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    Punch-Out!!! (NES) 
  • Pizza Pasta.
  • Danny starts off his Game Grumps reign by doing the one thing that would drive Jon crazy: belching.
  • The two come up with alternate names for Von Kaiser, including Nazi Von Killyou.
  • Arin's impersonation of Piston Honda.
  • During the fight against Great Tiger in part 2, Arin reveals that he never knew about the stars you receive for countering an opponent's moves.
    Dan: Get outta here! How did you you beat anybody?
    Arin: I didn't.
  • Danny attempting to counter Bald Bull's infamous charge attack...and failing miserably both times.
    Danny: Eat a dick! (fails to counter and gets instantly KOed) AGH! I am the one who must eat a dick!
    • This turns into a Running Gag when he faces Bald Bull a second time.
  • "Can you imagine if your entire body was made of ballsack material?"
  • Arin and Dan tell a tale of Randy Savage fighting off the Horsemen of the Apocalypse!
  • The Grumps imagine what Don Flamenco's voice sounds like and what he might be saying. It just gets funnier from there.
  • Dan manages to get a star off Mike Tyson... and then gets curb stomped immediately after.
    Dan: [after getting a star] Wha? oh hey! *Tyson pummels Dan* OH NO! I-I PISSED HIM OFF!
    Arin: *laughing*
    Dan: HE'S ANGRY NOW! he's like *Mike Tyson voice* "I was just trying to get the sweat out of my eyes"
    * Dan and Arin laugh uncontrollably as Little Mac goes down in a TKO*
  • Dan and Arin discuss how the hell did Mike Tyson get the wink in the game, then figuring that he probably had some creative input.
    Dan: (Mike Tyson impersonation) Can I wink at em'? Can I wink at da playa? Cause, I mean, I always wanted to do dat, but I'm too scared...


    Mega Man 2 

  • "Everything about this game is strange and...bad."

    Journey to Silius 
  • Danny's impression of a dot matrix printer.
  • "Next time on Game Grumps, we dive deeper into this schlong."
  • Part 2: Arin and Danny discussing Telemundo, referring to a (non-existent) show called Buenos Ding-Dong Diddly Diaz.
  • The end of part 2. Dan confuses Game Grumps for Steam Train.
    Danny: Next time on Steam Train!
    Arin: This is Game Grumps.
    Danny: Oh, wait! FUCK!
  • The "coffee spider" bit from the beginning of part 3.
  • The whole segment with Hoshi the sad Asian man during part 5.
    • The highlight of the entire shtick is how, after spending several minutes building up this amazing, sympathetic character, they turn it all around in an instant.
      Danny: That's how you break down an unassailably lovable character - just make him a pedophile!

    Out of This World 
  • Mike Aruba.
  • The "swimming songs" from part 3.
  • Danny talking about Arin's eggs:
    Dan: You made some great eggs this morning...that makes it sound like we slept together last night.
  • After their unabashed praise for the game's creator:
    Dan: You know what, if I could sum up everything in one word, it would be "Good". [Beat] Just kidding it's "My Caruba".

    Kirby's Epic Yarn 
  • The running gag. Kirby and Prince Fluff? Adorable. Kirby and Prince Fluff as gangsters? Hilarious.
  • About halfway through the series, Barry begins making the image of Yarn Kirby on the YouTube thumbnail bigger and bigger until it completely obstructs everything at the finale.
  • Dan's insistence on calling the Waddle Dees "monkeys".
    • And then compounded by Arin correcting him every time— while repeatedly forgetting whether it was a Waddle Dee or a Waddle Doo.
  • The duo jokingly saying that the person who designed a game as cute as this was possibly a massive racist in real life.
  • They also theorize that the pianist was fuming internally at the state of affairs in his life.
    Danny: I call this one Close Your Legs, Whore— I mean, Sleeping Giants Snore.
  • Danny and Arin have a rather candid discussion on their adolescences. Especially of note is how Dan claimed to have gotten a neck brace.
  • "There's a fuckin' hitch in my giddy-up!"
  • Danny makes up a crass yet snappy rhyme about women completely on the fly, and immediately afterwards asks Barry to edit it out. Realizing that the rhyme's probably going to be left in regardless, he instead instructs Barry to make a small rap around it. Barry responds by turning the rhyme into beat poetry.
  • From Part 6: Prince Fluff leaving Kirby to die in the lava, maniacally laughing, only to have it horribly backfire on him. Even funnier in animated form.
    • Danny at the start of the same part: "Hey, this is your late night DJ Danny Sexbang and welcome back to Game Grumps-OH GOD THERE'S LAVA!!"
  • Anything relevant to clownpenis.fart in part 7.
  • The conversation they have as Kirby and Prince Fluff in part 9.
    Fluff: *Gets so close to Kirby that they're inside each other* Yo this one time-
    Kirby: You're a little close.
    Fluff: Keep it a secret.
    Kirby: Little close.
    Fluff: *Walks away so little that they're still touching* Good?
    Kirby: Still pretty close.
    Fluff: *Walks only a tiny bit away* Yeah?
    Kirby: Like, 40 more feet.
    Fluff: *Walks to the other edge of the screen* Yo!
    Kirby: What?
    Fluff: Yoo!
    Kirby: *Beat* What?
    Fluff: I don't think he can hear me. I don't think you can hear me!
    Kirby: *Beat* What?
    Fluff: Imma come closer! *Both walk so close they're inside each other again* Alright imma tell you a secret.
    Kirby: You're a little close.
  • The duo deciding that 90s rock music wouldn't be as popular if Kurt Cobain was named "Burt Cobain".
  • Justin Guarnini: Blackish?
  • "Denim denim denim". Bonus points for Danny's "Oh no."
  • Danny gets serious.
  • They posit that the business name Spinnaker sounds like a racial slur and proceed to go wild.
    • Bonus points when they start describing the possible associated stereotypes.
  • Arin gives Dan some tips on learning the true meaning of Christmas.
  • "Next time on Steam Train..."
  • Part 28 has Kracko showing up. The Grumps are understandably confused and scared.
  • At the finale, Arin's request for Barry to put up "forty heads... all of them Dave Coulier." combined with Dan's request to give one oddly dark skin.
  • Dan's reaction to the game being over.
  • In Part 25, Arin and Dan visit a website of bad jokes. Hilarity Ensues.

    Super Castlevania IV 
  • In part 4, Danny says his bodily composition is 70% water and 30% dick.
    • Also from part 4, Danny and Arin also trying to get a Skittles sponsorship for all the Skittles Danny eats.
      "Dear Skittles, I eat you every day..."
    • The Stinger, in which Arin gives the viewers a tutorial on how to suck a dick.
      • Plus the added bonus of Dan, having left the room prior, walking in on this.
  • The two talking about the only time Will Smith uses the word 'yo.'
    "YO-YO! Hand me that yo-yo!"
  • Drump and Gorp, complete with logos.
  • Part 7, the library puns.
    Danny: This is a dangerous library...
    Arin: Isn't it...
    Danny: I hope you've familiarized yourself with the Dewey DEATHimal system!
    Arin: Reading is funDEADmental!
  • The Jewish Mother gag in Part 8 is hilarious - Danny essentially plays Ego's mother who keeps comparing him to his cousin.
    Danny: I love my prune bran.
    • "Can anything facilitate pooping more than prune bran?!" and the discussion about panicked runs to the bathroom when you're about to have diarrhea during dinner. Even funnier if you've read Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, where a man actually does use the excuse "Someone put shit in my pants!"
  • The entire Bill Nye scene
    Bill Nye: Bill Nye here.
    Arin: Hey Bill, um I was wondering, do you have a sec?
    Bill Nye: I told you never to call me here again.
    Arin: All right, hey, does molasses go fast on a summer Sunday?
    Bill Nye: I'm gonna call the police.
    Arin: How could you? You're already on the phone with me.
    Bill Nye: ...Looks like you're the Science Guy now.
  • The two doing hilariously over the top Dracula impersonations.
  • In part 10, the mention of Arin creating a Danny soundboard:
    I had a stroke the other day.
  • POLIO IS CURED. Nintendo game apparently had the solution.note 
    • "Polio's been solved."

  • The "conversation" the Grumps imagine between main character Sky and the eyball-spawning enemy.
    Enemy: You want an eyeball?
    Sky: No!
    Enemy: How about an eyeball?
    Sky: NO!
    Enemy: You like this eyeball?
    Sky: *exasperated sigh*
    • Arin/Sky kills the eyeball-spawning enemy. Danny!Enemy responds "After all I've given you..."
  • This little bit of wordplay by Danny in episode 2:
    Danny: Were you blazing through "the sky" or "this guy"? (in an almost mafioso accent) I was blazin' through this guy over 'ere. I was listenin' to that Jimi Hendrix song, "Excuse me while I kiss this guy". (Arin laughs) I mean, it's just a song. It's just a s- it's just a very good song about kissing guys which I do.
  • A more meta example, but the sheer fact that Barry, of all people, fucked up. He some how managed to mix up the order of the episodes so the second episode recorded was uploaded third, and the third recorded was uploaded second. This is made even more humorous because the third episode uploaded has Arin struggling with a boss that he beat earlier in the second episode.
  • Danny and the Raptor.
  • In Part 9, Danny just spontaneously starts through some of his longest-running jokes in the old man's voice.
    Old Man: What are you doing in my basement? Get outta here!
    Old Man: I've got something to say to you. Mycaruba.
  • The Call-Back at the beginning of the finale to an earlier running joke in the series. After Sky had sassed the Old Man, Danny spent the next few minutes doing an impression of the Old Man snarking back at Sky, insisting that he's useless and that Sky knows everything. Come the finale..
    Sky: So, am I ready now to defeat Ashura?
    Old Man: I don't know, are you?
    *Danny and Arin burst out laughing*
  • Continuously running into the fish in Part 4, due to the confusing water maze.
    Fish: Hey! You again! Long time no see, man—oh, see you later...
    *5 seconds later after they loop around again*
    Fish: HEYYYY!
  • From Part 7, Shirol.

  • Danny and Arin both trying and failing several times to do a wall jump (called a "triangle jump" in the game) during Part 2.
    Arin: (Singing in a Camp Gay voice) I'm a pretty princess! I love it! I love purple all everywheres! Yay!
  • Part 6 gives us Speed Racist.
  • Every time Danny leaves an area and saying "Whee!" and Arin cracking up because of it.
  • Danny kills a guard while humming the Strider theme, and Arin imagines someone in the background playing the song as the game is played.

    Secret of Mana (Arin and Danny) 
  • Dan and Arin improvising a super-fucking-awesome rock-opera intro to the tune of the Secret of Mana intro music.
  • The incredibly sexualised way they say 'Dabutt' whenever it comes up in a text box.
  • After leaving the village early on in Part 2.
    Arin: You're banished from Potos Village!
    Arin (very close to the mic): Get out of here. Before I smack Dabutt.
  • Then not long after that, just before going into the cannon.
    Danny: "Don't get hurt!" I won't! Guy who's shooting me out of a cannon...
    (both laugh)
    Arin: Welcome to the International Cannon Service! We shoot you out of a cannon and get you to where you want to go! Are you ready?!
    Danny: Yeah! Don't get hurt though! That'll be your fault!
  • This little bit in Part 6.
    Danny" I'll always stay with Dabutt. Just like life. And Arin will take the Baps and the Vagoo... depending on his mood.

  • Bruce Wayne using Insane Troll Logic to explain how he isn't Batman.
    Bruce: Do you see a cape? I don't see a cape!
  • Bruce Wayne yelling at his mom for not taking out the chapter in his diary about him being Batman and then remembering she's supposed to be dead.

    Dracula X 

    Maniac Mansion 

    Super Metroid 
  • Since they can't skip the opening, the first three minutes are them riffing on general Metroid jokes ("Samus is a girl?!"), but props more than anything to them talking about Samus' return to the space station at the start as if she'd just managed to get a block away before the scientists fucked everything up, especially the end bit.
    Danny: So I flew back into fuckin' Unicron...
    Arin: Yeah! She just, like, drops it off and then fuckin' is like, "Alright. Don't fuck with this." and they're like, "Alright. No worries."
    Danny: They're, like, tossing it around like a football.
    Arin: *Laughs* And then she fucking starts the car and—*Starts making siren noises*
    *They both crack up*
    Danny: She sees on the security camera one scientist is wearing the Metroid as a hat! *Both laugh* "Look what I can do!!!"
  • During a cutscene of Samus' landing, Arin and Danny imitate a couple of yokels from the planet Zebes.
    Arin: Here on Zebes, we ain't got fancy things like spaceships. But we got corn.
    Danny: We got that sweet corn.
    Arin: But it's space corn, so it's like two ears in one ear.
    Danny: Yeah, you will die if you eat it.
    Arin: We don't eat it. We're just proud that we have it.
    Danny: Yeah, we just grow it and then leave it in the fields.
    Arin: It just looks nice.
    Danny: Welcome, Samus! Enjoy our death corn.
  • Arin dies by getting his remaining health sucked out of him by enemies that clinged onto him. Danny is immediately distracted by the death sequence.
    Arin: Did I just die?
    Danny: *Having seen Samus in her bikini now* Ohhhh! Fantastic!
    Arin: Oh my god. I have not been paying attention to my health!
    Danny: I didn't realize, like, you get naked when you die! Like, we should have been dying more often. *Both laugh*
  • Danny tells a story about smoking pot on a friend's porch, both of them heedless that the porch faced the fence of an elementary school playground. When they realized the children were gathering to watch, they quickly stopped smoking and tried to hide their pot, only to have one kid announce loudly "Those are bad guys!" Cue emotional devastation.
  • Arin has a "silly seizure" at the start of part 4.
  • Their portrayal as Kraid as fat, gross, and prone to overeating leads to several attempts to compose his final words as he sinks slowly into the floor.
    Danny (as Kraid dies): Do you have any butterrrrrrrrrrrrr...
    Arin: I sure do like cupcaaaaaakes...
    Danny: Hopefully filled with iciiiiiiing...
    Arin: And another smaller cupcaaaaaake...
  • "Dimple Pumps"
  • Their reaction going from cheering when they defeat the Crocomire to groaning in disgust as they watch its lovely death sequence.
  • Walk Friend, the robot whose only purpose is walking.
    Arin: Hey Walk Friend, can you go over there and get me that coffee?
    Walk Friend: I can do one of those things!
  • Danny's fellatio-themed rendition of "Wrecking Ball" has to be heard to be believed.
  • Part 20 has Dan talking about becoming a secret agent by the name of "Undercover Governor Bananapanini."
  • Danny's anecdote about a high-school acquaintance who legally changed his name to Energy Energon.
  • Arin's triumphant rant after Ridley is defeated.
  • Midway through part 26 Danny remarks that there must be porn of Samus out there somewhere. Arin confirms that there is a great deal of it and Danny immediately goes to look it up. He spends the next few minutes in awe. Then Danny manages to finally tear himself away...
    Danny: Alright, I have to put this away. Save that for future use. Barry, put all those pictures up but—*snickers*—put pictures of Ross' face over all the naughty bits. *Barry obliges using Ross wearing a goofy as hell grin as the censoring*
    Arin: Oh no...
    Danny: Yeah.
    Arin: No thank you.
    Danny: Thaaaat's a buzz kill.
    • In the same episode, Arin ponders the existence of J-Country.
  • Arin talking about purple girls and how their saliva smells like cotton candy, all with an exagerated European accent.
  • In the final part, Danny begins an anecdote about him being the oldest of the game grumps, only to startwildly screaming when the fully grown infant metroid comes out of nowhere to start feeding on an enemy in front of Samus.

    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories 
  • The first direct input they get is naming their game profile. Arin, attempting to keep with the Jingle Grumps theme, goes for Santa. He subconsciously types out Satan.
  • What's the first thing Danny says when he learns Arin can draw on the in-game map?
  • Danny plus JumpScares equals HILARITY.
  • In Part 4, the character they play has to color in a picture of a couple in front of their house. Arin proceeds to color the house bright pink ala Barbie's Dream House. Cut to their character finding himself in front of a real bright pink colored house, much to Arin's delight.
  • Part 7 has another chase sequence and neither take it very well.
    • Also amusing is that after the long hurdle, they find a cabin the faq directs them to... except it's the cabin they started at. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome afterwards in that they successfully backtrack to the right path without losing a life (and by extension, reusing the flare should they do).
  • Their action to walking into a room and finding a dead bear in the middle of it.
  • At one point, the Grumps come a cross a toddler's keyboard toy in the game...and use it to play a surprisingly good rap beat.
  • The guilty rank test the therapist gives in part 15. Looking closely Arin blames the bull the most but doesn't realize he put it in the 'less guilty' section, nudging King Harold closer to most guilty. By this point the Grumps are becoming very tired of the therapist sessions. How did they set them down this way? They didn't. Arin grabbed the bull, threw it to the other side of the scale, made a mess, and then went with that.
  • In the apartment chase they get lost and get ambushed by a Raw Shock while opening a door, panicking and surrounded they then seem to enter the same room again try the same door only to get ambushed again and pass out. When they respawn they try to use the door directly in front of them... and immediately get ambushed and cut to black.
  • At one point, while freaking out about getting overwhelmed by creatures, Arin accidentally hits himself in the face with the Wiimote. Dan, still freaking out, notes that he saw it and thought it was funny.

    Katamari Damacy 
  • "I'm Carson Daly! Does anyone still know who I am?"
  • The end of part 1:
    Danny: Next time on Game Grumps, we're gonna roll some shit up! Know what I'm saying, stoners?
    Arin: (feigned laughter) Hey, what time is it? 4:20! (sound of bubbles through a straw, followed by coughing and choking)
    Danny: Game Grumps does not advocate drug use. (Arin's choking and gasping noises continue) Unless it's really good.
    Arin: (screams at the top of his lungs before the video abruptly ends)
  • Episode 2 finds the grumps making fun of rich people making status symbols out of their Rolls-Royces, which eventually spirals into Danny accidentally calling Suzy a prostitute.
  • Episode 2 has Danny and Arin rolling up crabs to make the Cancer constellation:
    • When The King of All Cosmos says "let's make Cancer", Danny proclaims him a dick.
    • Pronouncing "crab" as "craf" and repeatedly yelling "CRAF?!" the entire episode.
    • When Michiko Hoshino says she can feel the Cosmos returning, Danny proclaims he's having a drug flashback.
  • Barry's antics in Episode 3. All of them.
  • The accidental Running Gag in Part 9 where Arin keeps prematurely ending the Ursa Major level by collecting tiny bears and bear-shaped objects.
    • And Danny yells "Beaaaar!" with the King Of All Cosmos every single time, even while in the middle of telling a story.
  • Oh, Episode Ten, let's count the ways...
    • Episode Title: Danny Goes to the Nudie Bar. Description courtesy of Barry: Go oooonnnnnn...
    • Danny opens the episode singing the word "Bear" trolling Arin about last episode's failure.
    • As Danny begins said story, revealing when he was a virgin, Arin reacts "GET OUT OF TOWN!"
    • The Mood Dissonance in playing the Gemini level while hearing Danny's story with his stripper friend Gemini. Also, how that story ends.
    • Them trolling the audience about completing their Wind Waker series.
    • Their reaction to ending the level with a specific number of twins: 69.
  • In Part 12, they have Barry end the episode after about three minutes.
  • In Part 14, Danny and Arin have a serious debate about the merits of the D-Club.
    • Arin spends about five minutes giving an impassioned speech defending the D-Club and how it wasn't gay.
  • As they play Part 15, they crack a bad joke. Here, Danny lampshades how at this point, they've played so long, they're probably at Episode 15.
  • After rolling up a giant squid, they give it a nearly Barack Obama voice asking for help from the katamari.
    Danny: Help.
    *Arin laughs*
    Arin: Help me.
    Danny: I am a squid. In need of help.
    Arin: Oh dear. Oh my.
    Danny: Oh God. No.
  • The Barry Dicks song
  • They recall their experience of a woman's reaffirming the guy's a great friend, and not a potential boyfriend. Complete with Disney-eqsue song!
  • Buffalo got that alligator jigglin' fever!
  • In the finale, Danny starts singing, along to the credits. Arin sings backup turning the song into a call for anal sex. Prompting a Double Take from Danny.

    Night Trap 
  • Their constant MSTing of the game, from the bad acting to the ridiculous traps.
  • "I'm gonna take a nap on this hammock! It's EXTREME!"
  • Them agreeing how much realistic fun the girls are having at their slumber party.
  • At Part 1's end, Arin and Dan's improv cover of the in-game song. Complete with belching!
  • The bad punchline Dan says to Arin's Family Feud set-up.
    Arin: Survey says...
    Danny: To
    Arin: Nice. Nice. Nice. NICE!
    Danny: I think I nailed that pretty hard.
  • Danny buying a bed based on accommodating a threesome. When it arrived to his and Barry's apartment, Barry texted Dan on how comically large it is.
  • As they switch to CD #2, they wonder if they can convince the audience they are naturally skilled in playing the game, and not using a walkthrough for help.
  • Dan and Arin constantly getting fired up as they take down Augers like flies. And when they get a game over anyway before they were only seconds off from saving a girl, they end the video with a live-action parody of the game, showing their rendition of the ending.
    • Arin during that ending. Just-Just Arin.
    • Don't forget the real star of the show: Mochi, laying there with a Seen It All look, barely reacting to their...performance.

    Pokémon Fire Red 

    Battle Chess 
  • The slowest conversation the chess pieces have as one moves out of the other's way.
  • The game apparently knows how ungodly boring it is, it glitches in and out to keep the Grumps awake.
  • Arin asking the Queen to "take off that ten by ten tileset."
  • As Dan fights the computer, the computer's pawns barely moved, like they Stopped Caring.
    Arin: Look at this motherfucker with all his pawns that don't even care.
    Danny: Yeah, yeah, they're just like, "Whatever. Hey, we're cool." Barry, zoom in on those pawns.
    (Zoom in on random pawn)
    Pawn 1: Sup? We'll just chill here the whole game.
    Pawn 2: Yeah, I don't really care one way or another.
    Pawn 3: Literally. What the fuck ever.
    Pawn 4: I get paid whether the King dies or not because it's all in HR now.
    *Danny laughs*
  • Arin & Danny Win!! (against a 25 year old computer)
  • The little battle animations can be pretty funny - and the guys react hilariously when the King piece just nonchalantly pulls out a gun and shoots another piece.
    • The best part about it is this; throughout the video Barry plays medieval-esque background music, turning it into intense battle music during animations. When the King attacks the Bishop, the intense music begins...and then just abruptly stops as the King pulls out a gun.

    Punch-Out!! (Wii) 

     Shadow Of The Colossus 



     The Goonies II 


     Super C 

     Disney Princess Enchanted Journey 

    Gauntlet 2 

    Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers 2 

    Mega Man 3 

    Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 


    Heart of Darkness 

     Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 

    Metal Storm 

    Decap Attack 

    Shovel Knight 


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