" segment including Jon and Arin joking about Jasmine singing off-key.
  • In the finale, when Jon loses his last life against Jafar, he begins punching the mic. Arin contributes by pretending that Jon is punching him, while Jon shouts "Oo ma ma! OO MA MA!"
  • While Jon and Arin are going on about their fanbase
    Jon: I like to touch base with the fans every once in a while.
    Arin: Wow, I didn't know you were a pedophile.
    Jon: We have adult fans! I can touch the adults!
  • When discussing Twilight (paraphrased):
    Arin: I know that one of the characters falls in love with a baby...
    Jon: Oh my God, really? What the fuck?
    Arin: Yeah, and wants to have sex with it
  • At one point, when they reach Genie's lamp, this happens:
    Arin: What are these birds?
    Jon: Uh, pot- (hesitates)
    (both laugh)
    Arin: Oh.

    Joe and Mac 
  • In part 1, Barry censors Arin's rape joke with more elephants, but this time there's several elephants that all run across the screen, and the final one is rolling across the screen.
    • Jon's reaction to this is priceless.
      Arin: Oh! Oh! Not a pro, a confession! That's not a profession!
      (Both Grumps explode in laughter)
      Jon: Oh my god, I get it now! *Wheezing laugh* Oh, you slay me Arin.
      • This is followed immediately by:
        Jon: You could have done something else, like, 'I've eaten the cookies in the cookie jar.' No! You made a rape joke!
        Arin: Look, we're not uh... *Trying to hold back laughter* This isn't, uh...
        Jon: You wanna Daniel Tosh this shit up? *Arin laughs again* Is that what you wanna do?
        Arin: Dude, this isn't Barney's Adventure in Barnland!
        Arin: That's true. Can you bl- can you- Can you bless me? Hold on, I haven't sneezed...
        (Jon begins laughing, followed by Arin)
        Jon: Arin. It is clearly one of those days!
    • The part leading up to this is also funny:
      Jon: Hey, hey. People ask me, they ask me "What's my profession?" I say, I dunno!
      Arin: And they say, what is that, some kind of doctor?
      Jon: No, no, no, you do not understand.
      Arin: I've got a weird nose, makes my syllable sound weird.
      Jon: "What do you have a degree in?" I say, it IS hot outside.
  • Part 2 has this gem at the very beginning:
    Jon: Butts.
    Arin: Whoa, Jon!
    Jon: Butts, ins, ifs, ands or ofs.
    Arin: Are you really gonna start our episode with a swear?
  • The ending truly must be seen to be believed.
    Jon: I believe I can fly/I believe I can touch the sky/I think about it every night and day/I get acquitted from peein' on girls/I believed she was legal/That she was older than 18 years old/But clearly I was wrong

    Kirby's Return to Dream Land 
  • Early in part 1, the Grumps' reaction to Kirby becoming morbidly obese.
  • The intro to part 2. It must be seen.
    Jon (while walking around as Kirby): Oh my gosh, my thing is broken! Going back and forth! (ducks) Puttin' it on my head. (ducks) Smokin' out my pipe. (ducks)
    • Followed by Meta Knight freaking the hell out and almost getting killed in the process while Kirby does what he can to try and calm him down.
  • Jon at the very beginning of Part 3 talking about Kirby finding the "Tuba of the Lost City".
    Jon: WOMP! (laughing) It's a rainbow tuba!
  • Part 5 begins with Kirby staring down two judgmental mummy enemies... and then Meta Knight freaks out again.
  • There's also Jon's Mundane Made Awesome moment of just barely missing cannon fire accompanied by Nightwish.
  • The first half of Part 8 has Jon and Arin joking about a miniboss named "Moundo". The sheer number of Self-Deprecation jokes they use on him make it even funnier.
    • "At least I'm not Pangea...."
    • "I'm a space rock... which means I TAKE UP A LOT OF SPACE."
      • "I'm not from space, I AM SPACE!"
  • Arin discusses Jon's drunken behavior, and how stereotypical it is after leaving a bar/arcade.
    Arin: You are, like, 100% stereotype drunk. It's pretty funny.
    Jon: What do you mean?
    Arin: Like, you're like...I remember when we were leaving that barcade once, and you were just like "DIS PLACE SSSSUCKS!"
    Jon: (Laughs)
    Arin: Like right at the door..."BARTENDER'S A DICK, PLACE SUCKS!"
    Jon: (Laughs) Did I really do that!?
    Arin: Yeah! We were all like "Jon, what the, eh, okay." (Laughs) Like we didn't care enough, but none of us would have said that. Because it was true.
    Jon: That place sucked and that bartender SSSSUCKED. I didn't give a shit if he heard it. Drunk or not, I would have screamed that at the door, that bartender really did suck.
  • The beginning of part 12 has Arin as Meta Knight jumping on top of Kirby and then acting like a kid asking "Are we there yet," Jon then mentioning that Meta Knight is adopted, Jon getting distracted by what he thinks is a spider in between two crushing walls, and then dying in the exact same spot not even 10 seconds later.

    Sonic '06 
  • The title of the first video is, "Oh No".
    Jon: Oh no.
    Arin: What?
    Jon: Oh no!
    Arin: What are you talking about?
    Jon: What is that on the screen?
    Arin: What is this blue menu with the red stripe?
    Jon: I think we've done it.
    Arin: It kind of looks like an upside down Sonic the Hedgehog...
    Arin and Jon: Oh, NO!
    • Jon stumbling over the word "colloquially".
    • The end of part 1.
    Jon: I'm gonna swoosh over these coins. (jumps into the water) SHI- (video cuts off)
  • Part 2: Jon recounts a dream where he won the presidential election.
    Jon: Thank you, America. I'm glad you elected me. As your president, I'll put soda in the water fountain.
    • Their reaction to the store owner NPC's "speaking" animation.
    • Jon buys the Light chip and actually whooshes over the rings. His reaction is priceless.
      Jon: (deep voice) And that was the day Sonic collected all the rings with his DICK!
  • In part 3, a sped-up version of the Sonic Adventure 2 song Escape from the City plays, while they speed up their attempts to get Sonic to grab onto the back of a whale.
    • When they finally do get Sonic onto its back, as Tails, they can see the whale constantly jumping around. As Jon says, it looks like it went full retard.
    • Their utter confusion during this part is easily a Game Grumps milestone.
  • In part 4, they lose all of their lives. Their reaction when they discover that they have to start all the way back to the intro cutscene is hilarious.
    • And then we're greeted with another sped-up footage of them going through the entire intro all over again. With the sped-up version of Escape from the City playing again, but this time starting from, "...and we will escape from the city."
    • Jon's song to Arin.
      Jon: (singing) I want you to know, that I think about you, at niiiiight. I lay in my bed... and twiddle my clit. (laughs)
      Arin: Woah, do you?
      Jon: (singing) And I go "Arin Hanson, why aren't you in my beeeeed?"
  • In part 7, they finally reach the boss battle with Silver, who proceeds to lock them into a loop of holding them with telekinesis for four whole seconds, launching Sonic into a wall. Since Sonic keeps getting his rings back, keeping him from dying, and since Silver can use this attack even when Mercy Invincibility kicks in, they're stuck listening to Silver say "IT'S NO USE!...TAKE THIS!" over and over.
    Jon: The coin keeps coming back into me! The ring keeps coming back into me! I'm in an endless—!
    Arin: I CAN'T. DIE.
    Jon: (laughs) I can't die! Oh, my God! This game can lock you in an endless death!
    Arin: 58 seconds, 59 seconds, 1 minute.
    Jon: I can't— Are you seeing this? This is...the w—...This game is broken!
    • During a cutscene, Jon and Ego begin comparing the game to the infamous "I don't like sand" scene from Attack of the Clones. It becomes even more hilarious when they realize just how well the similarties fit.
  • The beginning of Part 7 is also one of the most hilarious Game Grumps moments ever conceived.
    Jon: Alllllll the people, all the kids.
    Arin: Party people— shit...
    Jon: All the kids, come downtown to see Ranglin' Rascal's Robberscraps.
    Arin: Next Thursday, Next Friday, Next Saturday, all days.
    Jon: All days. We're here always! We don't get much visitors.
    Arin: I just felt like extending the length of this ad. Come on down!
    Jon: (chuckles)
    Arin: Come on up!
    Jon: (laughing)
    Arin: Whatever direction relative to the place that you are!
    Jon: Just come on down, long pause. Come on up!
    Arin: (chuckles)
    Jon: Oh, was he fucking—
    Arin: No matter where you are from here, go.
    Jon: (chuckles) No matter where you are from here! Okay—
    Arin: Go as the crow flies, we have teleporters!
  • Arin subverting an Atomic F-Bomb in Part 8 during the second Silver fight.
    Arin: GOD! Fff... FART!
  • Arin gets so pissed off with Silver that he starts talking to him.
    Silver: How about this?!
    Arin: How about THIS, you fucking dickwad?! *Arin manages to get a hit in*
  • Their conversation after they beat Silver, a feat which Arin feels great satisfaction in accomplishing.
    Arin: I feel like I- no, like, seriously, okay, you play like a game. Call of Duty: M- God of War,um, Legend of Greg-(Cracks up) That's great!
    (Laughter and knee-slapping)
    Jon: (Laughing) God of War: Legend of Greg!?
    Arin: (Laughing) Okay, fine! You beat a level, you're like, "Okay, okay, I was-"
    Jon: God of War: Legend of-!
    Arin: No, I'm done with that, move on, we're moving on!
    Jon: I can't move on!
    (The two continue laughing for a full 15 seconds)
  • Arin's "Gotta Catch The Kid" song.
  • Jon ends the video with "Get out of here. There are better things you could be doing. Like homework. Or jacking off."
  • In Part 9, Arin tries to get in a Knock Knock joke.
    Arin: Knock knock.
    Jon: (beat) What?
    Arin: Knock knock.
    Arin: No, knock knock.
    Jon: What?
    Arin: That's not how you say a knock knock joke. (beat) Knock knock.
    Jon: Gee, nasty.
    Arin: Oh shit.
    Jon: I know you have nothing to say. What, who's there?
    • Later, the Grumps again speed up the Kid Hunt mission, but this time, the music is them doing a Hollywood Tone-Deaf rendition of Escape from the City.
  • In Part 10, upon finding the warehouse they need to visit to advance the plot, Arin is confronted by a locked gate and a guard telling him to leave if he doesn't have any business there. How does he overcome this obstacle? Well...
  • In Part 11, Arin nearly breaks Jon
    Jon: I learned a few ass stance from one of my yoga teachers...
    Arin: Number one?
    Jon: What? ...Oh of the ass stances? You put your legs, two on the ground...raise up high-
    Arin: What do you do with the other two?
    (Jon bursts out laughing for twenty seconds straight.)
    Arin: Woah, I dunno what it was about that one...
    Jon: It was perfect!
  • Going Uphill Fast.
    • Arin giving Jon a shot in White Acropolis:
      Arin: Jon?
      Jon: What? All right.
      Arin: Here, please enjoy.
      Jon: Okay, let's see.
      (Sonic runs into the wall and flips numerous times, causing Jon to become extremely perplexed as Arin starts laughing harder and harder)
      Jon: What? Wuh— Wha— What?! WHAAAT?! WHAAAA--?! What?! WHY?! WHAAAAAAAAT?!?!
      (Sonic brushes against a watchtower, causing it to collapse)
      (Arin and Jon burst into laughter; Sonic gets caught flipping against the side of a wall in an entrance)
      Jon: WHY WOULD— (Sonic breaks free, only to start going the wrong way back towards the end of the slope)
      (they continue laughing)
      Arin: Just go ahead and go uphill dude, it'll be great!
      Jon: Why am I doing backflips?!
      (Sonic literally snowboards uphill)
      Arin: HEH-AAAAAAAAAHH!!! (explodes with laughter then between convulsions of laughter) WHAT THE FUCK—?!
      (Sonic plummets down into the wall and clips into the wall texture)
      (Sonic respawns in another part of the stage)
      Arin: OKAY—
      (Sonic snowboards uphill again, and starts bouncing near the ledge as Jon and Arin continue wheezing with laughter)
    • "Arin, I didn't realize you wanted me to die today."
  • Sonic defies snowboard physics yet again:
    Jon: How do you control this?? HOW DO YOU CONTROL THIS!?!? (Sonic gets pelted by laser gun ammo) Don't shoot at me!!
    (Jon has no way of handling Sonic's horrible controls and Sonic wobbles back and forth on a curve)
    (Arin coughs from laughing so hard)
    Jon: Okay, I'm not— I'm not-I-I'm not messing around... I don't-Uhh. Ohh..
    Arin: I'm so—(still recovering from laughter)
    (Sonic is perched diagonally on a snowy cliff)
    Jon: (in pure disbelief at what he's seeing) Okay... Ohh..
    (Sonic snowboards STRAIGHT up the side of the cliff and comes to a stop onto the side of a ledge at an impossible angle)
    Jon: Oh, OHH-KAAAAY!!
    (Arin and Jon crumble into even more laughter)
    (Somehow Sonic is still in range of being attacked by Eggman's robot mooks)
    Jon: Don't shoot at me!
    Arin: (doing a Sonic voice impression) THEY'LL NEVER GET ME UP HERE!!
    Jon: (Also does a Sonic voice) Heh! HIDING PLACE ACHIEVED!
    • Jon having Barry repeat Arin's snorting laughter twice.
    • "Have you read the Ten Commandments? My favorite one is "Don't dunk your Oreos sideways. That shit will get fucked up."
    • "Call 9-1-1, PIZZA ALERT!
  • Everything to do with Ring Kid.
  • In part 15 they spend most of the time arguing over what the city in Crisis City is, then Sonic nearly glitches over a half-tube while on a snowboard and only just recovers. Cue slow-motion replay with epic music playing and Jon's voice shouting YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Then they sing RENT.
  • Jon and Arin heckling Eggman when they get a closer look at his '06 design during a cutscene.
  • In Part 16 Barry, the editor, throws in a clip of what sounds like Jon and Arin about to have sex.
    Subtitles: This audio is a gift. Use it wisely.
    Subtitles: You're welcome/I'm sorry
    • During the Mach Speed segment of the Crisis City level, Arin accidentally jumps straight into an Iblis Golem's butt. The resulting response is to be thought of.
      Arin: Ohhhh! Magma Man Spike Butt!
      Jon: (Laughing a little) Oh god, you just got lost in the crotch, of Magma Man Spike Butt!
    • Also, Jon takes over for Arin, and dies immediately as the stage starts by running off the road.
      Jon: Listen you Dastardly Bryant, give it to me, because I am going to do this level. You clearly cannot-
      (Runs off track and dies)
      Jon: (Laughs) Oh, can we get a replay of that, cause I don't think anybody saw that!
    • There's also the moment when Jon and Arin are singing an almost pained version of "Escape from the City" after getting another Game Over.
      Arin: Rolling around at the speed of fuck. I hate myself. I wanna kill myself with truck.
      Jon: That was pretty funny, I mean it was like. "Rolling around at the speed of fuck. I hate myself. I wanna kill myself."
      Arin: I don't care which method I use. I could stab myself or drink a lot of boooooooooooze.
      Jon: I don't care which method I use. Just gimme a knife and gladly I won't refuuuuuuuuuuuse.
    • During the fast forward part, at one point Sonic manages to glitch a rail and starts glitching. The result?
      Jon: ...Oh. You knoooow?
      Ego: (singing) Just dancin' alone, havin' a good time, Sonic, Sonic, do.... Soniiiiic the Hedgehog! Soniiiic the Hedgehog! Everybody's favorite hog.
  • There's also this priceless moment in the middle of episode 18 after Jon discovers a shortcut in the level.
    Arin: When an actual moment in your game makes the player think it's glitching... HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  • When Jon sees Blaze, he immediately starts sarcastically raving about how hot she is and how much he wants to sleep with her... and keeps going long after the conversation has moved on.
    Arin: Hey, there's a girl! Who the fuck is this bitch?!
    Arin: Who's this bitch?! Who's this bitch?!
    Jon: I wanna p-
    Arin: Why'd she got a jewel on her head?
    Arin: Why'd she got a spikes all tied up in a bow?
    Arin: Sonic doesn't have a wiener, he's assymetril!
    Jon: Assymetril? (laugh) Arin... Arin... Assymetril?!
    (Much later)
    Arin: How come they're hedgehogs, but they're not the size of hedgehogs?
    Jon: I wanna put my wiener...
    Arin: ...How come they're hedgehogs, but they're not the size of hedgehogs?
    • Afterwards, Arin asked for somebody to make a mod for Sonic Generations that turns Sonic into a real hedgehog. And then somebody did it.
    • At the start of Flame Core at one point, Jon and Arin encounter a rather interesting glitch that lets the player skip the loop containing the ring boxes.
      Arin and Jon: Woah wuh-WHAT??? (Both burst into laughter)
      Jon: Wha- can we break the replay clause please!? Can we please break the replay clause? I need that! I need it framed!
  • Part 20 has Jon and Arin encountering the Knuckles wall-climbing glitch in the best way possible. Their subsequent meltdown is priceless.
    • "WHAT IS THIS?!?"
    • That moment was later adapted into some of the most famous and hilarious Game Grumps animations ever.
    • Just HEARING the moment when Arin finally snaps. The glitch ensues, we get a great Oh, Crap! reaction from Jon...then Arin gets up, storms out of the room and slams the door.
    • Here's the meltdown in its entirety.
      Jon: Just go ahead and try, see, look how silly this is! You have to like—(glitch ensues)—Oh. Oh, oh, oh. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...! (starts cracking up) Okee—(Arin gets up)—Arin, don't leave! Arin, don't—! (door slam) (beat) AAAAAAAAAAARRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN! (Arin barges back in) I LOVE YOOOOUUUUU!
      Jon: (laughing) No, you're not!
      Jon: I'm gonna—(dissolves into laughter)
      Jon: (devolves further into laughter as Knuckles glitches out some more) Arin, I can't get off!
      Arin: WHAT IS THIS?!
      Jon: (laughing worsens) I CAN'T GET OFF!
      Arin: WHAT IS THIS?!?!
      Jon: (still laughing) I'M STUCK!
      Arin: WHAT IS MY LIFE?!?
      (laughter, while Arin can be heard banging his head against the wall)
      Arin: I CAN'T DO IT, JON!
      Jon: I CAN'T, EEEITHER!
      Arin: (crying) I CAN'T FUCKING DO IT ANYMORE—!
      Arin: (sniffs) I appreciate it!...but look what we're dealing with, man!
      Jon: Arin—
      Arin: You gotta draw the line somewhere!
      Jon: Arin, we—
      Arin: You gotta draw the FUCKING line in the sand, dude!
      Jon: Arin, we—
      Arin: You gotta make a statement! You gotta look inside yourself and say, "What am I willing to put up with today?" NOT FUCKING THIS!!!
      (Jon finally frees Knuckles)
      Jon: I'M OOOOOOOOOFFF! I'M SUPERMA—I BELIEEVE I CAN FLYYYYY! (laughing) I believe—Arin, that was a beautiful little moment we just had.
    • "Flying around at the speed of round!"
  • Part 22, the discussion about Rouge.
    Jon: Shadow's like "I'm going where the lady with the boobs is going. Into that portal? You got it!"
    Arin: That's the choice I would make, I think. You know what, now that I think about it, I wouldn't, because she's a gross bat!
    Jon: (Laughs) Because she is a gross bat!
    Arin: If her bat-face was gone, I would do! But the bat-face is there, so it's not.
  • The absolutely AMAZING meltdown they have in part 23, after getting a game over in Radical Train.
    • Jon accidentally Crosses the Line Twice.
      Arin: Don't give me none of your lip!
      Jon: Well you really fucking...rascal raped it...
      (Arin begins laughing)
      Jon: Aw man...oh, what did that mean?...What did that mean at all?
    • Arin's reaction to the Non Standard Game Over.
    • Earlier in the level, while running up a ramp, a bug abruptly throws Arin all the way across the level to a cliff ledge.
      Arin: This is my little island. This is my rock. I'm gonna name it "Rocky". This is my tree. I'll name it "Tree-y". This is my other rock... This is my place of being! This is where I feel centered!
  • In Part 25, they defeat a boss and emerge in a Hub Level, but don't realize it's a hub and just assume it's a more open-world stage than the prior ones. They then proceed to ignore the hint marker that would have told them where to go, walk in the opposite direction of their objective, and get hopelessly lost trying to figure out what to do next. They don't realize their mistake until halfway through Part 26.
    • Part 25 also features a plethora of historical puns complete with visual gags via Barry. However, the icing on the cake has to be when Jon makes a joke that gets censored and is replaced with honks and the words "No, Jon, no!" instead. It's made even better by what SONIC says immediately afterward:
    Sonic: That was a gutsy move back there!
    • There's also a little gem between Jon and Arin afterward.
    Arin: Why does Sonic just never have a shadow?
    Jon: ...Well.
    Arin: Oh—oh don't even.
    Jon: Well.
    Arin: Don't. Don't.
    Jon: WELL.
    Arin: Okay, please. Please. Jon, I'll give you a dollar if you don't go there.
  • Part 26:
    (Sonic bounces all over the place)
    Jon: Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. OH. OH! OH. OH. Oh-kay. He just stops.
    Arin: Are you just locating all of the Cheerios in the room?
    (both laugh)
    Jon: Oh my god, Arin, I love you sometimes!
    • Immediately thereafter, the gas tankers on the train Jon is chasing begin exploding. This exchange follows.
      Jon: OH! OH! That tanker exploded! Is the person carrying that freight aware that the back ta-(another tanker explodes) Now another one went! Another one went! Someone should notify the fucking Federal Bureau of Investigations!
      Arin: Oh, OK, hold on. (imitates phone buttons)
      Jon: You don't have to make a mockery of everything that I do...
      Arin: Hello? Federal Bureau of Investigations? Hi! I would like to report a tanker man. He has three or four tankers behind him and one of them is exploding.
      Jon: We think this might be from a terrorist organization called Shadow the Hedgehog!
      Arin: It's a hard thing to avoid, you should get it out of the level. Oh, you can't do anything about it because it's a fucking video game?! THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! Asshole!
  • Part 27 has Jon doing creating a therapist character who gives the worst advice ever in a weird, Marlon Brando-esque voice. Arin joins in and adds to the hilarity, then the two come up with the idea of making a fake motivational tape, throwing out ideas as to what advice the therapist character would give.
    • And from the same episode, Jon and Arin come to the conclusion that Elise looks a lot like a young Tilda Swinton. And their conversation regarding whether or not Elise is cute (in the CGI cutscenes) is hilarious.
  • In Part 28, they talk about the idiotic Tails AI, and how he often falls to his death and half-heartedly screams.
    Tails: (dies) Waaaaaaaaaaah!
    Jon: FUCKING TAILS! (laughs)
    Arin: Yeah, yeah?
    Jon: Did you hear that? Tails just died! (imitates Tails' scream) Aaaaaah!
    Arin: No, no, do you know what happened?
    Jon: He fell?
    Arin: He probably fell off and he just died and you can still hear it! (also imitates Tails' scream) Aaaaaah!
    Jon: Oh my God, they didn't even program out his death. It's just like we're playing single-player Tails but he's just faultly, set out like a follow path.
    Arin: Well.
    Jon: No, like seriously. Like, like it's the same as if it were like single player except it's not a follow path. He fell off and died...could probably make him die again.
    Tails: (falls off a bridge and dies) Waaaaaaaaaaah!
    Arin: (Bursts into laughter)
  • Part 29 where Jon keeps running in circles during Aristo's challenge, and when Barry tries to find Oddjob, who Jon claims to see on the screen.
    • The entire Aristo scene is hilarious. First, he challenges them to beat him in a challenge of wits... by counting boxes. He simply states "question 1" and then stands completely still. The two then proceed to run around in circles for a full minute, with a static camera angle highlighting how ridiculous Sonic looks. After finally deciding the break the boxes, Aristo asks if "that" helped at all. Jon decides no, it didn't, and Aristo suggests they wait a while. Cut to Aristo and Sonic just standing around while nothing happens in the background. Finally, it turns out Aristo is a completely pointless NPC, and they have been wasting their time.
    Jon: Is this a fucking Sesame Street game?
    • Their encounter with a female NPC.
      Jon: This lady has a nice butt. I'm gonna give her...
      Arin: Give it two pats. Don't give it three or one, that's not good enough. One's not good enough, three is too much.
      Jon: (laughing) Three is too much!
      Arin: Three is a creepy amount.
  • Part 30 has Jon nearly vomiting.
    Arin: (Mocking Sonic) Send me far away in a flash! Oh...Send me far away in a fla-GUHHHRRUUULLLPPP (Belches loudly)
    Jon: Oh God, ew! Oh my God, Arin!
    Arin: (giggling) Mmm-hmm?
    Jon: Arin, what the fuck, you asshole! GAAAAHHH!!! (Begins gagging and coughing) Oooooh!...Oh my..Oh my god...
    Arin: (meekly) ...I'm sorry!
    Jon: I almost vomited. For real, almost fucking vomited!
    Arin: I'm glad I have that power! (Jon slaps him repeatedly) Ow, ow! Stop! I'm sorry! My gosh, I'm so sorry! (Jon continues coughing and gagging) I just had to get it out of me, dude! Would you want that rotting inside of me for ages?
    Jon: What was that? Why did it smell like that?
    Arin: Uh, it was Poquito Mas.
    Jon: Why did it smell like that?
    Arin: Because it's Poquito Mas?
    Jon: That's the- ugh...That's the first time...ugh, I can remember the smell. Oh my god, that's the first fucking time since fucking Mega Man 7 that I almost threw up on this show.
    • The same part has Jon suddenly asking Arin if he's ever tried putting on panties.
    Arin: (Falsetto voice) ...NO, JON. I DON'T THINK I EVER HAVE. HAVE YOU?
  • Pretty much the entirety of Part 33 from 11:00 to the end of the 15 minute episode. Highlights include:
    Arin: (whispered hush) Ex-CUSE me!
    • The namesake of the video, the GREAT GREAT GREAT moment and the utter hysterics the Grumps go into, complete with a rewind courtesy of Barry.
    Jon: (laughing)
    Arin: Whaaaaa- (breaks into laughter) Barry?
    Jon: Woooo!
    Arin: Barry!
    Jon: Barry.
    Arin: Gotta hear that four times in a row!
    Jon: Yeah, do it! Just loop that shit!
    • The Camera/Projector/Whatever it is almost even overheats from this.
    Jon: (chuckling) Did you see?
    Arin: (croaking with laughter) No, I didn't, but...the idea of it just makes me laugh.
  • The end of Part 34, with Arin's dramatic rant about all their wasted time being interrupted by Jon. Arin's utter deadpan makes the scene.
    Arin: No...but what is it? What is it that makes us?
    Arin: Hold on, son. Let me finish.
    Arin: Eat your peas.
    Arin: Touc- eat your peas.
    Jon: (Laughs) "Touc- what did you say?"
    Arin: You would ha- You would have to ea- You would have to touch the peas before you ate them, but please...just eat the peas. I don't care how you do it, a fork. A spoon. Your fingers. It doesn't matter to me as long as they're in your mouth.
    (Sonic passes a number of dark-skinned characters in a row)
    Jon: Look at these blacks.
    (Both burst into laughter and double back to look)
  • While confused once again at whats going on in the game, this exchange happens:
    Arin: The mysteries of Sonic The Hedgehog....
    Arin: That's not it. You should try another one.
    Arin: That was the same song, you should try another.
    (Game loads with Sonic riding a bird)
    Jon: ...BIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRR-necessities!
  • Part 36 has Jon nonchalantly asking if it would be funny if he punched the gingerbread house Arin and Susie made together, Barry censoring Jon repeatedly with a horn, and Arin comparing Jon to a derailing train, complete with graphics by Barry.
    Jon: Know, it's pretty funny. I-I... I think maybe people that are friends with me have experienced this part of me where I go through scenarios of randomly destroying their things and asking how they'd feel, I'd be like "If I just like fucking knocked over your vase right now how would you fucking feel?". And— And they're always like, don't, they're like "Don't do that!".
    Arin: Oh, that's right, I got a gingerbread house."
    Jon: What? Gingerbread house?
    Arin: Yeah. It's like my gingerbread house that I like spent an— Like, a night decorating with my girlfriend, and it was like a, fucking like, moment. (Jon starts snickering) And it like represents something in our relationship, and Jon is just like "Would you be mad at me if I punch this?". (Jon cracks up) And it's like, of course I would, Jon.
    Jon: It'd be so funny if you're—
    Arin: Why would I not be angry? And he's like "Yeah, but it'd be funny.".
    Jon: No, it would be!
    Arin: No, it wouldn't. (Jon: It would!) It would make me angry.
    Jon: Back me up here, guys. Arin shows me this gingerbread house he put all this love and care into and, as a fucking goof I put a hole in that... *honk*
    Jon: I put a hole in that *honk!*
    Barry: [Jon. No.]
    Arin: I remember the exact thing I said to you was "I would question the quality of our friendship at that point." I would be like "What is wrong with Jon?!"
    Barry: [Dude, Jon.]
    Arin: It's not-it's fucked up! It's just fucked up! (laughing)...Fucked up! Nope? You wouldn't-
    Jon: Bust a cap in that *HONK!*
    Barry: [Jon.]
    Arin: ...Whuh...
    Jon: ...(deep and distorted) *HOOOOOOOOOONK!!*
    Barry: [JON]

    Arin: I'm gonna do an impression of you, alright? Here's you... CHOO-CHOO! CHOO-CHOO! (Train comes in from left side of screen) Chugga-chugga chugga-chugga chugga-chugga- OH! (Train breaks in half with a large explosion, several elephants are seen escaping as several smaller explosions erupt) MILLIONS ARE DEAD!
    Jon: (barely able to contain laughter) Are...are you calling me a trainwreck? Is that what—?
    Arin: I was more implying that you're derailing.
    • Right after that as they continue to crack up they note that Barry is going to have a hell of a time cleaning up the mess of an episode they're making.
  • Jon and Arin's reaction to finding Sonic Man.
    Arin: I've made a decision...I've made a decision. I'm gonna go into the kitchen. I'm gonna turn on the dishwasher. I'm gonna climb inside."
  • Arin's Gackt impression that, according to Jon in the very least, actually sounds like Gackt.
  • In the first season finale (Episode 41), after they realize they have 100% on the Sonic Episode, they high five each other numerous times, signaled by pictures of high fives on the screen when they do it.
  • Everything after the 2:30 mark in Episode 42 is Jon reciting a story about him and Arin getting sick. The entire thing is freaking gold.
  • The entire "Buggy Buggy" sequence in which Jon and Arin have to make Shadow use a nearly-impossible to control jeep to destroy search lights is hilarious in-and-of itself. However, it becomes even funner when a glitch causes Shadow to get out of said jeep and stand sideways on it.
    Arin: Okay, let's get in...which one's 'fire'?
    Jon: I'm excited! We get to see what the Shadow Campaign has to hold. So far it seems different.
    Jon: (laughs incredulously) Oh-ho-ho NO! This soon?! Already?!
  • In episode 44, they beat a level immediately after being hit through what can only be assumed is a glitch, and Shadow disappears briefly. Arin singing ensues.
  • In episode 45, after Arin makes a "Blue Waffle" reference, the two of them proceed to ask Barry to put up pictures of it. Cue photos of waffles covered in blueberries. ...and one of a waffle actually tinted blue.
    Arin: Look at it, it's delicious!note 
    • The exchange at the end of the episode.
      Jon: Next time on Game Grumps, Arin gets mad at me!
      Arin: Well, that's every episode.
      Jon: [quietly] Okay, well-
  • In episode 46, Jon makes a Your Mom joke by accident.
  • Episode 47, Arin forgot he was still being recorded and sang a song about a 3 foot penis while Jon was taking a bathroom break.
    • When Jon leaves to take a poop, he closes the door behind him and can be faintly heard yelling "Comin' out my butt!"
    • Following this song, the next episode begins with Arin wanting to sing another song. Just as he lets the first note out, Shadow is crushed by a collapsing pillar.
  • In episode 48, Arin tries to debut his "three-foot penis" song on the show itself...only to mess up his own lyrics and end up singing about his magnificent three-inch penis. Jon is very confused.
  • Episode 50 concludes with Arin saying "Next time on Grep!", the two discussing the new high they've reached, and a very minimalist "GREP" logo.
    • Jon and Arin's reaction to the newest villain.
    Jon: Mephiles the Dark!? Mephiles!? (Arin begins laughing and coughing) That's what this guy's name is? (Laughs) How you doing, buddy?
    Arin: I'm okay! This game's killing me, man! They just released a new character that's a palette swap of Shadow, and they called him Mephiles. Not even Mephistopheles, just Mephilies!
    Jon: Mephiles the Dark! Yeah seriously, it's like "Oh, where'd you get that name that's so fucking way different from Shadow?" You're just Shadow's shadow, clearly you're part of him. That's like if I made, like, a Jontron, and like there was an evil Jontron wearing like a different colored shirt and hat, and he's like "It's me, Garshstostoles!"
  • Episode 54 has Jon making a weird-sounding fart. Arin thinks it sounds like Lavos.
    Jon: *Fart*
    (Arin and Jon start laughing)
    Arin: H-have you ever played Chrono Trigger?
    Jon: No... did it sound like one of the enemies?!
    Arin: It sounded like fucking Lavos!
  • Episode 55 has one of the Great Debates of our time, or of any time.
    Arin: You're wasting time! How does it not occur to you that you do that?
    Jon: Do what?
    Arin: That you have to illuminate these things!
    Jon:Because it didn't work last time we did it!
    Arin: WHAT?!!
    Jon: In the Knuckles—
    Arin: That's what—what we did LAST TIME! And you STILL WOULDN'T DO IT LAST TIME!!
    Jon: You think you're high and mighty—
    Arin: You know, when I TOLD YOU what to do...
    Jon: I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it
    Arin: ...and you were like, "Durr! That's not what you do!"...
    Jon: I'm gonna do it, here it comes, here it comes
    Arin: ...and then we DID IT and OPENED THE DOOR!
    Jon: Here it comes. [FARTS LOUDLY] How do ya like that?
    Arin: It smells!
    Jon: How do ya like that?
    Arin: It smells like poopy!
    • The whole anecdote about when Arin tried to be a vegetarian... and became clinically depressed soon afterwards!
  • Episode 57. All of it, from the fast-forwarding through the Iblis fight (complete with a little animated bee) to Rouge repeatedly going through the wall glitch (and Jon noting that it's become completely run of the mill at this point).
    • It should be noted at one point Rouge starts climbing across the bottom of a platform. While still oriented vertically.
  • Much of episode 60 is spent on Patrick Warburton impressions that simply have to be heard to be believed.
    Arin: (Jeff Foxworthy) What do guys do when they- women!
    Jon: Haha, he's struggling for a bunch of different tropes? (Jeff Foxworthy) W- Guys do it- I'll tell you about the women- The blacks should get out of our country! AW SHIT!
    Arin: No no he's like he's like he's like (Jeff Foxworthy) Women, they always wanna put the clips on the bread, but men, what do we do? Roll it up and tuck it under!
    • Even funnier is that last one is actually a Bill Engvall joke.
  • In episode 62, they resign themselves to fighting the same tedious bosses in every campaign (Iblis, Silver), and decide to sing about it.
    "Don't forget / He's not beatable / IT'S NO USE! ♪
    "He'll catch you in a temporal loop / you'll always get your coin back! ♫
  • Part 64's opening where they talk about what it would be like if Sonic Team was fat.
    Jon: (Fat voice) Welcome to Sonic Team! Welcome, we make games! (Panting) Just gettin' up, sorry.
  • Part 71's Two for One - a Good Bad Bug, AND Jon's No Indoor Voice.
    Jon: Why did I what? WHY DID I WHAT?! WHY DID I WHAT?! I believe I can fly!
    • The best part is when Jon begins singing — Omega's Idle Animation kicks in and he does a little spin, as though he were bowing to cheers. It's timed perfectly.
  • From Part 74, Blaze glitching the rail and glitching the same way Sonic did in part 16. The result?
    Jon: (singing) This is the story of a cat, who cried a river and drowned in her fat, she was pink and she glitched around, and I absolutely loved her, when we fucked.
  • In Part 75, Arin starts to make noises to go with Iblis' actions. Suddenly a video from Jon's phone pops up at Arin doing the noises. Jon turns the camera to himself claiming "This is what I have to deal with". Jon promptly goes out of the room and runs into Barry who Jon fires. Barry simply shrugs.
    • At the end of the video, Jon points out that the Silver and Shadow campaigns are really short because they don't have any Soleanna segments. Immediately afterwards, the name of the next area pops up: Soleanna.
      • "Immediately"?
    Jon: Also, you know what I've noticed, you know why these aren't taking as long?
    Ego: Why?
    [the Soleanna loading screen appears]
    Jon: This campaign doesn't have Soleanna. [Beat] Literally, did that just happened?
    • A similar coincidence happens earlier, when Jon is off firing Barry. Blaze, who had been following Silver throughout the boss fight, suddenly stands completely still and faces the camera. Arin tries to compare her to Jon (useless and never there for him), but as soon as Jon walks in, she teleports back to Silver.
  • Part 77, where they talk about getting Meat Loaf on the show.
    Arin: We should get Meat Loaf on the show.
    Jon: Oh my god, you fucking suck. I would suck a dick to get Meat Loaf on this show.
    Arin: Really!?
    Jon: I'm not kidding! If you can get Meat Loaf on this show, and you want your dick smickity-smackered up and sucked too, well give me a call!
    Arin: (Whispering into the mic) Just- Just as a note to you guys, Jon can't hear right now, but, um, he's not very good at sucking wieners.
    Jon: (Incoherent whining)
    Arin: No, you can't hear me right now, Jon, that's part of the lore!
  • In Part 78, Jon gets a call from his Mom, which apparently happens often. So he puts her on speaker in the video. It turns out that Jon's Mom called him to tell him his dad survived an operation.
    • His ''dental'' operation at that.
    • At the beginning of the episode, the Grumps making Silver dance to the Green Grass song they were talking about in the previous episode.
  • In part 80 Jon starts off a level with Blaze by screeching
  • The Animal Crossing discussion in episode 81, where they decide that Mayor Tortimer was abandoned in town so they just tell him he's the mayor to give him purpose, and that Phyllis is only a Jerkass because her theme tune is unpleasant.
    • Also, the Porcupine Doctor musings that gives the video its title.
  • Jon gets censored by Barry again in Part 83. This time with a loud, fiery explosion.
  • Part 85: Jon and Arin having delicious revenge on Sonic, as Silver, including Arin putting on an amazingly diabolical Evil Laugh. Not only did they effortlessly squash him, but...
    Jon: Jesus—!
    Jon: (to the audience) Call the police, call the police, dude. Just don't look, don't look, dude, call the police. I'm scared, please call the police!
    Jon: 'Cause I'm scared!!
    Jon: I'm actually really scared! OH, MY GOD!!
    Arin: DON'T STOP—
    Jon: (joins in laughing) Belie-heehee-ving! (Arin tries to sing but shouts incoherently) Hold on to the feeeeling!! (wheezing) And that's why we're- uh, a accredited Better Byh-Business Bureau A-Plus rating.
    Arin: Can we just stop now?
    Jon: (giggling) The game?
    Arin: Everything.
    Jon: That was fucking catharsis.
    Arin: (laughing) Was that the end of... Game Grumps?
    Jon: (laughs contentedly) It just goes out in a fiery, "IT'S NO USE!!" (Arin chuckles) Oh, that was beautiful. (Arin sighs) The whole- this whole- this whole fucking channel is worth it just for that.
    Arin: You know what?
    Jon: Hm?
    Arin: I think you're right.
    Jon: (sotto voce) I know I'm right.
    Arin: But I think it was worth it because we forged a friendship through this.
    • After the Grumps (finally) realize Silver is an Anti-Hero and not a Villain Protagonist, they feel bad for a minute... then start making fun of him again.
      Arin: (Seeing Blaze) Ah yeah, she's like "Come back for more, huh?" and he's like "Ah, shut up".
      Jon: "Not everything's about sex."
      Arin: She's like "Of course it is!" She's all, like, cynical like she's been broken down by the world. And she's like "What else would it be? You're so naive!" and like, walks away.
      Jon: And he's just like, "I don't even care anymore. It used to rile me up, and now I realize that, you know..."
      Blaze: You're so naive.
      Jon: What?!
    • From the comments:
      NemesisProducts: Somebody pick up the phone cuz Arin fucking called it!
    • The low-res citizens of Soleanna.
      Jon: Put some Christian Rock over that.
      Arin: I don't want to get sued. Of anybody, He would win in court.
      Jon: His hand comes down into the fucking shot. "I PLEAD NOT GUILTY!"
  • Part 86 opens with Jon getting interrupted by a smash to black as he fails a side mission, which leaves both Grumps speechless before bursting into laughter.
  • Part 93 has Barry censoring Jon with a horse walking onto the screen, neighing, then leaving.
  • Part 94, after Jon criticizes Arin's ability to play the game and demands the controller for the umpteenth time, Arin calls for a montage of every time Jon has taken over the controller only to fail just as badly and admit the game is harder than it looks.
  • Part 95 sees Jon and Arin trying to cut down on the Black Comedy, on the grounds that should a harlequin baby in a stroller roll down a hill to its death anywhere near them, JonTron would immediately be considered the prime suspect... and failing miserably.
    • If one gets past the depressing portion, Jon's fear of flying being is so bad that he drinks regularly while on board to deal with the stress.
    Jon: *laughing* by the second or third time I'm ordering they're like...(As steward)......I shouldn't be giving this to you. And I feel like a fucking alcoholic or something.
  • In part 100, they reach the third question of the Test Of Memories, whose answers yield even more questions:
    Arin: How am I su- what? Hatred or teamwork? Fucking all of these characters are flip-flopping left and right, how the fuck am I supposed to know?
    Jon: Wait, yeah, that's true! It's like, wha-what alignment is Silver? Besides expensive.
  • In part 104, Silver is replaced by Sonic mid-gameplay, and Jon and Arin both realise how much faster he is than Silver. Cue epically hammy musical number.
  • Near the end of part 107, after making it through a room full of Iblis beasts, the grumps find Iblis's core and stare amazed at it, only for an explosive spike ball to come out of nowhere and knock out their rings. Their already priceless reactions become even better when they look at the closed door behind them and another spike ball phases through it and almost hits them.
  • At one point, Arin is wondering how to pronounce Jean Reno's name. Jon suggests it might be pronounced 'Proletariat Lesmiserables'.

    Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins 
  • Jon is about to tell a rather lewd joke but decides against it. Made even more humorous when a lone elephant runs across the screen and makes two pathetic-sounding trumpets.
  • Arin and Jon describe an enemy on the screen:
    Arin: Gangans die pretty easily. When you see one in the wild, all you have to do is go... (weird noise, they both laugh)
    Jon: It's like a nature show... (narrator voice) While peaceful by nature, if you ever encounter a Gangan in the wild, be sure to go (weird noise).
  • Jon goes on a little reminisce about his first time watching his cousin play Mario Land.
    Jon: I saw him playing this level, and I was like, I want to be in that world...
    Jon: FUCK!
    • Of note is the amount of coins he had collected at that point: 666.
  • Jon and Arin are talking about the thought processes of parents when they buy bad games for their kids. Arin explains how a parent would go to a swap meet or garage Sale and see the game "World Dick Barf Syndrome" and want to buy it.
  • Episode 5 opening with Arin burping and the PS3 falling over. It must be heard to be believed.
    Jon: No, we're leaving that in. You burped and the fucking PS3 fell over!

    Demon's Souls 
  • Their reaction to the fact that setting your characters origin as "South" makes them black
    Jon: Wow.
    Ego: I'm gon' get momma's cornbread.
    Jon: Look at this g-(Laughs) Did you just say "cornbread?"
  • After talking about the band Journey, Arin begins to sing their song Separate Ways (Worlds Apart). Jon gets pissed off that he didn't sing there more famous ones like Don't Stop Believing or Anyway You Want It.
  • Their encounter with Vanguard goes exactly as you'd expect.
  • Ego and Jon watching to see how previous players died in the game via stepping on the blood stains left behind. Most of them just walked off the edge and fell to their death much to their amusement.
  • Ego's and Jon's reactions to the random introductions of characters during the loading screen.
    Jon: Don't forget about Blacksmith Ed and Boldwin! I think Black- Blacksmith Ed could use a few medical examinations.
    Ego: Poor ol' Boldwin needs to see the doctor stat.
    Jon: Becoming a fucking alligator!
    • Later:
    Jon: His name is Yurt!
  • Ego's shocked response to when a dragon shows up in a cutscene and devours several NPCs.
    • "It just ate a whole bunch of man!"
  • This...for lack of a better word, joke:
    A man is boarding a plane, carrying a dead horse. When asked what it is, he replies "That's my carrion luggage".
  • Arin's impersonation of Cyndi Lauper, singing Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Jon admits it's a really good impression, but also wishes that Arin stop for exactly that reason.
    • And then Jon sings "Hey Mickey" in Spanish.
  • When they reach the first boss in part 2 (after Jon gives Arin a kiss on the cheek), it takes them out in one hit and can be seen on the dead screen on a rampage and just destroys everything in the background! Jon and Arin's reactions make it all the funnier!
  • "Jesus! Murder Man just came out of nowhere!"

    Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure 
  • Jon's horrified reaction at the makers of the game. It's made by the same people who made the Nintendo 64 port of Daikatana.
  • The entire Jaws segment is one big moment of hilarity. But, it's especially hilarious when a glitch causes Jon to be unable to get back up after falling down over the edge of the boat.
    • Even funnier when Ego starts to beatbox while Jon struggles to get back up.
  • "DUDE! Did you know breathing helps you live?"
  • When Woody says they can't get on a ride because there's too many people in line, Arin asks if he can just murder them all.
  • Arin is wondering around the park with no clue of what to do next, so he decides to talk to some people. Their response?
    Do you know where you're going next?
    • Arin's reaction says it all.
  • "Marty Potatofry! HA!"

    Donkey Kong Country 
  • The on-screen ratings by Jon and Arin.
    Jon Jafari, Bump Butts Weekly: H/7- " of the greatest artistic achievements of all time."
    Arin Hanson, The Gosh Darn Gazette: 8/3 "Eh, I mean it was okay."
  • Arin questions the relation between humans and apes, leading Jon to exclaim, "It's a logic loop! It goes in CIRCLES AND CIRCLES AND CIRCLE CIRCLES AND CIRCLES" to the rhythm of the Super Mario Bros. 2 boss theme, complete with Barry throwing a Birdo sprite onto the screen.
  • In part 3, Jon is close to the checkpoint barrel, but doubles back to grab the "O" suspended in a pit(which requires Diddy's cartwheel jump to obtain). He falls into the pit and dies.
  • Arin trying to get Jon to stop trying to power through Stop & Go Station doesn't get the desired results.
    Arin: Wow. Stop trying to blow through it and just fucking enjoy yourself, Jesus!
    Jon: What are you—''*Starts laughing, which makes Arin start laughing as well*
    Arin: What?
    Jon: *Barely able to speak* I imagined just, like, you're talking to a woman who's giving you a blow job! "Stop trying to blow through it and just enjoy yourself, god!" *Both laugh*''
  • "We've never slept together, have we?"
  • Early in part 10, Ego calls Jon out on using words that aren't words.
    Ego: "Until you fucking become Webster or at least a very good friend of his so you can influence his..."
    Jon: "Hey. If you like Webster so much, why don't you MERRIAM?!"
    Ego: "...Sometimes, Jon, I have to say, I'm really proud of you."
  • "Dang it, now we got boo-boos!"
  • The "Geometry" discussion:
    • Jon and Arin say "geometry" when they meant to say "geography" three times.
    Jon: We really perpetuate the stereotype of stupid Americans... Kids, stay in school! Don't be like us!
    • Jon says he calls everything South of the US "South America", and Canada "America Jr.".
  • Jon interrupts a discussion for an important warning. See it here.
    Jon: If you like it the best, then it's the best to you. Don't-WATCH OUT FOR FAAAAAT!
    [Arin gets blindsided by Klump and loses a life.]
    Jon: Or rather, do watch out for fat
    Arin: That was quite jarring, I have to say. We were having a fucking long-ass, low-volume conversation, and then "WATCH OUT FOR FAAAAT."
  • In Part 11, Ego spends most of Tanked Up Trouble assuring Jon he's not going to die. What makes it hilarious is that he does well enough - even just barely avoiding death multiple times - that it's plausible. He dies, naturally.
  • In the Finale, Ego and Jon's reaction to Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong dealing Amusing Injuries to each other.

    Resident Evil 

    Contra III 
  • Two of Jon's "Oh It's" moments qualify:
    • When he simply says "Oh, it's AIR MINIONS!", causing Arin to give him shit about not coming up with something more clever.
    • In episode three, when he reacts to the jetpack enemies with "Dude, it's Boba Fett!" over and over, until a red one shows up, which he christens Jango Fett.
  • Jon and Arin doing guitar riffs with their in-game guns.

    Wild Guns 
  • The sheer joy in Arin's voice when he gets the V-Gun power-up is hilarious. Jon also points out that this is a rare moment.
    Jon: It's beautiful, it's captured on tape! You're having FUN, Arin! You know how to have FUN!
  • Jon freaking out when a mook comes into the foreground to try and stab him, and then blowing him up with a Smart Bomb.

    Nintendo Land 
  • "Get back here. Get back here. Get baack here. Start a family."
  • Jon's girlish screams whenever Arin came close to catching him in the Animal Crossing mini-game.
    • And Arin's frustration at being unable to get him.
    Arin: I want to kill you... I want you to die.
  • "Wobbling toward us at the speed of sound!"
    • Arin trying to find a chicken (which will restore their health) causing them to die several times.
  • Jon's angry outburst at Monita.
  • Jon and Arin slowly reaching near-insanity trying to complete Donkey Kong's Crash Course.
    • The montages towards the middle and the end of part 7, which doubles as a Moment of Awesome for Barry.
  • The second time Jon and Arin switch controllers in part 8, Jon finds out Arin sweated on the controller:
    Jon: Ech!
    Arin: SORRY!
    Jon: Ech—
    Arin: I'm fucking SORRY!

     Run Saber 
  • "You may now backwards climb-fuck the bride."
  • "Captain Planet! He's a hero!"
    • Arin's confused question of "How do you get Captain Planet out of that?" is hilarious.
    • "Use your Captain Planet!"
  • Jon pointing out one of the monsters looks like it's going "Meh".
  • The entirety of the segment where Jon makes various annoying sounds and siren noises but especially the start.
    Arin: (Trying to speak)
    Jon: (Finally breaks down laughing) "I love—I knew you were trying to talk!"
    Arin: "Apparently today is Annoy-The-Fuck-Out-Of-Arin Day. Starring Jon, featuring Jon."
    Jon: (Laughs) "Am I doing a good job?"
    Arin: "Ohhhh, are you!"
  • Part Three features a very in-depth and extensive discussion on the morality, practicality, and philosophical ramifications of fucking a girl with no eyes.
    • The user's comments themselves are hilarious with many of them posting incoherent nonsense (IE: "jsdfjsdfjsdf") as if they were Game Grumps' "Eyeless girls" fanbase.
    "Nice going. Now some eyeless girl out there somewhere is crying her eyes ou....Oh, shit..."
    • The conversation ends with...
    Arin:: We're talking about fucking girls with no eyes and there's this fucking robo-ass Godzilla running around like "WHERE ARE MY KEYS!?"

    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest 
  • In Part 1, while discussing Justin Bieber, Arin mentions "Somebody to Love", which segues to Jon breaking out to sing Queen's similarly-named song, only with the song about being livid about an affair, leading him to kill the perpetrator with a blunderbuss.
    Jon: Anybody find me... an attorney-at-law!
    Arin: I need a divorce, every day of my life...
  • Jon and Arin making fun of bad-quality AVGN ripoffs on YouTube.
  • Jon's realization that Arin made a Challenger joke.
    Jon: I'm constantly challenged by our friendship. (Laughs)
    Arin: I'm challenged because I feel're...blasting me off to the moon...and then not making it there! (Laughs)
    Jon: (Laughs) Wha- OH-HOHO MY GOOOOOOOD! OH NOOOOOOOOOO! Arin, why you making a Challenger joke? (Diddy Kong dies) Now you made me get hit with a manta ray, I'm sad!
  • Their story about receiving a package from Grant Kirkhope.
  • Jon and Arin talking about bad The Angry Video Game Nerd clones.
    Jon: (Singing an example theme song) HE'S A GUUUUUUY, AND HE PLAYS A GAAAAME!
  • Jon and Arin are talking about a video called Child of Rage on a tough level when Jon dies and suddenly screams "WHYCANTIGETONTHEROPE?!" causing Arin to bust up.
    Jon: I'm sorry, why couldn't I get on the rope?
  • Jon quoting his favorite line by Shakespeare:
    Jon: Doth light on yonder window breaks? ...I dunno.
    Arin: (Laughs) Yeah, maybe. If you just give it a sec!
  • In Part 9, they end up doing a massive callback all the way back to "por-kyoo-pins."
  • In Part 10, Jon goes through a troublesome level on his last life completely broken, whispering and moaning his lines, until Arin dies at the checkpoint where he suddenly lets out the single most agonized NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! in Game Grumps history.
  • In Part 11, Arin, playing as Dixie, gets killed and ends up falling a very long way down and, upon landing, an enemy uses their weapon on Dixie.
    • Made even better by Barry replaying it with Eraserhead music playing over it.
    • Jon saying he wants to marry a girl named Greg, so that when she's pregnant, he can say that she's "gregnant".
    • Earlier in the same episode, Arin nearly jumps into a Zinger while climbing a wall, and he moans nervously as he lets himself fall down to avoid dying.
  • Four words: John Lennon Corona commercial.
  • Jon grew up with DKC! Jon knows DKC like the back of his hand! (*dies*)

    Metal Slug X 

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 
  • Jon singing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme instead of the actual Power Rangers theme.
  • "I'll get you with my will! Sheerly my will!"
  • "Captain Planet! He's a hero!"
    • Right after this, Jon admits to knowing nothing about Captain Planet, to which Arin responds, "He's gay." Cue several men in bright purple spandex suits riding in on a pickup truck while posing.
  • Near the start of Part 2, Jon starts talking in a creepy, guttural voice, which leads into this exchange:
    Jon: What if it was just, like... this is just a really fuckin good act, and it's just like, fuckin "Alright. Next time on Game Grumps... (in creepy guttural voice) Arin, can you get me my water?"
    Arin: (Laughs)
    Jon: (Still with guttural voice) "I'm thirsty! I need it for the next Game Grumps."
    Arin: (Also with guttural voice) "Yeah, I really need it... (mumbling)"
    Jon: (Laughs)
    Arin: And I'm just like... (snicker) ...the cameras turn off and I'm like... (in a loud, hyperactive voice) "WOW! O-KAY, JON!! Let me getcha some WAAAEEETTER~!"
    (Both laugh)
    Jon: Yeah, that's just our normal voi-! What? Like, you fucking ate the rest of my voice and became double-voice?
  • Their reaction to the Pink Ranger Sharing the same Bodysprite as the other Rangers when transformed (I.E: She looks like a Boy)
  • "Don't be on fucking beams in the sky. You can fall and hurt oneself."

    Amazing Island 
  • The Grumps' various reactions to the beings that inhabit Amazing Island, and Jon singing like Louis Armstrong.
    Jon: OH, IT'S A SNIFIT!
    Arin: Ah, yeah, it's a Snifit.
    Jon: (Louis Armstrong Voice) I see trees of green, clouds of white, bright blessed day, dogs say goodnight, and I think to myself, "What a wonderful pool!"
  • The monster that they make in the monster creator in episode 2. It starts off as a standard dragon/dinosaur, but then the Grumps start adding accessories and stuff to it and end up with a floaty-eyed, wood-skinned, glove-faced thing.
    • Then they name it Jesus, which proves to be a completely pointless name once they get to the water-skipping minigame.
    • The entire race is perhaps the most hilarious example of a Curb-Stomp Battle ever.
      Jon: (Watches Jesus zoom off insanely fast) Holy shit!
      Arin: Fuck all y'all!
  • Jon and Arin meeting the Elder.
    Jon: Oh my God.
    Arin: His ears...are filled with people, dude!
    Jon: Oh shit.
    Arin: His ears are fuckin' filled with fuckin' PEOPLE!

    Portal 2 

    Incredible Crisis 

    Magic Sword 

    The King Of Dragons 
  • The ripped-ass dragon, with his defined chest, abs and butt.
    • And his little grabby-feet.
    • The best part of the dragon is the exaggerated upper-class voice the Grumps give him.

    One Piece Mansion 
  • Any time in part one where Jon switches to Polpo to chase away a Sydicate 5 member he uses a slurred voice while yelling at them to get away. Half of the time he doesn't even say words and just shouts.

    Naughty Bear 
  • Part 1 may have been a failure, but you have to admit, it was nice to hear the two improvise a rap again.
    Jon: He's just tries to dip his balls in the sand.
    Arin: (Begins beatboxing)
    Jon: Dip my balls in the sand.
    Don't even care about my hand.
    If it gets krink
    I don't really think
    That I would understand
  • After part 1 was considered a massive failure as the Grumps spend 10 minutes just not listening to directions and failing to progress, part 2 begins with Arin just dropping the present into the fire to progress the game. ''Before'' their intro plays.
  • Jon's reaction to the violence in this game is hilarious. He even deems the game too violent by his standards.
  • Jon's literal version of "adding insult to injury". "Your penmanship is subpar!"
  • Part 3 has them wondering who took a bite out of Naughty's ear. The game show wheel bit is beautiful.
    Arin: Who do you think bit his ear?
    Jon: Um...probably the person that caused him to do all these terrible things.
    Arin: I think it was-
    Jon: He's got a Van Gogh complex.
    Arin: I think it was- Get ready!
    (A game show wheel slides in, bearing the faces of Jon, Arin, Van Gogh, Abe Lincoln, Waluigi, Smokey the Bear, Christopher Walken, Darth Vader, Kirby, Mona Lisa, Meryl Streep, and Mike Tyson. It spins.)
    Arin: (Drum roll and cymbal crash.)
    (The wheel stops on Jon, but then inexplicably nudges down to Mike Tyson.)
    Arin: Mike Tyson. Dada-da da-da dada-da da-da dada-da da-da da-da da!
  • Of Bear Grylls: "He didn't have any water in his house, so...he hung himself."

    Viewtiful Joe 
  • This exchange in Part 2:
    (Sylvia yells, "JUST GO FOR IT!")
    Arin: Well, maybe you should listen to her.
    Jon: Ok...
    Arin: Maybe you should say to yourself, "What am I gonna do....." (snickers when he can't think of anything to say)
    Jon: (in a very lispy voice) Anhd deh awarrd phor bes Gaem Grumphs dialoguh en aney epih-sohd evur goez two Vyutiful Joh Parht Tew!
    [And the award for best Game Grumps dialogue in any epi-sode ever goes to Viewtiful Joe Part Two!]
    (Barry puts up a thumbnail of the video and a trophy bearing the inscription:)
    Best Game Grumps Dialogue
    In Any Episode Ever
    Viewtiful Joe - PART 2
    Jon: Dohn't forghet te tewn inn nexht tiem wheyn were jeyust az dizghusteng!
    [Don't forget to tune in next time when we're just as disgusting!]
    (Jon kicks a Bianky Prima's fat stomach)
    Jon: Eye kichked hur sew thate theh baybe kayme owt.
    Jon: (quietly, somewhat stunned) What...?

  • In Part One, after Jon and Arin discuss the possibility of a theme park based around finding meat in the walls, Jon gets ambushed by fishmen.His reaction? Scream for 8 seconds as he whips them to death. Just when he succeeds, he falls to his drowny doom.
    Jon: That was quite a predicament. WHAT THE FUCK!?
    • At the very end, Jon pauses his "Next time on Game Grumps" line to say a skeleton is very definitely going to kill him. Said skeleton then jumps off the platform Before managing to do anything hazardous.
  • After Jon spends the first half of the episode constantly killing himself on purpose, Jon talks about a few drunken events in his life, one of which where he was so drunk in a supermarket that he bought a pack of cigarettes, even though he doesn't smoke.
    • Those cigarettes he bought are possibly the same cigarettes he used as a prop in his Star Fox Adventures review.
  • At one point in part 4, Jon slays a big ol' bone dragon that drops a crap-ton of money. The spontaneity of his reaction in combination with the editing is a gutbuster.
  • After Jon fails numerous times when fighting Frankenstein's Monster, Arin takes over once to at least help them progress through the level. He manages to beat the boss and then dies to a fireball fired just before he won, and gets understandably mad.
  • After a Moment of Awesome where Jon clears the infamous hallway full of Medusa heads and Axe Knights without taking damage, he dies against Death in seconds flat.
  • Jon beating Death in the most anticlimatic way possible.
    • Even better in that Arin, the one of the two that knows the game inside and out, didn't know you could do that (though the Holy Water was infamous for cheesing bosses in the early CV games).
  • Arin's song at the start of part 7, to the tune of "Heart of Fire" and about how his penis smells bad.
  • The Skeleman Song in Part 7, done in the style of Bob Dylan.
  • "You can't go from 'your pussy is so warm' to 'did I ever tell you about my mom!' It's not a good segue!"
  • While fighting Dracula, Jon suggests that Barry should play some music and fast-forward for a while. While he's saying it, an epic Castlevania remix starts building up in the background before the fast-forward starts...and lasts one second before it just goes back to normal.
  • The whole bit involving the Jon Meter.

    Strider 2 
  • Their impressions of Ray William Johnson.
    Jon: (After Barry shows a clip) Wasn't that cool! (Laughs)
    Arin: What are we, Ray William Johnson all of the sudden? (Laughs)
    Jon: Or any show that has a clip on it? This next video got 5 million views, woah! I don't like women, they should stay in the kitchen! I kid!
    Arin: (Laughs)
    Jon: Woah, dude, you didn't sound like you were kidding!
    Arin: Jews are jerks, I kid! I'm just kidding, but check out this other video!
    Jon: The white race is the best, right? Get rid of everyone else, but that's a joke!
  • When they note that Strider's sword slashes keep him in the air, Arin imagines applying this brand of physics to an airplane disaster movie.
    Arin: "Are there any Samurais on board?! We're going to crash!"
  • This bit from the finale:
    Arin: Oh, shit, Mao Ding Dong heard us and now he's aaaaacchhhh...!
    Jon: (starts laughing) And now he's-!

    The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie 
  • Mickey and Minnie's ducking positions can be exploited to great effect.
    (Mickey tries to look up Minnie's skirt)
    Jon: (As Minnie) Mickey, are you sure you want to do it in public?

    (Mickey ducks down with an expression of dead-eyed fear while Minnie humps him repeatedly)
    Jon: Oh. Oh yeah, you like that Mickey? You want me to go in there, you want me to plunge into that cave? Want me to plunge into that plunger cave, Mickey? (Laughs) Look at Mickey! Mickey just- like zoom in on his face. (Zooms)
    Jon: (As Mickey) I can't believe what I've become. What have I reduced myself to?
  • Jon has Barry edit in a talking Joe Pesci portrait because they think that the sound the vacuum makes sounds like when a character talks in a video game.
  • The ending of the second episode.
    (Long silence)
    Arin: (BELCH)
    Jon: (Laughs) The end. That should just be the end. (Laughs)

    Wario World 
  • The closing of part one.
    Jon: Next time on Game Grumps! We're gonna enjoy more of this game! That flew by, cause this is fucking dazzling.
    Arin: Yeah. I'll probably climb up some more flesh-colored poles.
    *Both start making airy and suggestive sounds*
    Arin: *Very quietly* ......Dick joke.
  • Encountering the first garlic dispenser.
    Jon: (talking about the Spritelings) Don't you love when they bring an old franchise like Wario into like, 3D or something and have to add some new character and its like, "ELF BOY!" and its like, "What are you-" (notices the Garlic Dispener) "-WHAT ARE YOU?!"
  • Their reaction to the cannon shooting cannonballs with faces on them is priceless.
    Arin: Fucking turtle-ass rocket shooting bungee balls full of men's faces!

    Aladdin (Genesis) 
  • Jon reacts to the Genie accidentally shooting Iago.
    Jon: Oh my god, did he just shoot Iago?
    Arin: ...Do you wanna have a funeral?
    Jon: Oh my god, this game starts with Genie literally capping Iago!
  • The Grumps find a stop sign. In the desert.
    Jon: Ech! Ech! EEECH!
  • The enemy who just keeps eating relentlessly.
    • The skeleton enemy in the dungeon who blows himself up.
  • Any time Jon calls Aladdin "A-lad-DIN".

    Demon's Crest 
  • In Part 2, Jon sees a disgusting enemy and has a reaction that mirrors that of a child's. It's topped off by a rather unimpressed reaction to killing it.


    Mega Man X7 
  • Arin having to apply Chips to Zero and Axl multiple times because when asked for confirmation, he keeps accidentally saying "No."
    • Something similar happens to Jon at the save screen; he loses it, and starts singing Saria's Song when he notices that one of the levels apparently takes place in the "Lost Woods".

    Pocky and Rocky 
  • "They should have called it Jap and Coon!" Followed by them swiftly moving on.
  • Rocky's basic attack is a tail swipe, but the animation for it is...suggestive. Of course Jon and Arin pick up on this in Part 1.
    Jon: What's a good song to put to this fuckin' raccoon? We should probably try and figure something out so we-
    Barry: (in subtitles) [why would I need to find a song when you made the best one possible?]
    Jon: GOIN' DOWN DA ROAD WID DON CHEADLE. DOIN' HOTEL RAWANDA. (Arin starts beatboxing)
  • Jon putting footage of him celebrating his birthday at Bubba Gumps. He's forced to eat icecream while people sing, and the anger on his face is apparent because he didn't know he was being filmed. Additionally, Arin and Jon are shot riding a centrifuge with them screaming.
  • Arin riding on Falcor right after Jon accidentally resets the game.
  • The creepy ending of part 4.

    Star Fox 64 
  • Arin fails to save the base at Fichina, prompting Jon to hold a note for 30 seconds. Arin, all the while, begs for mercy.
  • Jon comparing the one of the boss fights in the game to a Dalek.
  • Jon restarts their playthrough because he was dissatisfied with how Arin was playing. Jon then plans to do a speedrun on the game while a grumpy Arin watches. Jon then proceeds to screw up on the first level.
    Arin: Why'd you run into the building, you stupid!? I didn't even run into the building!
    Jon: Reset! Reset! (Resets game) Nineteen ninety-se (Laughs)
    Arin: Nineteen-ninety seven!
    Jon: Nothing happened!
    Arin: What happened!? Did the game freeze!?
    Jon: The game froze, dude!
    Arin: Oh my god! Maybe we should put a sweater on it!
    • Jon and Arin's disclaimers of themselves, complete with captions by Barry.
    Jon: I'm giving you a disclaimer that if I fuck up, oopsy doops!
    Arin: Oh man.
    Jon: But I'm gonna try to do it.
    Arin: Should have had that disclaimer on mine. Disclaimer: Arin's a joke!
    (Both laugh)

    Gradius III 
  • Part 2 has a moment where the grumps explain a story about how one of Arin's cats, Mimi, walked up to their investment banker, who proceeded to say what a beautiful cat she is...then Mimi threw up.
  • In part 3, Jon severely clips the audio with a fake sponsor.
    Jon: Ladies and gentlemen, we are expecting Game Grumps technical difficulties to continue throughout the hour. Everyone just take your seats, kick back, and enjoy a refreshing Coca-Cola.(Beat) SPO-SERED BY CO-OKE!

    Mega Man X 

  • Arin names the girl RL STINE. Why? Just because. And Jon says it's because the girl is so cute she gives him Goosebumps.
  • Arin overreacting at how much the rent costed. ("9000 ZENNY A MONTH?!" "WHAAAT?!" "What is this, Dubai?!")
  • Arin and Jon overhear a conversation being held by a doctor and a woman whose face they can't see. They go to talk to her, and when she turns around, they scream.
    Arin: Oh, Jesus!
    Jon: Holy shit!
    Arin: I'm sorry! I'm so sorry, dude!
    • Jon's fear of the old woman, especially after she cackles there's a scare chord and her eyes open for several seconds and she stares angrily into the camera.
    Jon: J-just go. Just go just go just go-no don't talk do the other one!
  • Once the two learn the kissing technique, they go across town and try it out on just about everyone they come across - not only do these people beat the SHIT out of them when they do, but Arin and Jon soon theorize that this is probably the game they give to sex offenders in prison.
  • Jon and Arin write a love letter, and because they named the female character RL STINE, the letter has to start out with Dear RL STINE, prompting Jon to change it from a love letter to fan mail.
    Arin: Dear Bitch-
    Jon: Dear RL STINE, My favorite one was Cabin in the Attic!
  • Part 4 is an absolute riot. Jon and Arin encounter a walking talking telephone pole with a human face and legs, and it tells them for no reason "You have to take care of your employees. Pay your workers." The Grumps are absolutely dumbfounded that this is happening, and continuously call for Barry to come in and look at it. Suzy then makes her vocal debut on Game Grumps to tell them "He's pooping."
    Arin: (Laughing) Well then I guess I'll let him poop then!
    Jon: (Laughing) You can't script this shit, ladies and gentlemen!
    Arin: Well I hope he has a good time in there! Saving his data...
    • Then it gets even funnier. The telephone pole then tells them "No one can live without money." Then he kicks way the debris blocking the entrance to a tunnel, tries to enter it, only to hit his head and fall backwards, prompting even more laughter from the Grumps. He then ducks under and makes it through the tunnel.
    • You thought it was done? Think again. The telephone pole shows up a few minutes later at the end of the episode to confront the Grumps and say "You can never understand how I feel." The sheer absurdity of this statement causes even more fits of laughter.
  • Jon and Arin walk into the hospital and look down a hole in the floor...and they're greeted with the sight of a man named Chuck...hanging from the ceiling in a gimp suit...he likes baseball. Also, the saying of the day is "Painful and challenging, but feels good."
    Jon: Are you fucking...Chuck's Life? I don't (Laughs)
    Arin: Who, Chuck Palahniuk?
    Jon: Are you fucking seeing this here? This is Chuck's life.
    Arin: Age: 35. Hobby: Baseball. Must not be very good at it!
    Jon: I don't know if he gets much time to do that, seeing as he's here in this fucking...he's got zippers on his eyes!
    • Jon's impression of what Satan might be like in this game.
  • Jon and Arin continue looking down holes at the underground residents, and find a guy called Mr. Retired Bucket, who rolls around on the floor in a bucket. He says "I'm worthless in this society...I don't care..."
    • Jon and Arin walk around at night, and encounter the giant-headed policeman from before. Except this time, his eyes light up and he proceeds to shoot them to death. Without any warning.
    Jon: Wait, did you just get-!?
    Arin: I just got fucking ganked!
    Jon: Did you just get fuck-(Bursts into laughter) You just used the word "ganked!" Oh my god. You got ganked!
    (The telephone pole man runs up to Q*T's corpse and kicks him for no reason, then both laugh)
    Jon: What did we do!?
    Arin: I don't know if my brain can take this game.
  • Jon reading from the game's manual.
    Kissing Leo can be complicated, unless you know how to bathe properly.

    Mister Mosquito 
  • The cold opening. Jon and Arin watch the unskippable intro cutscene, which consists of an aerial view of the Yamada family's house while a woman reads aloud the premise of the game and facts about mosquitoes, in a slow and creepy monotone, kind of like a nature program.
    Narrator: Welcome to the home of the Yamada family. It's summer. Do you like summer? Summer drives people crazy...
    Jon: Hey Arin?
    Narrator: And that makes them commit terrible acts.
    Jon: What's going on?
    Narrator: Take the tiny, harmless mosquito for example.
    Jon: What the fuck is this shit?
    Narrator: It doesn't have enough time to do much during its one, precious short life.
    Jon: What!?
    Arin: (Whispering) Sssh! I'm trying to watch!
  • Jon and Arin imagining that the Yamada father secretly beats his family, and is only taking family pictures to keep up appearances.
    Jon: (in an exaggerated Japanese accent): ON OUTSIDE, EVERYTING OKAY. ON INSIDE, EVERYTING PAIN!
  • Jon's commentary on the items found in Rena Yamada's room.
    Jon: (Sees pencils) She's smokin' cigs?
    Arin: No, those are pencils, and makeup. Have you never been in a girl's room before?
    Jon: (Spots lipstick) Dude, look at that dildo she's using.
    Arin: That's not a fucking dildo...
    Jon: (Sees a remote control) (Gasps)...Look at that cell phone. From the 1920's. Doesn't even have a screen, dude.
  • Jon trying to suck blood from Rena's...downstairs.
  • Part 3 gives Jon and Arin a taste of the game's fourth stage...sucking blood from Rena's breast as she takes a bath.
    Jon: Please suck on her boob. Please, please, god, suck on her boob.

    Clash at Demonhead 
  • There is no reason to record history before David Spade.
  • Their discussion on Pablo Picasso.
    Jon: Your picture of me fucking doesn't even have a nose!
    Arin: Well, that was just an artistic choice.
    Jon: You didn't give me a fucking nose like a don't deserve to breathe the air!
    Arin: What are you talking about, Pablo Picasso? He would draw you with SEVEN noses, ON THE SIDE!
    Jon: Dude, those noses might not even want to be around your face! Picasso's an asshole, I met him once he just fucking...this is gonna sound really stupid.
    Arin: Okay, but did you really meet him?
    Jon: Is he dead?
    Arin: (Laughing) Of course he is!...What!?
    (Jon laughs hysterically)

     Typing of the Dead 
  • Not only are the things Jon and Arin have to type incredibly goofy, but some of them have the best timing:
    Jon finds out how weird this game is: "I dunno."
    Arin realizes he's really bad at typing: "Bound to fail"
    A bystander is ambushed by a single zombie: "Is that it?"
    The Grumps expressing disbelief at what they're having to type: "This sucks cheese"
    A zombie pops up out of the water: "Boo!"
  • Arin scoring the kill on "Chinless wonder"
  • "Game Grumps VS.?"
  • Jon and Arin realize how many sentences can be linked to symptoms of depression.
    Jon, after typing "hopeless personality": This game is fuckin'...they should do a case study on this game, like, do people who play this game, do they get low self esteem?

  • Jon can't remember the name of Fred Phelps, the head of the Westboro Baptist Church. Of the names he comes up with, he comes up with Michael Phelps (A retired Olympic swimmer), Frank Phelps, Frank Zappa, and eventually Arin just says it's George Costanza.
    • Before Jon ends the episode, Jon notes how dense the ball is.
    Jon: Woah, that's a dense ball. Just like my dense friend sitting right next to me. That's right! I'm talking about, um, ah sh- um...Barry, help me out, who's dense?
    Barry: (Via caption and picture) Australian soap opera actress Maggie Dence?
    Arin: Are you talking about the statue of David beside you?
    Jon: He's made of barbed w-(Episode ends)
  • Jon talks about how the Grumps have to be "role models" for the 13-year-olds that watch their show. He jokingly pretends to be a teenager who threatens to defect from the USA and join the Taliban just so he can kill his father, leading to him imagining a news report where a "national tragedy" of teenagers defecting to the Taliban is caused by Game Grumps.
  • The Unreadably Fast Text that shows the list of people who apparently think the game sucks. Pausing the video reveals some of these names: Ryo Hazuki, Gold Jeffblum, Captain Douglas Jay Falcon, Falco Lombardi, H.R. Giegerstuf, and even you !

    Stretch Panic 
  • Jon and Arin's abject horror after ringing the bell and seeing the Gag Boobs that fill the game for the first time.
  • The end of Part 1 sees them enter the first level as Arin reads out the manual while Jon sings to himself. His song is cut short with one of the loudest "WHAT THE FUCK" you'll ever hear after he witnesses the level.
  • Two words: Helicopter tits.
  • Jon's masturbation stories in Part 4.

    The Adventures of Cookie and Cream 
  • Arin has told long stories about poop (Not to mention the fucking D-club) but acts embarrassed about telling the viewers what time he woke up.

  • Jon's weird drugged drink mixing scenario. (He switched his poisoned drink with Arin's... and then mixed them together too.) It gets more and more surreal until he suddenly snaps back to gushing over how much he loves Shatterhand.
  • Jon: "The Game Grumps are back, folks! Where'd they go? Hepatitis C."
    Arin: "We rented a boat, and we sailed across —"
    Jon: (laughing) "— The Hepatitis Sea!"
  • The entire "black magic" schtick.
    Jon: "Yo! How I disappeared that bunny!? He smoke crack real goooood!! That's how he disappear! He in the graaaave, son!"
  • Jon asks Barry to play some "Dragonhorse" over a particularly epic double kill. Barry responds by playing Heroes of Our Time, replacing the enemies on screen with horses, and adding "neigh" sound effects.
  • Arin: "If you eat breakfast, you better eat the holocaust."
    Jon: "Hold on... Sl... Slow down... Cool the engines. Dial that from, from twelve hundred back to six?"
    Arin: "Yeah."
    Jon: "BWHAT??"
  • Jon and Arin's heated argument on the naming of Monster Hunter.
    Arin: Monhun is what it's called too!
    Jon: You guys are calling it that to be stupid!
    Arin: It's easier to say than fucking "Mon-ster Hun-ter!"
    Jon: No it's not, Monster Hunter sounds great! "Wanna play Monster Hunter!?" "Yeah!" "Wanna play Monhun!?" "What are you!? Get out of my fuckin'- Don't come back!" (Gibberish) Don't combat what it's called!
    'Arin: Yeah, it's called Monhun!
    Jon: I don't call "Hatoko Sita Utsu!" Fuckin' like-!
    Arin: I call it the Super Famicom, do you call it the Super Family Computer because it sounds great!?
    Jon: No, I call it the SNES!
  • Arin's accidental screw-up of a joke makes it somehow funnier.
    Jon: Uh, it has something to do with the fact that he has a repertoire. Or as I like to call it a repetory. A repetoary.
    Arin: Do you think the word Reptar- (Both Arin and Jon burst into laughter)
    Jon: I don't need to hear the rest. I think I- (Laughs)
    Arin: It's funny because I messed up the joke, but it came out funnier.
    Jon: Both of us got the same image of fuckin' Reptar.
    Arin: It was going to be "Do you think the word repertoire came from the Latin word Reptar" but I guess just- it was a beautiful mistake, I dunno.
    Jon: (Singing) It's a beautiful steeeeaaak!

    Super Star Wars 

    Guest Grumps 

Grant Kirkhope

  • Right at the beginning of the video they are playing Conker's Bad Fur Day. Grant gets mad at them immediately and storms off. Prompting a cut to them playing Banjo-Kazooie.
    Grant: "This is some kind of fucking joke? I didn't do this game, this had nothing to do with me, you dragged me all the way over here from Agoura Hills to watch you do this?-you fucking wankers, I'm going, fuck you."
    Jon and Arin: "... SHI-"
  • Grant busting Jon's balls whenever he can.
    • "You haven't got a chance!"
  • Finding out where a magic word from Mumbo Jumbo comes from. Grant had to go to the doctor due to a swollen testicle, and when the (female) doctor examined them, he cried "Ow, my knackers".
  • The running joke that the grumps do their show naked. And Grant apparently deciding "When in Rome...".
  • Grant claiming that saying things in an English accent is the correct way to say thing in English because it came first. Punctuated by a debate on how to pronounce Duran Duran.
    • From the same discussion, he busts out an exaggerated U.S. accent to make fun of the way Americans pronounce "banana."
  • Any time they all start busting a gut, you can't help but laugh out loud yourself.
  • While playing Goldeneye, Jon bursts into a room full of enemies and promptly shoots the hostage in the head.
  • The times Grant would have similar reaction that the other grump would have towards the first. Such as getting annoyed when hearing Jon doesn't typically like collecting things or joining Arin in exasperation at Jon messing up.
  • Jon and Arin's impersonations of Satoru Iwata.

    Game Grumps VS 

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  • Jon (as Marth) launches Ego (as Wolf) straight into the air with a perfectly timed, fully charged up-smash as Ego tries to recover back to the stage.
  • Ego begins laughing hysterically when he and Jon both play Snake, and there's explosions going off every second. It's hard not to laugh along with him.
    Jon: Okay, It's BUTT butt Snake Snake!
    • Also, when Arin suddenly does his Snake voice, it sends Jon into a fangasm.
      Jon: Dude-dude-dude-dude, do "Hotness I wanna bang you!"
      Arin: [Silence]
      Jon: [Slightly disappointed] Don't blow me off, do "Hotness I wanna bang you."
      Arin: [As Snake] "Ohmagodhotness, I wanna BANG you!"


  • Question: In a Disney Cartoon, she falls under the spell of Queen Malificent [sic].
    (Egoraptor enters "Sleeping Beauty," but the game says he's wrong.)
    Ego: What!? Maleficent is the fucking villain in Sleeping Beauty!
    Jon: Um... oh... wait, she is, isn't she?
    Ego: Yes!
    Jon: Oh, must be, like, Fantasia or something.
    Ego: Princess Aurora!
    (Jeopardy gives what it thinks is the correct answer, "Snow White.")
    Ego and Jon: WWWWHHHAAAT!?
    Ego: That isn't- that's not correct!
  • Any time their AI opponent, Larry, buzzes in.
    Ego: Fucking Larry!
    • Question: The true vampire bat is native to this continent, not to Transylvania.
    Larry: SO*T?????*??A note 
    Jon: WHAT!? (bursts into laughter)
    Ego: What is that? Larry, are you fucking- do you- do you have Tourettes?
    • Any time Larry gets a question wrong, since because he apparently wasn't programmed to have any actual wrong answers, he just takes random letters from the correct answer and mixes them in with complete gibberish.
  • This gem:
    Ego: I just wanted to be smart. I just wanted to be smart. Nnnn, JonTron, I just wanted to be smart, man.
    Jon: You are smart man you're beautiful don't let anyone tell you that but me.
    Ego: I want you to respect me. You is smart. You is kind. You is important.
  • This video recounting the literal hundreds of times that Egoraptor dropped the F bomb in this single episode.
  • The sound Jon made when he got the Daily Double.
  • Question: The Portuguese name for Taiwan.
    • Jon reading it in a high-pitched "you've got to be kidding me" voice, followed by a squeaky "WHAT!?"
  • Question: Its bite causes African sleeping sickness.
    Ego: The sleeping snake. The good night snake.
    Jon: Uh...what is it? Tsetse fly?
    Ego: Tsetse fly.
    (Jeopardy gives the correct answer, "Tsetse fly")

GoldenEye 007

  • Ego begins to go all The Angry Video Game Nerd and curse out the game in the most profane and disgusting ways.
    Ego: Fucking goddamn this fucking goddamn Golden Eye bullshit! This game's a piece of ass on a platter! This game's a donkey dick diarrhea shoved in my asshole! This game's a bunch of poopy dicks, smelled all over a skunk's anus. This is a gorilla butt, smeared on my face, while I watch Oprah!
    Ego: This game's a bunch of poop smelling, shit stained, ass, crotch, Bart, fart, smelly Simpsons comedy, everybody's got a good day ahead of them, I don't, because I'm playing this game!
    Ego: This game is a...pile of festering putrid ass juice pouring out of my mouth, while I watch a Vietnamese man get shot in the face 17 times by another Vietnamese man!
    Ego: (after he lost to Jon) This game's a bunch of ass cloud, vomit inducing barf-errhea! This game is (breaks down laughing)
    Jon: (Laughing) Did you seriously just say "barf-errhea?"
    Ego: This game's a bunch of putrid ass droppings as I slurp it up with my pinkie up, and I smell a dude's asshole after he's had some chili! This game's a bunch of JON WINS!

DreamMix TV World Fighters

  • Ego's opening of the game.
    Ego: You're probably wondering if you're not proficient in the Japanese language...(falsetto voice) Da fuck is on the fucking screen?
  • Jon: Oh my god you're a gun!!!
  • Jon as Optimus Prime is sheer hilarity.
    Jon: (As Optimus Prime.) Choo choo Motherfucker! (Transforms into a semi and rams into people)
    • Jon and Ego getting a kick out of Ego playing as a Moai head.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

  • Ego really wants to be Mulan. Who's Mulan? Every character in the game is Mulan.
  • Jon's impression of Regis Philbin on cocaine.
    Jon: Holy shit, I just went backstage, did a line of cocaine, came back here, oh my god, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? I do, because I FUCKING AM! I go backstage and fuck bitches all night long!
  • Question: Originally practiced by Hindus, yoga takes its name from a Sanskrit word meaning what?
    Ego takes Jon's advice and chooses breath
    Host: That's incorrect. (Correct Answer: Union)
    Ego: NO! (Gets up) Fuck you!
    Jon: Union?
    Ego: Fuck you!
    Jon: (Giggles)
    Ego: Who wants to be a...BITCH!? (video ends)
  • "How many nose hairs does Don Quixote have!?"
  • At the end, who ends up being the winner? MULAN WINS!
    • Made even funnier with an image of Mulan at the end.
  • Their reaction when one of the choices for the first names of Watergate journalists Woodward and Bernstein is "John and Aaron".

Family Feud

  • Question: Name something fathers buy for their kids but play with themselves.
    Ego and Jon: WWWWHHHAAAAAAT!?
    Jon: 'Scuse me. I need to just exit the room. I'm exiting, no, no, that's it, you win. Arin wins! (Closes door)
    Arin: (High-pitched whine)
    (Door suddenly opens)
  • Question: Name a good gift to give a girl who just discovered boys.
  • Their reaction to Jon getting the number one answer, "paper clips" Which 72 people said, it was the double round, meaning he got 144 points.
    Jon: BA-BOOM!!!
    Arin: WHOA!
    Jon: Whoa-ho-ho-ho! Rocket, to the moon! (singing) I got in my spaceship, and it went up, and it- and it went (imitates rocket blasting off). I was fucking nervous, I got butterflies in my stomach!!
  • Shortly after getting "model car" out of the blue, Arin typing in "TGGAAGEERS".

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters

Snowboard Kids 2

Mario Party 4

  • The two were given a Chiyo-Chan alarm clock. She goes off during the episode, and begins having a freak-out in Japanese. The two also use a sound-effects button, playing stuff like wah-wah music, and someone puking into a toilet.
  • Jon and Ego are pitted against each other in Revers-a-bomb, each with an AI opponent. Jon gets Donkey Kong, who proceeds to completely screw Jon over by being no help at all.
  • More fun from the sound effects button.
    Ego: I have 10 coins invested.
    Jon: (Mashes cavalry charge button multiple times)
  • "Jon and Arin Win. They Realize Friendship's More Important."
    • Followed by Barry cutting away to the chase scene from Persona 4: The Animation with Jon and Arin's Grump faces superimposed onto Chie and Yosuke. And then Donkey Kong's face gets put on Yukiko. The result is priceless.
  • The end of part 4.
    Jon: "Next time on Game Grumps: ORDER UP! ORDER UP A NEW FFFU-" (The video ends)
  • Ego and Jon go into character as Vitalya and Malkovich:
    Arin: "Honey honey can you please help me! There is big spider! There is big spider!
    Jon: "I tell you once I tell you twice! Big spider is good for economy!"
    Arin: "But this big spider scaaaary!"
    Arin: 'I think he's going to bite!
    Jon: '(Mimicking Arin) But big spider is scaaary!
    Arin: "I think it's going to—I think it's going to build a web in my hair!"
  • This part from the beginning of "Right oar left?"
    Jon:: Oh god. Oh its Dorrie!
    Arin:: What?
    Jon:: ITS DORRIE!
    Arin: What's going on?
    Jon: It's the great beast of the cavern!
  • And this from "Fruit of Doom"
    Arin: "Apple, Banana, Orange" (text goes fast) holy Jesus!

Pokémon Stadium

Clayfighter 63 1/3

Mario Party 2

  • Jon's and Arin's jokes about Donkey Kong's idle pose in the character select screen, causing both to laugh hysterically for several seconds.
    • Jon and Arin made fun of Donkey Kong during the entire series mainly due to his Artificial Stupidity, but the funniest of all is that in the end, Donkey Kong won the game!
  • Jon getting a hidden star on his very first turn much to his surprise.
  • Both Jon and Ego concluding that the Whomps and Thwomps "driving" the hover-cars in Space Land lack arms and are therefore zooming around in out-of-control vehicles.
  • Part three has Jon making loads of noises with the implication that he is giving Arin a blowjob. Arin then turns it into something completely different.
  • Towards the end of Part Four, the minigame is Grab Bag. Arin gets pretty pissed when everyone gangs up on him (he has the 5-point Golden Mushroom at the top of his bag), to the point of throwing his controller.
    Arin: WARIO! NO!
  • Arin's Patrick impression, also in Part Four.
  • The end of Part 6.
    Arin: That's not our show name, Jon; I TOLD YOU TO REMEMBER IT!!!!
  • The LP ending with a picture of a seal.

Monopoly (SNES)

  • Arin and Jon's reactions to the NPCs they can choose, especially Billy Bob and Gary Cant:
    Jon: Gary Cant! Well, let's just say the odds were stacked against him from the very beginning.
  • Arin gets confused when he sees Pennybags thrown in jail, because according to him his face "looks like a monkey face." The second time the freedom animation plays, he realizes that what he thought was an enlarged upper lip was actually his mustache.
    Arin: ...oh, his musTACHE is... THAT'S WHAT IT IIIIIS!
  • The ending:
    Jon: Arin wins!
    Arin: *Throws controller to the ground and starts singing Super Mario Bros.' main theme*
    Jon: ...THIS GAME SUCKS! Seven out of five! That's our rating. IGN!
    Arin: ...Gamestop?
  • Jon calling Pennybags "Hobo Monopolbags."

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Fighting Edition

  • Jon, much to his surprise, manages to defeat Arin in the match. Arin then challenges him to a post-match fight. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The running "Jon Wins" gag at the end.
  • Jon referring to the Mega-Tiger Zord as "Cupcakehead".
  • Arin's impressions of Rita and Goldar are both hilarious.

Godzilla Monster War

  • Arin and Jon suddenly breaking out into a rap. And they're actually pretty good.
  • Them just generally playing around with the animations, like Mothra trying to stay close to the ground to sneak up on the opponent, and making Megalon way too enthusiastic about fighting.
  • As soon as they mention Ghidorah's two side heads looking like arms, you will not be able to unsee it.
  • The entire "Show Voldemort!" sequence is pure hilarity.
    Jon: That's some Harry Potter shit! (An image of Luke Skywalker appears on screen) Show Voldemort! Show Voldemort! (Two images of babies dressed like Darth Vader appear on screen)
    • Followed by Jon screaming "show that gooey ass Potter jizz!" (A black screen with 'nope.jpg' written on it appears.)

Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee

  • Jon's utter amazement that the monsters get back up after being knocked down by rolling over.
  • Both Jon and Arin constantly stepping into their own fireball attacks while playing as Megalon.
  • Jon as Anguirus.
    Jon: I got fuzziesnote  on my back!
  • In the rematch, toward the end of round 1, Mothra shows up out of nowhere and starts shooting at Arin. His reaction is priceless.


  • Arin's dunk at the end is one of the GREATEST endings to a Game Grumps VS. match ever. It really just has to be seen.
  • The Running Gag for the first two quarters of the buzzer sounding whenever Arin gets hyped up running for the basket.
  • Arin makes a 3-pointer from across the entire court after Jon says he's playing like a gray ape:
    Arin: "Would gray apes make that shot!? I DON'T FUCKIN' THINK SO!"

Mario Party 8

  • Jon and Arin's road trip into hell. It Makes Sense in Context. Sort of.
  • Part 4.
    Jon: Humpty Dumpty sat on my dick! I was happy about it, but he felt raped.
    Arin: Well then, why did he sit on your dick? Why would he voluntarily do that?
    Jon: Um... Possibly daddy issues.
    Arin: Also, we just started an episode with a Humpty Dumpty rape joke. I think? I think, nonono... I think we're in for a good time today.
    (Jon laughs)
    Jon: It's always a good note to start out on. Also, the note of G Minor.
    (Arin laughs)
    Jon: I don't think that's a good note.
    (Jon & Arin laugh)
    Arin: Whenever you gotta make a presentation at something, don't Forget.
    Jon: Humpty Dumpty Rape Jokes.
    Arin: It always go over. Not Well, but it'll go over.
  • Jon's rap in part 5 about how his rap producer Mark Simmons and all his friends, family and pets should die.
  • The new rapper, MC Pee.
    Jon: ♫ Yo yo yo let me tell you a thing, I don't really care, here's a thing.
    Arin: (laughs)1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3, I gotta pee.
  • In part 5, the fans come up with their own: Wario Dry Bones Peach.
  • The beginning of Part 5, where Jon and Arin talk and sing about how much they love Danny Sexbang is Hilarious in Hindsight. And also just plain hilarious.
    Jon: (singing) I will get him to surrender his love for me first, you will be second base at best!
    Arin: (singing) But when I think about his lips, I just want them on my dick!
    Jon:(laughing, also singing) When I think about his lips, I just slip away! It's gonna be a bright, sunny day!
  • Near the beginning of Part 8, Jon moans, "Ohhhhhhh, now I'm thinking about posthumous life...!" It's such a random thought, but the wording and delivery make it hilarious.

Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball

  • Aside from everything, after half time their goal baskets switched without them knowing, causing them to run toward the wrong direction and constantly get BACK COURT penalties, much to their confusion.

Nickelodeon Guts

  • The majority of Part 1 is an argument because Jon didn't tell Arin the controls he figured out on his own.
    Jon: My case is that we have played this for the exact same amount of time. Neither of us read any controls, we're on a level playing field. I learned it faster, and this is Game Grumps VS. Should I or should I not have told Arin how to be better at Nickelodeon GUTS!
    Arin Ok here's my case: Jon's a butt! He's an unfair butt who takes pride in knowing that he won unfairly!
    Jon: (cracking up) That's a strong case, dude! I think the jury are gonna go with yoooouuuu!
    • This leads to Arin having a freak-out.
    Arin: I just wanted to know how to land on the platform! That's all I wanted to know! You know how to do it! But you won't tell me! And that makes me lose automatically cus' I'm losing time!
    Jon: *laughing* [I] Don't know, it's fuckin' Nickelodeon Guts on SNES!
    • Comes back around in the finale when Jon wins. By 11 points.
    Jon: (singing) First place, player one! 1429!
    Sucky player two, killed himself, only had 1418 points!
    I have 1429, 1418 is how many you have!
    I'm holding the crag! Crag is mine! I've got the crag to show to all my friends!
    Gonna have a party! You're not invited! Gonna put the crag in the middle of the party!
    Everyone's gonna get drunk! Everyone's gonna have sex! All gonna be eating Tostitos chips and a couple...technical...
    Arin: All because... you WOULDN'T TELL ME HOW TO FUCKING LAND!!!
  • When they're naming their characters they're clearly trying not to laugh before they just give up on it and crack up, as normal.
  • In the obstacle course on Part 3, after several unsuccessful attempts to advance and the sixth minute looming, Arin acts as if the kid was crawling back into a corner in shame and futility, until it's realized the course doesn't end at that time.


  • When Jon asks Barry to put on some final battle music on the final match, he proceeds to do so. What musical piece does Barry choose? Puzzle Plank Galaxy.
  • Afterwards Jon asks Barry to put on some Ace of Bass MIDIs, to which Barry responds by playing a Madonna MIDI.

The Price Is Right

  • The avatars Jon and Arin choose, a very excitable fat black lady and a grandma, respectively.
    • Jon proceeds to enter his name as "JON" while Arin opts for "SOPOJKKK".
  • During Plinko, Jon lands in the $10,000 spot on his second chip. As he does, the screen zooms in and shakes while turning red. Jon and Arin's reaction to itnote  just adds to the hilarity.

Wheel of Fortune

  • They start right out of the gate with their introduction.
    Arin: Welcome to Jew Grumps!
    Jon: (Tries not to laugh) Um...Excuse...
    Arin: Welcome to—
    (Rapid trumpet notes accompany the caption "Don't say that, Arin")
    Arin: —Grumps!
    Jon: Oooooh...Arin. Why, Arin? Why?
    Arin: Welcome to Ru...
    Jon: Rue what? Rue what, say it!
    Arin: Ohh, Barry knows what to do there.
  • "BINGO CRIME"? The answer was BONGO DRUMS.
  • Jon apparently not knowing the game had begun until after the second Toss-Up.
  • The CPU player quickly becomes the new Larry by hitting the Free Play, Jackpot and One Million sections and getting half the letters on the board before Jon and Arin even get a chance to spin.
  • Arin and Jon (but especially Arin) being completely and utterly stumped by "SPI__ FRIED SHRIMP" note 
    • It devolves into the two of them blabbering and trying to make SPI__ into a word. They get so confused that Jon just decides to answer with "SPING FRIED SHRIMP."
    • Jon's reaction to the solution.
  • Every player (including the CPU player) managing to bankrupt in a single turn (while Arin did it twice, one after the other.)

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

  • Jon's understanding of how anime works.
    Jon: Seriously, isn't this the show where, like, if they see a girl they bleed from their nose?
  • Jon Screaming like a Girl at the sight of Naruto's Nine Tailed Fox Form
    Jon: Okay, that may be one of the finest Game Grumps Vs. endings, I think, that ever existed.
    • Arin's Manic Laughter during that scene.
    • Even Funnier? Arin still lost.
    • Really, Arin was just hammy throughout the whole fight.
  • Another similar example is when Arin, as Choji, becomes giant and starts attacking Jon, complete with hammy dialogue and Jon screaming.
    Arin I'M GONNA EAT YA!
    • And like before Arin loses.
  • The return of As Usual.
  • Bill Cosby as a playable character.
  • Mocking Ino saying "Flower Bomb!".
  • Also mocking Suigetsu's victory animation where he drinks a bottle of water.

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale

  • The way the episode starts.
    Jon (sing-song) Welcome to the game called Play Station All-Stars!
    Arin Smash Brothers Play Station Edition!
  • Jon as Toro. Highlights include:
    • Mashing his neutral square attack, where Toro just half-heartedly punches the air in front of him with sparkles.
    • Walking while holding Baumusu's Axe.
    • Accidentally changing Toro's stance and costume and getting so confused that he pauses the game.
    • Killing Arin multiple times with his level 1, to the point where Arin couldn't catch up, so he just decided to stand still for the rest of the match.
  • The two close out episode 3 with a Sir Daniel vs. Sir Daniel match, almost all of which they spend complaining about how bad the character is compared to the others... until Jon unloads his Level 2 Supernote  and Arin promptly complains that Sir Daniel is overpowered.
  • The moment where Arin finally wins. Complete with wonderful editing by Barry.
  • Apparently, the username seen in Part 1 is... egofaptor.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Counting Crows Grumps's rendition of "Round Here"

You Don't Know Jack (2011)

  • "Uranus is a gas giant."
  • Question "3hree" has Cookie bring out his puppet, Dilly O' Driannote  who can't pronounce his t's, b's and m's correctly. Cue Arin and Jon's muffled laughter.
    • The question asks which of the following is a U.S. territory. Arin chooses, of all things, Cuba.
    • The conversation shortly after:
      Arin: Whoa whoa whoa it's not Cuba?!
      Jon: It's not Cuba.
      Arin: Oh it was Guam.
      Jon: No it's not fucking Cuba, we have an embargo on Cuba!
      Arin: Fuck you! I don't know shit about shit!
      Jon: It's not even fucking correct!
  • Episode 2 has them playing the in-game episode 6 and the Wrong Answer of the Game has to do with "Romanticlip Tandem Toenail Clippers". After Jon and Arin joke about it, Jon says that he wants to see Barry make an animation about it. Cue Barry's response: "No way I'm touching that."
    • The wrong answer of the game comes through in hilarious form when Jon struggles with an answer to a question before settling on NY Jets.
      Arin: You gotta start thinking like the game, man... *sees LA Clippers* Aw, shit!
  • Arin's beautiful reaction to getting Screwed by Jon in Part 2:
    Arin: FUCK YOU!!!
  • Right before the Jack Attack in episode 2, when the Grumps decide to skip the instructions:
    Cookie: I'm sorry, was I talking too much?
    Jon: Yes! Shut your fucking whore mouth!
  • In the final round of episode 2, Jon gives up, and starts buzzing in as fast as he can for every answer, losing $4000 for every incorrect response. His final total? -$513,082
    Arin: (laughs) Jooooooon! Where are you going, Jon?!
  • "I look like a sperm, Miss Piggy!"
  • "I know Jack! He murdered my relatives back in 1802! That's why I'm not here... poof."
  • Any time Jon or Arin Screw each other.

Mario Power Tennis

  • Scottish Mario.

BattleTanx: Global Assault

  • Jon's reaction to the Crimson Guard team and the conversation that follows.
    Arin: Are you- Which one in particular?
    Jon: All! All! Especially Lefty-Magoo.
    Arin: Yeah, I was thinking the lefty one! He's a little- He's a little "AAAAGH!"
    Jon: This is that fucking shit where it's just like "Good night, Jimmy." Fucking zoom in on this shit with like fucking xylophone-ass music. (Zooms in with creepy music) "I can see you sleeping!"
    Arin: That's the kind of guy you'd wake up and see at the end of your bed and go like "FUCK, OH!"
    Jon: Yeah I know! I know, he's so, like, end-of-your-bed shit! Just like (Zooms in with creepy music) "Look behind you."
  • Jon and Arin joking that one of the teams look like chracters from Gears of War.
    Arin: Oh yeah. There's Fenix...and there's Dom...and there's....

Mario Party 2 Revengeance


  • Their reaction to one of the stages taking place on some guy's chest.
  • The way Arin screams JON WINS!!! at the end.

Space Jam

  • Their rendition of the famous theme song at the very beginning.
  • The reaction to Michael Jordan's face on the loading screen.
    Jon: What the fu—*Laughs* Look at this Michael Jordan-ass face! He's like "I got paid a couple hundred million for this shit. Did you guys get paid?"
    Jon: Look at Michael Jordan's face, he's like "Ya see all that money in my bank account?"
  • Before the actual basketball game starts, the two are suddenly placed into a minigame where Daffy and one of the aliens has to retrieve Michael Jordan's "uniform" (which bizarrely consists of nothing but six shoes). While being attacked by a rotoscoped dog. Jon and Arin are understandably confused, to the point where they had to pause the game to take it all in.
  • It doesn't take long for them to realize that as the Toon Squad Jon's players are almost amazing with maxed stats while Arin, playing as the Monstars, all have terrible status. Especially when they see that Michael Jordan's stats are all maxed.

Ultimate Muscle: Legends Vs New Generation

  • "Get out of here you brillo pad-ass motherfucker!"
  • Jon just completely devastates Arin with Checkmate despite having never played the game before.
  • Jon's reaction to the name of the character he picks for the second round - Dik Dik Van Dik.
  • Arin's Ramenman impression: "AI RAIKU RAMEEEEN!"
    • Followed by one from Jon, who felt Ramenman looks more content: "That okay. Ai raiku ramen."

Rakuga Kids

  • Their reaction to Beartank's preposterously high speed.
  • Their reaction to Mamezo, a yellow shape-shifter whose movements almost resemble a Dastardly Whiplash style villain. He creeps forward for his forward walk whilst constantly wiggling his fingers...but for his back walk, his cape grabs him and starts walking away.

Furu Furu Park

  • Arin's turn in playing the "Sudden Death" minigame. He screams like a character from Dragon Ball Z!

Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee Rematch

  • Arin's reaction to Mothra randomly showing up and attacking them.

Super Bomberman 2

  • Arin performs an amazing maneuver, and Jon asks Barry to play ALL the fanfare. The moment is then replayed with three or four triumphant songs playing over it at the same time.
    • If you listen closely, you can hear Epic Maneuver, Guile's theme, and Chariots of Fire.

Mario Party 8 Ground Zeroes

  • The way this playthrough starts:
    Arin: Hey, welcome to Mario Party-
    Jon: (speaking over Arin) SHUT UP! SHUT UP!
  • After Jon gets the star, Boo's Mansion suddenly bursts into the sky and lands with a thud, causing a stunned WHOA!! from MC Ballyhoo in-game. Both of the Grumps catch this and laugh.
    Arin: That sounded legit, like "...the FUCK?! I didn't know THAT was gonna happen!"
  • In part 3, Luigi wins the rope cutting game which sees everyone else flying off a cliff. Arin's reaction beautifully sums it up
    Luigi: I win!
  • When addressed with a mini game called Punch-a-Bunch Jon blurts out "that sounds like... my routine with my wife!"
    • Taken further when Jon averts the joke by saying they're both fans of Fruit Punch. Then they act out a scenario where two friends get into a fight when one says he almost believed he meant he hit his wife, which the hypothetical friend angrily rebuffs... before leaving the room, horrified that he was almost caught in the fact that he beat his wife.
  • Their hatred of Luigi gets so bad that they wish a meteor hits the Earth this year so that the Year of the Luigi is soured by the memory of said disaster.
  • Jon wants to roll a three or higher so he can avoid a Piranha Plant trap. He rolls a six, but realizes the trap was in the opposite direction that he was going. At the end of the turn, he lands in a different Piranha Plant trap anyways.
  • They joke that Grabby Gridiron was rigged when Luigi and Birdo already had victory poses planned out.
  • Barry's remix of Arin imitating Peach in the finale.

ChuChu Rocket!

  • Come on. It's Chu Chu Rocket. Watching anyone play this is a delight.
  • At Part 1, before they even start playing, Jon and Arin start to pretend their cursors are kissing.
    • Even before that, immediately after the intro, Arin sings the Japanese commercial jingle.
  • Arin was on fire at Part 1. Between laughing maniacally when getting ChuChus to screaming madly at the KapuKapus (which he refered to as FUCKING CATS), it quickly turned into one of the most hamtastic episodes of Game Grumps ever.
    • Every time a cat hit Arin's rocket, it would be a festival of him screaming and Jon giggling. It went Up to Eleven when Jon was the one who sent the cats.
    • Mouse Mania moments usually devolved into Arin maniacly screaming things like "ALL THE MOUSE ARE MINE, YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY!"
    • "I'll slap your balls in my face!"
    • It reached its apex by the third round, where midway through it, Arin decided to just ignore everything and do whatever it took to send a cat to Jon's rocket. With much shouting and giggling from both sides, Jon won the first two rounds, with a computer player winning the third one.

Kirby Air Ride

  • When the third video ends in a tie, Jon and Arin decide to play slaps to determine the winner. They end up declaring it a tie.

Arcana Heart

  • Jon's reaction to Kira always turning away from the camera to show her ass when she's defeated.
    Jon: I'll be honest with you, she just wants to get fucked, I don't care if she's eleven, I don't care if she's fourty-seven, she just wants to get fucked.
    Arin: It's not illegal to say that she wants to get fucked.
    Jon: No it's not, it's just frowned upon.
  • Jon's pun on the name for one of the summons, Ohtsuchi.
    Jon: Oh, Tsuchi! You big dumb demon spirit!
    Arin: (Laughs uncontrollably)
    • "You're the Oni one for me!"

Mario Golf Toadstool Tour

  • Game Grumps + the frustrations of golf=hilarity.
  • Jon's first putt attempt becomes a huge 'oooooooooh' moment as Barry has the screen fly off into space. Quickly followed by Jon taking several more putts and puts Arin in the lead.

Cel Damage

  • Arin's complete rage from being killed numerous times by Fowl Mouth, a duck.
    '''Arin:'" "Fucking stupid ass bullshit fucking black and white Mickey Mouse goose!"
    • Jon refers to said goose as the Spy vs Spy duck.
  • Their rage against "Dracula" in the earlier level.

World Driver Championship


Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games

  • Just look at the game they're playing. Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games. A game clearly meant for kids, and the fact becomes more obvious as they play.
    • Jon lampshades it when they hit the low point of the minigames, a game simply called Counting. Pick the right number of icons that are on the screen, and Chuck E. Cheese come up, waving his arms while kids are heard cheering.
    • BUT...they want to go to Chuck E. Cheese's because of the game so it apparently works pretty well.
  • All of the avatars are pointlessly labeled as having the "occupation" elementary school student. Each of them is also a Token Minority.
    • The save file select. Each file is denoted with a sign that reads "EMPTY"
    Arin: Oh hey, I have to pick how I feel whenever I walk into Chuck E. Cheese."
  • "Dude, it's the CHUCK E. GANG~!"
  • Arin talks about a time at Chuck E. Cheese's when he was a kid.
  • The security camera at the end.
  • Jon is ready to call it quits but Arin gets really excited and strongly insists they can't leave without getting a prize. His enthusiasm slips when he sees the best prize is 3,000 tickets.

Mary-Kate and Ashley: Sweet 16

  • The entire thing, but the Valley Girl voices, ghost pants, and domestic violence jokes were particular highlights.
  • What's this blue pants?
  • "Mah present is MAH DICK, gurl!"
    • "I'll tell you what yo present is; A WHUP-ASS!"
  • After realizing that the game is a competitive Mario Party-style game, they quickly slap on a sped-up Game Grumps Vs. intro.
  • The cheesy "Pop Overload" song that plays on the game board is funny enough.
  • "What do you need before starting a car?" "Um, a MAD HAIRDO!"
  • Arin reading the back of the box.
    Arin: Mary-Kate and Ashley are licensed to drive and ready to hit the road. Hop in and drive into excitement with over thirty PARTY!! (Jon laughs) -style minigames. MILESOFFUNLIEAHEADAYOU!!


  • The very beginning of the video has the two singing a very mangled and mumbled version of "Prince Ali." It ends, and the video begins proper, with Jon screaming "YOU'RE GONNA LOVE THIS GUY!"
  • Both Jon and Ego ragequit the game, but with several minutes of video time still left, Jon resorts to singing songs from Les Misérables and Evita, while Ego starts ignoring the enemies and beating the crap out of Jon (in the game, of course), before finally ending on Jon saying "I don't like this game... I DON'T LIKE THIS GAAAAAAME!"

Super Mario Land

  • The ending, which involves what is perhaps Jon's most epic Epic Fail on the show to date: Immediately after beating the third boss, Jon accidentally resets the game.

Doom Troopers

  • Jon (having run out of lives) tells Arin not to die since he's on his last life. He dies almost instantly.
    • By walking off a cliff. Not missing a jump. Literally just stepping off the edge.

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie

  • Chuckie gets stuck running in one place. Arin repeatedly tells him to get moving, while Jon keeps quoting "I'M NOT STU!"
  • Arin and Jon make it out to seem like this is the worst game ever which eventually causes Arin to shoot himself. It's implied it fails as he's heard in pain in the background
    Jon: Oh, you're bleeding everywhere! Oh, you're bleeding everywhere! Get if off my designer Gucci glasses! And my Gucci purse!
  • Jon and Arin claims that the person who sent them this game is the devil. Jon asks for a photo of said person to appear on screen. Inspector Clouseau from The Pink Panther appears

The Blues Brothers

  • Jon and Ego's utter surprise that simply pressing the "Select" button does an instakill on the other player's character is just priceless.
  • The blink-and-you'll-miss-it letter that Barry puts up while Ego tries to remember who sent them the game so he can tell them "Fuck you."

The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley

  • The Grumps discover they can pick up the dog character and throw him. This new element gives them so much relief and hope...and then they immediately toss him into a huge and gaping spike pit.
  • The Goshdangodon.
  • Their introduction to the game after losing all their lives on the first level.
    Arin: Of course! My favorite episode of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Secret Twins New Adventures.
    Jon: Secret twins, new adventures? I don't think you can be a secret twin.
  • After completing the first level, the two are presented with a poorly-drawn puzzle piece, which looks like ghost goo.
    Arin: Oh, thanks. White, dripping goo.
    Arin: This is a ghost-gooey-ass game.
    Jon: What was that?! What was that? What was that? What was that?
    • And after the get the second one...
    Jon: Oh, they're puzzle pieces. I thought, just, "here's a drippy goo".
    Arin: "Congratulations on your drippy goo. Enjoy."
  • Jon: "This just in! Two girls were found... beheaded!" at the start of the video.

Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle Games

  • The sling shooter game, where Jon keeps barking at Arin to shoot Mowgli, who in reality is just Timon with a wig.
    Jon: Shoot Mowgli! Shoot Mowgli! You can't see Mowgli cause of the- Shoot...fat Mowgli! Shoot Mowgli! Get Mowgli!
    Arin: I can't find him!
    Jon: Get Mowgli!

The Jungle Book

  • Jon sees Mowgli on screen and immediately says "Get Mowgli!".
  • At one point, Jon somehow not only mistakes George of the Jungle for the live-action Jungle Book movie, but says that it had Tim Allen in itnote :
    Arin: Aw, you know! Good ol' Tim Allen family classic, The JAAAAAAANGLE Book!
  • Jon and Arin's reaction to Baloo's sprite at the end of the first level.
  • Arin gets upset when Jon wants to point out an image of Baloo grabbing Bagheera's crotch:
    Arin: "Okay... GREAT! WE'LL DO IT! [...] Barry! Listen to me! Listen up, Barry! Number one, with a bullet! Zoom in on the crotch! Zoom in! Zoom in again! Zoom in once more! Now you see the single pixel of the panther's crotch! BOOP-A-DOOP-BOOP! BIBBEDY-BOP!"
  • Their standard reaction to the goofy cursor sound on the title screen.

Inspector Gadget

  • The reaction to Gadget's crouch attack, which looks like a spring fired from his crotch.
  • Arin calls the enemies in tree trunks Trunkmen and talks about how they're waiting to go home and see their wives.
    Arin: Taking out the Trunkmen. They'll never see their wives again.
  • One malapropism from Arin leads Jon into a Non Sequitur rant:
    Arin: Ooh, I got a bamnote .
    Jon: You mean like our friend?
    Arin: ...Bam Margera?
    Jon: Yeah dude, he comes over, and I'll be sleeping, and he'll be like, "Hey, I'm gonna show you how to fuck Jon in the ass", and he goes like *clap clap clap* and slaps the shit outta me, and I'm like "Bam, I'm literally gonna call the cops." And I go "How are you still on television, Bam? Fuck you, Bam Margera. Why are you my friend-you're not."
  • They have a little fun with Gadget just sliding down hills.
  • Jon ranting about the patronizing in Blue's Clues and Dora the Explorer.

Spice World

  • The ending, where Arin stabs Jon with a knife while the screen zooms in on Baby Spice's face.
  • When Jon is attempting to recite a part of Wannabe while the camera slowly zooms in on the floaty DJ head thing in the background. Immedietely afterward Arin tells Barry to edit the previous shot in, to which a hand pops up giving the OK symbol.
  • Arin's top five games:
    2: Spice
    3: Spice
    4: Spice
    5: Spice
  • Their reaction to Scary Spice, especially when she walks through the menu screen.

Mary-Kate and Ashley: Magic Mystery Mall

  • The fake game Arin creates, and the visuals that go along with it.
    Jon: What is this game called, Arin?
    Arin: It's called Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Getting Wet.
    Jon: (Laughs)
    Arin: In a pool! They dunked in a pool!
  • When Mary-Kate and Ashley's faces lean in a bit too close to each other.
    Jon: Oh, they're gonna kiss, dude! They're gonna kiss!
    Arin: They're twins, they're related, and they're underage.

Ultraman: Towards the Future

  • Their reaction to Bogun, which appears to be crawling along its knees because it is suffering from some disease that turned its genitals into a heavy dinosaur head.
    Jon: Um, B-B-Bogun? I don't know if anyone told you, dude, but I think you might wanna get that shit checked out on your crotch, dude! This is the most fucked up thing-...Arin, real talk. Can we just have a back and forth real quick? Are you noticing that Bogun, is like, fucking like, squeezing by on his fucking legs because his dinosaur penis is too big!?
    Arin: He's not even- Yeah, he's not even- He's like crawling on his knees like HELP ME!!
    Jon: I really want that, I'll fight you for this thing!

Dead Space 3 Demo

  • The Grumps are obligated to read off promotional blurbs for the game... which they play off as messages brought to them in the beaks of increasingly ridiculous birds, including a rainbow one that grants wishes and one that sounds like Bill Cosby.
    • One of them isn't even a bird. It's a gerbil.
    • A bird message is usually preceded by them making flapping noises and going "Hey, what's that?" About five minutes into the video Arin tries to bring the next bird in, while Jon begs him to put it on hold for a minute as he gets attacked by enemies.
    Arin: Yeah I know what you mean— hey hey, "woo-woo"!
    (Jon starts shooting an enemy he comes across)
    Jon: What?
    Arin: What's that? What's that?
    Jon: ...Oh no, no, don't.
    Arin: No, what's that?
    Jon: No, no, no.
    Arin: (High pitched) What's that? What's that?
    (A second enemy shows up)
    Jon: No, don't!
    Arin: (Even higher-pitched) What's that?
    Jon: No, not on this one!
    Arin: No, what's that?
    Jon: No, not on this one!
    Arin: Well it's a scary monsters!
    Jon: (Laughing) No!
    Arin: Yes it is!
    Jon: No don't do it, we're gonna get IN TROUUUBLEE!
  • Arin's scared reaction as a spinning drill approaches.
  • While Jon and Arin stop and admire the scenery, a tiny necromorph suddenly latches onto Isaac's head.

Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes

Top Shop

  • At the beginning of the episode, Arin takes the mispronouncing of the name of the show one step farther and calls the show "Flim Flam Floog"

Crayon Shin-Chan

  • Jon and Arin have no idea how to read Japanese, so near the end of the video they time skip to when Jon and Arin took a class to learn Japanese, they then argue what Misae is saying when she says expose. Made even better when Jon improvises a little rap out of his pronouncement and then Barry adds an actual bitchin' rap track behind it!


  • Their reaction to realizing the game is an Japanese.
    Jon: What!? This is...!?
    Arin: Whoa! Whoa!
    Jon: Of course this is what this game—*Starts laughing* We cant—!
    Arin: It's an RPG?
    Jon: *Barely able to speak through giggling* We can't play this!
    Arin: Oh, dude, let's do it! C'mere, gimme this! Gimme this!*Takes the controller*
    Jon: *Still laughing* We can't play this!
    Arin: Alright! So! The four warriors go off on an epic journey!
    Jon: Alright, we're making up the story? Let's make up the story!
  • They can't read the game's story since it's in Japanese, so they make up their own story about four warriors going to find a 7-Eleven in the middle of the grasslands.
  • They give the warriors names; Brian, Bill, Langley and Big Bill, but completely forget Brian's name after naming them, so they just change his name every time they refer to him. And each time they rename him, his new name appears stacked on top of the previous ones.
  • Ego gears up Brian to attack an advancing monster and then... IT RUNS AWAY!
    Ego: Defeated is the monster!
  • A meta example, shortly after the video was released, Wikipedia page for Drakkhen was briefly changed with several quotes and jokes from the episode, changing the storyline to the aforementioned Brian, Bill, Langley and Big Bill going to find the 7-11, gameplay being described as ganging up on monsters until they explode and more.
  • Arin and Jon dissolving into laughter when one of the monsters' sound effects reminds them of Jon's infamous ECH noise.
  • The ending: Jon announces he's going to rip the cartridge out of the system, and Arin's response is to make "Scott" do his "twinkletoes" dance. The camera zooms in on him as all of the character's previous names disappear, leaving only "Brian" which glows. Then...
    Jon: Drakkhen! Fer da Super Game Boy! [Rips out the cartridge]

Paperboy 64

Kickle Cubicle

  • "I don't care if you call my fuckin' bird a leaf..."
  • "This level's rad, but it's only sort of rad, so it's rad-ish."
  • Their reaction to the corn king.

DJ Boy

  • Jon and Arin encounter the first level boss that they spend the entire level attempting to beat; A fat, middle-aged barefoot woman who throws pies, whom they dub as "Mommy." And every time they knock her down, she falls flat on her head with her bloomers showing, and a sound effect plays that makes it sound like she's farting.
    Jon: Momma's fartin' all day long, ain't nobody can't stop her.
  • The ending.
    Arin: You know what, I'm done. I'm done with the show, I'm done with fucking you, and I'm done with fucking you.
    Jon: G'night everybody!! Best episode of Game Grumps ever: DJ BOY!! Don't Jnjoy Joy Boy!? HUH!? Thanks to Garson Blasterson for sending us this ga (Episode Ends)
  • Jon and Arin get into a lengthy argument over whether the graffiti in the background says "HEY I'M" or just "HEY".


  • The intro where Jon's welcome to the audience is repeated for every sender's name that appears on the screen.
    Jon: Wwwelcome to Plok!- Welcome to Plok!- Welcome to- Welcome to- Welcome to Plok!
  • Their reaction to Plok's odd phrase "I've been diddled again!"
    Arin: You've been diddled again?
    Jon: Wha- excuse me? You should probably go to the sheriff's office about that. Uh, they have like fucking teddy bears that you can point to and it's gonna be really low impact on everybody. It's not gonna be that bad. And the person, we're gonna bring them to justice, Plok.
  • The entire discussion at the end about Plok's increasing frustration with finding his flag, culminating in a Heroic BSoD where everyone is afraid to approach him afterwards.
    Arin: You just know that everybody has to remain silent for at least thirty seconds.
    Jon: Yeah...
    Arin: Because anything where you're like, "Dude, don't worry about it..." he'll be like, "NO!!!!"
    Plok: Fuck it. Fuck it! Just fuck it! Just FUCK IT!! I'M DONE WITH THIS SHIT! My flag is NEVER going to be found! Just FUCK IT! I'll live without the flag! I need it, but I'll live without it! Fuck it. I'm going HOME, to my FUCKING WIFE, and I- I just- I CAN'T!
    (Plok is catching his breath, slowly calming down.)
    Plok: ...Okay, next level...

Shovel Knight

  • Their reaction to the griffin enemy, from its panicked face when it breathes fire to its nonchalant claw swipe.


  • The entire game is bizarre. You're an ape, shooting projectiles out of his mouth Mega Man style, with powers such as a football helmet and blue-suede shoes.
    • Barry seems to really like Toki's pose every time he completes a stage, as he does an extreme close-up of it every time it appears.

Dog's Life

  • Jon getting squicked out by the dog's face. Later, he compares the dog's face to the alien-human crossbreeds from Alien Resurrection, complete with a side-by-side comparison.
  • Jon comparing a sheep's ass to Lambchop.
  • The ending, where Arin starts singing The Song That Never Ends.


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