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"Don't ever, ever ask about my business!"

Arin and Danny play games from the Super Mario Bros. franchise. Hilarity Ensues.

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    Super Mario Bros. 2 
  • Luigi's reaction to finding a black bomb and a rocket ship while gardening.
  • Luigi spilling the potion into the water, with the hypothetical result being that the entire world transforms into a door.
    Danny: "Who could open this??"
  • Danny exclaiming, with certainty, that the potion is under one of the sprouts, with none of them being correct. —> This one. This one? Thisonethisonethisonthisone?
    • When he finally gets to the secret, and he squandered the extra coin chance, he chooses to just hang out instead.
  • Arin's impression of Michio Kaku.
  • Dan getting a game over due to glitching into a wall.
  • When Arin explains to Danny that Birdo is a man, to his confusion.
  • Danny on Mario-gardening:
    "You know what another gardening thing that I hate when it happens? It's when I fucking lift up a thing and OH, I'M TAKING A ROCKET INTO SPACE!!!"
  • Dan showing Arin his favorite method of murdering Shy Guys.
  • "I once had a friend... he would come over to my house, and my mother would be like 'Daniel! All your friend is here!'"
    "Thank you for putting that in perspective momma!"
  • The discovery that Luigi seems to be holding the straps on his overalls like suspenders in episode 5, and the resultant posh behavior of Mayor Luigi. This particular moment has been cited by Dan and Arin as the moment they won the fans over following the backdraft of Jon's departure.
    • "Well... this is a fine pickle!"
    • "Mhmm... a fine day for mayoring!"
    • "Oh! Death approaches!" (ducks into a door to avoid a single Shy Guy)
    • "Death approaches, better skedaddle!"
    • "This is a fine mess of turnips we've gotten ourselves into!"
    • "Don't hit the albatross, rocket!"
  • During the final battle with Wart, the machine in the room gives Dan one of those onions that looks like it's wearing Nerd Glasses, which he refers to as the "Simple Simon Radish." Arin then does his impression of it.
    Arin: (In a very stereotypical nerd voice) According to my calculations, you're gonna throw me at Wart in 3.7 seconds!

    Super Mario Sunshine 
  • The opening moments of the LP.
    Dan: Welcome, everybody, to the happiest fucking game in the world.
    Arin: Or the one that makes you feel the worst.
    Dan: Yeah, probably both.
  • In episode 2 during their senile old man gag Danny yells "RAISINS!" without warning.
  • Barry's back to back edits before Arin and Danny first jump into Bianco Hills.
    • Also, Danny running with the name "Bianco" and making him into a Latin lover.
  • Danny and Arin go back-to-back coming up with vulgar insults that Bowser Jr. would call Mario, eventually culminating into this:
    Dan: Welcome to our happy island. (shouting) Hey! Pussy-lips! Go fuck yourself.
    • Danny then asks Barry to edit that out, but Arin says not to. Eventually, they decide to have Barry edit the line into rap, which has actual cats with comically large human lips.
    • Cock. Loving. Slot.
  • Barry ends episode 3 with some ridiculous Randy Savage footage, calling back to his demise at the culmination of the Rapture.
    • Randy Savage: 1952-Rapture
  • From episode 4, after encountering the raccoons (or bears, or whatever they are)note  who will sell Shine Sprites for 10 Blue Coins apiece:
    Arin: What the fuck?
    Danny: Yeah. Dude. That sounded suspiciously like some kind of, like, drug deal, or deal for handjobs. "Oh, I suppose you're here for... (lowers his voice) THAT."
  • Arin tells a story about how he dealt with a bunch of loud, obnoxious and drunken horse racing talking loudly about gay sex.
  • Arin and Dan read the D.E.B.S. news scanner to see that the lighthouse has disappeared and decide to investigate. Immediately afterward:
    Arin: Where's the lighthouse? *beat* Oh, I guess it's disappeared.
    *both Grumps begin to crack up*
  • In part 7, the Grumps debate what to do when they encounter a flaming Pianta.
    Arin: (calling) Do you need help?
    Danny: (also calling) I'll call a fireman!
    Arin: Do you need...? Hold on, I'll get help!
    Danny: Do you need water?
    Arin: I'll use my water jetpack to get help!
  • From Part 8, on the subject of Mario wearing short sleeves:
    Danny (Italian accent): Does anyone know a veterinarian? 'Cause these-a pythons are sick!
    • This immediately leads to Arin clearly having trouble breathing for a few seconds from laughing too hard.
  • Arin's burning rage when Il Piantissimo beats him in a race, then insults him to boot, leading him to kill Il Piantissimo's parents and threaten to decapitate him.
  • Danny's story about the time he was invited to an orgy.
    Danny: Did I ever tell you I got invited to an orgy one time? (Arin laughs) Did I not tell you this? Is this a Game Grumps appropriate story?
    Arin: I guess?
    Danny: I didn't do it. So the story is I had two friends and they were a lesbian couple. Let's call them Michelle and Janine, to protect the innocent.
    Arin: They were actually called Blushelle and Manine.
    Danny: You've cracked the code! They were my good friends and they were just beautiful, and they were a couple. And of course, when you're a guy and you've got a couple of lesbian girlfriends, even though you know they're not into dudes at all, you're always secretly hoping like (sudden deep, creepy voice) maybe I will be the guy who will be invited into the threesome. (Back to normal) Like, the threesome they're not having.
    Arin: And never will.
    Danny: Of course. But so- oh man, what a beautiful cloudy background to tell this orgy story to.
    Arin: This is actually like a famously hard level.
    Danny: So one day I was hanging out at their place and the three of us are on their couch together, and we're just playing video games or whatever. And Janine puts her hand on my leg, out of nowhere, and is like
    Janine: Dan, uh, we have a proposition for you.
    Danny: And I was like (creepy voice again) go on...
    (Arin laughs so hard he falls off the bird)
    Arin: Inside your head there's like fireworks and shit going off.
    Danny: Yeah, outside I was like "oh, do tell." But on the inside I'm like "AAAAAAHHHHH!"
  • The duo ride Yoshi for the first time. Loud, constant retching noises ensue.
  • Part 19 - the exchange after reading the D.E.B.S. alert about a Yoshi egg being spotted on the rooftops.
    Danny: Every Yoshi egg is spotted! HUH-UUUUUUH....uuuhh...mmmm...uh...can we start this episode over?
    *cue a super-fast version of 'AND WE'RE THE GAME GRUMPS!'*
    Arin: Welcome back to Game Grumps! Dan, say something funny!
    Danny: Yoshi eggs are spo-FUCK!
    • And later in that same episode:
      Danny: Have you ever tried to fuckin' eat a pineapple forty times the size of your own body, like Yoshi just did? It leads to terrible things.
      Arin: Can you speak from experience?
      Danny: Uhhhhhhhmmmm maaaaaybeeee...
      Arin: Cos I certainly can't. I've tried to eat a dick for-ooooh wait...
      Danny: Wait, we should start this episode over.
      (super fast intro sequence)
      Arin: Welcome back to Game Grumps!
      Danny: Hey Arin, ever tried to eat a dick?
      Arin: Yes-FUCK!
      Danny: DAMMIT!
  • From part 23, the closing lines.
    Danny: You'd think with, like, all that focus on creative control and, like, controlling the branding and all that, there wouldn't be at least ten thousand God-awful Nintendo games.
    Arin laughs.
    Danny: Oh, the worst!
    Arin: Remember, um... remember "Next Time on Game Grumps"?
    Danny: Oh, yeah.
    Arin: That was a good game.
    Danny: Oh, yeah, I like that one. ...wait.
    Arin: I think Famitsu gave it a—
    episode ends
  • In episode 26, Arin talks about an ice cream shop in Florida called Sloan's, which had a trick window in the women's bathroom which allowed the patrons to see inside of the bathroom if you kept the door unlocked:
    Arin: (as the manager of Sloan's, speaking in a vaguely European accent) "What if we had a joke bathroom? Okay, hear me out— we have a joke bathroom, where there's a window and if you lock the door of the girl's bathroom— you know, it doesn't... but some girls are not going to lock the door, so technically it's not my fault."
    Danny: (as the manager of Sloan's, doing the same accent) "I'm just serving ice cream, and whoops— there's vagina!"
    (Arin loses it)

    Arin: What ethnicity is our man here?
    Danny: Uh, Skrussian.
    Arin: (laughing) A combination between Skrillex and Russian?
    Danny: (also laughing) Exactly. "Do svidaniya." (imitates rave music)
    Arin: (as Mario side-flips off a cliff) FUCK! Your Skrillex was too good! I was getting lost in it.
    Danny: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I drum 'n bassed you right into space.
    Arin: You wubbed me out.
    (both Grumps crack up)
  • "Oh noes! Oh god! Oh nose god!"
  • In episode 27, Arin and Danny play Exquisite Corpse:
    Danny: Don't.
    Arin: Ever.
    Danny: Say.
    Arin: One.
    Danny: Single.
    Arin: Thing.
    Danny: About.
    Arin: My.
    Danny: Dick!
    Arin: Or.
    Danny: I.
    Arin: Will.
    Danny: Push.
    Arin: My.
    Danny: Dick.
    Arin: Into.
    Danny: Your.
    Arin: Scrotum?
    Danny: Oh no!
    [both crack up laughing]
  • There's another one at the beginning of episode 27, in which Arin and Danny start off with doing one "for luck":
    (getting more intense with every word)
    Danny: I.
    Arin: Am.
    Danny: The.
    Arin: Person.
    Danny: Who.
    Arin: Will.
    Danny: Rock.
    Arin: Your.
    Danny: Soul.
    Arin: And.
    Danny: Blow.
    Arin: Dicks!
    Danny: ...oh. (both Grumps crack up) Kinda thought you'd go for "your mind" there, but...
    Arin: Hey, it's all about the unexpected, bro.
  • In episode 32, Arin does the pachinko level. After failing constantly, he finally gets all eight Red Coins, coming within inches of the Shine Sprite—only to have the physics engine pull a last-second cheap trick that sends him flying to his death. Needless to say, his reaction wasn't all that pretty, to say the least.
  • Their reaction to the glitched-out Cheep-Cheep in Part 34.
  • This conversation, which rambles from the importance of traveling ("experiences over possessions!") to the weirdest thing you can shout to a prostitute from the other side of a parking lot ("HOW MUCH FOR VAGINAL?").
  • In Part 35, Arin once again has a massive freak out, going into a crazed, nonsensical rant. Danny starts off laughing, but by the end is cowering and calling out for Suzy, shouting "I need an adult!"
  • Part 36 starts off with them entering another platforming area, where Arin proceeds to drain through his lives within a single minute, not even getting to the second major platform. It's funnier than it sounds.
    • They return to it in a later episode...only for Arin to once again die three times in less than a minute.
  • After making several homosexual remarks and then asking Barry to not take them out of context into something implying they're gay, Barry edits them into something completely different.
    Arin: 37-
    Danny: -ducks-
    Danny: -do-
    Arin: a little back flip.
    Arin: 20-
    Danny: -ducks-
    Danny: -lie
    Arin: -on the ground.
    Arin: The-
    Arin: -crazy-
    Arin: -duck-
    Arin: -is-
    Danny: -my favorite duck.
  • In Part 49, their constant references to the Twitter channel #humblebrag.
  • The first 9 minutes of Part 48 are spent dragging a Chain Chomp to a bath. At 8 minutes in, they succeed, but are crushed by the Chomp and die as soon as the Shine is revealed. Because the "life lost" and Shine Sprite cutscenes occur at the same time, the two are combined in a hilarious fashion.
    Danny: Aaaaaaand you're dead.
    [both Grumps disintegrate into a laughing fit]
    [the game finally registers Mario's death and finishes the death animation]
    Danny: I love the triumphant music right before the reveal of your shadow corpse.
  • The "Balls in your Face" song.
  • In the finale, the Grumps' overblown reaction to FLUDD's Disney Death.
    Danny: Delfinos, dance! Dance him back to life! You useless potato fucks!

    Super Mario Bros. 3 
  • Danny's reaction to the secrets Arin shows him.
  • "Is this gonna be like, your version of Super Mario 2 where you know all the secret shit, and I'm just like OH MY GOD."
  • On a more meta level, the scores of like-minded commenters who responded to Arin's comment about his "TV being so good low resolution games glitch out" with "retweeted by #humblebrag."
  • This enthusiastic little line from Danny.
    Arin: You got a thousand points. What are you gonna use it on?
    Danny: Drugs!
  • From the ending to part 2.
    Arin : Next time on Game Grumps...the whole episode will be IN ESPANOL! Here's a little taste...
    Danny: (whispering) Donde estan mis pantalones?!
    Arin: SI!
    Danny: "Where are my pants," "Yes"?
    Arin: SI!
  • "Next time on Game Drugs!"
  • During World 2, Arin takes a stab at the airship, only to lose. Danny asks if he needs to re-enter the castle first before going to the airship, with Arin saying he doesn't need to. Danny then proposes what would happen if he did re-enter the castle, would Toad say something, to the effect of "What are you doing here? The airship is over there!"
  • Arin shares a story in part 4 about how he met a fan at a convention who could only talk to him in quotes and references from Arin's animations. Arin, who prefaced the story by saying he's gotten used to talking to fans who are nervous and not quite sure how to make conversation, says that this was the first time he was left completely speechless.
  • Arin talking about how as a kid he would slow down or speed up videos to make them sound funnier. He then proceeds to spend the longest time talking progressively faster or extremely slower, to the point where he makes one sound continuously for forty-five seconds, all while going all the way through a Fortress Level.
  • "Ticketpaysforthewholeseatbutyou'llonlyneedtheEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDGE!", especially when Arin stretches "edge" to 40 seconds.
  • Part 4: Stuck in a water level, the Grumps invent a new character: Sassy Squid, who is going to ruin your date.
    Dan: Why does he sound like our Jewish mom voice?
  • From part 10:
  • Arin's brilliant "incoherent homeless man" impression in part 12.
  • The king of World 4 has been turned into a dinosaur. Arin and Danny insist he stay that way to help his popularity.
    Arin: WHOOOA! You look awesome! Can I pet you?
    Danny: Are we friends now?? DO I HAVE A DINOSAUR FRIEND?!
    The King: I'm the King! I must rule this land!
  • From part 14:
    Arin: You're on level 6 and you have 9 lives left. 69?
    (Laughter, while Barry does a spiraling zoom on the offending number)
    Arin: Have you ever stabbed yourself in the neck?
    • Which then continues way past the point of darkness and into...something else:
    Danny: I'm sorry?
    Arin: Have you ever had someone stab you in the neck?
    Danny: What are you talking about?
    Arin: Would you like it. (Danny cracks up) Whether or not you say yes or no, it's going to happen, so choose wisely.
    Danny: I'm gonna say yes!\\
Arin: Okay! (stab sounds, cry of pain) Did you rike it?
  • The beginning of part 15, which consists of Arin hysterically accusing Dan of smearing poop on the wall, all while Dan dully denies it over and over. Arin even threatens to kill Dan over it.
    Arin: Excuse me! I'm not the one who shit all over the wall!
    Danny: You are unbelievable. You are—there is no excuse for this. *Laughs as he dies* Goddamn, this level is hard.
    Arin: It smells so bad in here!
    Danny: It doesn't—there's not poo. There's no—there's nothing of the sort.
    Arin: Dan, I swear to god.
    Danny: What?
    Arin: (Barely able to keep himself from laughing) You're fired if you don't fuckin'—
    Danny: Really?
    Arin: If you don't man up to the shit on the wall!
    Danny: This is unbelie—this is outrageous. This is an outrage.
    Arin: I'm going to kill you—
    Danny: You're going to what?
    Arin: I'm going to kill you!
    Danny: Over what?
    Danny: No, no poop. No poop happened. That's a thing you made up.
  • Barry seamlessly edits in Mario sliding up the ramp.
  • As Dan is going through a scrolling level, Barry puts a "Noooooo!" by a Fire Chomp that he stomps on as it falls.
  • Episode 19 doesn't even end with the typical "Next time on Game Grumps!" It instead decides to smash cut to their thank you to the fans after their 1000th video. Of course, this being Game Grumps and what not, things start to get silly after the actual thank you.
  • Part 20 has Peach portrayed as an insatiable nymphomaniac and Arin and Danny recalling their childhoods of seeing their parents engaging in grown-up "Piggyback Rides".
  • The seamless transition from Press Your Luck to Guns N' Roses in episode 21—a YouTube loop of Axl Rose they referenced received a gigantic Grumps Bump within minutes of the release of the episode that drove all the non-Grumps fans (and even some Grumps fans) mad.
  • In part 26, after Dan got killed by a wrench, they note that Ross would most definitely make an Incredibly Lame Pun about it. They then go on to say that they still love him... and joke about wanting to kill him.
  • During one of the final levels, with the help of an invincibility star, they're finally able to kill one of the boo ghosts.
    "It feels good to murder the dead."
  • In part 28 they have a positively hysterical Bill Gates impression.
  • At the end of the finale, after Danny beats Bowser with Luigi, they go into a hilarious routine about Peach being unimpressed about being rescued by Luigi, and not Mario, including awkward small talk.

    Super Mario World 
  • When Danny laments the fact that Luigi has always been stuck in Mario's shadow, Arin points out that the year 2013 was declared The Year of Luigi for this very reason, to give him A Day in the Limelight. Danny's incredulous response is to ask what happened, as if that decision was made after something horrible happened to him.
  • Likewise, when Danny, who is playing as Luigi, beats Iggy Koopa, the following cutscene states that Mario defeated him. Danny promptly makes things worse by accidentally saying: "Poor Mario- I mean poor Luigi. Damn it!"
  • Part 4 opens with Dr. Dan solemnly diagnosing Arin with jungle fever, before both of them break into a spontaneous song that comes to an abrupt, baffling conclusion.
    Arin: You know I like it when you shake that booty in my face, uh-huh!
    Danny: Ooh yeah, booty!
    Arin: Makes me wanna spray you with mace, uh-huh!
    Danny: Shake that booty!
    Arin: 'Cuz I don't want you in my sexy no-no hole...
    Danny: BIG FAT BOOTY!...wait, what?
  • From Part 4, Arin brings up to topic of babies being born without brains, and insists on showing pictures of them to Danny on his phone. The hilarity is just how uncomfortable Danny is about the conversation (and his horrified OH GOD! scream when Arin does show him such pictures offscreen).
    • Also from Part 4, Dan's dad being incapable of using Siri due to his accent.
  • In part 5, the Grumps both freaking out when Danny glitches through the wall.
  • The ending to part 6 where an accidental slip up from Danny of saying "steel injury" instead of "steel industry" leads to Arin acting out a pretend steel injury, and Danny lampshading how he can never get away with any slip ups on the show.
  • Towards the end of part 8, Danny and Arin discuss attempting to stop using "gay" and "retarded" as negative terms and instead humor the idea of using them for positive terms instead. Come the start of the next episode, Arin immediately backpedals and uses retarded when discussing why Japan's Famicom controller is different from the SNES controller.
    Danny: Why did they think America would prefer purple on purple?
    Arin: Because, uhm... they think we're retarded and don't like children stuff.
    Danny: You mean the good retarded...?
    Arin: Ye—... (snickers)
    Danny: What did we just talk about Arin? Jesus, that took, like, ten seconds.
  • At the start of part 11, the very first thing we see is Luigi (played by Danny), standing in a narrow hallway with a gigantic boo right in front of him with its eyes covered and NO possible way of getting past. The first thing out of Danny's mouth is a deadpan "Well. This sucks ass."
  • Both Arin and Danny's impersonation of Jasper T. Jowls from Chuck E. Cheese.
    I hope you're enjoying our substandard pizza! It is not up to par. You don't know any better, you're just a dumb fuckin' kid. Thanks for spending your money!
  • In part 13, Arin completes the Special World, turning all Koopa shells into Mario heads. Danny, who doesn't realize it yet, tells a story that happened to him while he met Matt Thompson, executive producer of Archer, only to stop midway through the story when he sees one of those Mario heads, saying "What the fuck is that?". His reaction afterwards, wanting to touch it but not quite knowing whether it's safe or not, combined with Arin's laughter makes it even funnier.
    • The story itself is also hilarious: when Danny met Thompson, the latter was so wasted that he punched Danny in the dick. Please note that Matt stated he was going to kick Danny in the dick, but threw a curve ball by punching him instead.
    • Also equally hilarious is Danny cutting off his story to loudly complain about the fact that he can't get out of the Forest of Illusion because he can't find the proper exit.
    Danny: And [Thompson's friend] comes up to me and he's like—(realizes that he's made no progress)—WHAT THE FUCK!? What do I have to do to make more boards happen!?
    • His first two encounters with the Mask Koopas in Ep. 14 are also hilarious.
    Danny: *Lands on a flying Mask Koopa and bounces off of it after shooting out of a pipe* Ah! Oh GOD! Why are they baseball players?
    Danny: *Discussing Homestar Runner when he runs into a flock of flying Mask Koopas* I just remember like, laughing until I cried, like the first couple times I-GOD These are GROSS!
  • At the beginning of part 15, Arin, completely out of the blue, starts speaking in a heavy, European-ish accent about muffins.
    Danny: ... Cattin'?
  • The beginning of Part 16.
    Arin: I'm shakin' in mah boots!
    Danny: Welcome back to Betrayal Grumps! (Beat, followed by Mario dying shortly after)
    *Both grumps start to laugh*
    Arin: God dammit! I think everything about the comedy of that was in the 'beep!' The little delicate death sound!
  • In the beginning of the level, Danny misses a ledge and Arin teases him, saying he could get it if he was a "good player." Danny then proceeds to not only beat the level with Yoshi and get the secret exit (allowing them to skip Castle 7) but he also defeats Bowser's Castle and the boss in one try, only taking damage in the castle once, whereas Arin died in the very first room of the castle by holding a Mecha Koopa for too long.
  • Princess Peach screaming for help from Bowser's clown-mobile leads Arin to posit that she's hanging out by Bowser's crotch. That leads to this later in the battle:
    Arin (as Peach): As a reminder, I'm in here! Still breathing down the fumes of his giant dino-cock!
  • The finale where Danny (playing as Luigi) beats the game and gets the ending...where it still says that Mario was the hero. The ending doesn't even mention Luigi's involvement!
    Danny: Mario, the Princess, Yoshi and his friends...WHAT THE FUCK?!
    • Doubly hilarious since Danny as Luigi has saved the day and defeated the final boss in three of the Mario games they've played so far (2, 3 and World)...and he still gets no thanks!
  • During the "Thank You" screen, the Grumps wonder if Mario is still standing outside Bowser's castle.

     Super Mario Bros. 
  • Danny hasn't played the game in about two decades, making for a hilarious contrast with his absurd mastery of the sequel.
  • Suddenly realizing two words that "Duck Hunt" rhymes with.
  • Arin's first death:
    Arin: One of the things you're going to learn about Super Mario is you are a baby if-
    (Killed Mid-Sentence running into a pit)
    Danny: Tit-hahahaha-huh.
    Arin: I'm not even gonna finish that sentence (alright) because I'm fucking pissed.
  • Danny's first death comes from forgetting that you can't pick up the shells in this game.
  • Thanks to Mario and Luigi having identical sprites after getting a fire flower, Arin takes a while to remember it's still his turn after he clears a level.
  • The Grumps invent the Between the Thighs Disguise.
  • Out of nowhere, they get to talking about how neither of them had wet dreams during puberty, causing them to suspect it's far less common than the official figures, which only exist to make the few kids who get them less embarrassed.
  • Danny "threading the needle" by managing to jump straight into a pit just one space wide.
    Danny: I snatched defeat from the jaws of victory!
  • Dan's midstory interruption at a superlong firebar
    WHOA! That's huge!
  • Danny brings up ways to slip "balls" into your sentences as much as possible. Arin...doesn't quite get it.
  • The Running Gag of Scribey the Subcribe button.
  • Cue Part 4 beginning with an unexpected theme song.
  • Dan watched a "Son of a Bitch" compilation video.
  • The suicidal Buzzy Beetle.
  • The Perfect Joke and its backstory at the start of Video 5.
  • Dan distracting Arin from finishing the final staircase of World 8-1 twice.
  • Hashtag Status Updates.
  • Another Running Gag-the Grumps' trouble with Hammer Bros. Made the more awesome when Arin runs past him & axes Bowser.
  • At ten minutes, Barry lowers Scribe due to Danny declaring it's over. It's not.
  • In the first third of the final video, a fast-forward montage stops unexpectedly as Dan bounces on a spring in world 8-2 and releases a 1-Up from the block. When he bumps the block to the right as it moves toward said block, the 1-Up unexpectedly clips through the block, falling onto the spring and disappearing to the left. Both grumps are completely baffled by this.
  • The opening minute of the final video. Arin playing through World 8-2 and Danny starts grilling him on skipping the 1up Mushroom. Arin states that he doesn't care only to immediately die and get a gameover because he was out of lives.

     Super Mario 3D World 

    Luigi's Mansion 

    Super Mario 64 
  • Around a minute into Part 1, Mario lets out a dying scream upon deletion of the first save file, prompting both Grumps to burst out laughing, with Arin imagining that when the file is erased, that file's Mario literally dies.
    Arin: *still laughing* ... Sorry!
  • This moment from Danny right at the outset
    Danny: I've never even seen this game...
    (Princess Peach fades in)
    Arin: (busts out laughing)
  • Danny asking Arin to make it look like King Bob-omb has Mario's legs while hefting him in the air just like he did with the Stone Head from the Wind Waker playthrough.
  • During Part 2, Arin provides another helping of his Dane Cook impression.
  • Near the end of Part 2:
    Arin: Next time on Game Grumps, I... will... make sure that Ross doesn't creepily stare at us through that window.
    Danny: Aw, Jesus, man, what is he doing there? Hey, Ross. He does have a creepy stare but also beautiful eyes.
    Arin: Beautiful eyes.
    Danny: It's a real oxymoron.
  • Then after Kevin has shut off the video, and it's just that twenty seconds of audio at the end.
    Ross: Oh, I love this game. I'm gonna beat it. Look, I'm gonna beat it. Here, I'm gonna beat it right now. (starts guiding Mario down the ice slide) Let's go! That's how you do it, baby. (goes over the edge) Uh-oh. Hey, I'm dead.note 
  • Arin insisting he is good at Super Mario 64, right before falling off the Cool, Cool Mountain world for the third time. Cue laughing from Dan.
    • The first time involved patiently waiting for the elevator to return, then jumping completely over it.
      • Followed up by Arin and Dan mimicking a hardcore gaming channel with a URL that sneaks in a racist phrase.
    • "Hey, check out-a my taint!"
  • While trying to return the baby penguin to it's mother, Arin gets fed up with the baby penguin's crying, so he attempts to chuck it off the cliff, only to have Mario accidentally fall off himself.
    "That's it! Off the cliff you go — nope. Off the cliff I go.
  • Dan wants tits on his thumbs.
  • Arin falls off the same place in Whomp's Fortress, but manages to get back up the second time by wall-jumping. Dan is impressed.
  • Burgie is back, this time as a zombie burger, which Arin promptly names 'Zurgie'.
  • Arin dying immediately after Dan says "This is gonna be the one, though." He then immediately repeats himself.
  • Finally getting all the red coins in Whomp's Fortress, and then almost dying several times on the way to the star.
  • Dan revealing that Ninja Brian registered the domain "" and had it direct to the Ninja Sex Party YouTube page.
  • Kevin apparently defining thirty-five as "super old"...not realizing that Dan was close to that age himself. Danny brings it up again in the Kirby's Dream Course playthrough.
  • Arin spends about two minute trying to catch the golden rabbit in the basement. After he gets a star from it, he then jumps into Lethal Lava Land holding it.
    Arin: Come with me to the demon world!
  • Arin falling off the bridge in exactly the same place- twice.
  • Dan pointing out that the slides would pretty much set Mario's ass on fire in real life.
  • Arin falls in the lava a lot in Lethal Lava Land.
  • Kevin honoring a death by whirlpool with a toilet flush, a Wilhelm scream, and a Howie scream.
  • In Part 14 they both discuss how they got The Talk, including Arin thinking he was gay for a few years thanks to his parents' poor job explaining it.
  • Arin and Danny acting like Arin frantically swimming to a star is him giving birth.
    Danny: Push! Push hard! You're fully dilated!
  • Arin's excited reaction to unlocking the upstairs door.
  • Arin and Danny's shock that the monkey on Tall, Tall Mountain can steal Mario's hat, queue Arin trying multiple times to catch it and get it back, including him accidentally falling off a ledge and uncovering the pink bob-omb, but having no idea where the now active cannon is.
  • Episode 17 opening with Mario long-jumping right into a Goomba.
  • Arin and Danny's excitement at (completely accidentally) finding Tall, Tall Mountain's slide:
    (Arin gasps loudly)
    Danny: Whoa! Dudebro!
    Arin: AAAHH!
    Danny: Dude! How? How'd you know?
    Arin I didn't, I saw- It just looked a little weird-different! And I was like, um...
    Danny: I didn't even see it!
    Arin: Maybe that's a thing? Because I knew - it's a thing Mario 64 does!
    Danny: I am having immediate fun, by the way! This music! (hums along to the themesong)
    Arin: Yeah dude, this is the "Falling to your doom but still having a good time" music. (Mario heads towards the dead end) Oh god! I did the wrong!
    Danny: DEATH!
  • The first five and a half minutes of episode 18 with Danny telling a story about a series of bizarre, nonsensical texts one morning from Arin revolving around The Social Network and Jesse Eisenberg. When Danny starts to bring it up to him one can actually hear Arin trying to keep a straight face. It has to be heard to believed.
    • There are a few smaller moments sprinkled throughout the story, such as the Fridge Logic that Arin's speech-to-text program turned "Trent Reznor" into "Trent Resin Or", but it apparently had no problem understanding the name "Winklevoss".
  • The discussion of different accents that all sound equally silly. "We don't hate anybody, we just think everybody sounds stupid, including us!"
  • "Penguin, why are you backing up? Don't back up dat ass!"
  • Arin's distress at losing Mario's hat.
  • Part 24, after Mario bumps into an enemy, then proceeds to jump on said enemy, propelling Mario into the air, spinning around, Danny and Arin wonder what would happen if you did this to a total stranger in real life.
  • Getting stuck in a loop between two flippers in Wet-Dry World.
  • Danny describing Kevin (after getting super drunk with Barry and Ross to film Stout Train) thinking he texted something romantic to Danny by accident instead of his girlfriend like he intended. Arin and Danny do hilarious impressions of Kevin's rambling explaining the situation, while his blue text appearing super embarrassed on-screen.
  • The Epic Fail of "Rematch with Koopa the Quick." Arin takes sixteen minutes to do it, largely because he keeps going right past the flag.
  • Mario gets grabbed by a tornado in Shifting Sand Land- Arin is happy it lifts Mario into the air, only to scream when Mario lands right in the quicksand.
  • "Now I just have to not land in the quicksand..."
  • At the end of Part 30, Dan begins quoting Kanye West in Pig Latin.
  • In Part 31, the Mood Whiplash of Arin interrupting a sober conversation about animal abuse and extinction to lament that he'll never get to eat a dodo.
  • Part 33 has Arin and Danny wondering what Mario crying would sound like.
  • Part 34 features Dan telling a story about Ross, who has been on an unusual sleep schedule, falling asleep after Dan asking him to not let that happen.
    Dan: I wake him up, and I'm like 'what do you have to say for yourself?' and he's like 'do you think, um, do you think if someone was afraid of Obama they'd be called Baracknophobic?'
    • Even better, Ross gives his perspective on the story on a Grumpcade episode released the very same day.
    • Arin plugs the company that sent them the bean bags. Danny continues his story saying that Ross slept on one, Dan put another on top of Ross, and jumped on top of it. Ross was unaffected.
  • Swedish Chef saying "Shia Lebouf."
  • Dan pointing out the irony of Arin getting upset while watching a walkthrough where the player couldn't do some simple maneuver.
  • Arin's flanderized and profane Mario impersonation at the begining of episode 38.
    Arin: Holy fuckin-a shit I'm-a fuckin-a Mario! Holy fuck! If I lick-a da pussy, you're gonna get-a orgasm immediately. Holy fuck! Mother fuckin-a shit I'm-a fuckin-a Mario, fuck!
  • In Part 40, Arin lucks into a ton of coins appearing at once, but then is unable to run uphill to reach any of them.
  • Episode 41 has Arin and Dan suggesting a number of items Kevin could put up on screen. He goes with the last suggestion, where Arin tells him to put up his favorite band. Arin immediately responds "I hate that band." What musical group did Kevin show? Starbomb.
    • Mirroring his luck with Lethal Lava Land, Arin falls into the sand in Shifting Sand Land a lot. A lot more than he ever fell in the lava.
  • In Part 42, Danny tries to demonstrate his mastery of Japanese by...ordering Kevin to put some Japanese text on the screen. What's it say? "Dan Avidan is very old. Oh my God, dude! Like lame!" Moments later he asks for more Japanese, and Kevin supplies "Get off my lawn!"
  • Episode 43
    Arin: Oh, fuck this piano!
    Danny: Do you know it? Are you familiar with it?
    *The piano comes to life and starts chomping at Mario, keys clanging.
    Danny: Whoa! Whoa whoa WHOA WHOA whoa! Whoooooa! ...Didn't realize that was my worst nightmare, but it sure is!
    Arin: Yep. Fuck that piano.
    Danny: Oh god, it's like the fucking fridge from Requiem for a Dream!
    • Followed by it activating with perfect timing when Dan suggests jumping on it to get to the second floor.
    YouTube Comment: Arin complaints saying "you couldn't kill boos in the old games, how would I know!?" Minutes later "Why would I assume fucking old world rules?"
    • The end of the episode gives us this gem from Arin:
    Arin: Next time on Game Grumps, more Mario 64, more of me screaming, more of Dan going "Stop!"
  • The game starts to take a toll on Arin's sanity by Big Boo's Haunt, and his subsequent Mario impressions become less like a sassy Italian plumber and more like a shrieking banshee. Upon getting some Stars there, he waits for Mario to do his victory pose, then screeches at the top of his lungs, "HERE WE GOOOOOOOO!!!"
  • Part 44 has Arin encountering the rising coffins in Big Boo's Haunt and going from zero damage to dead in under 10 seconds.
  • Danny comes up with another band name- The Infinity Problem.
  • "Extra! Extra! Read all abou' it! Arin Sucks!"
    • "We know! We know!"
    • "Crippled Boy Gets, Like, Twice As Crippled!"
  • "I'm a very sensitive lover. The moment I get my penis inside, I'm like, AHHH! AAAH!"
  • Danny and Arin describe how they masturbate:
    Arin: I'm a very delicate jerker...I like to respect my penis...
    Danny: Oh, I...I savage myself. (Arin laughs)
  • After all his whining about not knowing how to kill Boos, Arin discovers there's a sign in the garden that explains it. Dan takes the opportunity to also bring up how he sadly forgot that he pointed out the flag for the above-mentioned "Rematch with Koopa the Quick" right at the start, which he could have berated Arin over.
  • When Arin fails "Wiggler's Red Coins" once more, he insists that he feels worse about his performance than any of his viewers do. Danny jokingly states that this episode's top comment will be "You're fucking garbage", from Arin's Egoraptor channel. Guess what happens?note 
    • As of this moment, that comment is very obviously the top comment, having more than 11,000 likes. Fans were very determined to complete the joke.
  • The last three minutes of Part 48 is nothing but concentrated fail on Arin's part. He starts by coming within spitting distance of the last red coin for Tiny-Huge Island and then dies, prompting this exchange when he restarts the level. Things do not get better.
    Danny: Next time on Game Grumps, huh?
    Arin: We haven't even fuckin' done anything yet!
    Danny: OK.
    Arin: ...wander around like an idiot...
    Danny: Alright we'll... yeah, let's do that, let's finish it.
    Arin: I mean it's easy to get there now that I know what to do, FUCK I went in the wrong painting!
    • Not to mention his mental breakdown and multiple failed suicide attempts: First, he takes the koopa shell to the wrong ledge. Then, he jumps in the water, replenishing his health. After this, he accidentally kills a Lakitu, causing Dan to wonder if he's managed to kill the cameraman. Eventually, he runs back onto the beach towards the naked koopa, only to find that the Koopa can't hurt him without his shell.
      Arin: Why am I accidentally good when I'm trying to die?!
    • While having the aforementioned breakdown, Arin happens to switch the camera mode at the exact instant he kills a nearby enemy Lakitu. This leads the Grumps to panic, believing that they accidentally killed the Lakitu cameraman.
      Danny: The one fuckin'... Was that the one in charge of the camera work?
      Arin: No, no - he was throwing shit at me and-
      Danny: But you're in charge of the camera now. Look at him down in the corner.
      Arin: Oh my God, what?!
      Danny: You killed him!
    • The Stinger gets even better:
      Danny: Well, you didn't do much, buddy, but at least you got to have a fuckin'... nervous breakdown-
      Arin: Damnit, I went in the wrong one again. (Dan laughs hysterically)
  • After Arin notes in part 50 that they'll be taking a two week vacation to Japan before the next episode, so he may weird the fans out by starting it completely relaxed, Dan counters that if it happens, it'll just take him five minutes to get back to the same rage level we've come to expect. And then Mario dies.
  • Also from Part 50: Arin�s now well-known meltdown over a tricky bit of platforming in Tall, Tall Mountain.
    Danny: (giggling)
    Arin: Fuck it! I can�t get up this stupid bullshit platform! So sick of this garbage. UUUAAAAAGHH! (pause) How do you grab this? (Mario falls off again) SON OF A BIIIIIIIIITCH!
  • On part 51, ten minutes into the episode, Arin runs past a butterfly that stops, turns into a cannonball, then HONES IN ON MARIO, before exploding! The Grumps are just as perplexed as the audience.
    Arin: It just showed up, and grew, and hit me, and exploded!
    Danny: You could have easily described my penis just there.
  • Danny dryly reads the lyrics to Kevin Federline's "Popozao" while Arin (who can't believe it's a real song) fails yet again at another 100-coin mission.
    Arin: Kevin Federline made music? I thought he was just a douchebag!
    Danny: He IS, but he also made music...
  • In the Tick Tock Clock level, Arin makes a bad pun about Edgar Allen Poe, and then accidentally gets a Power Star in a way he wasn't supposed to while still laughing at himself.
    Arin: No no, Edgar Allen Poe didn't write novels. He was a POET. (beat) Cause his name is Edgar Allen Poe...
    Danny: Oh, I GOT IT ARIN. No need to break THAT one down for me...
  • Arin sounding completely weary and beaten down upon revealing he'd discovered an entire other level to do before going against Bowser. And at the end of his first attempt at Rainbow Ride:
    Arin: I guarantee this is not a calm level. (misjudges a jump and falls into the abyss)
  • In Episode 57 "Back Again" Danny describes how he has just gotten back from spending time with his parents. He describes a conversation he had with his parents while he was there about how his dad sometimes has a negative attitude.
    Dan's Mom: You're the only man alive who could turn delicious lemonade into lemons.
    Avi: Sugar is bad for you!
  • While in Tokyo, the Grumps got to see famous Japanese guitarist Daniel Coughlin play in a public park. According to Arin, he finished playing a beautiful piece of his guitar, pushed aside his long flowing hair, looked Arin in the eye and said "I have a Facebook".
  • For the Grumpcade intro to Ross and Markiplier's "Mario Kart" session, his name was spelled as "Markipiler", which fans assumed was a joke. Turns out Arin genuinely misspelled Markiplier's name while animating the intro (which Mark thankfully found hilarious).
    Barry: Did you see the new Grumpcade intro?
    Arin: Yea I made it.
    Barry: ...No, did you SEE it?
  • In Part 61, Arin and Dan have this conversation when Dan expresses his excitement upon reaching the game's final stage:
    Dan: I can't believe we're finally at Bowser...
    Arin: I can't believe that you're finally... well, I won't divulge that to the audience, but...
    Dan: What?
    Arin: Nothin', it's just, y'know, something you told me in earnest, and I don't wanna... Y'know, I don't wanna... I don't wanna... I don't wanna come out the closet for you, y'know?
    (Both laugh, Dan claps)
    Dan: No, I feel like it's your right, and your privilege to tell everyone that you're gay! Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay!
    Arin: So I'll just let it— I'll just let you choose the time and place for it...
    Dan: Yeah, just let the chips fall where you gay!
  • One the way to the final confrontation with Bowser, they pass an enemy that's glitched into a wall. Arin immediately starts taunting it.
  • In the finale, Arin makes it all the way through the Bowser stage without much trouble, for which Danny congratulates him. Then, hoping to get the last hidden red coin, he jumps off the platform... and overshoots the ledge, costing him a life and forcing him to start over. The kicker is that, since Arin never actually mentioned the coin, from Danny's point of view, it seemed like his response to being praised was to jump straight into a bottomless pit for no reason. Danny sums it up by saying that Arin looked really cool up until the moment when he tried to look cool.
  • At one point, Arin lapses into Mario's Italian accent even when not doing the Mario voice.
    Arin: I'm losing all of these fucking-a coins-a! [both Arin and Danny start laughing]

    Super Mario Galaxy 
  • The series starts with Arin pointing out "U R MR GAY" to Danny.
  • Arin and Danny point out that despite his home being attacked, Toads being encased in crystals, fireballs raining from the sky, and his girlfriend being abducted, Mario is still running around yelling "Wahoo!"
    Danny (as Mario): I cannot hear you, princess. You are in space.
  • Upon seeing a Luma transform into a slingstar, Arin wonders if Lumas get turned on when someone goes inside to to launch.
    Danny (as Luma): (quick breath) Oh God yes!
  • Arin and Danny, once again, interpret what it was that Peach wants to give Mario.
    Danny: *As Mario* I'M-A GONNA GET A BLOWJOB!!!
    Arin: WAHOO! YIPPIE!
  • Danny publicly considers renaming his groin to "the Mushroom Kingdom".
  • When the Grumps see some Toad guards with shields and spears, they imagine them going into battle when Bowser attacks, in extremely graphic detail.
  • The running gag of calling the black Luma a chocolate chip, and his reaction to it.
  • At the end of part four, Mario transforms into Bee Mario, which prompts Danny to start singing "No Rain" by BlindMelon.note 
  • In part 5, both Grumps experience the purest wonder at the breakdancing Toad.
  • Danny and Arin discuss relationships and accidentally calling someone else's name in bed. Arin, having only ever been with Suzy, remarks that he'd never have that problem. However Danny points out...
    Danny: It just may—gives you, really, no excuse.
    Arin: Hehe, yeah.
    Danny: You're just like, "Ohhhhh, Batman..." *Both laugh* "I mean Suzy, sorry! I was..."
    Arin: At that point she'd just laugh! She'd be like "Did you just call me Batman?"
    Danny: "In a sense, yes. I just want to roleplay! I totally wasn't thinking about Batman!"
  • In part 8, Danny tells a story of how he and Brian would make up characters whose concepts were too dumb to write stories about. One was a Chinese doctor whose last name was "Hu," and it's pronounced "who."
    Danny: Everyone's always like "Hey Doctor Hu, where's your TARDIS?" And he's like, "I'M NOT THAT DOCTOR WHO!" He's just like super pissed off all the time.
  • The conversation with Captain Toad in part 10.
    Danny: [reading] "And we, the members of the Toad Brigade, will be the brave crew." And Mario's just like -
  • In part 12, Arin manages to shoot the purple Toad into the cosmos around the 1 minute mark.
    Arin: Oh, see ya later.
  • In part 13, Arin & Danny discuss their experiences with homophobia in their usual comical way. Their conversation eventually segues into discussing tight pants, leading to this gem:
    • This leads to a Running Gag through the episode as Danny asks Kevin to just edit that line in randomly throughout the episode.
  • Part 19 has Danny lamenting that every time Arin mentions Sonic in a Mario playthrough, it's like bringing up an ex-girlfriend when you're dating someone new:
    Arin: "And Mario's like, super like, 'Oh, you want chicken parm tonight? I'll make it just the way you like it'!"
    Danny: And you're like, " Jessica used to make chicken parm! She threw it in my face one day and called me an idiot."
    Arin: Ugh, man I hate her! Jessica.
    Danny: Yeah, Jessica, Jessica, Jessica.
    Arin: (giggling) ...But yeah, you're so much better than Jessica!
    Danny: Yeah, I love you, baby! Let's go on a...fuckin' adventure...together. (both giggling)
  • Partway into part 24, Arin has the end of the level right in front of him� but stops to grab three extra coins and ends up dying instead.
    Danny: Aw Arin, you greedy fuckin� bastard. You�re like, �Oh, there�s the end, there�s the princess, there�s the star�Nooo, I need three coins!�
  • Part 32: "Harsh Browns". Dan immediately loses it.
    Danny: I just was not prepared for that.
  • In Part 33, Dan finally plays the infamous voice-mail his dad left him saying "Don't play this on Game Grumps or I'll kill you!"
  • In Part 37, the Black Comedy escalation of Arin's story about his cat Mimi being annoying, which leads him to threaten to snap her neck.
  • Arin isn't on social media much anymore, but got a good score in "Rocket League" and posted it online. Someone immediately replied "This is fake! We all know you're shit at video games, Arin!"
    Arin: And I just thought "Can't we all just take a night off?"
  • When Mario transforms into Spring Mario for the first time, he looks hideously deformed. The Grumps naturally milk it for all it's worth:
    Danny: WHOOA! You okay there, buddy?
    *Danny laughs*
    Danny: IT-A BURNS!
    Danny: "Poignant"... that's a very meaningful pain.
    • Then at the end of the episode:
    Danny: Eat Arby's.
  • Part 59: The ENTIRE Dora the Explorer bit.
  • The Grumps apparently had a real busy month, to the point where when they were syncing all their schedules Suzy just said "FUCK SEPTEMBER!"
  • Near the end of part 62, Arin dies almost immediately after starting the level.
  • Part 63 features a conversation about Danny's reduced knowledge of pop music, beginning with Bad Blood that devolves into the voice of a rambling man who had three of his hands blown off in Japan.
    Danny (as an old man): The first one got blown off in combat, and I was like, 'Ah, that's pretty good, actually. This might work out.' And then the other two blew off and I was like, 'Aw, dammit!'
  • Almost all of part 65.
  • It is mentioned in episode 69 that Arin has often been taken to task for a tweet he made years ago claiming that he would kill himself if he ever did a let's play. Danny realizes that Arin is spot on, because after every Grump session he says he wants to die.
    • Earlier in the episode, Arin needs to get past a group of slow moving projectiles, and manages to get hit in the same location four times in as many seconds.
    • From the same episode:
  • In episode 76 there's another challenge from the shark over swimming through rings. Once Arin wins Danny makes fun of the shark's need to challenge Mario over stars. Arin has a non sequitur and the two keep laughing after the episode ends.
    Danny: Geez, if you were reluctant about doing it then you didn't have to do the ring challenge. Could have just swam around and kept your star.
    Arin: Maybe he was cursed by a goblin?
    Danny: Oh that's probably what it was. Next time on Game Grumps *starts crack up.*
    • Arin's skeletal death right after finding the star.
  • All of Part 77. Danny actually manages to out-do Arin in terms of Gay Bravado (no small feat), and it only gets more explicit from there.
    Danny: Dude, what if we just fucked one time?
  • The opening of Episode 82:
    Danny: (singing) This is the "I Believe in You" song. I believe in you today. I'm in the process of believing in you.
    Arin: ("singing") Dan, this is the "I Think You're Full of Shit" song. I think you're full of shiiiiit.
    Danny: (singing) There's really no need for that kind of language.
    Arin: ("singing") Dan, this is the "Shut the Fuck Up and Let Me Beat This Guy" song. Da-dadadada (dies) fuck. (Beat) Looks like believing in me really paid off, Dan.
    Danny: (singing) Hahahaha-hahaha-ha-ha-ha. Hahahaha you fucking died. Ding!
  • Part 83:
    • Arin's Mario "Facts" Some noteworthy ones:
      • Mario has a sixth digit called a "spormpf".
      • Mario is allergic to pretzel debris.
    • Hall & Oats/Haulin' Oats Cereal.
  • Because Rosalina appears so massive during the finale, Arin gives her the voice of Unicron...while throwing in a little Comedy Yoda in there.
  • Mario: "WHAT?"

    Super Mario Maker 
  • The thumbnail: Sadistic Ross, ANGRY Danny.
    • The funny thing is that it's Arin that becomes increasingly angry, not Danny.
  • Part 1. All of it. The Grumps play stages designed by Ross, who takes great pleasure in making them as Nintendo Hard as possible. While the first stages start out simple and fun, such as one where Mario turns into Pac-Man, from the stage "Simple" onward things take a turn as Danny has to fight his way out of a tiny enclosed pit with Bowser in it, and marathon through a bridge with swinging chomps and homing bullet bills. By Part 2, Danny just degenerates to screaming Ross' name in frustration.
    Danny: ROOOOOOOOOSS!!!!!
    • One of the comments sarcastically says it's an easy "plop" of a level, and asks if Arin actually made it.
  • In Part 2, Danny takes on another one of Ross's levels, titled "Easy". The level is so trollish and hard that he rages for the entire video.
    • At one point, Danny runs through the whole first part of the level while the P-Switch is on, and it runs out right when Danny reaches the door to the next part of the level. A Spiny drops down from above, and Danny just dodges it while letting out a genuinely concerned "NO!", sending him and Arin into hysteric laughter, especially when Danny gets killed by that same Spiny seconds later.
    • At the end of Part 2, Arin accidentally makes Danny reach his Rage Breaking Point. After Danny activates a P-Switch right before going through a door to prevent Bowser from spawning, Arin points out that Bowser already destroyed a lot of the blocks to Danny's left. Danny goes in to check, but the P-Switch runs out as he's doing so, and by the time he returns to where he was, Bowser's already there, waiting for him. Danny is so mad he ends the episode right then and there, while Arin breaks down into laughter.
    • Ross enters the room during the outro of part 2. Danny is not amused with him.
      Ross: Did it go well?
    • Danny says the best part of this is knowing a bunch of commenters will be saying he sucks at the game, and threatens to personally strangle anyone who says he hands the controller to Arin whenever things get hard, after struggling to beat "Easy" for more than ten minutes.
  • At one point in Part 3, while playing "Fast", Danny manages to reach the second part of the level as Super Mario, granting him a much-needed extra hit against Bowser. But the second after he says it's like a dream, he bonks his head on a trollish invisible block and falls in the lava.
    • Then you have him singing "1-2-3" by Gloria Estefan to keep up with the pacing of the level. What makes this funny is that he finishes singing two seconds after he dies, then just screams out "FUCK!", clashing with his calm if somewhat anxious singing.
  • In Part 4, after taking an episode-and-a-half to beat a stage, Ross comes in and reveals he put in a secret warp that takes you directly to the end.
    • What's really hilarious is Ross proceeds to throw up a victory sign and Danny, livid, points out that Ross can't brag about beating level using a secret exit that he created.
    • After entering "Companion Spring," Arin immediately screws himself by throwing the spring into the lava. Danny reports that Ross is now giving him quite a look.
  • "Here's the fucking wind, bitch!"
  • Arin's rage starts reaching Battle Kid levels towards the end of part 6 (with the thumbnail now having Arin irate).
    (Arin wall-jumps to take out a Hammer Bros on top of a Bowser Jr., finally leaving Arin with an easier, beatable room...only to mistime his jump and run into a jumping Bowser shell)
    Dan: (Starts breaking out in laughter) Next time on Game Grumps!
    • They want a mint-throwing ability to stop Bowser Jr. from blowing fire.
    • Someone took some of Arin's audio clips from this episode and made this. It's hilarious.
  • Part 7's thumbnail has BOTH Grumps angry.
  • Ross is then challenged to try to play the level without it, and can't even get to Bowser Jr. in three attempts (granted, he was drunk).
    • Which causes Danny to ask a lot of questions about why Ross is ostensibly drunk at work.
    • Hilariously enough, Ross lampshades that he shouldn't be there in the first place since it's an episode of Game Grumps. Arin is so pissed off at Ross' level that he not only allows his presence, but flat-out commands it so he can try his nigh-impossible level himself.
  • Part 10
  • Part 11:
    • Arin finally gets so fed up with You Are a Monster that he walks away from the controller and tells Dan to play for a while. At last, Dan is Grump and Not So Grump, and Kevin decides to Call-Back appropriately...
      Dan (singing): Hey I'm Dan! I'm also Dan! DAAAAAAAAAN...
    • Arin: First time I met Ross was at an anime convention eight years ago! And the last time is going to be today in the office.
      Danny: You haven't killed Ross in eight years of knowing him?
  • In part 13, as Arin is searching for his levels to make Danny play them (Arin was logged in using a different profile than the one he created the level under), he realizes angrily that Ross didn't star it. He checks to see if Jirard did, since he's a nice guy, but Jirard didn't star it either. A resigned Arin then sighs and resorts to inputting a code to find it.
    • The new thumbnail, in general.
    • At the end of the episode, Arin announces that On the Next, Danny will play Arin's own brutally hard level that will make him pull his hair out. Danny's response is mild, but nonetheless screams This Is Gonna Suck; it's such a nervous chuckle that he even forgets to call out "Next time on Game Grumps".
  • After beating Arin's levels, they decide to move on to levels that Jirard made. Turns out he's just as sadistic as Ross.
    • Danny's initial reaction:
      "Are you fucking shitting my nuts?!"
  • On one of Danny's first really good runs at Bowser's Construction Issues (the first Jirard level), he finds out he can jump the gap with only a one-block headstart. Too bad he and Arin find out the Bowsers can clear the jump as well.
  • Arin spends the better part of episode 17 doing a routine he calls "Joke Yoda," who is Yoda as a Pungeon Master stand-up comedian after he "retires from The Force" ("Yoda's not a policeman!"). It's about what you would expect. Arin puts on a Yoda voice, tells a horrible Star Wars pun and says "MmmmmmMMMMMMmm! Funnyyy joke!" It gets funnier/worse as the episode progresses, because:
    • Danny sounds more and more resigned to his fate (dying at Mario while Arin bombards him with Yoda jokes)
    • Arin keeps ramping up the intensity of the �MMMMMMM, FUNNY JOKE� line until �Yoda� is practically screaming it.
    • Both are too busy laughing at Joke Yoda to get pissed at the extremely difficult level they�re playing
    • Dan gets so furious with the game that he briefly forgets Joke Yoda isn't real and yells at him like he's actually there.
      Arin: [as Yoda] Hey Dan! I have another joke for youu!
      Danny: [sigh] What is it Yoda?
      Arin: Where does� [cracks up] Where does Vader get all of his designer shoes?
      Danny: [utterly deadpan] Where is that Yoda?
      Arin: At the Darth Mall! MmmmmmMMMMMMMM!
      Danny: [Mario dies again] WHAT THE FUCK! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!
      Arin: Funnyyyyy�
      Danny: No! Shut up, Yoda!
      Arin: ...yyyyyyyyyyyyyy joke! [both Grumps laugh]
      • Capped off with this.
        Danny: (Softly) Who comes to take your car when you don't have any money? Max Repo, haha, funny joke.
        Yoda!Arin: That was a good one, but I felt the delivery could use a little something.
    • And as timing would have it, JonTron uploaded a StarCade episode the next day that also features a grammatically correct, alternate profession Yoda. The lovelies would not take long to poke fun at this.
    • Someone has now made a video that perfectly syncs up his jokes with clips of Yoda (Arin) and Luke Skywalker (Danny) from The Empire Strikes Back.
  • In part 20, Jirard's level "Casper the Ending Ghost" is so brutally hard that Arin can't even make it past the beginning portion, causing him to eventually drop an Atomic F-Bomb and Rage Quit the level.
  • Part 21 explores the Five Stages of Grief. There's a bit of zig-zagging, but the Grumps go through them faster than pokecapn and company.
    Danny: Whoops.
    Arin: Yep. (Mario dies) I accept it. I accept it.
    Danny: I think we're finally reaching that stage (Mario dies) with Mario Maker, where we're like "Yeah. Yeah. I think, I think we as people-" (Mario dies) "can't take this anymore." Like we've been through all the stages. We've been like through Denial, "like, it's not gonna be that bad." Anger, I mean, we don't need - fuckin' everyone's seen that shit. Um...
    Arin: Bargaining?
    Danny: Not Bargaining - what's the third one?
    Arin: I think it's Bargaining.
    Danny: Denial, Anger... oh yeah, it is Bargaining. Yeah, Bargaining, where we're like "it's not that bad." And Depression, where we're like "Goddammit, this is our life now. This is how it's gonna be."
    Arin: Bargaining is like "Aw, just one more, I can do it! Like, it's no big deal." (sighs) Ugh, gogogogo, just fucking go, just fucking go, just fucking g- (Mario dies) OH! No no no! Don't fucking tell me I didn't damage-boost through that fucking gar- fuck this shit! Fuck it! FUCK YOU, JIRARD! (Mario dies) I HATE YOU! I DON�T ACTUALLY HATE YOU! WHEN ARE WE DOING GAME NIGHT?!
    Danny: Okay. I guess we were back to Anger for a second, and that was Anger- (Mario dies)
    Arin: Nooooo! Just one more! Just one more, it's easy, just give me one more-
    Danny: Quickly followed by Bargaining. (Mario dies)
    Arin: I guess this is just what it is.
    Danny: Yeah, yeah. (Mario dies)
    Arin: (Angrish)
    Danny: Uh, Acceptance finally happens at some point, but uh... (Mario dies) I don't think either of us are there.
    Arin: (whimpering)
    Danny: I'm in full Depression mode. I'm just like, "Aw, I can't..."
    Arin: Fuckin� sparkling Wigglers, dude- (Mario dies) FUCK!
    • And as the episode ends...
    Danny: Next time on Game Grumps... (Mario faces left) That's not Arin doing that, he just threw the controller to the floor in a way that the left stick is depressed. Just like me. Stage Four. Depression. Stage Five, Acceptance, will come as we now walk to the kitchen area and make ourselves two bowls of Sadness Frosted Flakes and eat them while looking at each other in silence.
  • The beginning of episode 22 is a comedic Crunchyroll advertisement. It starts with Arin bugging Suzy about Crunchyroll, who gets annoyed about it. Then Suzy inadvertently convinces Arin to try and write a song about it...
    Arin: FUCKING FUCK! FUCKING FUCK! (very calmly) Oh god, I gave myself the hiccups again...
  • At the end of part 23, Danny accidentally grabs a spring from out of a Koopa Clown Car. As he and Arin are celebrating this, he accidentally throws it right back into the Clown Car.
  • In Part 25, Arin twice manages to get through the Hammer Brothers section with a quite useful power-up, only for the Brothers on the next level down to take it from him.
  • In Part 26, they discover a secret Fire Flower thanks to another player's note. And Arin promptly falls in the lava trying to get it. Even better, the X to signify that they died there is the only one. Arin was the first player to ever fuck up like that.
    • Before this, Arin is slowly driven insane by the level starting off with two Switch Block sections that force you to wait way too long.
  • In Part 27, Danny singing Arin's descriptions of Koji Igarashi to the tune of the underground music.
    "Shy-and-un-ass-u-ming! Ti-ny-Ja-pa-nese-man!"
  • This shout-out from episode 30:
    Arin: I listen back to episodes and go 'Did I really say that?' Especially older ones."
    Danny: I know! Sometimes I sound like a completely different that JonTron guy.
    Arin: (laughs)
    Danny: Man! My voice was different! I've really changed.
    Arin: I don't even remember playing this game!
    Danny: What the fuck is ECH?! (Arin loses it) Did I really use to say that? I used to cough a lot!
  • Episode 31, shortly after an allusion to Danny's history with Mushrooms.
    Danny: That reminds me of that time I did mushrooms, but don't do drugs kids so I never did mushrooms.
    Arin: *heavily slurred* Never once in my life have a I tried the deliciousness that is PCP.
    Danny: *barely contained laughter* Never in my life have I ridden the sweet glorious rainbow pony that is crystal meth.
  • In Part 36, Arin completely snaps while calling Bowser a freak. Both then spend the rest of the episode giggling over it, noting how it really seemed like he was working out some inner darkness.
  • In Part 41, Arin figures out the next step, then manages to screw up three different ways in about five seconds until he dies.
  • In Part 42, Danny thinks Arin's talking to him when he tells a pipe to "shoot your goo." Arin decides to build on the idea from there...
    Arin: Betwixt your... banana sausage...
    Danny: *chokes*
    Arin: And then the other girl...
    Danny: What other girl?!? There is only one girl in this senario!
    Arin: No, I'm there too!
    Danny: *laughing* Arin, you're not a girl!
  • From parts 41 to 43, Arin is stuck on a section of the level, because he failed to notice the incredibly obvious passage for the shell to go through. He beats it anyway, never noticing said passage.
  • In Part 43, there's Arin's reaction to saying he's "killing" a level.
    Arin: Pssh. You know what they call me! Arin the Murderer.
    Danny: Uhh...
    Arin: Three counties.
    Danny: Nah, Arin's never murdered anything. (Beat) Except dat puss!
    Arin: (laughing) I was about to say the same thing!
  • In Part 44, Arin is so freaked out by trying to remember how to use a POW block that he sounds like he's hacking on a bone.
    • He screws up the very beginning of the level numerous times, some of which were because he was busy turning down the sound.
  • Starting in Part 45, they notice that there are drawings in the levels of the two of them freaking out.
  • Most of Part 48 is a deep conversation about their different levels of social anxiety...which Dan keeps derailing by bringing up Arin's initial example of what he's like at parties, talking about people's coats.
  • In Part 51, Ross had erased their checkpoint to make his own video. This screws Arin up so much that he dies the second he makes a move.
    • Dan gives Arin a pep talk that gets him to the very end of the level. But not quite all the way, causing them to instantly turn on each other.
  • In a counterpoint to the bit with the spiny above, in Part 53 Arin gets caught unnervingly close to a thwomp and lets out a scream worthy of Homer Simpson.
  • Part 54: A REALLY long fall.
    Danny: That was awesome. Don't fall like that again, we don't have that kind of time.
    Arin: (cracking up) I know!
  • In Part 55, Dan twice pauses the game to stave off his death by grinder. The second comes with a beautifully breathless "No."
  • Part 56 introduces us to the Zognoids, two aliens who suck at pretending to be human. The best part is Arin and Danny came up with them during a Tool/Primus concert and kept up the act for HOURS while their friends had NO IDEA what was going on.
    Danny: That concert was enjoyable to all of my human senses! Touch, smell, FLURRG, and sight!
  • Dan spends most of Part 58 using Siri for the first time, with Arin pointing out that it's like a 70 year old guy who doesn't trust "the lady on the GPS." The payoff is Siri somehow not being able to recognize a perfect rendition of "Don't Stop Believing."
  • In Part 61, a series of music stories ultimately leads to Dan impersonating Coldplay singing a Milli Vanilli song to David Bowie. Immediately afterwards, he realizes how weird that was.
    • Arin had managed to never hear the story of Milli Vanilli before, and is completely flabbergasted.
    • They also talk about the time David Bowie was brutally honest with Coldplay ("It's not a very good song, is it?") and imagine David Bowie was like that in every awkward situation.
      Danny: Like instead of giving the Irish Goodbye at a party David Bowie is like "It's not a very good party, is it?" and just walks out the FRONT DOOR, baby.
      • Followed by them both coming up with the same follow-up joke, with the band responding, "Of course it's not good, we're Coldplay!"
      • "If it was better would you do it? Hear us out! What if it was a GOOD song?"
  • Part 63: Arin doing the Toad voice rapping "Dear Mama" by Tupac Shakur. Danny just LOSES IT.
    Danny: Can you give me one "You are appreciated"?
    Arin (as Toad): YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!! DEAR MAMA!!!
    Danny: Dude our audio capture looks INSANE right now.
  • In Part 64, they have Kevin put up some hilariously cringeworthy old pictures of Arin, and discuss how he has "fat in the shape of a six-pack". Danny describes him as being "weirdly fat-ripped."
  • Part 65: Imagining "baloney" as someone's trigger word, and then as a horror movie.
    Danny (singing): My baloney has a first name. It's F - E - A - R...
  • Arin said a director friend of his told him that you can tell a shoot is going on for too long when people start busting out the Gay German voice.
    Arin: Zeht up ze shoot pleaze...
  • In Part 68, Arin and Danny start making up a cliched sitcom off the top of their heads. It stars Laura Schmidt: a 38 year-old receptionist for Ford Modeling Agency. She used to be married to Scott Baio, stalks Johnny Depp, and sounds perpetually constipated. Watch her adventures in her new sitcom "All Jews Must Die." Cranked Up to Eleven until Arin sounds like the offspring of Chris Griffin and Roz from Monsters, Inc. being strangled to death.
    Laura Schmidt: I was just a smaaall town girl, UNTIL I FOUND AN EVEN SMALLER TOWN. [horrific choking noises] I moved to Madagascar, where my best friend was a SLOTH!!
  • Barry apparently walked in on Danny when he was watching the video for "Hello Kitty" by Avril Lavigne and Danny observed "I would have rather he caught me jacking off."
  • Just as Arin is about to finish "Ten Seconds of Pain," the timer runs out literally an instant before he would have hit the ticker tape. Danny's going from a "Yeah!" to a very big "Aww!" sounds like him howling in despair.
  • Arin declares he's going to try to beat a level's world record and dies immediately afterwards. Dan comments, "I'll call Guiness." And then Arin keeps the joke going by wondering if they could try that but accidentally call the Guiness beer company, which is apparently staffed by mean drunks.
  • Arin gives out an Uber code to Grump fans that gets them a free Uber ride, which gets Arin a bunch of free Uber rides in return. Danny wonders if Arin wants him to go to restaurants and collect free bread for him too.
  • Arin and Danny came up with the ultimate pick-up line: "I'm a musician with a huge penis. Can you tell me where I can buy guitar strings and also Magnum condoms?"
  • Part 78 gives us a level filled top to bottom with invisible blocks to prevent any jumping, leading to a ton of Damn You, Muscle Memory! from Arin.
  • Starting from here, Part 81 is a complete breakdown from Arin. To summarize, he suddenly becomes Tom Jones, leader of the Tom Jones cult. And his name is Tom Jones. He then breaks down into a rant about how a "little missy" can't eat 30 apples, and that she needs to spread them out over the day with a good summer sarsaparilla. It gets worse from there.
    Arin: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHahaahahahahHAAAAAAAA!!!! (breaks into half-crazed laughing that slowly becomes sobbing)
    Arin: Lookat' my resume! Thirty years experience in jacking ooooooooff!
    Arin: Woooah! Oooowaaaaaaaaoooah! MONKEYSHITS! Here we GOOOOO~!
    Arin: OW! Oh! Ow! Oh! OW! OHHHHHHHHHH!! Oh! OHHHHHHHHH!! My DICK'S fallin' off!
    Arin: I'm talking into a microphone that's not on... (Beat) Who- Who's Freddie Prinze Jr.?
    • In what might be the grandest case of (Even More) Hilarious in Hindsight ever to grace the Grumpverse: after successfully driving Arin to madness, the creator of this level would go on to do the same to Dan in a completely different way a mere year and a half later.
  • In Part 84, Arin comes up with a clever plan to make part of the level easier for himself. Unfortunately, when he finally gets it working, it backfires on him.
  • "This summer"...
  • Part 91 has a water level that's so hard, it makes Arin slip into a rage that can only be described as a guy with a heavy Irish accent trying to beatbox and rap at the same time while choking on a sandwich. Behold.
    Aunt Jemima tittyFUCK
    • Dan finally gets a turn, and on his very first attempt he jumps the gun and dies instantly.
  • In Part 95, Arin finally loses all patience with Dan's tendency to back out of the level selection and force him to put in the code again, threatening to stab him in the dick thirty times.
    Danny: The controller has been passed to Arin Hanson, the number one Grump, according to Arin Hanson.
  • Both guys' massive Freak Out! upon hitting the big gimmick of "The Curse of the Golden Flower."
    • Arin posts a comment on the level, which ends up being nothing but an absurdly tiny "good". Both burst out laughing as soon as it's posted.
    • Arin becomes obsessed with finding out how the level's record holder finished it in 11 seconds, and eventually starts checking the comments, causing him to become enraged by one that just says "Sup."
    • One of the comments on the YouTube clip shows how to take the hilarity Up to Eleven; rather than watch the action on screen when Mario grabs the flower, close your eyes and listen to the Grumps instead. Does This Remind You of Anything?
  • In Part 105, after failing again at Slide!:
    Arin: This is fuckin' bullshit. I could do this with my eyes dicked!
    Danny: *laughing* You can't- I'm... not even totally sure what that means.
    Arin: It's where you lay (laughs) floppy dicks on both eyes.
    Danny: That's not a thing, and if it is, I'm sure it's not called getting eye dicked.
  • In Part 107 Arin invents his own stereotype about Canadians, which Dan gets so wrapped up in he doesn't notice there's no way to get to a particular fire flower and tells Arin to go for it.
  • At the end of "Bowser's Prison Fight," Arin hits a troll spring that throws him off a cliff right next to the goal, and immediately declares it a win anyway.
  • "Rollin' with the Fish"
    Arin: Dude, just pity-laugh at least!
  • In Part 114: "I'll be the child toucher!"
  • Part 116: "FRITZEF!"
  • Part 123:
    • Arin takes two tries to get the timing of a fire shooting plant down, and at the start of his next try declares "Watch this." He then walks right into the plant.
    • The entirety of "Heights," which Dan aptly describes as "a hilarious bunch of bullshit to get to a fucking amazing speedrun."
  • "FUN!"
  • Part 140 - THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN (Complete with New Intro!)
    Dan: You know what? Maybe you thought we were done with Super Mario Maker forever. Well your stupid asses were wro- *cracks up mid-sentence*
  • In Part 143, they give Joke Yoda a run for his money by introducing politically incorrect Sugar Bear.
    Arin (as Sugar Bear): I'll do anything to get gun reform, if it means getting some Sugar Crisp. Can't get enough of that Sugar Crisp~
    Dan (picking up the jingle): Sugar Crisp, Sugar Crisp~/Can't get enough of that Sugar Crisp, even if hundreds die!~
  • In Part 146 Arin realizes he's been completely wrong about how to complete a certain section, and Danny has known this the whole time but kept quiet because he assumed Arin saying "I figured it out" meant he realized the same thing.
  • In Part 148 Danny brings up the nude photos of a 21 year old Betty White, and notes "I'm now typing 'Betty White nude' into Google and hoping for the best."
  • The two-part escalation of Parts 151 & 152. In Part 151, Arin talks about jerking off four feet from his sleeping friend during a sleepover, and in Part 152 he talks about showing his dick to the friend's dad because he was a urologist and he was worried about a growth on it. Dan then realizes this might be someone's first Game Grumps episode and gives them the history of The D-Club and Arin's penis obsession.
    • Arin initially doesn't want to give too much detail because he doesn't want the friend to know, on the off-chance he's watching that episode. Danny asks if the friend had a hot mom. Arin doesn't respond, so Danny takes that as a yes.
  • In episode 162, Danny asks Arin if he Has a Type, starting with his favourite Sailor from Sailor Moon — Sailor Jupiter, who Danny claims looks like Suzy, but Arin claims Mars looks more like Suzy — then moving on to his type of guy — basically everything that Dan isn't, but he also likes Kiba from Naruto; Arin asks Matt and Ryan to put up a picture of himnote  — to both of them saying they like nerd glasses and Danny saying his favourite Chipette from Alvin and the Chipmunks was Jeanette, because she was the nerdy one and also the tallest, a conversation that... goes places.
    Arin: Aw, she's so cute. She's also a chipmunk and, like, twelve.
    Danny: And?! Two more in the win column! I'll stuff those cheeks.
    Arin: I guess in chipmunk years, twelve would be like, fucking 38.
    Danny: In chipmunk years?! Twelve would be 106!
    Arin: How long do chipmunks live for?
    Danny: NOT twelve years! I don't think, they're so small and rodent-y. Hold on, now I have to fucking add "lifespan of chipmunks" to my Google search history.
    Arin: And immediately, like, "Jeanette porn".
    Danny: Lifespan of Chipmunks: the Siberian Chipmunk lasts six to ten years, and the Eastern Chipmunk, which I guess is what we have, is three years. And now, Jeanette Rule 34.
    • Danny refines his search so he only gets Jeanette from Alvin and the Chipmunks and Oh my God!
      Danny: Oh my God, I can't believe there's Alvin and the Chipmunks porn!
      Arin: What do you mean, "you can't believe"?
      Danny: I mean, I of course can believe it, but holy shit! [...] This is disgusting. It's so upsetting, Hold on, I just gotta, I just gotta look at one more. Wait, loading, loading, loading... oh no!
      Arin: I imagine those are the ones that are really detailed and kinda gross.
      Danny: This person thought about this shit a lot. Oh, this is weird, it's like them as humans. And fucking.
      Arin: That's a little better.
      Danny: It's not. Cause I know what they're doing. Uch. I have to stop looking at this.
      Arin: Also, especially if they're, um, over 18.
      Danny: Well, who can say? Chances are, she's probably more like two, given the lifespan of chipmunks that we've just determined.
      Arin: Probably more like one and a half, a couple of months.
      Danny: Yeah, two's a little of the hill for me. Anyway...
      Arin: You can't say that shit, Dan!
      Danny: What do you mean? You think someone's gonna take it out of context? No, I trust people.
  • Episode 163 starts with them mentioning the two girls who stabbed another girl repeatedly out of fear of The Slender Man and how the girl survived and forgave them.
    Danny: She's more forgiving than I am. If you stab me, you can pretty much go fuck yourself for life.

    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 
  • Danny asks Arin to read the opening narration, but the automatic text goes too fast for him to read it all, forcing him to stop mid-sentence each time.
  • The Grumps visit the inn and immediately lampshade the fact Mario and Goombella sleep together in the same bed.
  • Danny referring to Professor Frankly as "Mushroom Bernie Sanders".
  • Pointing out how dark this game is compared to the rest of the franchise:
    Danny: Yeah, this is the Mario game where we find a character's dead father, and he — clutched in his undead hand is a note that says show your enemies no mercy. (they laugh) Really different... kinda game.
  • The holiday-themed opening to episode 3. Just...all of it.
    Arin: Suzy we got a jingle jangle problem on our hands: Santa's going nuts!
  • At the end of Part 16 when Mario hops up a single stair and the enemy gives up chasing him
    Danny: (screaming in Italian accent) NOT SO BIG MAN NOW ARE YOU? FUCK YOU! (they both cackle)
  • A large chunk of episode 17 has them recap the beginning of a gay porno.
    Danny: When we were driving around in the van and you were showing [the porno] to me, like, you — we were talking — we were looking at regular porn and you were like I've got a huge boner right now� and then you turned on the gay porn and I was like 'how're you feeling now?', and you were like 'well, I didn't LOSE the erection.'
  • Arin kicks off Part 19 with a story about a baby being born out of his mother's ass, and then calmly segues into dedications like nothing happened (while Danny laughs his ass off in the background).
  • Part 21 is generally a funny episode, but special mention goes to:
    • "I can't help but feel I've sent five separate idiots to do various tasks."
    • The Grumps' incredulous reaction to Princess Peach getting a shower scene.
    Danny: Oh, my goodness gracious...
    • The Grumps turning TEC-XX into Proteus.
  • The Running Gag of Kammy Koopa lines constantly being interrupted by her agonizingly slow coughing.
  • In Part 23, Arin wasn't expecting a fist pound, but he got one!
    Arin: Oh.
  • To go with the Darker and Edgier nature of the game (see above), Part 27 gives us Thomas, the 18th Century Boy Who Doesn't Realize He's About to Be Killed by His Dad.
    Danny: [in a high-pitched, ridiculously twee voice] We certainly are sailing far out into the ocean, Papa. Will we be going swimming today? ...But I haven't brought my bathers!
    • Later:
      Danny: Why are we buying two plane tickets to go to Trinidad and Tobago, but only one plane ticket to return?
      Arin: Will you be having an extended stay?
  • In Part 28, Madame Flurrie won't come out from behind that door. Mario breaks his silence to hazard an idea as to why.
    Danny!Mario: Are you nude?
    (Arin starts cracking up)
    Danny: It's like, the only line Mario says in the entire game.
    (Arin loses it)
    Danny: (also laughing) Arin!
    Arin: It's got, like... a slight twist of optimism, too... "Are you nude~?"
    • It gets even funnier in the next episode when they finally see what she looks like.
      Arin!Mario: She was nude.
    • Arin gets distracted in the middle of reading his lines by a Starbomb reference.
    • The Grumps notice that Mario looks oddly pissed off in the middle of the Shadow Siren's introduction and roll with it.
      Dan: Whoa, Mario's pissed!
      (Both laugh)
      Dan!Mario: Fuck these whores!
      Arin!Mario: Not on MY fucking watch!
  • Dan legitimately panicking at the bomb timer during the final part of Boggly Woods and having to get the Punies back to the entrance using Flurrie:
    Danny: Oh god, there's so many to blow! (Beat, then both giggle)
  • During the boss battle:
    Lord Crump: Here it comes, suckers! Magnus Von PUNISH!!!
    Arin: Oh, man.
    Danny: The Punies are like, "Um, it's pronounced pu-nished?"
  • Arin getting distracted during the boss fight by the one Punie sitting with the X-Nauts in the audience.
  • The Grumps bringing up the contextual oddity of going through Frankly's trash for missed Tattle Logs.
    Arin!Frankly: And don't ruffle through my fucking trash!
    Danny!Frankly: What the fuck are you doing? I threw that away for a reason!
    Danny!Mario: I have all your trash now! Fuck you!'
  • Arin and Danny have some doubts about Luigi's adventures:
    Arin: (as Luigi) Well, went to Rumblebump volcano and I got a Marvelous Compass piece, then I went down totally real street! (Arin and Danny laugh)
    Danny: Down 1-2-3 actual lane!
  • Arin and Danny hitting on the cat-themed Boo in the item shop.
  • Danny messing up the voices for the characters in episode 41, leading to him narrating the entire scene of Francesca and Frankie reconciling with Don Pianta with every character having the same stereotypical mobster voice. Also, just the standard commentary for the scene.
    Danny: He just pulls out a fucking silencer—
    (various 'pew' and 'pop' noises)
    Danny: 'I don't ever wanna see your mugs again.'
    Arin: And also leave!
    Danny: 'I don't care where. Just go.' I'm tired of ya mugs. And ya cups. And ya saucers, and ya faces.
    Danny: 'I'll make your daughter a happy woman! She'll want for nothing!' She'll turn down for what! (short excerpt of 'Turn Down For What' plays)
    Danny: 'Just go! GO! sniff' I'm doing cocaine over here.
    (Arin laughs for the remainder of the scene)
    • It happened again in episode 58, only this time it was Jolene who ended up sounded flat and monotone even when she was saying more dramatic lines.
    • Hell, episodes 40 and 41 in general. Danny and Arin talking a traditional mafia boss voice = Audio bliss.
  • The voice Arin gives to the Cheep-Cheep Conductor is just pure comedy gold.
    • Danny's reaction to the Cheep-Cheep Conductor is equally as hilarious.
    Danny: How do you breathe?
  • Episode 44 has the Grumps reaction's to Mario being paid a mere 3 coins after his first fight in the Glitz Pit:
    Arin!Mario: (haltingly) Oh, great.
    Danny!Mario: (in the same tone) Wow. I guess I'll just.. put these into my anus. (Arin starts laughing) 'S the only way I'll get any pleasure out of them. (Arin laughs some more)
    Arin!Mario: 'Cause that's what you're doing with me. You're FUCKING me!
    • It gets even more hysterical when Mario gets a bigger reward after his second fight: 4 coins.
    Danny!Mario: (sarcastically) OH! EXCUSE ME!
    Arin!Mario: Oh, so now you're lubing up the cock when you FUCK me!
  • Dan immediately falling in love with the baby Yoshi, specially since he gets to give him a goofy name (as per tradition). Indeed, Snurglez will make a fine addition to Dan's team.
    • Doubly is the voice he gives him; rather than giving him an exaggerated voice like every other characters the two have voiced, Dan just gives him a very normal voice. Something about a spunky, newborn dinosaur having a neutral, calm and suave voice is pretty funny. Even Arin lampshades it.
    Arin: How would you like it if you came right out the fucking womb and you'd be like [completely neutral] "Hello".
    Dan: Yeah. "Hi".
    Arin: "My name is Snurglez".
    Dan: "Yes. I had no say in the matter"
  • Dan suffers during the Major Leagues of the Glitz Pit something fierce. Special note goes to the Magikoopa Masters fight, which saddles him with a three-turn No-Attack restriction. It's only made worse with Arin singing about Sweet Treat in a very high, shrill voice, and Danny talking about Mario lusting over Koops.
    • After he loses, he makes a point of buying plenty of items from the store to help him out next time they fight... only to get slapped with a No Items restriction.
  • In Episode 53, the "voice" Arin gives Craw-Daddy is just him gargling some sort of fluid.
  • After spending some 50 episodes without getting a single success with the in-battle roulette, Danny finally gets his three stars to line-up... except he's already got full Star Power, so he gets nothing.
    • Also relevant: enemies have been throwing rocks at Danny for quite a while. Arin finally clues in in Episode 58 and tells Dan to take action... only this time it's a Punie with a helpful item that Mario kicks out.
  • Naturally, the first thing Danny says after finally felling Grubba is "Thank GOD! I never have to listen to your fucking voice again you piece of shit..." Arin protests, asking fans to send him a Grubba plushie so he can follow Dan around and torment him with the voice forever.
    • As we see in the new office tour video, someone actually did.
  • Episode 58 has this wonderful flub:
    Dan!TEC: I apologize. I would like you to go (beat) to where Saint Gro-wait, what the fu-(Immediately starts the speech again).
    • The Technically Excellent Machine flub.
  • Episode 59, when the cast is heading back to Rogueport, after a few seconds of looking at the blimp, the boys pretend it pops like a balloon and Arin dubs it the Hindencheep.
  • Episode 61 opens with Danny failing three times to flutter-jump over to the pipe that leads to Twilight Town, which is funny enough, but then there's the reaction when the pipe rejects Mario.
    Arin: Uh-oh, the pipe rejected you! (bursts out laughing)
    Danny: Oh really? Is that where I am in my love life?
  • Arin noticing Luigi in the audience, and saying it's because he wants Mario to pay attention to him.
  • A moment a lot of fans have been waiting for, the legendary Plot Twist of Chapter Four, leading Dan and Arin to think the game has crashed when Mario leaves and the camera lingers on the corpse.
  • Shadow!Mario finds Vivian crying her eyes out over losing the Superbombomb, finds it for her and offers to fix it, telling Vivian what happened to him. Vivian deciding to help him immediately and kissing him? Extremely touching. Dan voicing Vivian like she's still crying her eyes out every single line she speaks from then on? Gut-busting.
  • During Mario's second round with Doopliss, it's pretty hilarious that Goombella is the partner who fights alongside him, since Danny and Arin never use her.
  • In part 72, Danny FINALLY upgrades his partners...except for Goombella.
    • Mario being traumatized by the trippy sequence that happens when you upgrade your partners. Unfortunately for Mario, he has to go through this four times.
    Merlon: SHA-ZIBBY!
    Merlon: SHA-ZOOBY!
    Mario: Not again! Oh god! No! NOOOOOOO!
    Merlon: Hold onto your fucking nuts, Mario. Its okay, it only hurts for an eternity. This will not wear off, I assure you.
  • The voice Arin gives Flavio can only be described as 'Flamboyant Mario'.
  • Midway through part 75, Dan reveals that he asked for suggestions in a Reddit AMA, such as which badges are most ideal to equip. This results in Arin spending the rest of the episode and the entirety of the next one being hilariously bitter about constantly receiving emails from viewers trying to give him suggestions in how to play games "correctly/efficiently". YMMV, though.
    Arin: When you move around, you should go right in a perfect straight line instead of going up and down because that wastes time.
  • Arin and Dan's outrage when they give the Whacka bumpnote  to Flavio and it's not the correct item, but he doesn't give it back.
    Danny: I got it on a deserted island! I hit a mole for that!
  • Arin apparently drew a dick on the wall of Ray William Johnson's old office at Maker Studio. "I just wanted to be a part of history, man!"
    Danny: Where did this come from?! Did you just give like the JFK assassination of YouTube lore?!
  • Dan gets a new badge:
    Danny: Oh, the P-Down, D-Up! Oh, that's the way I like to fuck! [[Both Arin and Dan start giggling]]
  • When they encounter the Toads in the bottom of the cave during Chapter 5, they notice the one standing on a ledge, removed from the crowd. They immediately accuse him of a farting problem and dub him Stinky Steve. Later, when the crowd escapes from the cave, the one who stays behind to thank Mario is promptly dubbed Procrastinator Pete. Later, they find the weakly, queasy Toad that sailed on Flavio's ship with them, and call him Barfy Ben.
    Shut up, Stinky Steve!
    • "Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry..."
  • Mario and Bobbery take on Cortez and Bobbery does his best to stop him by spamming his Bomb Throw ability - until he's killed near the very end after all his hard work by one of Cortez's swords. Vivian jumps in and pulls a One-Punch Man by immediately annihilating Cortez with a single Shade Fist. Also counts as a Moment of Awesome in how effortless it is for her, being on the battlefield for only a few seconds. Granted, Cortez had taken a huge beating beforehand and had very little HP left in him.
    Danny: Oh my God, that was close... and it only took the death of one friend.
    • After the fight, they then give Cortez a Mexican accent due to his manner of speech. Doubly hilarious by them also fitting in Mexican slang, or even Mexican swears, like "puto de mierda" and "cabrón".
  • Arin tells Dan not to read Ghost T.'s diary because Ghost T. will force an automatic Game Over if he does. Cue Dan immediately wanting to read it.
  • The Conductor gives Mario a mushroom as thanks for getting his blanket.
    Arin: (as the Conductor) Eat my brother!
  • After 96 episodes of ignoring her, Danny is forced to bring out Goombella and use Tattle because he is unable to figure out how defeat the flying buzzy beetle enemies. He fails to line up the cursor correctly.
  • In Part 112:
    • Danny gets the drop on an Elite X-naut, which is an uncharacteristically good entrance into combat for him, but it's the way that Danny nearly sings "Fuck you!" that makes Arin suggest he use it as a wrestling tagline.
    • "I admit it, it's fun!" —Arin
    • Arin accidentally elucidates on a certain problem he has with games.
    Arin: Oh, they used the stop timer on you.
    Danny: Yes, the— Welcome to the party, Arin, that is exactly what happened.
    Arin: I just wasn't paying attention.
    Danny: Aw, that's okay.
    Arin: I was talkin' about the things I was talkin' about, and paying no mind to anything else happening around me.
    Danny as Arin: "I was in my mind, enjoying my thoughts."
  • Episode 114 sees them return to the game from a months-long hiatus. They both wonder when the last episode before the break was uploaded, and Arin checks only to discover...
    Danny: Oh my god, fuckin' never forget, Arin. I can't believe you forgot.
    • Several times throughout the episode Arin mixes up which of the two Sublevels they're in, in exactly the same way, leading to basically the same exchange with Danny.
  • In Episode 115, Danny remembers his Wizzened Old Hag voice for Kammy right on cue.
  • TEC's Tear Jerker Almost Dead Guy scene is capped off with a Futurama Shout-Out...
    Dan!TEC: "I will always remember h—MEMORY DELETED."
  • In Episode 120, Arin's Earth Tremor Story about going to a Larry the Cable Guy live concert, which ended in divorce.
  • Arin incredulously asking when Mario has ever had a hammer before Paper Mario. Never. Ever. Ever. Ever.
  • Danny does not appreciate the focus the game puts on the Rogueport gallows in the cutscene mid-Final Battle. It gives him Doki Doki Literature Club! flashbacks.
    Arin (in Part 131): Gotta get Sayori in here...
  • Part 131 picks up a real-life month after the previous attempt. Danny's been going into the studio on his own time to grind and learn things about the game, musing that it's a lot easier to learn a game when you don't have to hold a conversation and be funny at the same time.
    Arin: Aww Dan, you're making your first Arin-style excuse!
  • During the final battle:
    Danny: Don't charge up. *The Shadow Queen charges her attack* YOU WHORE! [Arin giggles]
  • At one point a random stage event inflicts Mario with confusion. Danny tries to heal, but the game instead pulls out Goombella, to Danny's displeasure and Arin's amusement.
  • Arin and Dan milking as much as they can from Goombella's implied crush on Mario and joke about her asking Mario if he'd "fuck a mushroom."

     Super Mario 64: Green Demon challenge 
  • Just the sheer terror that Arin and Danny experience alone is a joy ride for viewers, as they attempt to collect all 8 red coins and the star while the 1-Up mercilessly follows Mario with its soulless gaze.
  • Arin's very first attempt at the challenge has him jump directly into the 1-Up he was supposed to avoid, as soon as it appeared. Matt and Ryan, at a laughing Danny's request, put up the first giant red FAIL across the screen with a booming sound. The FAIL contiunes appearing, except with weird sound effects the following times.
  • As Arin is trying to get a red coin situated down a slide, Danny quips that the 1-Up will probably be waiting right around the corner, waiting to ambush Arin. He's proven right seconds later. Twice even, with Arin managing to dodge it the first time but failing the second.

     Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle 
  • In the first episode, Arin and Danny decide that Beep-o's name is actually "Fuck-o" and that the beep is just a Sound Effects Bleep.

     Mario 3: No Touch Challenge 
  • Matt and Ryan, hit 'im with the permanent fail!
  • Arin's death after accidentally touching a Boo while leaving through a door (the Boo was in the room he was leaving).
  • Arin briefly turns into Satan to explain how he gets lives.
    Danny: Thank you, Zamiel!
  • In World 3, Arin is certain Big Bertha will not eat Mario because then Bertha will be eating Mario's feces as well.
  • In Episode 12, at the start of World 5, Arin breezes through fairly well, before falling from a great height, and suddenly getting bombarded by enemies. Arin then lets out the most hilarious sounding panicked scream.
  • Towards the end of Part 15, Dan decides to tell Arin a story:
    Danny: Once upon a time there was a man named Chev. And Chev was like: "Where's the rest of my name, Mom?" and Chev's mom was like: "It's all there. ...You gotta go fuck yourself." Chev's dad was like "Have you ever tried eating dicks?" *awkward silence before Arin starts laughing*
  • Arin's future epitaph: "Just because I died, doesn't mean I don't want to hear about Skipper anymore."
  • After numerous failed attempts to clear a cannonball and Bullet Bill filled gauntlet without touching any of the projectiles, Arin finally reaches the world boss, Roy Koopa, muttering "Alright, Roy, don't fuck with me on this one." Roy kills Mario [[CurbStompBattle within the first second of the battle.]]
    Danny: Oh my God, Arin...I have never met anyone in my life like you. You are absolutely one of a kind.
  • In Part 20, Arin jokingly said it was his birthday and got no reaction from Danny, who later admitted he wasn't paying attention because he was scratching his nose.
  • Arin manages to make it through a level designed for permanent invincibility...then is hit by Lakitu before he can actually finish it.
  • Arin focuses so intently on one side of the screen that he completely misses the Big Bertha about to charge him, resulting in a scream of absolute terror to rival their reaction to Mr. Wilson in Dennis the Menace.

     Super Mario Odyssey 
  • And right out the gate, Dan and Arin kick off episode one by mocking the song "Push It to the Limit" with improvised lyrics about having a stinky dick.
  • Then a few minutes later Arin lampshades how Mario's hat is a living being now.
    Arin [as Mario]: Ahh! It's like your asshole is being stretched over my head!
  • Arin went through a huge marathon session as soon as the game was released, causing him to act like a seasoned professional guiding newbie Danny through the ropes. Danny responds that it's just one day since anyone started playing.
  • Danny recounts how Brian damaged the sound booth during the newest Ninja Sex Party recording... because he got pissed off that Danny mixed up An American Tail and its sequel, An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (specifically by referring to it as "Fivel", which isn't the title), and slammed the door, knocking a piece of soundproofing off the wall. He ends up calling it the least related to rock music damage in history. Doubly funny, since Arin himself gets worked up about the mistake as well, and begins to rant about it.
    Danny: Hey look, there went the point.
  • This gem.
    Arin: (as Ryan is accosting him with the camera) No, of the box art, you dummy. Of th- of the box art, at the end of t- STOP, STOP!
  • In Part 18 Arin claims "D.K." stands for Diddle Kid. Dan begs him, "Please don't make that a character", then does it himself anyway.
    Arin: Ugh! I feel violated, Diddle Kid!
    Dan [as Diddle Kid]: As you should!

     Mario Tennis Aces 
  • In Part 4, Danny mentions how people tend to proclaim what they are in order to grant validity to what they are saying, and imagines someone confidently strolling up to the microphone at the Q&A and opening with "As a pedophile..." or some other incriminating introduction.

    Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 

     Super Mario Maker 2 
  • After the game's announcement, we got this post from the Grumps' Twitter on the realization of Ross getting an all-new toy box.
    Ross's Twitter: June.
  • A bit of a meta example, but the sheer irony of the fact that this series began just as Youtube began cracking down on videos with "excessive" swearing means that Arin has to actively try to keep his profanity in check. Needless to say, he has a very difficult time of this.
  • The first words of the first episode:
  • They start off by explaining why this one took longer to get started than they expected: Ross accidentally deleted the first level he wanted them to play right after finishing it! Arin is quite pleased at the thought of him putting himself through torture over this game.
  • Arin gets so wrapped up in the level that he not only misses that he hit a checkpoint, but Dan repeatedly talking about it.
    Dan: Am I a mirage?
  • Dan points out that Ross is looking in the window and grinning sadistically, which so distracts Arin that Mario just stands there as an enemy spring is fired right into him.
  • Ross points out a cheat on his level, then gets worried that everyone will be doing it now so he asks the video to be blurred out. This somehow leads to a discussion of whether squirrel testicles can be shown on Youtube, and ultimately everything in the picture but the nuts being taken out.
  • Dan laughs perfectly in sync with the music as Arin bows to his inevitable death and has Caped Mario dive into a hole.
  • The joke about Sonic shitting while running comes up once again. Arin had completely forgotten the idea since Sonic Unleashed, so he ends up laughing again just as hard while blaming his abysmal performance for the rest of the episode on it still distracting him.
  • Jirard's refusal to put any checkpoints in "Do You Trust Me?" sends Arin into a slow, steady Sanity Slippage.
    Arin: This is sending me back to being a kid, and being frustrated that I couldn't jerk off yet.
  • Dan grows to love the epic music ("Gusty Garden Galaxy" of Super Mario Galaxy) of "Look Cool? Feel Cool!", declaring it "the best music to die after three seconds to."
  • After Arin keeps messing up the exact same part:
    Arin: What did I do wrong?
    Dan: Be friends with Jirard?
  • They're reduced to calling Jirard to find out how to get past one especially tricky section, to which Siri says with perfect timing "I thought as much."
  • Arin gets himself through a stage by just shouting "Goo, goo, goo" for minutes on end. Afterwards, Dan notes that the original Mario Maker also had quite a few of these times where he just fixates on a nonsense word or two to concentrate, and probably doesn't even realize he's doing it.
  • Dan claims that for "You Are a Monster?" Ross has put a cardboard cutout of himself grinning at them in the window.
  • Arin discovers that activating the blocks while a Yoshi egg is in the same place will erase it from existence, which Ross calls "fetus deletus."
  • Arin finally beats Baby Bowser in "You Are a Monster?", only to manage to kill himself getting back on Yoshi. The scream he lets out...
    • After giving up completely on saving Yoshi, he's able to beat Baby Bowser three times, and still never actually makes it through the door because he's just that terrible at working the conveyor belts.
    • The last attempt of the episode is just the game kicking Arin in the dick. He manages a perfect run, beats Bowser Jr., saves the Yoshi and lands on the conveyor belt and is headed for the door - only for a wayward shell to hit a spring against the wall and bounce directly back into Mario's head, killing Arin who is halfway to the door.
    Danny: (Laughing hysterically) "I'm sorry, everyone!"
    Ross: "I'm not!"
    • Ross does get a bit of a comeuppance in Part 17 ("I Don't Care, Yoshi Can Die") when Arin actually figures out a way to cheat out of heading to a difficult area. When he sees this, Ross dissolves into a Rage Breaking Point so immediate and intense that the full last minute of audio for the video was unusable.
    • In the next part, Ross takes over the controls to show them the "good" ending, only to end up having just as much trouble with the level as Arin. It gets to the point where he starts cussing himself out for making the level so hard.
  • Arin and Danny try a co-op level, which begins with Luigi!Danny following Mario!Arin, giving him smooches on the nose. And following close behind Mario, in spite of explicit instructions to stay still.
  • "Ooooh, my bad!"
  • Episode 19 (which first of all, is titled "Mario Maker Is Exhausting & Everything About It Hurts) begins with a Star Wars style crawl of text explaining that some monster (probably Ross) fucked up the audio, and that Arin, legend that he is, fixed it, and that the episode picks up right after that moment.
  • After beating The Arby's Level, Dan asks what Arin thought of it. Arin exits the level without rating it, in complete silence.
  • Arin's long trek on one level ends with him trying the level twenty more times off-camera, only to end in failure yet again, causing Arin to say "Dunkaroos, man!" before finally quitting the level.
  • Their absolute incompetence at the intricate shell-work required for "Robbing Boo's Bank." It's uncannily similar to videos of the world's dumbest criminals, and capped off when they finally beat it only for Arin to accidentally go back in.
  • All of both the "Rodent Tunnel" level and episode.
  • They take on "Wall of Ascension," basically a Mario-fied version of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy with no enemies or pits, in which not being able to die is actually a curse as you keep losing agonizing amounts of progress. This is even funnier than their reactions to dying.
    • And sure enough, Arin manages to find the one spot in the level where it's possible to die.
  • Ross explains WikiFeet to Danny. Danny, regretting what his search history will now contain, checks it out to see if he has a profile, and is relieved that he does not. Cue Ben putting up irrefutable proof that he does indeed have an entry on said wiki, and setting said entry as his homepage.
  • Ross "advises" Arin on getting past a particular part of his level, just repeatedly saying "Go left" in the most condescending and unhelpful way possible.
  • The epic freakout that occurs in part 41.
    Ross: You clutch and then you just fail! Why can't you just commit to being good at video games?!
  • Arin mocking Ross's way of saying a phrase, transcribed by the captions as "[Music]".
  • Dan gets Arin to center Mario exactly so the growing vine looks like it's going up his butt. Arin replies that he's been doing that the whole time.
  • Arin manages to find two ways to lose the boss fight in "Companion Vine 2" that had never once occurred to Ross.
    Ross: I was so sure there was no way you could fail!
  • "Hang on, Dad!"
  • One level called "Not the bees" has, as part of its description, the hashtag #glhf, which means "Good Luck, Have Fun", but Dan, not knowing this, takes it to mean "Good Luck, Horse Fucker".
    • In the same episode, Arin gets past an especially difficult part, then accidentally ground pounds to his death.


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