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    Guest Grumps 


  • Steve-O, being the Pornomancer that he is, gives Danny endless grief over who he "crushes" on.
    Danny: I'm not crushing! Goddamit Steve-O!

Jacob Anderson aka Raleigh Ritchie

  • Jacob (who's from Bristol) opens by doing an impression of an American doing a terrible British accent...which comes full circle when he latter does a genuinely terrible American accent.
  • They start by playing an underwhelming "Game of Thrones" game, but Jacob's afraid to criticize it because he doesn't want to get in trouble with HBO.
    • Ross even apparently warned them away from playing that game, which surprised them given his usual sadism.
  • Jacob getting fake pouty over Danny selecting Yoshi before he could.
    Danny: You want to be Yoshi?
    Jacob: No. I'll be Luigi.
    Arin: You could be a Koopa Troopa.
    Arin: Look at the courses! Koopa Troopa has his own beach.
    Jacob: Yea but Yoshi has a valley! Screw a beach! I want a valley!
  • After Danny loses the final race in Mario Kart.
    Arin: Well, you got second, that's great.
    Danny: Arin, don't fucking patronize me you piece of shit!
  • While playing Wheel of Fortune, Danny and Arin both get a bankrupt, prompting Danny to have a bit of a flashback.
    Danny: No! Not this again!
  • Arin becomes legitimately angry when Dan tricks him into spelling “Adirondack Mountains” wrong.
  • Maine gets a lot of shit when a it turns up as a prize vacation spot.
    Arin: Dude, a trip to Maine? Holy shit! The U.S.’s 38th most visited state!
    Danny: Visit the world’s second-favourite Portland! You have any idea how many lighthouses they have up there? Two! Two lighthouses. [the prize wedge depicts a lighthouse] There’s one of ‘em.
    Arin: Which one is it, the bigger one or the smaller one? You’ll find out when you’re in Maine!
  • During the Wheel of Fortune credits all three get a chuckle out of the Outsourcing Manager being named “Sketch Ditty”. Coupled with Jacob’s hatred of the game:
    Jacob: I wanna say that this game has been a treat, but it’s more the company.
    Arin: We’ll call up Sketch Ditty and tell him—
    Danny: Give him a piece of our mind.
    Jacob: I’m gonna find him and I’m gonna kill him. [everyone loses it]
    • This comes back around when Jacob returns for a second session and they reminisce about that moment. As they're in the middle of saying how Sketch seems like a pretty cool guy, Jacob suddenly doubles down and says that he wants to "straight up beat [Sketch] in the head with a wooden mallet". As soon as he does, both he and Arin start to ask themselves if they've crossed the line from "joke" to "inadvertent cyber-bullying" and awkwardly try to backpedal.
  • And finally, Jacob’s American accent.

Finn Wolfhard from "Stranger Things"

Sarah Carbiener & Erica Rosbe

Rhett McLaughlin & Link Neal

  • Dan recalls the Grumps' stint on Good Mythical Morning.
    Link: You could shower a mule in our shower, it's that big.
    Dan: Or a six-foot-tall Jew covered in mushroom soup. For instance.
    Link: Yeah the drain doesn't work anymore, thanks for that.
  • The instructions for boxing:
    Arin: If you press A when your power gauge is full, you perform a super blow.
    Link: I'm definitely in the market for a super blow.
    Rhett: Can you write down those instructions for my wife?
  • Rhett & Link being super terrible at volleyball. Rhett shows Link the bright coloured circle that indicates where the ball will land only for them both to immediately miss anyway. Eventually they start to turn things around.
    Dan: I dived for it and it looked like someone throwing a dead body out of a car.
    Link: Can you imagine what Donkey Kong smells like?

"Weird Al" Yankovic

  • Their decision to play as the same generic male avatar, resulting in a contestant panel with three identical PC's.

Jamie Lee Curtis & her son Tom Guest

  • In the first minute, Jamie incurred the wrath of Arin because she called dibs on Princess Peach, leading to him going barefoot.
    Arin: It's- it's a little bit of a power move, I'm not gonna lie.
    Jamie Lee Curtis: Okay. Yeah, well, it didn't do anything.
    • Danny then expresses delight at the "cupcakes with little dicks on them!" that she'd brought as a gift. Apparently that was accidental, as the cupcakes just tipped over in the car while en route.
  • Jamie has trouble with the Wii controller.
    Jamie Lee Curtis: I've just never held something this small in my hand.
  • Jamie spends most of the game sassing the Grumps. Mostly through saying "Highly-paid professionals".
  • Jamie's assessment of Arin (which they suggest he put on his autobiography):
    You seem like a decent person, except for your feet.
  • A bit of a Brick Joke, but when they later discuss her appearance with Ben Schwartz...
    Dan: I didn't want to say this while she was here, but she's what, sixty? She's still so freaking hot!

Adventures in the Magic Kingdom with Ben Schwartz

  • The first sub-game Ben pulls up in the game is the top-down race against Panhandle Pete. Trying to figure out how to beat it, Ben nearly slips an Actor Allusion before being teased by Danny about it:
    Danny: You wanna go fast, Ben?
    Ben: Yes, I gotta go fast...

    Date Grumps (with Suzy) 

The Lion King

  • The intro in general, with Ego turning from Grump to Not-so Grump with a kiss. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • The developer of the game's name happened to be Barry, and typing the name into the option screen using the SNES buttons turns invincibility on. Suzy theorizes that it's the same Barry who is the editor, and that all Barrys share the same consciousness in a hive mind and share the same mystical god-like power.
  • Simba's idle animation while distracted by a butterfly, and the juxtaposition of his close brush with death in the elephant graveyard.
  • Bug Toss is the hardest level in the game. Suzy thinks she beat it until Arin reveals she didn't.
  • According to Arin, the game looks like poopy diarrhea.
  • After seeing the gorilla in Hakuna Matata fall into the water, they lampshade the fact the only cartoony moment in the game is not in the movie.
  • Adult Simba has the ability to bitch-slap hyenas to eternity. And can Street-fighter-throw hyenas. While Suzy yells "FUCK EM UP! FUCK EM UP!"
  • Suzy goes on a rant about why there are Snow Leopard enemies in a volcano.
  • Arin does his impression of Heath Ledger's The Joker. And unusually for such a talented voice-actor, it seems to be the only impression he can't do.
  • When it's Arin's Turn to run through the Can't Wait to be King level, he teaches the rhythm to himself by beatboxing to Simba's headbanging while ducking. He still loses, but it sounds really cool.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo


     Cat Grumps 
Yes, even these cute joke videos have comedy to be discovered. Heck. the fact that all they did was film their cats is hilarious in and of itself.

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